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Landon , Erin’s Night In

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Landon’s face was buried between Erin’s legs and her hands were intent on keeping him in that position. As she lost all semblance of her self-control Erin tried to recall how she and her husband had wound up in this position, and how she could make sure that they do whatever it was more often.

The night had started innocently enough. It was one of those early winter evenings where the chill has begun to permeate the air and your breath can be seen by any passerby on a sidewalk. The weekend had come and Erin had enjoyed her ritual on Friday afternoons of some light shopping and some coffee and a snack before heading home. Landon would be home later and they would figure out some place in the neighborhood to have dinner before coming home and enjoy a relaxing evening.

That is how all of their Friday evenings seemed to have been unfolding as of late. Erin didn’t mind at all, after a stressful week both of them needed that time to unwind and decompress. Sometimes they made soft gentle love before cuddling with each other and going to sleep. But not always, after a couple of years of marriage their sex life was still great, just the episodes had decreased in frequency as of late because of both their busy schedules.

Erin could tell that at times Landon pined for their raunchy sexual exhibitions that had almost become a staple of their sex lives over the summer. But he understood that at this time of the year most of Erin’s energies were tied up in her teaching and only when she could fully relax could she let herself do those depraved things that they both loved so well.

Erin was grateful that Landon was so understanding about this part of their sex life. She knew that he wanted it, but he understood where her mind was at during the school year and never pressured her into doing something that she wouldn’t fully enjoy.

But Erin was also aware that she sometimes had to reward Landon for his patience with a taste of what might be to come and had resolved to do that in the near future during the holiday break.

But Christmas was not quite yet upon them, and as Erin opened the door to their apartment she was expecting a typical quiet evening in the neighborhood and at home. But what she found on other side of the door was another matter entirely.

Erin had been leafing through their mail as she entered the apartment. The first thing she noticed was the smell emanating from the kitchen. Landon was home early and had been cooking. Next she noticed the music that was playing on the stereo in their living room, soft romantic orchestral music that Landon rarely played when he was home alone. She finally noticed how the living room was set up as she plopped her keys down and surveyed what Landon had done. Soft candlelight lit the room, and their dining room table was laid out with their finest china and wine sat on the table in the expensive decanter they had received as a wedding present but had been too afraid to use for fear of breaking it.

Landon stepped into the living room at that moment, smiling, and Erin went to meet him. She opened her arms for an embrace and Landon met it, albeit for only a brief moment. They kissed quickly, passionately before Landon broke away.

“Hello there. I decided we needed a different type of evening, so I’m taking control.” Landon’s choice of words surprised Erin a bit and she suppressed an excited chill as she thought about Landon taking control sexually. She looked up in his eyes and waited for him to continue.

“I want you to go get dressed in the bedroom and relax for a few moments. I’ll have dinner ready in about half an hour so you have a little bit of time to change, do your make-up and maybe rest some.”

“Change? Make-up? I’m not okay like this?” Erin was dressed in her work clothes and she looked good, a little casual for this table setting, but she didn’t really feel like changing.

“You look great like that, but we’re dressing this up some.” Landon’s hands had been wrapped around his wife and he moved them to the small of her back and drew her closer to him. “You will look wonderful, change into something nice and we’ll have a very pleasant dinner. I’m wearing a coat and tie.” And with that Landon broke free of their embrace and darted back towards the kitchen.

Erin shivered again in excitement, they were definitely equals, but it was always exciting when Landon decided to be the man and lead her a bit. Erin retreated to the bedroom to find something to wear for her man.

Erin knew that it had to be dressy for Landon. She always wanted him to catch his breath when she dressed up for him and wished that she had time to wash her hair. She knew that she didn’t so she walked into their closet to pick out something for the evening.

If Erin knew anything about Landon, and she did, she knew that he would infinitely prefer a skirt or dress than pants for this evening. Even her dressy tuxedo type pants which Landon liked a lot probably would not be what bahis firmaları he wanted from her. Landon raved constantly about Erin’s legs, and the rest of her body as well, but he was clearly a leg man. So deciding to indulge her husband’s wished Erin pulled a slinky black dress from the rack and hung it on the closet door. She grabbed heels, a pair of textured tights and some sexy black underwear. Erin guessed that if Landon went to this much trouble he was probably hoping to get lucky tonight as well.

