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Kim Ch. 01

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The First Time With A Woman

I was 18 years old, with a trim figure, 36″ boobs (mostly round the back unfortunately), and a great pair of legs that I was often told went all the way up, by far my best feature I think. I had long red hair half way down my back. I had an outgoing personality and seemed to make friends with most people very easily. I always wore short skirts or dresses and thin tops but very rarely wore underwear of any sort. I had found out very early that pants and bra were a nuisance and that pointed nipples through a top did thing’s to the boys, and the men.

Any way, here I am working for Compton & Sons, a family firm of importers and exporters with about 10 people working in the office and a large sales force out on the road. I was the only female under 40 and the men were always letting me know it, including Mike, the boss, we were a close knit unit and all got on very well.

As the young female in the office I was always being chatted up and I teased the men terribly, they knew I didn’t wear a bra and on occasion I would tell them I never wore pants either, they never knew whether I was telling the truth or not, but on occasion I would catch one or another of them trying to look up my skirt to check, so I was always careful how I sat at my desk. I went out with 1 or 2 of them but never had sex with them, I just let them find out whether or not the rumour was true and of course it went round the office, but it was still a rumour.

Mike, the boss was about 28-30 but really good looking, dressed smart and had a wicked sense of humour, at times I really fancied him but never let him know it.

In the 14 month’s I had worked here we had had a few office parties, Xmas, winning a new contract or something, which had been held in the office itself so I had met a few of the men’s wives, some of the men seemed quite embarrassed when they saw me talking to them, Mikes wife, Barbara, was a really nice woman about the same age as him and with the same sense of humour, they were very close and very touchy feely with each other, holding hands, arms around each other, stuff like that, nothing sexual just very close and I got on with her like a big sister, we had many laughs together and used to talk about the men, and how we both hated wearing bra’s, she wasn’t surprised to hear that I never wore pants either, all she said was ” So it’s true then, nice.” She loved discussing who I had been out with, what they were like, and had they found out about me being “available” as she put it, we always had a good laugh even if she just popped into the office to see Mike she always came over for a chat.

Well Xmas was creeping up and Mike said that the company had a really good year and that it was time we had a really good office party. He asked me to arrange it at a local club.

Tonight, was party night, and I decided I was going to have a good time and as it had been 6 weeks since I had been laid and I was as horney as hell. I wore a thin wrap around top that had one button holding it together, a very short skirt that had a 1″ wide split all the way to the waste showing off my pull up stockings which I loved wearing, and heels. I looked stunning, well I thought so anyway.

7.30 the coach arrived to pick me up and as I stepped onto the bus I could see the younger guy’s looking me up and down, big smiles on there faces, and mine. I don’t think I was going to have a problem getting laid tonight, which made me even hornier. Barbara and Mike were sitting at the back and she waved me to sit next to her, she looked stunning, Shoulder length blond hair, button down dress, with only enough of the buttons done up to keep it decent, and thin enough to show she wasn’t wearing a bra, those 38 D’s were on display for anyone who had the courage to look, and long legs showing where the dress wasn’t done up.

The coach arrived and we all filed into the club, we had a few drinks and then went into the room which had been set up for us to have our meal. I was surprised to find I was sitting between Barbara and Mike, but she said it was so I could at least have my meal in peace and laughed. A couple of times during the meal Mike’s hand seemed to find my leg but when I looked at him he was always talking to someone so I thought it must have been an accident.

Once all the toasts and speeches were over, and after a lot more drinks we all moved into the main club area, where the party really started. I was asked to dance straight away by one of the younger guys who, the minute he got his arms around me, tried kissing and groping me, I pushed him away and walked back to my seat, I know I wanted to get laid but I wanted to get something out of it as well.

This happened a couple of more times, then Barbara gave me a smile and said ” Have a dance with Mike, at least you know dancing is what he will do, at least for now.” and smiled. I looked at her not knowing whether to be shocked or surprised but Mike grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor.

He was a good mover and we had a couple before beşevler escort bayan I said, “I need a drink.” and went back to the table, finishing my drink in one. Barbara looked at me and said, “Want another one?”

I nodded my head and said “Mmmm yes please.”

