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My excuse is that I was drunk. Well, I was drunk and it was New Year. And, um, I was heartbroken and horny. And anyway I’d always thought that Kelly was gorgeous.

That’s enough excuses I suppose.

Where to start? Well yes I was drunk; partly because it was New Year’s Eve, but mainly because I was nursing a broken heart – kind of. After a couple of eventful years with my boyfriend Kevin, he’d phoned me two days before Christmas and told me it was over. Phoned me! Didn’t even have the nerve to tell me to my face, but then that was him all over. Spineless bastard. To be honest, I thought he was going to propose over Christmas – and I’d have accepted, even though he was far from perfect. But then who is?

And yes I was horny – mainly because I was drinking. For some reason these days I only really enjoyed sex with Kevin when I’d had a few drinks, and now when I had a few drinks it made me feel horny. Vicious circle.

What was the other excuse? Oh yes, I’d always thought Kelly was gorgeous. Well I did! To be honest not at all in a sexual way, but just in sheer admiration. She has a beautiful figure – great legs, tight bum, flat tummy, decent breasts, good skin. Sigh. She made me feel like Shrek sometimes but she never knew it. She was just a vivacious, friendly, down to earth sort of girl who had become a pal over the last few months. She had no side to her. She was Just. Plain. Lovely.

In fact she was terrific because here we were on New Year’s Eve and she had turned down innumerable party offers to invite me round to her place to see in the New Year. She knew what had happened, but had been with her parents over Christmas and we hadn’t had a chance to chat. Then when her boyfriend Jack (or the Incredible Hunk as I called him) had been sent to the other end of the country by his employers to oversee the New Year sales at one of their flagship stores in Newcastle, she’d phoned me, told me not to sit and mope at home and to come over to see in the New Year together.

I had pondered doing a Bridget Jones and sitting at home instead with my cd’s and a bottle of wine or two, and the cat, but the offer was too good to turn down. Kelly was always fun to be with, always laughing, and anyway, I needed someone to talk to, someone to understand why I hated – and loved – Kevin so much and why 2009 was going to be the worse year ever! I know I sound pretty self obsessed but frankly I’ve always been someone who’s been quick to feel sorry for myself. A bad habit and one I had to shake. Trust me, I could be a real party girl when the mood took me but then that was the problem. As Kevin so delicately summed it up on the phone: I was a moody bitch sometimes.

Anyway, now the New Year was twenty five minutes old. We’d watched music videos all night, and talked and talked, and laughed plenty, and drunk a bottle of champagne each and at least 2009 had got off to a good start.

“You know” Kelly said, curled up on the sofa and laughing “I’m pretty tiddly”. For some reason I found this very funny.

“Tiddly!!!” My sides were starting to ache with laughter. “Well I’m feeling piddly … I really need a wee.” I started to climb clumsily out of her too-cosy armchair.

“Me too!” said Kelly, “me first!”

“Nooo” I pleaded, “I really need to go!” We were both half-falling out of our seats now, both determined to get to the loo first. I ran past her but she pulled me down on to the sofa and headed for the door, laughing hysterically. I threw myself over the back of the sofa and we both got to the bathroom at the same time. Kelly was quick though – and a cheat! She blocked me into a corner with casino şirketleri one arm, and at the same time she hiked up her skirt and yanked her knickers down and plonked herself on the toilet seat. Instantly I heard the gush of pee and she moaned in mock ecstasy.

I was hopping from foot to foot. “Kelly! I’ve gotta go!” I didn’t even give her time to wipe herself before I too pulled down my jeans and knickers and I sat down beside her, my bum pushing her bum off the toilet seat. For a half-second our bare buttocks touched and looking back I probably felt a small unexpected thrill, but at the time all I could think about was how glorious it was to empty my bladder.

Kelly wiped herself and straightened her clothes and then said “I need something to eat now. How about beans on toast?”. Oh god yes. Just what I needed. I was slightly taken aback that she didn’t wash her hands before heading off to the kitchen. So she wasn’t perfect!

I quickly checked the gusset of my knickers to make sure I hadn’t peed myself (thankfully pee-free), cleaned myself up – washed my hands! – and followed her to the kitchen. She already had some baked beans on the hob, bread in the toaster and the kettle on for cups of tea.

