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Kayla – The Skybound Ebony Ch. 06

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A quick intake of air made Jonathan snarl. He had fallen asleep on his couch. Orange light illuminated floating motes of dust as the sun set. The sound of tires pushing dirt reverberated through the house. A car had just arrived. “It’s him”, thought Jonathan. He ran out. A gray, obviously used and quite dusty station wagon had stopped, leaving trails behind the tires from someone that pressed the brakes just a tad too quickly. Little snaps of an air conditioned system turning off, as coolant dripped on the disturbed ground, impressed the air with sound. The driver’s door opened, and out came a tall, overtly skinny and haggard looking young man. Long curly auburn hair draped his shoulders. His face had a certain bird-like similarity: a long nose and wide eyes gave him a striking look.

“Hey Damien. Thanks for coming. Come look at this.”

The man’s eyes widened as he noticed the deep indents in the ground in the shape of a foot.

“What the hell, Jon?” he exclaimed. “What happened?” Damien followed Jonathan inside. They both stopped in front of the destroyed staircase. The newcomer pulled his hair softly, his hands on each side of his head, his mouth agape as he kept bending his knees down and up in disbelief.

“What happened to your place!” he asked Jonathan with a whisper.

“Uh, well, we probably don’t have a lot of time. But, look, come with me. I’ll explain.”

Damien followed his host through the living room. The smell of vaginal juice assaulted his nostrils just as he noticed the unmade bed of the couch.

“You’ve had company?” said Damien as he pinched his nose.

“You could say that. You haven’t seen upstairs yet. I’m not sure how we can get up there even.”

They kept going through the second door of the living room that connected back to the kitchen. Jonathan showed a chair to Damien. His friend sat down, ready to hear the tale. Jonathan explained his encounter on the highway and the events that followed.

Damien’s eyes widened, his pupils sharpening in disbelief at what he was hearing.

“Ok, let me get this straight: you are to tell me that you’ve met this woman randomly, brought her here, noticed she was growing taller with every orgasm, then proceeded to feed that craving by having sex with her again, only to just let her to roam the countryside once she outgrew your fricking lara kendi evi olan escort house?”

Jonathan pursed his lips, repressing a smile. He looked down at the table.

“Uhm. Yes. I don’t know what came over me.”

The kitchen clock struck seven counts. The summer Sun would soon be past the horizon.

“Look,” he continued, “you’ll see when you meet her. She’s been gone a few hours. I can’t believe she won’t be back soon unless something happened.”

The tall man tapped his feet in a sort of pensive impatience.

“Want a drink?” Exclaimed Jonathan.

Damien nodded his head. Jonathan opened the fridge.

“Crap. The power is out for the fridge. Maybe it blew a fuse? I’ll have to do a full check up.”

He grabbed a small cup, poured some raisin juice, knowing the non alcoholic preference of his friend, and relaxed on his chair after passing him the drink. They were both silent for a full minute. Jonathan wasn’t sure what was going on through his usually boisterous companion’s mind. The coming events would soon force it out of him.

“You understand why I asked you yes? The implications are far reaching. Before long…”

Damien put his hand up, shutting his friend down. He got up from his chair, walked around a bit. Jonathan looked at his friend, still incredulous. He pushed the walls with his hands.

“Is this a trick? There’s a camera hidden somewhere, isn’t there?”

He laughed nervously.

“I have to say I’m surprised you went along with such decorative immersion” said Damien, pointing to the crushed stairs.

“Are they paying you well?”

Jonathan knew that nothing he could say would convince him. Damien stood down the corridor, between the kitchen and the opened front door. He turned around, and shouted back to Jonathan.

“Whoever designed this, you have the worst imagination possible!”

It started subtly. The liquid in Damien’s cup would slowly shake. Jonathan noticed a small pen rolling on one of the kitchen’s countertops. Damien looked around. Imperceptibly, the hair on his arms raised up in shivers. Suddenly, the ground trembled. Dust raised from the vibrating floor. The kitchen’s ceiling light moved about, a bit of plaster falling down. Damien looked down, then back up at Jonathan. lara otele gelen escort He found his host smiling back at him, his eyebrows raised and his head nodding. He knew that Damien now believed him. The next vibration tested his balance. A deep, bass like rumble passed through them.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” whispered Damien as if someone was trying to listen in on them.