“I’ll have one as well.” she said and passed both glasses to Mike

Mike went off to get the drinks, Barbara looked at me and after a moment she said ” I hope we know each other well enough to be absolutely honest with each other.”

I looked back at her quizzically and said “Well I hope so, there isn’t much you don’t know about me is there?” And laughed, the drink was taking its toll by now and I didn’t much care what I was saying.

” True!” she said “Well if you keep dancing with those boys you are going to end up with bruises all over you, so dance with Mike, they will leave you alone and you will have a good time, and don’t worry if he lets his hands wander a little, I know what he’s like, and at least you wont be bruised all over. Ok?”

Well I was a little shocked to say the least but she put her hand on mine and said “I mean it, I want you to have a good time and there is enough of him for us both to dance with.”

“Well it would be nice to have a dance and not worry about how long my clothes were going to last” I said and giving her a big smile added “Yeah why not”

From that point on I really started to enjoy myself, I may not get laid but I was having a great time. I shared Mike with Barbara, taking it in turns to dance with him and when he went for the drinks I danced with her. After one dance with her we returned to the table and Barbara sat down with her drink while I stood with mine

“It’s so hot.” I said.

Barbara looked at me and said “Well I would say take something off, but you haven’t exactly got a lot on have you.” and flipped my skirt up.

I nearly choked on my drink and pushed my skirt back down. “Nooooo don’t do that” I said and quickly looked at Mike to see if he had seen anything.

He just smiled “Oh don’t worry about him.” Barbara said, ” He’s already said he doesn’t think you have any on.” and laughed.

I replied ” Yes but he doesn’t know whether I have does he” and laughed into my drink

She burst out laughing and said “Well he has my full permission to find out.”

My mouth dropped open but before I could say anything Mike grabbed my hand and dragged me back onto the dance floor. The music was slow so Mike took my hand and placed his behind my back, just low enough to brush my arse when we moved. I was having a fit of the giggles, and could feel my juices rising in anticipation. What would I do if he tried to feel under my skirt, I didn’t know, but waited in anticipation. The dance finished and all he did was brush a finger down the slit in the side of my skirt, I was so high by now that I was actually disappointed that he hadn’t tried something.

We walked back to the table and Barbara looked at me with a big smile on her face “Noooo.” I said, “He was a perfect gentleman.” and flopped down in my chair.

She laughed and said “Never mind, if I know Mike he will keep you hanging in anticipation now, horrible man.” and took her turn to dance with him. I watched them and noticed his hands moving over her body, brushing her boobs, moving between her legs and round to her bum, giving it a gentle squeeze, just watching them was turning me on and the drink wasn’t making it any easier.

When they came back Mike said “How about another drink, something different this time” I looked at Barbara.

“Why not,” she said “come on lets see what they’ve got.” and took my hand leading me to the crowded bar. We arrived at the bar after much pushing and shoving, Barbara in front and Mike coming up behind, he handed Barbara some money and stood behind me with his hands on my hips

Barbara looked at him and said “Stop teasing the poor girl.”

His hands gripped a little tighter and laughing he said “Who? Me!” and moved his hand slightly “As if I would.”

She looked me in the face and said, “So why did you make her think you were going to find out if she had pants on and do nothing? You big tease, you knew she would be expecting you to try.”

“Oh yes I know,” he said “but she was expecting it so I didn’t, you know me, never predictable.” and his hands started moving downwards

“Oh now you do it.” she said, and kept looking at me, my eyes had opened wide and I was frozen to the spot, my hands were held at my side by his arms, I just stood there wide eyed as his hands moved slowly to the split in the skirt slipping inside and brushing over my naked fanny and down my wet slit

“Oh fuck!” I said.

Barbara laughed and said “Well, not right now babe.” and turned to order the drinks.

Mike very slowly moved his hand away, but he was standing so close to me I could feel his erection pressing into my back. Barbara handed the drinks round and we returned to the table, I didn’t even know balgat escort bayan what I was drinking, just that it was nice and I needed it.

“So has she got any on?” Barbara asked, and looked at Mike

He licked his fingers and said, “Definitely not mmmm tasty.”

