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Latino Surfers

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(All characters are over 18)

Summary: Married man shows his gratitude towards two hot latinos who saved him from drowning.

Note: Thank you to Annie (1moeannie) who worked some miracles in editing this story.

Latino Surfers

I don’t know why I feel the urge to write what happened to me during that journey, perhaps I just want to relive it as vividly as I can imagine. The experience forever changed me. On the outside I am still the same, a father. A husband. My son is getting married now. He doesn’t know, my wife doesn’t know, that I’ve become someone completely different.

I must write it down.

I almost died.

We were traveling through the northern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, on our way to the city.

Me, my wife Bianca, and my sisters, Dora and Donna, were traveling down the coast, visiting all the beaches in that beautiful country. I was 39 years old, Bianca was 35, but in Brazil, we were younger than ever.

I thought it was incredible how those beaches seemed so much calmer than the beaches back home. I always considered myself very careful when dealing with the sea, I respected its dangers at all times. `

The event happened at a quiet beach, which was guarded by a town that could barely hold that description, basically a small group of homes. — The place had its secrets, as I was to discover later. “Careful with the back currents,” my sister Donna, the only one who could speak Portuguese, translated for us. The woman who had warned us was a local, she carried a toddler, and was walking away from the beach.

None of us knew what said currents actually were, but we thought we would be fine, as long as we didn’t go too far away from the shoreline.

When we got there, we sat on the beach and made our little space comfortable. I decided to go into the water, and enjoy the beautiful blue waves. I loved the sea.

There weren’t many people on the beach, and in the water, fewer still.

I could see two surfers, so far away, that my eyes could barely distinguish them from the water.

I liked the peaceful energy of that quiet beach.

I had the warning of ‘back current’ in mind, and walked around a bit, to look for a safe area to relax in the water… I should have known there was no such a thing where the sea is concerned.

I found a pool of water where no waves were breaking. Nothing seemed to bother that place. It seemed really safe. I walked into the water slowly, not too far, I went deep enough to float, then closing my eyes I relaxed. I let myself float.

My inattention to the danger worked against me in that moment, as well as the apparent calmness of the sea.

With my eyes closed, I was being carried away so fast by the treacherous current, all the while having the sensation of being perfectly still. When Bianca screamed my name behind me, I could barely hear her.

The moment I opened my eyes, turned back, and realized both that I was too far from the shore and my feet could not touch the sand below, I panicked. The sea seemed to have turned cruel in that moment of realization, where before the water seemed to be gentle waves. I don’t quite remember all the emotions.

I started to swim back as fast as I could, pouring out all my energy.

The image of Bianca, so tiny, waving her arms at me, looking worried, was so frightening that I felt dead already, drowning. How could I have been so stupid?

My strength had been worthless. I was fighting the current, and few people win that fight. I was moving farther away from the shore. Just then I realized I was also naked.

In my frantic, crazed attempt to swim back, I somehow let my bathing shorts go. They were gone, and I wasn’t wearing underwear, so I thought I was not only about to die, but to die pathetically.

All the fears of being in the ocean by myself resurfaced, hitting me hard. I imagined all sorts of monsters ready to drag me down, all the while, trying to swim back, trying to fight the real monster, the current.

I was certain I was going to drown.

In that moment of utter powerlessness, I heard a voice.

“Hey” Bruno screamed, very close to me. I didn’t know his name at the time. He told me later. “Hey!” He yelled again, then spoke a bunch of nonsense in Portuguese.

I saw another surfer mount his surfboard, and look at me worriedly. Both were staying at a safe distance, watching me, saying stuff that I couldn’t understand.

“Help me!” I screamed, trying for the almost universal English.

Bruno, a brown—eyed, curly—haired youth, used his arms to make a soothing motion. His skin was deeply tanned from surfing below the scorching South-American sun.

“Be calm” he said in English.

Then he opened his arms wide, “Be calm. Float. We will help.” He spoke well, though his accent was heavy.

The other surfer’s name was Kaique. He didn’t speak a single English word, or Italian. Kaique’s dark skin was more a gift from birth than the sun, a mixture of black and white, but he had the most gleaming green eyes, bahis şirketleri they put my blue eyes to shame. Even though they looked young, their shoulders were wider than mine, the muscles more defined, lean, lithe bodies, probably from constantly surfing .

I was so filled with gratitude for not being alone that it was easy to obey these strangers, to be calm, to float, just like he told me. From the way they behaved on their boards, and from their fearless expressions, I believed I was looking up at two masters of the sea.