She dressed slowly, taking her time with her primping before beginning to apply her make-up. Her make-up was subtle but flattering and Erin was glad she learned some of the secrets with make-up. A few minutes after she finished blotting her lips there was knock on the bedroom door.

Landon walked in and like Erin hoped, his breath caught in his throat when he saw his wife’s outfit. Her breath wasn’t that far behind his. Landon was wearing some black slacks she loved him in, with a deep blue shirt and yellow tie, complemented by a tan blazer he liked to wear. The anticipation about the evening had made Erin antsy as she dressed and she could feel the wetness that now seeped between her legs as she drank in her husband’s outfit. Yes, he was definitely getting lucky tonight.

Landon walked towards her and Erin could see a protruding bulge in Landon’s pants as he continued to look his wife up and down. She licked her lips in anticipation of it maybe in her mouth later with his pre-cum being a sweet dessert, but what she really needed was it inside her, pumping in and out and taking her like she needed. Her now moist crotch felt another flood of juices and she felt another chill of anticipation run through her body.

“You look incredible, wow.” Landon had a hard time getting the words out, and Erin smiled back at him demurely.

“My thoughts exactly, mmmmm.” Erin let Landon take her in his arms and they embraced for a moment before Landon broke away and offered Erin the crook of his arm.

“Our dinner awaits madam.” They walked arm in arm into the living room where Landon had set up the dining room table with the china and such. He seated his wife and poured her a glass of wine. Erin certainly enjoyed the pampering that Landon enjoyed lavishing onto her.

Landon disappeared into the kitchen again and Erin sat sipping her wine. In the kitchen Landon set about preparing the plates for dinner and his hand brushed against his crotch again. His cock had been at full attention all afternoon thinking about seeing his wife in some hot dress tonight. She certainly didn’t disappoint him with her outfit. It was all he could do to keep himself from throwing her down on the bed and ripping off her tights and underwear and entering her then and there. He knew that he would have her sometime this evening and his cock again strained against the confines of his boxer-briefs with the thought.

Landon somehow managed to prepare the plates and walked back into the now dining room to present his dinner. He had prepared a roasted pork loin with vegetables and salad to accompany and his presentation looked great. His time in the kitchen was well spent as he watched Erin savor every bite of their meal together. They made small talk, asking about each other’s day and what they wanted to do over the weekend and discussed Christmas presents for their families.

After dinner was finished Landon cleared the dishes and changed the play list on his Ipod. He took Erin’s hand in his and they shared a slow dance, swaying back and forth to the music and holding each other close.

As the song progressed, Erin could feel Landon’s hands, which had started midway up her back, work their way lower and lower on her body until during the second song he was cupping her ass. He squeezed gently and pulled Erin even closer into him. Their lips met again and again, and Erin could feel Landon’s cock pressing against her thigh. They both wanted each other so badly, yet Landon continued their torment by swaying them back and forth across the makeshift dance floor.

Landon could sense that his wife’s mood was about to shift to from anticipation from the teasing and build-up to aggravation for not relieving that tension and knew that it was time for dessert.

“Wait on the couch and I’ll be right back.” Landon instructed and walked back into the kitchen. He had prepared dessert with dinner and had it sitting on a tray in the fridge. Sliced strawberries and chocolate, there wasn’t much that Erin liked better than that. He popped the cork on the champagne he had bought for the evening, grabbed two flutes, a tray to carry things on, and then made his way back into the living room.

When he entered Erin was glad to see what dessert was, it could even be eaten in bed perhaps. She loved chocolate and strawberries, but what she really wanted right now was Landon and she could sense he wanted the same of her.

Landon poured her a glass of champagne and presented kaçak iddaa the plate of chocolates and strawberries before her. Erin selected a strawberry and a small square of chocolate as Landon poured himself a glass of champagne. They clinked glasses and Erin brought the strawberry to her lips, biting in and enjoying the sweet juices that flooded her mouth. Everything she thought about at this point related in some way to sex and her aching sex was telling her to do something about it quickly.

