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Kelly Ch. 2

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Kelly and I got together about twice a week during that school term and continued fucking. It was a great thing for me since I wasn’t getting any at home.

In one of my other classes I made friends with two guys, Greg and Jeff. They were two brainiac geeks but they helped me with my accounting and they were actually nice guys. I had fun corrupting them, buying them booze and getting them drunk. I soon found out that they were virgins, and had never even kissed a girl.

This became very interesting as my relationship with Kelly developed, as she revealed to me two of her fantasies: to make it with more than one guy at once, and to fuck a virgin guy. I talked over the possibilities with her, and with my newfound friends. Everyone was interested so we made a date to meet at a local motel on Friday night. I bought the booze and brought condoms and, when we were all assembled, I laid down the rules.

First, the guys had to use condoms. Second, they had to do as I said, as did Kelly.

To get things started, I poured some drinks to loosen everyone up. Then I told the guys to sit back and enjoy the show. I kissed Kelly and started to undress her. When I got her naked I laid her on the bed and pressed my mouth to her pussy while fingering her asshole. Her juices were scant but they were sweet like wine and I lapped them up. After I made her cum twice I got up and took off my clothes.

The two guys escort bahçelievler were in awe as I put my erection to Kelly’s lips. It grew to its full nine inches under her care and she slurped at it like it was her favorite flavor Popsicle. She grabbed onto my ass to give her better leverage to get it down her throat. I stopped her before I came, as I wanted to deposit my load in her waiting pussy.

I lay down on the bed and pulled her on top of me. She rubbed some lube on my cock and inserted it into her pussy. I grabbed onto her tits and sucked them as she bounced up and down. The guys had a great view of my manhood reaming her little cunt. She moaned as she came again.

I looked over at the guys and they were entranced at the erotic vision before them: two sexual animals engaging in hot sex like they had only dreamed about, knowing that in a few minutes they would be, at long last, doing the same. I was beyond turned on knowing how turned on they were getting. I loved being watched, knowing that I was a great fuck and that they could only wish they could someday be as good.

I turned her over and jack hammered my cock into her box. With each thrust she let out a loud moan, loving the deep- dicking I was giving her. Kelly screamed that she was cumming and, hearing that, I let loose a huge load of semen into her. I kissed Kelly on the lips and rolled off.

“Okay escort balgat guys,” I said. “Now the fun begins. Greg, come over here and clean out Kelly’s pussy.” He readily complied.

“Jeff, you come here too. You clean of my cock. With your mouth.” Jeff kind of looked at me funny. I pointed down at my softening penis. He looked to Kelly, knowing he had to suck me off to get to her. Slowly, he came over to me, took my prong in his hand and started licking. Both guys were obvious beginners at oral sex, but with a little coaxing they got the hang of it.

Once our genitals were clean, I told the guys to get undressed. They stripped down in such a hurry Kelly and I had to laugh. Both guys had very average cocks, but as a surprise Greg was uncircumcised. They both started stroking their dicks, waiting for instructions. I grabbed a condom, called Jeff over, and ripped the packet open. I doubted he knew what to do so I took his cock in my hand and rolled the rubber sheath onto it.

I took up position behind Kelly, resting her head in my lap. Jeff climbed into position and Kelly guided his dick into her waiting pussy. I rubbed her breasts while he pumped away, her eyes and mine locked on each other. Jeff pistoned his skinny ass up and down, enjoying his first pussy.

Not wanting Greg to be left out, I motioned him over. I reached out and took his erection in my hand, taking escort batıkent care to rub his balls and finger his asshole in the process. I leaned down, kissed Kelly on the mouth then released her from my laugh. Then I took Greg in my mouth. I played with his foreskin with my tongue, enjoying the unusual experience. He just moaned and enjoyed the stimulation on his cock.

I heard Jeff grunt load and knew he had cum. I told him to pull out before he went soft. I released Greg and put and condom on his cock. He climbed into the saddle and went to work pounding Kelly’s pussy. I looked at his cute little ass and knew I had to have it. I grabbed a tube of KY and went around behind him. I then greased my pole and started finger-fucking his anus. Jeff was too into losing his virginity to care. With great care I eased my nine-inch monster into his opening.

Jeff winced in pain as I lowered my cock into him, inch by inch. I looked over his shoulder at Kelly, who had a devilish look in her eye. When I got my cock all the way in I started pounding him, making him thrust even harder into Kelly beneath us.

Kelly cried out in orgasm, followed shortly by Jeff filling the condom with his spunk. She crawled out from under him and sat with Greg watching me sodomize the young man. I tried to be gentle but his grasping, virgin ass was sending me over the edge. Far sooner than I would have liked, I emptied my testicles into his bowels.

We fucked and sucked for the rest of the night in various combinations. I took Kelly’s anal virginity, as well as Greg’s. Kelly learned the joys of double penetration and both guys sucked their first cocks. All in all, it was an educational, erotic, cum-dripping night!

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