We both sat down side by side on the floor, our backs leaning against her sofa, and ate what seemed like the most delicious meal of my life.

“So” said Kelly, munching on toast, “What was Kev like in the sack then?” I laughed, taken aback at the question.

“Well, he was ok I suppose” I said. I pondered on the question for a moment or two more. “Well, boring really. It had got into a bit of a routine really. He only ever wanted – ” I stopped. “You don’t mind me telling you?” I said.

Kelly shook her head, laughing. “No, no I want all the gory details!”

“Well, you know, he only ever wanted, what’s it called, the missionary position. Him on top. Always the same. Bit of a fondle and then he’d climb on top, go at it like a train, cum, and then roll over and fall asleep. He said men had a special gene that makes them go to sleep after sex”.

Kelly spluttered her tea. “Perhaps he’s right!” she said, wiping her mouth.

“Anyway” I continued, “he certainly wasn’t up to Jack’s standards I expect”.

Kelly laughed again, but this time there was a definite hollow note to it. “Oh he’s not up to much, I promise”.

“What? Jack? He’s sex on a stick you daft bitch”

Kelly shook her head. “Look, he’s a lovely man and all that but he’s better out of bed than in it, if that makes any sense”. She looked at me and could see I wanted to hear more.

She sighed. “He’s just like Kevin really by the sounds of it. Very selfish and to be honest he’s not a very nice person in bed. Likes it a bit rough sometimes and that’s not my thing.”

I was aghast. “He doesn’t hurt you does he?” I said.

Kelly smiled. “Not on purpose” she said and her voice trailed off. We looked at eachother. I thought Kelly and Jack were the ideal couple but obviously not. I felt a wave of sadness and anger sweep over me. Instinctively we hugged – just a big big hug.

Kelly took a deep breath to collect herself. “We’re a couple of saddos really aren’t we?”. She got up and put a cd on. Some REM from way back. It brought back instant memories. “Let’s open another bottle” she said. “I’ve run out of champagne – how about some white wine?”

“You really are going for it” I said. “Go on then”. Kelly settled back down and we chatted about music for a bit.

“Well” she said, out of the blue “When Kev has his post-coital snooze do you, you know, sort yourself out?”

“What! casino firmaları Blimey Kelly, well yes sometimes. I’m only human”

Kelly giggled. “We’re all human, darling” she said. “Does he sleep right through it?”

I couldn’t quite believe the conversation but the drink was definitely loosening my tongue. “Always,” I said, “but then I’m not a noisy girl, you know”. Kelly shifted around on the floor so she had one arm on the sofa seat and she was facing me. For fully thirty seconds we said nothing. It was odd … and beautiful at the same time.

“I like to think of you lying there, touching yourself” she said. I smiled. It was a very private thing for her to say, and somehow suddenly quite acceptable.

“What about you?” I asked.

“Oh my dear!” she said, “I can’t keep my bloody hands of myself sometimes! If you hadn’t come round tonight I’d have probably run a bath and given myself a good seeing to …” She looked surprised at what she had just said. “God I’m drunk. Sorry if that’s too much information”. I was seeing such a different side to Kelly now. Sharing such an intimate conversation seemed like a remarkable affirmation of our friendship.

“Not at all” I said, “I know everyone masturbates but it’s nice to be reminded that I’m not just a sad jerk. Get this: I do some of those magazine quizzes sometimes – you know, the ones that ask you about your sex life – and the last one I did made me so horny I had to masturbate afterwards! Naff, or what!”

Kelly looked at me again.

“Can I watch you touch yourself?” she said, like it was the most natural thing in the world. My heart was pounding. Had she really asked that?


“You heard me. I’d find it a real turn on to watch you play with yourself. It would just be a one off. I’m not a lesbian, at least I don’t think so. I just … want to watch you … cum …” She seemed shocked at what she had said out loud.

In the background REM played. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Yes, yes I thought but surely she didn’t know what she was saying …I’d never masturbated in front of anyone, male or female. It had never really occurred to me, but suddenly the thought of it seemed deliciously wicked.

“You want me to … masturbate for you?” I asked slowly. Kelly smiled and nodded her head. I could see in her eyes that she meant it.

