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Kim’s First Time

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For as far back as Kim could remember she had always had a fascination with anything sexual. By the time she got to eighteen she was feeling very sexually frustrated, her boyfriend at the time would not allow them to progress from heavy petting so she decided to remedy the situation.

Kim broke up with Geoff and hit on the college Casanova, Clinton. Clinton was quite a bit older than Kim. They became girlfriend and boyfriend, however, this guy would also not go further than heavy petting as he kept saying that Kim was too young and he didn’t feel right about it.

After a few very sexually frustrating weeks Kim got her opportunity, Clinton’s sister was getting married; better yet the wedding was to be held at home. During the early part of the reception Kim ensured that Clinton had a few drinks and lowered his inhibitions. Kim asked for a tour of the house, however, when they got to Clinton’s bedroom that was where the tour ended.

Kim walked into the bedroom and spun round and put her arms around Clinton’s neck and started to explore his mouth with her tongue, she pressed her body up against his body and slid one hand down to his backside so that she could press herself hard against him. Clinton groaned and Kim knew that she had half of the battle won. She could feel his erection growing against her groin, by now both Clinton and Kim were moaning gently, tongues still entwined. Clinton pulled away and closed the bedroom door; he turned the key in the lock. He led güvenilir bahis Kim over to the bed and they both lay on his single bed.

Clinton lay next to Kim and they continued to kiss but Clinton’s right hand started to explore Kim’s body, he slipped a hand up her shirt and into her bra, he teased her nipples, Kim was moaning in ecstasy. Clinton undid Kim’s shirt, slowly, button by button, he pulled Kim onto her side and slipped her shirt off of her arm, he unclipped her bra and slipped her arm out of it too. Now he had full access to her breasts.

His mouth slid down to her right nipple and gently teased it with his tongue, sucking and gently biting at her nipple, he moved over to the left nipple and repeated the process, at the same time his hand had slid down Kim’s trousers and panties and between her legs. Clinton moaned when his fingers felt how wet Kim was, he rapidly removed Kim’s trousers and panties to have better access.

He thrust his second finger deep into Kim’s pussy, she raised her buttocks to meet his finger, moaning with pleasure. He continued teasing her nipples as he fingered her hard, she was wet and ready but he still continued to tease her. He moved his mouth to her pussy and started to flick her clitoris with his tongue, he then slid his tongue inside her. Kim was moaning loudly.

He continued to lick and tease her pussy with his tongue, fingers and mouth, Kim was rising up to meet him, her body moving involuntarily in time with his tongue türkçe bahis or fingers as they tormented her pussy, when Kim could wait no longer, she begged him to take her. Clinton asked if she was sure that this is what she wanted, Kim managed to somehow get out the word, yes.

Clinton slid out of his trousers and climbed on top of her, he gently positioned himself, he slowly slid his cock into her pussy until he felt resistance. He told her to stay still and that there would be a few moments of pain, Kim said she was ready. He forced his cock past the obstruction and deep into her, Kim felt agony and ecstasy, she cried out gently, Clinton didn’t move, he waited for the pain to subside a little, then he slowly slid his cock back, he gently started to slide in and out of Kim’s very wet pussy, by now the pain had subsided and Kim rose up to meet his every thrust, she wrapped her legs around him and forced him to thrust harder and deeper and increasingly faster.

Kim had never felt such pleasure, she felt his large, hard cock stretching her pussy, and sex was better than she had ever anticipated. Clinton could not hold back any longer and erupted deep within Kim, she enjoyed every pulse and beat, moaning loudly. Afterwards they lay alongside each other totally spent. Kim could feel her pussy throbbing and a slight ache between her legs but she felt totally satisfied for the first time in her life.

After they got up and dressed Clinton pulled the blood soaked sheets off of his güvenilir bahis siteleri bed and folded them up neatly, he put them into his cupboard as he wanted to keep them as a memento. He threw blankets over the bed to hide that the mattress was also soaked with blood. Kim got a little twitter in her stomach as she realised that her goal had been reached. They rejoined the wedding guests.

The following day when Clinton called Kim to arrange when they would see each other next she told him that it was over; she had got what she wanted. Clinton was upset, no girl had ever done this to him before; he always dumped the girl after he got what he wanted. For several weeks he tried to pursue Kim, however, he was wasting his time, she had never had any feelings for him, she had only wanted one thing from him.

Later in life Kim actually had occasional feelings of guilt over what she had done to Clinton and how she had lured him into giving her exactly what she wanted, he was actually a good lover, gentle when necessary. Sometimes she regretted that she did not stay with him a little longer and enjoy his lovemaking and his rather large cock a few more times.

By the time Kim ended things with Clinton it was too late to go back to Geoff as his father had moved to a different province with him and the rest of the family were following in a few weeks. Well there were plenty of fish in the ocean and Kim had had her first sexual experience and she now knew that she was hooked. Kim had several partners over the years, sometimes the sex was mind blowing, sometimes good, sometimes not so good and sometimes, unfortunately, really bad.

Stay tuned for the next instalment in the sexcapades of Kim.

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