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Kim: A New Beginning

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It had been two years since we had seen each other. We didn’t end on such great terms. We both said things we regret but at the time we felt each painful word.

But now we had come full circle and were ready to explore our friendship and find ‘us’ again. So we made arrangements to meet in Grove City. In two years this crossroad town had grown with new possibilities for our rendezvous.

I got there first as I was excited to see him. I wanted it to be just right and played in my mind over and over again how the first look and how the first touch would be. I knew it would be hot but I had no idea what was in store.

I was wearing a light blue t-shirt, no bra, pink lace thong and a short jean skirt. I decided to stay dressed as he always enjoyed making love while I wore at least one piece of clothing. I prepared the room with candles and strategically place the M&M’s and Altoids and the oils and of course the chocolate raspberries. And then I heard it the knock at the door. I was nervous but I answered it with butterflies and excitement.

There illegal bahis he was. All handsome in a new Hugo boss suit. He smiled at me and purposefully walked in the room. We hugged and it felt better than I even could imagine. I moved in for a kiss but he stopped me and said before we begin, I have something for you. I protested and said all I wanted was him. But he was firm and insisted I deserved this.

He then took my hand and led me to the big cloth chair and told me to bend over the headrest. I was intrigued that he wanted to start with anal sex. I figured it was what he must have missed the most so I decided to give him what he wanted. He then told me to lift my skirt up over my butt cheeks. I was sure by now gazing at my ass he must be hard. But then he said it…This is for everything you put us through. You were a very bad girl and I must punish you. And then I felt it. SMACK! He thrust the back of his hand against my right cheek. Smack! And then against my left cheek. SMACK! Again and again.

At first I was mortified, illegal bahis siteleri speechless and embarrassed. But there was a piece of me that liked it. He was taking control. He kept telling me I was a bad girl and with each smack my ass burned but my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I felt like I could cum with each smack.

And then he stopped. I was relived and yet I was so horny and wet. My clit was throbbing. He then told me to take off my skirt and thong. I tried to protest and he said firmly that he was not through with me and if I ever wanted to feel his cock inside of me, I would listen.

I took my skirt off and slid my thong over my burning butt. He then told me to lean over the chair again and he would finish my punishment. I did with some delight as he started to whale at my naked ass. Over and over again. My ass was burning and so was my pussy. I was so drenched that I was getting the chair wet. He knew it too and reached down and stuck his fingers into my wet pussy and asked if I had learned my lesson. He wanted canlı bahis siteleri to know if this time I would be good and give us a chance.

As I started to say yes, I noticed the throbbing mass in his suit between his legs. He was turned on and now the anger in his eyes was gone and all he had was love for me. He led me to the bed and pushed me down and lied on top of me as we passionately kissed. He told me he missed me and wanted me like never before.

I undressed him down to his boxers and began to blow my warm breath into his shorts. He moaned and said he missed that. He was so hard. I pulled down his shorts and began to suck him but he stopped me and said he wanted to kiss me and so I climbed on him and we kissed for what seemed like an hour while exploring each other’s bodies.

And then it happened it. He pushed me off of him and we made the most amazing love. He entered my hot swollen pussy and pumped and grinded me as we both starred at each other’s eyes. And then…my mouth got cold as my blood was rushing to my soaking pussy and I came so furiously that my movement pushed him over the top and we came together.

He stayed on top of me as we talked for a very long time catching up while we kissed and fondled and sucked and bit and I came over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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