I nodded to what Bruno was saying, and nodded to his friend, who could only speak Portuguese, as well, because I knew they were wary of me. I knew that those who were drowning might try to carry others with them. They needed to know I was safe to approach.

Once I was calmer, they paddled in my direction. They were bare—chested, Bruno wearing crimson shorts, and Kaique, a black tight speedo. The Brazilian way.

Bruno pointed to his surfboard. “Mount it”

Then he slid off the board. I grabbed the board, and felt instant relief from my tired arm muscles. I started to breathe, actually breathe, since the whole insanity started. Bruno swam until he was next to me, and grabbed his board like I was doing. It’s going to be okay.

“Thank you.” I was trying hard not to cry. I didn’t want to shame myself, to show how weak I had been when I thought I was going to die, but most of all, I didn’t want to feel ridiculous in front of my saviors.

Kaique said something, what they said in Portuguese will forever be a mystery to me. They had a short conversation but I couldn’t guess about what. Bruno turned to me at last.

“The water will take us back, or we swim in that direction,” Bruno said, when he turned to me again. I looked to where he was pointing, and it was parallel to the shore. “No worries. I promise.”

“Take us back? Are you sure?” I asked, uncertain. I thought they were going to swim on the boards and carry me somehow. The water seemed to be taking us ever farther away.

“Yes.” Then he started to make circling motions with his fingers. — “It pulls you, then it returns. We use it all the time to catch waves. It’s more dangerous when you don’t know. You panic. Get tired. Try to swim against the current. Lose your shorts” He was smiling.

I could only lower my head and avoid eye contact. Each example he gave made me realize how much of a fool I had been, but when he talked about the shorts, I must have full blown blushed. I was humbled by two young men, who were also my heroes. I wasn’t the kind of man to bow down and blush for other guys. But in this situation, I could only smile back.

“Thank you so much. Thank you. I owe you my life.”

The other surfer was looking very tranquil on top of his board. His hair crisp and short, but just then I had a very advantageous view of the sun making his green eyes almost shine.

“Get on top, if you want. I will stay down.”

“I can’t. I lost my shorts. I’m naked.”

“I know,” Bruno said. “You were pretty wild on those waves. We saw you trying to cut them. It’s okay, you don’t have to be ashamed, your life was in danger.”

“My wife must be worried sick.”

“Is she there on the beach?”

I nodded.

He wasn’t laughing or ridiculing me.

I was so thankful for that.

“You look nervous. And it’s not that cold to make your lips tremble like that. Just get on the board, it’ll help you feel safe.”

I knew they were right, but I didn’t enjoy the prospect of being even more vulnerable towards these guys.

“I think I’m okay” I said.

“You’re ashamed.”

“No. I just…”

“It’s okay. But we’re far away. Nobody will see you. And when we are in calmer waters, I will give you my shorts.”


Before he could answer, we were lifted up high by a huge wave. I held on to the board, but I lost Bruno. Kaique was paddling towards me, and when he saw my panicked face, he said something in Portuguese in a reassuring voice.

“But I lost him!” I said.

“I’m here,” Bruno said in a thick accent. He was smiling. “I was just diving. You are ashamed. I wanted to see why. I saw nothing. No big deal. Just a tiny pink cock. No need to be ashamed anymore, Gringo.”

Even throughout the whole humiliating part, I knew what he was trying to do. Make me comfortable. I laughed with him, and was glad to have him by my side again. Our hips touched. Our arms were connected. I held on tight to the board. When I felt my cock grow stiff below the water, I attributed to the whole excitement of the situation. It had nothing to do with feeling another man’s touch.

“I’m not ashamed,” I said finally.

It got worse when the Brazilians exchanged jests that made both laugh, while I was left out.

I interestingly had no objections to being laughed at by those two, because I believed I deserved it and knew that they only wanted me to feel safe, at ease. I was even more thankful for that. Again, I was very humbled in that moment. It could be compared to when my father bahis firmaları captured me in his arms when I almost fell off a very high set of stairs. To compare these youths to my father was a bit dramatic, maybe, but it was how I felt.

Another wave lifted us very high.

Bruno held me by my thigh as the wave pulled us upwards, and the cold feeling left my churning insides only after we were down again. It was hard to admit that Bruno’s embrace had made the fear less considerable. So I let him hold me, and also endured his knowing smile. My cock was hard as a rock.

“Thank you so much,” I said again. Bruno brushed his fingers against me, pulling me closer, making me feel even safer. At this point, we had exchanged names.

I couldn’t very well hide the hard cock between my legs. But I wasn’t worried. It was very understandable that I was feeling so excited at that moment, my blood pumping everywhere, and like Bruno noticed, making my lips tremble.