I knew what I had to say. “Well, only if you do it too …” Kelly looked at me. I could see her chest moving; she was breathing more quickly now. I felt a wash of warmth flow through my pelvis. I could feel prickles of heat between my legs.

“OK” she said, “but we have to promise eachother we’ll do this and then keep it secret”. I had no problem agreeing to that!

Still looking at me, Kelly reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers down to her ankles and kicked them off into the middle of the carpet. I hadn’t really noticed them before but they were lacy and delicate, with a row of little embroidered roses around the elastic. Then she pulled her skirt up, raised her bottom off the floor to get her skirt under it, and parted her knees so I could see her pussy. It was pale and completely shaved, glistening slightly. I pulled down my jeans and my knickers – more everyday ones, not nearly as pretty as hers – and bunched them around my ankles. My pussy was fairly neatly shaved into a strip of pubic hair – although I felt a twinge of embarrassment that it wasn’t quite as neat as it could be. I could feel that I was getting wetter every second.

I reached down and, rather sluttishly I thought, slid my right forefinger between my pussy lips. güvenilir casino I felt a small charge shoot through my body. My thumb started to work on my clit. Kelly had a different technique. She had her three middle fingers of her right hand tightly pressed together and she worked circular motions on her clit and labia. She was looking at my pussy while I was looking at her face. It was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to lean over to kiss her.

“What do you think about while you’re doing it?” Kelly asked. Hearing her say something – her voice suddenly husky and low – made me feel even sexier.

“Lots of things” I said, “Old boyfriends … even your Jack …” I felt guilty saying it, bit it was true. “What do you think about?”


Oh god. I felt my sphincter tighten and my heart race even faster. What a lovely thing to say.

She spread her legs wider and now I could hear soft squelches as she applied more and more pressure. The jeans and knickers around my ankles meant I couldn’t spread my legs very far, but I didn’t need to. I was so wet that now two, sometimes three fingers were able to slip inside me, while my thumb continued to work on my clit. My fingers were wet and sticky, as were hers. We were both breathing in short pants now. Her free hand, which had been resting on the sofa, reached over and she gently stroked my hair and slid her fingers onto the back of my neck.

I could see that her nipples had hardened under her bra and t-shirt. “Lift your top up” I panted. She took her hand away from my neck, pulled her t-shirt up and pulled the bra cup down from her left breast. Her nipple was a warm brown colour, erect and shining a little with sweat. I stared at it like an adolescent boy getting his first flash. I managed to lean over without disturbing my rhythm and lower my mouth onto it. I had, unsurprisingly, never sucked on another woman’s nipple before. It felt hot and stiff and I sucked greedily. I knew I liked it when Kev sucked on my nipples which he would always do, albeit briefly, pre-fuck.

Kelly grunted. “That’s nice” she said, “That’s nice … I think I’m going to cum soon”.

“Me too” I said. I sat upright again and worked even harder at my pussy. Dribbles of moisture were working their way down my inner thigh onto the carpet.

“I’m cumming …” I said. I saw her eyes widen and her cheeks suddenly flush red and she too began to orgasm, her hips arching upwards and a long moan escaping her lips. She was biting her lip. Her hair was sticking to her forehead. Her free hand was on my arm, squeezing for dear life as she rocked her body.

I felt like someone was pressing an orgasm button on and off – my whole body convulsed as I ground my fingers between my legs. Suddenly I felt a small gush of fluid escape over my fingers. “Oh god” I gasped. Kelly watched as I squirted over my fingers. For a second I thought about the stains I’d leave on her carpet but then another bolt convulsed through my body again and I fell back in exhaustion.

Kelly – as she always did – started laughing happily. “Whew!” she said, “That was intense … are you ok?”. I nodded, too wiped out to say anything for a few seconds. Kelly took my hand – the one that had been rubbing my cunt only moments before – and lifted it to her mouth. She sucked on my fingers, one at a time. Oh god, I thought I was going to cum again … Then she leaned towards me and kissed me. Her lips were so soft…

She realised her breast was still exposed so she pulled her bra cup back over and pulled down her t-shirt. Her fingers shone with her own juices. I wanted to suck them too but suddenly a shyness fell over me.

“That was lovely” I said at last, and we climbed onto the sofa and hugged eachother, both drifting almost instantly into sleep. The last thing I heard was Kelly saying ” … Can we do it again in the morning …?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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