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Katie’s Lesson

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Katie was my best friend throughout high school and into college. A few years younger than I, sex had never really came up; she was more of a younger sister to me. We did a lot of things together. Now and again, the idea of being more than friends could be sensed between us, but we had never explored that avenue. One night however, that all changed. The night of her twenty-first birthday, she was given a few too many drinks. This gave her a slightly radiating glow of inebriation, which, although she reeked of alcohol, complemented her beautiful nature. Perhaps it was the two beers that I drank, but, during the party, her laugh resonated like music to my ears. I could see clearly now how attractive that my best friend truly was. She was short, with dark green eyes, lovely C-cup breasts, and very tight jeans. Her dark black hair, which she had pulled up in a ponytail, accentuated her beauty. This is the account of our long drive home along a dark country road:

“Did you have fun at the party,” I asked.

“Yeah, I had a great time, I think I had a few too many drinks, though. Can you tell that I’m a little buzzed?” Katie smiled.

“I had no clue…” I laughed.

“That was the first time I had tried vodka, it tasted horrible.”

“Even with the cranberry juice in it?” I implored.

“God, yes.”

“Yeah, vodka will mess you up fast if you’re not careful. After my party-hard days were over, I couldn’t mess with anything that even tasted like alcohol for a long time.”

“I’m feeling really good,” she said as she placed her hand on the gearshift knob. “When are you going to teach me how to drive a stick shift?”

“Surely, not tonight.”

“Gee, why not?” She innocently smirked, knowing she was in no condition to drive.

“Maybe I’ll teach you some other time,” I smiled back with a wink.

She stayed silent for a long while as the car passed along the back-roads on our way to her house. The silence was periodically interrupted by bumps in the road. Finally she spoke up.

“Scott, why have you never tried to make a move on me?”

Taken aback by being put on the spot, I answered, “I don’t know, Katie. I guess I’ve always thought of you as my little izmir escort bayan sister.”

“So you’ve never thought about it?” she asked.

“Honestly,” I looked away from the road to face her momentarily, “of course it’s crossed my mind, but I’ve never really wanted to stress our friendship by bringing it up.”

Looking back at the road, I grew nervous as I waited for her to break the silence with a reply.

“I don’t think it would’ve bothered me if you did,” she said.

“I guess I just never saw a sign that you were interested in me that way,” I calmly stated.

The drinks began to overcome her senses, and she gingerly moved her hand across the center console to my crotch and asked me very matter-of-factly, “If you can’t teach me to drive your car tonight, why don’t you teach me how to use this?” She began rubbing my member through the material of my pants.

“You like this?” She smiled at me.

“Y-Yeah,” I was still very surprised.

“Why don’t you pull over and teach me how to use it, then” she said with a drunkard’s eyes.

I pulled the car over to a dark side-road as she unzipped my pants and moved her hand inside.

“It may just be the vodka talking, but I’ve always wondered how big you were.” She smiled and pulled my penis out of the front of my pants and began working her tongue around the head.

“Is this what I’m supposed to do?” She asked.

“Yeah, you’re definitely doing it right. Are you sure you want to do this, Katie?”

She promptly replied with a meaty “hrmmmph” as she took my hardening cock into her mouth.

Her mouth felt wonderful. I fantasized about this forbidden moment many times. Reluctantly giving into my desires, I crossed the line of friendship and began grinding my dick farther into her velvety soft mouth. Her lips massaged the base of my cock as her head bobbed up and down quietly along its slippery length. I moaned in pleasure. Katie looked up with her doe-like eyes -her sounds of yearning masked by the impediment of my cock. She slid up and down my dick repeatedly, covering the length of my shaft with her glistening slobber. She backed off for a moment and wiped her lips with the sleeve escort izmir of her pink hoody-jacket. “I want you to eat my pussy.”

Honoring her request, I reached over and disengaged her seat to lay it back. As I did this, she unzipped her pants and took them off, leaving behind her strawberry polka-dot panties. As cute as they were, a wet spot where her lubrication leaked through the pattern betrayed their innocence. I gently moved the elastic bands of her panties to the side, exposing her well-lubricated pussy. Her musky scent invaded my nostrils, violently agitating my urge to bury my face between her legs and ravage her privacy. She smelled so sweet, yet so strong and sweaty.

I began licking her vulva lengthwise, working my way up to her clit. With the guidance of her hand, I slid two fingers inside her tight, wet hole. She moaned in pleasure as I probed her insides, wiggling my fingers around her cervix. I flicked my tongue from side to side along her inner labia and pressed firmly onto her swollen clit. She ran her fingers through my hair and pressed my face roughly into her. Acknowledging her motions, I removed my fingers and planted a deep French kiss inside her pussy, fucking her with the soft, fleshy pulp of my tongue.

By now she had arched her back and curled her toes. The smell of her pussy juices and the cheap air freshener that hung from my mirror mingled and filled the car with the musky, lemon-scented fog of her pleasure. Her moans violated the silence of this quiet country road, becoming louder and louder as my face violated her modesty. She began rocking consistently, grinding against me harder, and wiping her delicious lubrication across my face. I stayed on task, sucking at her hidden lips. She dug her fingernails into my scalp as the first wave of her orgasm crested. She let out a yell, filling the night air with the ebbing waves of her orgasmic screams. When the waves subsided, she lay back, relaxing in the broken moonlight of my car windows.

Breathing heavily, she motioned me to take my pants off. As I did, she quickly regained her energy, pouncing atop my lap. She straddled across my dick, and gently guiding it with her hand, she sat squarely on izmir escort top of it -her pussy hungrily swallowing its glistening length. We rocked against each other in harmonic motion; I slid my hands beneath her pink t-shirt to feel the soft skin of her chest. Raising her shirt, I admired her bright pink areolas standing firmly against the soft, alabaster-white, supple flesh of her breasts. I sucked each nipple, teasing them with gentle bites as she bounced up and down in my lap pleasuring herself on my dick. My hands slid down along her back and spread her asscheeks apart, both to help contain her thrusts and to expose her asshole to the probing of my fingers. “Lets do it on the hood,” she said.

Invigorated by the dangers of being seen, I opened the door, and we resumed spread eagle on the hood of my car.

“Oh God,” she said. “You feel so good inside me.”

Between my thrusts I tasted the supple skin on her neck, creating fields of goosepimples in the wake of my kisses. My thrusts became increasingly harder, producing fleshy squeaks against the smooth metal across my hood.

Sliding her down, she bent over the front of my car and displayed her luscious rump to me. In light of her ever-inviting wet asshole, I grasped her ponytail and resumed pounding her love-box from behind.

“Oh God! Oh God! I’m coming again!”

“Do it. I want your cum all over my dick,” I said, replying to her moans by thrusting deeper inside her.

“Oh God!” She screamed, shouting her pleasure to the nearby trees.

Finally she released, collapsing onto the hood with a loud metallic thud. I pulled my cock out of her and began jerking it to the edge of orgasm. After regaining her composure, she turned and knelt down in front of me and began licking and sucking her cum off of my dick.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth, Katie. Do you want it?”

“Please let me taste it,” she said between licks.

Grasping at her ponytail once more, I thrust my cock deep into her mouth and unloaded what seemed to be the wettest, longest ejaculation I had ever released. Gagging her, streams of my bubbly juice escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin and onto her t-shirt.

Even though it was the dead of night, her beautiful smile bespeckled by my cum illuminated the dimly lit country road.

After that night, we became more than friends. And I’m reminded each time I look at the butt-sized dent in my hood.

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