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Kissing Away My Tears

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Twinkling lights in front of me, dancing and swaying. Endless streams of headlights below and rivers of neon as far as the eye can see hold me transfixed. It is like a dream, I think, to have come to this place. Months of secret desires, stolen moments had all come to this. Shivers run through me despite the heavy heat of the desert night. The anticipation that has held onto my every nerve for so long begins to bubble to the surface. I smile to myself . . . a secret wave of emotion causes me to blush, though no one else is here to see. He is my decadent secret. A secret kept close to my heart. One that cannot be shared with anyone else, but him.

I pause for a moment to look behind me . . . a sea of candles provide the only light in the room. Rose petals create a pathway from the doorway to where I stand. Once again I turn to look at the city from my balcony far above the chaos. He will be here soon. I try to steady myself as another wave of shivers takes hold of me.

From somewhere within my thoughts I feel him. I ache for this stranger; for the touch of his hands, the feel of his skin against my own. A thousand times, in a thousand ways I have been with him. But always in my dreams.

Lost in a sea of thoughts, I am startled by a sound. I feel the soft touch of his hands on my shoulders, steadying me . . . pulling me to the present. Quietly, like a dream, he turns me toward him, pulling me into his embrace. Soft, gentle kisses fall on my nose, my eyes, my chin. Hands framing my face . . . drawing me in. More kisses, light whispering kisses on my lips. I tremble as a small tear escapes and rolls down my cheek. It is quickly kissed away and I am again drawn into his strong arms. The emotions of the last months overwhelm me, and he holds me for a moment. Timidly I say “I’m sorry,” not daring to look up into his eyes for fear of losing myself inside them.

“Shhhh . . . ” he whispers. Fingertips, lightly brushing against my cheeks, silently reach up and close my eyes. Chills run down my spine as I feel his breath on my neck. His soft lips bahis firmaları lightly touching . . . barely there. I stand transfixed . . . wanting to hold him, to touch him. But my legs feel as though they may betray me, and I clutch at the railing . . . my arms outstretched, my knuckles white with the effort. Whispers of kisses on my earlobes, my neck. Fingers gently running through my hair. Thoughts swirling through my mind, my knees giving way beneath me. A breath catches in my throat, and I grip harder on the railing fearing that I may faint. Arms holding me tight, sensing my need, pulling me so close I can feel his heartbeat. Still kissing . . . soft, sweet kisses on my lips. And I can no longer resist.

Slowly, dreamlike . . . my eyes open and blink away the tears. His eyes . . . his beautiful blue eyes hypnotize me, drawing me into the fantasy. Releasing the railing my hands wrap around his neck and I return his embrace. Kisses, tender loving kisses . . . lips slightly parting. The tip of my tongue barely touching his lower lip. Slowly tracing it’s outline, teasing. I pull back to look into his eyes once more and I see the pure desire in his gaze. A shiver of anticipation runs down my spine. My hands touch his face, hold it still . . . pull it close. His lips part slightly, and I gently kiss his lower lip . . . controlling the kiss. Making it my kiss to him and not allowing him to move. Gently I begin to lick his lip again . . . growing more daring I slowly pull it into my mouth. Slow, tiny little sucks to his lip. I feel him melt into me, and I kiss him deeply.

Passionate kisses, tongues touching, tasting. One hand on my lower back, pulling me in . . . making me feel his desire. The other, holding my head in place as we kiss. Down, kissing down my neck. His body weight pushing me back into the railing. One hand gently pulling my hair, forcing my head back . . . leaving my neck exposed for his kisses, his tongue. The other hand, softly touching my breast. Fingers, so gentle, lightly touching my nipple through the thin material of my sun dress. kaçak iddaa My breath coming in short gasps, my body responding to his touch. Still kissing . . . kissing down my neck. His fingers reach to unbutton my dress. Deliberately slow, teasing me with every button. Exposing soft skin, kissing it, tasting it then moving to the next. Anticipation welling up inside me like never before. The dress, unbuttoned and useless falls to the ground.

Another wave of chills runs through my body. Both hands, cradling my breasts. Holding them, kissing their soft curves. Reaching around and unfastening. Releasing the hooks, pulling the lacy cloth slowly from my body. Dropping it to the ground beside my dress. Both hands touching again. His skin hot on mine. Lips lightly brushing one nipple, fingers gently caressing the other. My hands guide his head, hold it there . . . allowing him to softly suck my nipples . . . first one, then the other.

One hand . . . quietly reaching down. I feel a light touch and hear a soft moan escape from his lips as he feels how wet I have become. Kneeling in front of me, fingers hooking the sides of my panties . . . pulling them down slowly. Kisses on my tummy, kissing lower and lower. Panties tossed aside. A gentle flick of the tongue . . . a shiver. Tongue pushing forward ever so slight . . . a moan. Fingers gently parting me, making room for his tongue . . . a gasp. Leaning back against the rail willing the metal to steady me. My legs open slightly, involuntarily. His breath hot against the wetness. Tickling me with his tongue, tasting me. Slow, soft licks. One followed by another. His hands spreading my legs wider. His tongue licking deeper. My breathing getting shallow, faster.

The tease of a finger . . . just a touch. I moan. Another touch . . . running inside me. Entering me slowly, seductively. A gasp escapes my lips, exciting him. Tongue licking firmly, finger sliding deeper. Then out again. Over and over, building me up for a release. He senses this and pulls away . . . leaving me begging for more. He stands, leans in and kaçak bahis whispers softly in my ear, “Not yet, little one . . . “

Holding my hand he leads the way from the balcony to the candle lit room. The scent of the rose petals heavy in the heat of the night. Laying me down on the soft mattress, leaning over me. Sweet tender kisses on my lips, my neck . . . lower to my breasts. Pausing there. Lightly touching the nipples, making them erect. Tip of his tongue flicking them softly. Drawing them in, sucking them softly, still flicking his tongue on my nipples. His right hand caressing downward . . . down between my legs. Spreading my legs. One finger, parting me, gently rubbing. Blowing lightly over my nipples, making me shiver from the sensation. Finger entering me ever so slowly.

“Oh God . . .” I whisper as his finger glides deeper inside. Kissing down. Down between my legs. Finger gently stroking in and out. Tongue licking me softly . . . still teasing me. Kissing and licking and feeling me inside. Making my breath come in short gasps . . . enjoying the sensations he is creating. Another finger . . . slowly entering. The licking becoming more aggressive. My soft moans growing louder, arousing him further. Fingers out . . . tongue in. A loud, breathy groan escapes my lips and I part my legs wider for him. So aroused, so wet. His tongue probing deeper . . . pushing me to the edge.

Again, he senses my excitement. But he does not pull away. His finger, still so wet from being inside me, gently slides down. Touching softly . . . rubbing, but not entering. And the anticipation pushes me over, taking me by surprise. I cry out as wave after wave of orgasms rock my body. My legs hold him in place, forcing him to lick me through the trembles that threaten to overtake me. Tears run down my cheeks from the long awaited relief. I relax, releasing him from my hold. Hands covering my eyes as I cry . . . the emotions overtaking me. Strong arms pull me in . . . soft, tender kisses to my forehead. His hand pulling mine away from my face . . . more kisses. Kissing away my tears . . .

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my first story submission to Literotica. Please take a moment to vote for my submission and / or to give me constructive feedback . . . thank you!

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