“Don’t!” I said, “I will get all embarrassed”

Barbara looked at me laughing said, “Oh don’t get embarrassed, judging by the smile on your face and the bulge in his trousers you both loved every minute of it” Mike looked down and promptly sat in his chair laughing loudly, I couldn’t help but join in the laughter, and from there on his hands were all over me always discreet so the only person who knew apart from us was Barbara, and even she joined in a couple of times when we were dancing. Not much, just the occasional slip of the hand brushing inside the split of my skirt, or brushing over my bum when we were dancing, once when she was sitting at the table her hand went to my leg above the stockings while I was standing next to her.

It was about 12.30am when last orders were called and Barbara said “Ok last one so lets make it something special.”

We went to the bar and she ordered 2 drinks then looking at me she said “And for you I think, a double” and ordered whatever it was I was going to drink, “there you are” she said and handed me a huge glass full of something blue, “I thought this matched the occasion” she added and smiled.

I looked at it and said ,”I cant drink all that.”

“Of course you can.” Mike said from behind me where his hands had been holding my bum again.

I turned around showing him the drink and said, “Have you seen it, its full to the top.” realising that his hand was now lightly brushing my wet mound.

Barbara moved close behind me and whispered in my ear “Well if you don’t drink at least half in one go it wont be Mikes hand finding out if you have pants on” and I felt her hand settle on my hip.

‘Oh shit.’ I thought, and started to drink. I felt her hand moving nearer and nearer to my now sopping wet fanny and just as she reached it I said “There, half, just as you said, half in one”. Her hand stopped moving and I realised Mikes hand was brushing her’s through my skirt, I was so turned on I just leaned back and rested on Barbara behind me.

They both moved their hands away as one of the sales reps came over and said the bus driver was waiting to take everyone home. We finished our drinks and they made sure I never left a drop. By this time the 3 of us were relaxed with each other and more than a little sloshed

Mike said that he was going to gather everyone up and that we should get our coats and meet him on the coach. Barbara got on the coach first and went to the back bench seat and sat down, I flopped down beside her and, after a minute she said that she was going to make sure everyone got on ok and told me to stay where I was and to relax.

I lay across the seat and started thinking about how the night had gone. After a disastrous start I had really enjoyed myself, and that was all due to Barbara and Mike. Once it became clear that I was sitting with them the gropers left me alone. But what was going on with these two, I know that I fancied Mike and every time I thought of him touching me I got a lump in the pit of my stomach that reached down to my clit, I wanted him and I wanted him bad, and unless that constant bulge in his pants was something in his pocket, he wanted me, but what was Barbara doing, she had never expressed an interest in women and I had never been that way inclined either, she had said many times that she had an open marriage, whatever that was, and she seemed to be openly encouraging me and Mike to have sex, god knows I needed it. Oh to hell with it, the night was over really and we would see what tomorrow brings, the coach would be dropping me off soon and that would be that. It had been fun though and I felt really relaxed about the world. Or was I just paralytic,

Barbara sat down beside me and Mike closed the coach door, turning round he said that he thanked everyone for coming and hoped they enjoyed themselves, he went on to say that the evening was not over yet and as tomorrow is a Saturday anyone who wanted to continue at his house was welcome to do so Jenny and Mark, married, but not to each other said that they would love to and a couple of others also said they would be there.

“Good with Kim here as well that makes eight of us,” Barbara said, “enough for a party” I looked at her and thought Oh what the hell in for a penny, I think I just wanted the good time to last as long as possible.

It was about half hour later when we got off the coach outside Mikes home, a great big place in it’s own land, not exactly in the country but no neighbours to hear the noise.

We went in and Mike started handing out the drinks, giving me a whisky, which was deadly for me as it always sent me wild, Barbara put some music on and a couple got up to dance Mike took hold of Barbara and started dancing batıkent escort bayan with her, close and sexy, I sat down in a chair and started going drowsy when Barbara grabbed my hand and said “No you don’t it’s your turn now.”. Mike grabbed my other hand and between them they pulled me out of the chair and Mike started dancing with me, it went on like this for a while until some of the others started to leave.

