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Late Night Email

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Big Dicks

3am that’s the time I wake up to your message beeping on my phone.

Alabama: I sent you a vid, check it when you wake. <3 you. Checking my phone status I see the new email box. Sighing it’s 3am and I have to be up for work in 3 hours. And considering I just not long ago got off the phone to you after a very hot and intense phone session, I could still feel my juices on my thighs. I wondered if I should leave it for later. Closing my eyes to dream about your hot naughty voice as you describe all the naughty things you wanna do to me, I find it hard to sleep. My pussy is throbbing thinking about you. Opening up the email account we share I see the new email and see it has the video attached. Sent two hours ago checking time difference between Australia and Alabama I figured you had been on your lunch break. Opening the video I see you sitting at a desk. It must be at work, I see your uniform. You’re a fire fighter in a country hick town as you call it, but it has me intrigued. Everything southern does. Seeing bursa escort you there I bite my bottom lip and watch. I can’t see your face but from other videos I’ve seen I bet you have your lip twisted in a smirk. And eyes hooded. Just the way I like it.

Your hand which is big, your long fingers come into view and I’m squirming in my bed. The camera is on your lap and your bulge is showing against your zipper. Your hand starts to run up and down your thighs then ghosts over your cock. You haven’t said anything yet but I hear you moan. I squirm on the bed as I watch you move your hand over your pants again. Bringing my knee up I open myself up. I’m naked and turned on again. My breathing is hard, just as I’m sure yours is too.

The zipper goes down on your pants, and I see your bulge even more, even hotter is the tip of your cock peeping out under your boxer briefs. Your fingers are now trailing over the shaft of your cock as you lightly stroke inverse your briefs. You sigh deeply then slide your briefs down just under bursa escort bayan your balls. I can see all of your cock I’m its glory and it’s so hard, shiny and red. Long and thick.

You massage just the tip of your cock with your whole hand. My fingers have now slid down in between my legs. My middle finger ghosting over my clit. Down to my entrance I slide it in and out then back to my clit coating it with the juices that are all over my finger. I rub my clit watching you as you now start to run your hand up and down your shaft, biting my lip I moan out as I watch you. Your hips are thrusting slow to match the slow and hard strokes you are giving your cock. I slightly lift my hips up and down to match yours. Then I hear it,

“Yeah baby gurl suck my dick, mm yeah just like that nice and slow” I cream myself a little bit more. Your accent has me throbbing, deep southern Alabama and fucking hot as.

“Dannnnnnneee” I moan as if you are here with me watching as I bring myself to orgasm. I hear you groan some escort bursa more and watch as your hips start to move a little faster. Your words coming out breathlessly.

“God baby gurl you feel so fucking good on my cock that’s it ride me till I cum in your sweet cunt” dropping my phone so and closing my eyes I can’t see you but I can hear you. Your hand going up and down your cock the wet noise it’s making as if you were really sliding into me. I turn onto my belly my hand still between my legs rubbing my clit now with two fingers, I thrust into my bed riding my hand as if I was riding your face, I grind into my hand then I hear you.

“That’s it baby gurl I’m cumin for you yeah baby just like that mmmm can you feel me as my dick spurts in you, fuck yeah” I look at the video as you cum all over your hand still thrusting your hips. This does me in, I’m moaning as my pussy throbs around my fingers, thrusting myself down harder on my hand feeling my own cum leak down my hand and onto my bed. I pull my fingers out slowly and rub my clit a little more..”mmm dane” I moan. I turn on my side and look at the video. The end still shot is of you with your smirk on those lips.

Smiling I close the video down and text back.

Me: I have another wet spot 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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