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Kitchen Science

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I’m going to get a little autobiographical on you guys now. The story I’m going to tell you is all true and it’s really an explanation of how I learned to make the best carrot cake in the world and why I like it so much. It’s my favourite.

In college I studied writing, primarily. I have a BA in creative writing but I had to take other classes too and this story takes place in a cooking and baking class, called Kitchen Science 101, that I took my Junior year. We had a big test that day. We had to bake a cake from scratch and Mrs. Ramsey, our professor, teamed me up with Linda Butler. She was my lab partner. We had to have lab partners because there were not enough ovens in the lab for us each to work solo.

Part of the class was that we had to provide all our own ingredients for the test. As kitchen scientists we were tasked with knowing, and procuring what we would need, and understanding how to use it all; to put it together. Linda and I had opted to make a carrot cake and we did it proud. We made a three layer one and loaded it up with carrots, pineapple, and coconut. Linda wanted to put raisins in but I nixed that idea, as I’m not a big fan of raisins.

When we put the pans in the oven we started to make the cream cheese frosting. We mixed it up and Linda took the bulk of it. I took a smaller amount, divided it in half and coloured one half orange, the other half green. She was going to spread the white part over the top of the cake after it cooled down and I was going to make the little decorative carrots that went on top of that.

I don’t know, for sure, what happened. I didn’t see it happen but I certainly heard the crash of the bowl Linda was mixing dikmen escort bayan the frosting in when it shattered on the floor. All that frosting was unusable, and without frosting, we probably wouldn’t pass the class. Linda was beside herself but I managed to calm her down so that we could discuss options.

Cream cheese frosting was no longer an option. We had no extra cream cheese. She suggested a glaze and I thought that was a great idea. We would need some confectioners’ sugar though. She pointed across the room where another team had a large bag and I went over to ask if we could use some of their extra sugar. They turned us down and they laughed. We had to come up with a plan B. I suggested to Linda that if we could get enough boys to volunteer we could glaze the cake with sperm and then put the little decorative carrots on top of that. I figured we’d have to milk between thirty and forty cocks to get enough to do the job right.

She was skeptical but I felt pretty sure that two good looking girls like us should be able to find enough volunteers who would be willing to step up and get jacked off for a good cause.

“Cover for me,” I said, “I’ll go first. I’ll be back in about 15 minutes and then you can go.” I grabbed another mixing bowl for collections and stepped into the hall. I stopped the first boy I saw. He was a tall kid and I recognized him. He played on the basketball team and his name was Stephen. I explained what I needed.

“Can I play with your tits while you do it?” he asked.

“I don’t really have time for that, but I’ll take my top off and you can look at them while I’m stroking you.”

“Deal,” elvankent escort bayan he said.

“Great,” I said. “Go tell your friends, I’m going to need 30 or 40 or you guys.”

He turned and smacked the guy behind him on the shoulder. “Will, go get as many guys as you can find. Bring ’em back here quick. This chick’s giving out free hand jobs, no shit.”

Will hurried off and my first volunteer, Stephen, and I ducked into the empty classroom. He pulled out his dick, already swollen and I took off my top.

“I’m going to need you to spunk into this bowl and try not to waste any of it. Every drop is precious.” I cupped his balls with one hand and started stroking with the other. He came in no time, just as Will stuck his head in the room. He had about 15 more guys with him and I waved them over. I was working on two of them at a time and the pool of jizz was growing deeper as each one of my intrepid donors deposited what they had into the large bowl. The line of volunteers was growing too. There were boys lined up all the way to the hall waiting their turn. It seemed like I was just getting started when Linda stuck her head around the door.

“There you are!” she said. I figured I’d find you in here when I saw the line of boys out there.

“Come on in and help,” I said. “You have to take your top off, that’s part of the deal.” She shed her blouse and bra, grabbed the next two dicks in line and started to work. She was good at it, too. Finally, the bowl was getting full and I asked Stephen to help us close up shop.

“I can stop newcomers,” he said, “but you probably ought to do the guys who have been waiting emek escort bayan in line.”

“OK,” I agreed, “and then we’ll need your help. We’re gonna need a distraction outside the kitchen science lab.” I explained that we needed to distract the girls with the powdered sugar so that we could sweeten our glaze.

“We can do that,” he said. “Just be ready for it. It’ll only work once.”

I think that Linda and I collected the cream from over 50 guys in less than 20 minutes. We had jacked off tall guys, short guys, fat guys, skinny guys, black guys, white guys, and Asian guys. We accepted donations from jocks and geeks alike. Like troupers they all stepped up. I was so proud of them. We took all the guys who came into the room. After I milked my last boy I kissed the head of his dick and ran my tongue around it.

“Thanks, so much.” I told him and he blushed.

Linda and I grabbed our big bowl of cum and hurried back into the lab. There was a commotion at the window. Some of the girls screamed, and some of them cheered but all of them went to the windows to look at the line of boys with their pants down mooning our lab windows. I took a quarter cup measuring cup and stole confectioner’s sugar from the bitches that had refused to share in the first place. We whisked the sugar and cum together and drizzled it over our cake. A single frosting carrot finished it off and it looked really good.

Linda and I got high marks for our carrot cake even though we only had time to put the one large cream cheese carrot on the top. The teacher told us that she had never had a glaze like that before and the sweet/salty, almost praline flavor it brought to the cake was the perfect topping. She wanted our recipe but I told her it was from my grandmother and that I had promised not to share it with anyone. Mrs. Ramsey said that she could respect that. She popped another small square of cum covered cake in her mouth, “mmmmm.”

Linda smiled, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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