Sitting down next to Erin, Landon watched his wife eat the strawberry and he could feel his cock once again straining against the prison of his underwear. He knew that the more he prolonged their encounter the hotter the sex was going to be this evening. He knew not to pressure Erin about being wild and raunchy that often during the school year, but sometimes he was able to create an atmosphere like tonight that led Erin to totally relax and let her inner sex goddess take over. Erin continually crossed and re-crossed her legs and Landon knew that the time had come to make his move.

He set his glass of champagne down on the coffee table and leaned over and softly kissed Erin’s lips. They kissed softly like that for some time, no other touching between the two of them before Erin felt like she was going to explode. Erin desperately wanted Landon to take her in his arms, kiss her deeply and then rip her clothes off. Her pussy was on fire and she needed relief now.

Landon fulfilled a bit of what Erin wished for at that moment. He took Erin in his arms and pulled her close. Landon began to run his hands up and down Erin’s body as their tongues danced against each other. Erin could feel the juices of her desire drenching her panties and crotch of her tights. She needed Landon’s hand there so badly it was actually hurting her. But Landon had not offered any relief for her as of yet.

His hands caressed her body slowly, carefully, making her tingle with anticipation as he began to softly kiss her neck, something Landon knew that always drives Erin wild. After a few moments of necking Erin could no longer take any more of the teasing and grabbed Landon’s hand and put it up her dress, letting it come to rest on the very damp panty and tights covered crotch.

Erin moaned loudly as Landon began to massage her crotch, working his hand up and down the folds of her outer lips, making her pant with pleasure and with wantonness.

“Put your fingers in me now! Please, sir, I’m begging you.” Erin hisses this into Landon’s ear and adds the sir to make his cock stand at attention just a little bit more. He loves when she is a little submissive, and she hopes that maybe he will take full control and give her what she needs.

Landon, sensing his wife’s utter need emanating from all over, relents and slides his hands inside the top of her tights and in her panties. Erin cries out as his fingers just plunge straight into her wanting, waiting sex.

Erin’s body floods with emotions and pleasure as she feels the length of Landon’s two fingers sliding deep within her. They bury to the knuckle and Landon holds them deep within her. Erin clenches down tightly on the welcome guests deep within her and feels the surge of orgasm overtake her. The rush of feelings overwhelms her, and while she doesn’t realize she cries out loudly, loud enough for the neighbors downstairs to know that Erin is going to have fun tonight.

Landon leaves his fingers buried deep within and feels her body crescendo with the orgasm and the clenching of Erin’s inner walls on his fingers, trapping him inside, though he was going nowhere. He knew that this was what she needed. Teasing her just enough so that she came when he first entered her would get her in the mindset he wanted her in for this evening. She needed to be totally relaxed, and totally mad with lust for him to get everything he wanted.

As Erin came down from her orgasm she started trying to breathe normally again. Just as her breathing started to regain some normal pattern, Landon moved his thumb onto Erin’s clit, and flicked back and forth softly against it. Erin bit down on her lip, loving the feelings of Landon’s ministrations before the surge of orgasm overwhelmed her again and she bucked her hips in release.

If she would have been nude at this moment, and Landon didn’t have his hand deep within her, she would have squirted with this orgasm. As it was, she flooded Landon’s hand with juices as she came down once again wanted Landon’s cock pounding deep within her.

“Fuck me, give me your cock baby, I need it so badly.” Erin whimpered in Landon’s ear as she wrapped her legs around Landon’s torso. She dug her heels into his back, pulling him tight with desire and Landon knew that he had her right where he wanted her.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom, shall we?” Landon whispered in his wife’s ear as he removed his hand from her crotch. Erin felt a great emptiness with Landon’s hand gone and wanted kaçak bahis it back badly again.

