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Kevin’s Roommate Ch. 02

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Before Kevin knew it, university life was thrust upon him. He was in first year engineering and was always swamped with work. He had thirty hours of classes per week plus about that much in homework. His roommate, Brad, was in the same program and they would stay up many nights studying and helping each other out. Brad and Kevin were about the same height, but Brad had gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes whereas Kevin had dark hair and eyes.

“After our last midterm we should go to the campus bar?”

Brad was rereading his notes on Chemistry as he blurted this out. Neither one of them had been into the partying scene since neither of them really drank a lot. They had taken a personality test to be matched up as roommates and both of them were thankful that neither of them smoked or did drugs and were both relatively easy to get alone with. The only real difference between the two was that Brad was a complete slob and Kevin was a neat freak.

“Sure. Maybe go pick up girls.” Both of them laughed nervously and then went back to their reading. It had been an unspoken rule to not really talk about members of the opposite sex. Since school had started Kevin had masturbated almost every night thinking of Brad and Brad had done the same. Neither one of them had a girlfriend either. Brad had been social in high school, but had never dated anyone. Kevin had one experience, and really didn’t want to remember that horrible part of his life.

After their last midterm, they walked back to the dorm together. They had most of their classes together which was convenient since the faculty advisor kept harping that having a study buddy was very important for academic success. They got dressed quickly and were ready to go out. Brad was old enough to drink since he had a summer birthday but Kevin was a few months too young. Conveniently, the campus bar rarely checked I.D. since it was casino şirketleri bad for business.

They walked in and immediately noticed a group of fellow students playing pool in the corner. They walked over and were welcomed into the group. The group was all engineering students and was a mix of both girls and guys. They ordered a pitcher of beer and joined in on the next game. The evening went by quickly and Kevin lost track of how much alcohol he had consumed. Brad looked hyper, but was probably equally drunk. At last call they stumbled out of the bar and walked the three minutes back to their dorm.

“Thank god we live on campus.” Kevin was trying to keep up with Brad as he spun around and jumped over park benches.

“I know. I heard that every year in the winter campus security finds at least one drunk person that fell into a snow bank. Pretty funny.”

Kevin grinned at how carefree Brad was. They got into the dorm and decided to take the elevator since two flights of stairs in their condition was probably not a good idea. They entered the elevator and looked into each other’s eyes. Kevin was so horny from watching Brad all night. Brad was equally horny watching how shy and reserved Kevin had been. As the elevator doors closed Kevin leaned over and kissed Brad. If he hadn’t been so drunk he probably would have thought twice before doing this, but Brad responded. Brad held Kevin’s face and kissed him harder. Kevin moaned as he felt Brad’s tongue enter his mouth. He had never French kissed before and hesitantly licked his tongue against Brad’s. Brad moaned loudly and opened his mouth, sucking Kevin’s tongue into his mouth.

Kevin’s hands were on Brad’s hips and the panting and moaning from both of them indicated that they both really wanted this. Just as Brad reached out to slide his hand under Kevin’s shirt the elevator doors opened.

“Oh.” Brad stepped back. casino firmaları Kevin was blushing bright red and although they were too drunk to realize it, they were thankful that no one was waiting for the elevator or in the hallway. They stumbled to their room and Kevin was first to get the key out to unlock the door. They fell into the room and, after shutting the door, they fell onto Brad’s bed since it was closer. Hands were fumbling with clothing as the room filled with moans. Quickly their jeans, shirts, socks, and shoes were lying in a pile on the ground and Brad was on top of Kevin, both in only their boxers.

“You’re a big flirt you know Kevin.”

“I am not.” Kevin tried to sound serious, but he could barely think as Brad pulled down his boxers and tried to throw them across the room to Kevin’s bed.

“Oh yes you are. You smile and laugh at my jokes and you look way too fucking cute in those tight jeans.”

Brad moved down to the end of the bed and wrapped his hand around Kevin’s cock. Kevin closed his eyes and thrust his hips up, indicating he wanted what was going to happen. Brad wrapped his hand tight around Kevin’s cock and began to jerk hard and fast. He had heard Kevin jerk off many nights in a row and knew he liked it rough. Kevin threw his head back and came. His hot cum landed all over his stomach and some was on Brad’s hand.

“Oh god I’m so sorry. Fuck. I normally last longer.”

“Shhh.” Brad cut Kevin off by kissing him. “I don’t care. I wanted you to cum.”

As they kissed Kevin sat up and leaned over. His shaking hands pulled down Brad’s boxers to reveal his thick throbbing cock. He gripped it like he did his own cock and began to stroke.

“Have you ever done this before?” Brad was almost whispering as the pleasure of Kevin’s hands on his cock was driving him closer and closer to orgasm.

“No. Am I doing it right?”

Brad güvenilir casino reached down and guided Kevin’s hand to stroke hard and fast. His breathing sped up and just before he came he covered his cock with his hand. He came hard, filling his hand with cum. Kevin’s hand was covered in cum as well and as he pulled away he felt a need to taste it, but didn’t. They looked into each other’s eyes.

“I’m so fucking tired.” Brad lay back on his bed and pulled Kevin beside him. They were both asleep quickly, exhausted from the alcohol and their intense orgasms.


Brad woke up and opened his eyes. Kevin was nowhere to be found and as he sat up the night before flooded his memory. He remembered all those beers he drank, playing pool and flirting with Kevin. He remembered coming back to the room and both of them jerking the other off. His head was pounding and he was so thirsty his lips were stuck to his teeth. He stumbled out of bed and grabbed his boxers. Kevin’s bed was made perfectly and he remembered that he had fallen asleep next to him. Brad went to the washroom and after getting dressed made his way to the cafeteria for breakfast. It was a quiet Saturday morning and he had the weekend to relax before second term began. There were very few people around and he assumed that everyone was probably either home for the weekend or hung over in bed.

When Brad got back to his room Kevin was sitting at his desk on his computer.



“Do you want to talk about last night?” Brad was making his way over to Kevin and had a sudden urge to nibble his neck.

“It was a mistake. I’m sorry. Just forget it happened. I’m not a freak.”

Brad stopped moving and stared at Kevin. His eyes hadn’t left the computer screen. Brad realized that Kevin had only done that because he was drunk and probably felt ashamed.

“We both were willing participants last night. You’re not a freak.” Brad was standing beside Kevin. He wanted to run his hands through his dark brown hair.

“Just drop it.” Kevin said those words so harshly that Brad stepped back.


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