I was just getting my second wind after my third whisky, Barbara and I were talking about clothes just as the last one’s left. Somehow we had got onto the subject of boob’s she was saying how nice mine looked and how firm they were. I said that hers were better than mine because they were all out front.

As Mike walked back in she said “Come on Mike you’ve felt them both who’s got the best tit’s Kim or me.” He looked totally lost and trapped. She pushed me in the back and thrusting out her chest said to me “Come on poke it out”

The poor man looked and stammered, “W.. We’ well I cant really say.”

Barbara looked at hers then looked at mine, “Don’t be silly of cause you can she has a great pair of boobs” she said, and reaching out, “Here take that off and let him see,” and that she made a grab for my top.

I yelped “Nooooooo.” and pulled away. Too late.

She had hold of my top and when I pulled back the button popped off, she let go as the material unwrapped and put her hands to her mouth to stop herself from laughing “Oops. Sorry, I am really sorry” she said, but she couldn’t stop laughing.

I looked at the loose top, which was just about covering my nipples now and said, “You bitch” and laughing out loud made a grab for her dress.

She turned and ran, straight into an arm chair, I grabbed her shoulders and she twisted round and tried to get away, it was like a cat fight, I had forgotten who she was and where we were, Mike was a mist, she pushed me back and stood up holding the loose ends of my top, showing everything, she turned to get away and the buttons on her dress went pop, pop, pop, pop, she kept going and the dress ended up in my hands while she was 3 feet away. She stopped looked down at herself and turning around stood looking at me all red in the face, angry.

She was naked except for a thong, her boobs, swaying as she turned, she made no effort to cover up she just seemed to explode ” Right.” she said, “That’s it.” and lurched towards me catching one end of my top as she did so.

The force of my attempted escape spun me round and the top came right off, I fell to the floor and she grabbed for my skirt “This should make us even.” she screamed, and ripped it from under me. I was naked but I had hold of her thong and with a quick tug it snapped and came away. We were all laughing loudly and Barbara and I were rolling all over the floor. Suddenly she lay on top of me pinning me down, she looked me in the face and kissed me on the lip’s.

I didn’t move a muscle, I was shocked, not that she had kissed me but because I had got turned on by the tussle and was even more turned on by the kiss. I took her face in my hands and kissed her, long and hard, tongue slipping into her mouth.

When we pulled apart we realised that Mike was standing over us, “Bastard!” Barbara shouted and looking at me said, “He’s still dressed, get him.” and with that she lunged at him making a grab for his trousers, I grabbed his foot and he lost his balance falling to the floor, Barbara jumped on him and straddled his chest shouting, “Get his pants of while I hold him.”

I flew at his trousers and had them undone in a second, grabbing the waistband I pulled as hard as I could, falling back as they came off. When I sat back up I said “Oh shit!” and stared at his erection.

He was trying to cover it with his hands but Barbara wouldn’t let him. “Hold his legs down.” she said.

I lay across them, she started turning round all the time he was squirming on the floor, making her boobs move and bounce around. She was now facing his erection and grabbing hold of it hard said, “Eat me you bastard eat me, or I will pull it off.” she seemed oblivious to me,

Mike wasted no time his hands went to her legs and spread them so that he could flick his tongue over her bud, as he did she took him in her mouth. He had stopped struggling now and was licking and sucking noisily, Barbara took him out of her mouth and looked me straight in the face and said, “If you want some you better come and get it.”

I didn’t think about anything I just reached out took hold of that hard juiced up erection and lightly started teasing the swollen head with my fingers, all the time looking at Barbara who was smiling and making ooh’s and arrr’s as he sucked on her swollen bud, I moved my face closer to his erection and slowly took it in my mouth.

Barbara ran her hands down my back and reached for my boobs brushing my erect nipples, she lowered her head and started running her lips up and down one side of his dick as I did the same to the other side, as we reached the top we kissed, we did this for a few minutes and then she ran her hands all the way down my body to my hips, lifting herself off Mikes face, she was sending red hot tingles all over me and I just let myself enjoy them, I didn’t think about it being a woman or care come to that, her lips followed her hands as Mikes breathing became faster.

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