As she was thinking that, Landon reached behind her and scooped her up in his arms and started carrying her to the bedroom. If Erin had been hot before, she was on fire now. Landon had never carried her like this before; it showed that his workouts were really paying off now. Thinking about how strong and manly he was only made Erin’s pussy quiver and want him even more. She needed him deep within her.

Entering the bedroom Landon set Erin down on the edge of the bed and let her lie back. He immediately began to remove her tights. Landon would have preferred stockings or thigh highs so he could have left them on as he did all of his nasty things to her, but this would be just fine anyway. He slid the tights off of her legs and in a flash had removed her panties as well.

Erin laid on the bed wanting him to pull out his cock and drive it deep within at that moment. Her legs were splayed wide so that he had full access to her sex. But Landon did not take off his own pants, instead and he got down on his knees and moved his head between her legs, and began to eat her out with gusto.

Erin almost came from the first lick of Landon’s tongue. Earlier in their relationship they had not done much oral sex, but after a point Landon began wanting to perform it on her more and more. He swore to her that he loved the taste and with how often he wanted to do it, Erin could only assume that he was telling the truth. As Landon had practiced more and more, he had gotten very good at his new hobby and Erin was reaping the benefits at this moment.

Another orgasm wracked her body as Landon spread open the folds of her outer lips and found her clitoris and lightly licked it. The pleasure rolled over her in waves and Erin lost herself in the pleasure.

Landon continued to flick his tongue over her clit, and Erin put her hand behind his head to help hold him there. As he sucked on her clit, Landon put his two fingers back inside Erin to help her fill more full.

With the entrance of the fingers Erin’s cries of pleasure became so loud Landon had to briefly consider putting some type of gag on her or something, for fear of the neighbors. But he let that thought pass quickly, and enjoyed the sounds as he continued his work. He loved to hear his wife be vocal in bed. Sometimes she was, sometimes she wasn’t. When she was though, like tonight, it made Landon’s cock stand at rapt attention.

After one delicious sounding moan Landon felt a twitch and he almost came right then and there, without any other stimulation. It drove him totally wild and it meant Erin was wild as well.

Landon ate at Erin’s pussy for what seemed like hours to her, time had stopped at it felt so good that lost herself in the moments. But in reality it was only about twenty minutes before Landon pulled his mouth away. His face slick with her juices, Landon smiled at Erin and went to their lingerie/toy drawer. Erin thought he was going for a condom, but she wanted to tell him no, she wanted to feel him spill deep inside her tonight.

But Landon wasn’t going for a condom quite yet. Instead, he pulled out the restraints that they used every now and then and walked back over to the bed.

“What are you going to do with those?” Erin asked. She didn’t especially want to be tied up, but it didn’t bother her as long as she got something inside her and soon.

“I want to tie you up and give you so much pleasure that you think you’re going to pass out.” Landon said as he took her left arm and began tying it to their bedpost. Landon had not bothered to remove Erin’s dress; it was just bunched up at her hips at the moment. The thought of having no control over what Landon did and seeing her dress bunched like that made Erin’s pussy flood with juices yet again. She thought she would be dry by now, but her body kept surprising her. It was such a turn-on that Landon couldn’t be bother with taking the time to fully undress her; he just took off what obstructed his path and pushed the rest out the way.

Landon tied up her other arm and looked back at his handiwork. He smiled and went back to the drawer. Erin was disappointed yet again, until she saw what he was doing. He was pulling out their favorite toy Thumper, the Rabbit-style vibrator that sent Erin into orbit with pleasure. She smiled in agreement and Landon prepared the toy and brought it over to his wife.

“You know the last time you had me tied up and using this, you wound up getting me so hot that you went out and bought all those toys again, remember?” Erin said lustily as she thought back to that evening.

“How could I forget? I only think about it everyday and my cock gets hard.” Landon said. It was true he thought about it everyday, and what he wasn’t going to tell her was the he was secretly hoping to have an encore of that, maybe even this evening.

Erin let out a low, guttural moan of pure lust as Landon slid the length of the toy inside her and let it come to rest. He held it there deeply for a moment before turning on the switches and letting Thumper twist and turn and basically fuck his wife silly.

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