Damien looked as the walls bent back and forth. Dishes in the cupboard would clank. Cutlery would ring like someone angrily mashing a xylophone. The tremors were now loud enough that they could feel their vibration through their bodies. Jonathan motionned to his friend to follow. Just as they were about to head out. Everything stopped.

Complete silence.

They both moved toward the front door. Damien was first. He approached the opened doors of the veranda. Despite the lateness of the day, Damien knew that, usually, at this time everything should be baked with a piercing light typical of a setting Sun. Yet they found themselves surrounded by darkness not dissimilar to the shadows of heavy rain clouds. Jonathan covered his mouth with his hand, hiding an expression of surprise.

She had grown.

The station wagon was surrounded by two, mammoth sized feet. Damien looked at how the massive heel would probably have enough length to cover most of his car. Her long, skinny toes probably the size of his torso.

Craning his neck, he looked up. Way above the roof of the house, the bony features of her shaped knee started to bend. She was coming down. A thunder clap echoed as a gargantuan hand smashed the ground to their right as the massive being stabilized herself to sit down. Her giant, muscular posterior slammed down on the ground just behind the automobile, causing the two men to hold their balance and raising dust for minutes. Damien stared as her feet rose on their heel as the black woman found a comfortable position. Massive soles that now definitely looked taller than even the host’s tall friend.

She spoke.

“You’ve brought a friend Jon? Who’s this new little man?” Her voice had obviously deepened. The strength of it was comparable to the sound emitted by a bass on a soundstage.

“This is Damien. Sorry Kayla. He just showed up out of the blue.”

Damien, lara rus escort completely aghast, was slowly walking toward her. His arms simply hanging, his will gone. He approached her sole and felt the rough skin, his heart jumping up to his throat. This was not possible.

Kayla looked at Damien. She realized how her foot dwarfed him completely. Imagery struck her mind: the idea of the two men, struggling under her feet, overpowered by her. She put a hand down in front of Jonathan.

The massive back of the hand smashed the ground in such a way that the poor man fell back. One of her fingers, just barely thinner than his waist, motioned for him to climb on. Jonathan swiftly jumped on her palm. Vertigo took him as she pulled her hand toward her face. There was no way to stay up without having the impression he was gonna fall any instant. It seemed that despite her size, the edges of her hand still seemed to close for comfort.

Sitting down in her palm, her face appeared to him. Beautiful as ever. So many details he had never noticed before. Her skin somehow looked completely refreshed. The pores seemed more detailed. Her large, plump lips came close to the edge of her hand. Strong, warm air washed over him from the exhalation of her nostrils. Jonathan got closer and kissed her bottom lip. His face pressed deep in her flesh, his hands grabbing any protruding ridges. Pulling back, he saw her eyes were closed. The two monuments of flesh that were her lips opened, her pearly teeth contrasting heavily. The hand shook a bit, and Kayla’s lips grew bigger.

A deep moan washed over him, penetrating his chest. He felt the skin stretch under his hand.

Kayla opened her eyes, smiled at Jonathan and brought him back down to the ground. As he jumped off, he noticed Damien down on the ground, completely aghast after having been pushed by the gargantuan sole that had just grown. Her other free hand was moving away from her private region, a bit wet from having massaged her pleasure center.

No wonder she grew again.

Jonathan reached to Damien and helped him up. They both looked up at Kayla, sporting a guilty, mischievous smile of someone purposely creating trouble, and knowing there could be no consequence to it.

Damien looked back at Jonathan with concern.

“You were right to call me.”

The tall man picked his phone out of his pocket. He texted something quickly. Three letters appeared for the recipient: B. A. I. There was no turning back. The Bureau of Anomalous Investigations was now alerted.

They both looked up again as Kayla opened her legs, putting the full details of her grown vagina to them.

“Who’s first?” she thundered.

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