Any other reason why I would be hard was unthinkable.

Bruno was probably hard too, and that was okay. He was saving me, he was a hero. His cock could throb all it wanted.

I never needed that kind of safety from another man apart from dad, it was all new to me. I could only deal with it with subservience and acquiescence.

“Hold me with one arm,” the Brazilian surfer said. “I think it will be easier for both us to hold on to the board, if we’re closer.”

“Yeah? Yeah, you’re right, okay.”

I embraced Bruno with one arm.

I tried to think about my wife. She must be really worried. She will be so relieved when I show up, and I will tell her all about these nice young men who saved me from peril. I’ll probably leave out that I was so close to him, though, and rubbing my leg on his, while he held me with a firm grip, and I also touched his very smooth skin. Those would be secrets.

Bruno turned toward to me and I did the same as we held onto the board. Our faces were very close to each other. And then I felt it. I knew instantly what it was. His cock was on top of mine, hard, it was sparring with mine… with the movement of the ocean, it seemed like we were jousting with our big swords.

Bruno didn’t say a word. Neither did I.

This was obviously something to make me feel safer. And it was working, so Bruno must have known. Again, he looked so fearless, that it was stupid to attribute anything else towards his heroic behaviors.

So I let him lurch his cock against mine, taking me out more and more from a mindset of a guy in danger. I smiled at him.

“Thanks man. Thank you.”

“Just relax.”


“Talk to me. So you’re married? How long?”

“Yeah—yeah, hmm,” it was hard to say anything with our cocks jousting, but I forced myself to. “Her name is Bianca. My sisters are here too. She’s, we’ve been together for 20 years, married for 15.”

“Wow! How old are you?”


“You look younger than that,” he said, choosing that moment to move his cock. His face was so close, I could feel the warmth of his breath.

“Ha. Thanks. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. So… Any kids?”

“Yes. A son. He is about to get married.”

“You must be proud.”

“Very much.” I looked at him, and just let the words out. “Because of you, I’ll be able to attend the wedding too.”

Then my cock gave a lurch, involuntarily, it was the first time I actively participated in a jousting match. Bruno pressed himself more against me, noticing a difference. After that, it was both of us making our cocks rub each other, and it felt good.

And it was all just because he wanted me to feel safer. A very good young man. Bruno let out a sound that was clearly a moan, after I made my cock brush his balls.

I was thankful that it was all below the water, because if my wife was able to see anything, she would probably misinterpret. The other surfer was right there, but if Bruno was okay with that, then I was supposed to be too. Right?

“You think your small pink cock is going to win this battle, huh?” Bruno said, obviously jesting.

“You saved my life, I’ll let you win.”

He thought that was pretty funny. I laughed too.

“Are you feeling better?” Bruno asked.

There. I knew it was all to help me feel better. I nodded.

“Very much. Thank you, man.”

His hand on my thigh moved to my back, and he pulled me even closer, so that we were embracing. Our other arms were holding the board , our cocks smashed between our bodies. I hesitantly put my face next to his, brushing my beard on his smooth cheek. We held on for a few minutes, in silence. I could actually feel his heartbeat. I felt much safer now. I couldn’t even remember in his embrace, that I had ever felt any danger at all. The proven effectiveness of his methods tranquilized my mind about everything that could be interpreted wrong.

“Gringo,” he whispered in my ear. “Let me break you.”


Bruno didn’t say anything else, so I assumed I must have misheard.

We separated after kaçak bahis siteleri a while, holding on to the board as if nothing had happened.

Because nothing had happened. I began to wish my cock would soften already. All these young men were doing was help me, and here I was, being all weird. My cock remained hard, as hard as wood, as hard as rock.

I avoided eye contact with Kaique, because he was watching me with a smile on his lips. But whenever our eyes met, I smiled back, only because I felt compelled to be nice to the men who saved my life.

Again I thought about my wife, and how good it would be to hug her and kiss her and be a husband…

My cock had to grow smaller first, though. Or she would think it weird, even if there was nothing weird about it.

“You look worried,” Bruno said.

“Uh, no. I’m good.” I smiled, to prove to him I was good. Then, once again I couldn’t stop myself. “Because of you.”

“Listen. Do you want to make me happy?”

“Sure…” I said, a bit hesitant.

“Then mount it. Mount my board. You can leave it when we get closer to the shore again. We’re already under way. Look.”

He was right. The current was taking us laterally now. He also was right about the board. I should mount it, I would feel better, and I should obey his wishes. He had done everything in his power to help me.

I mostly didn’t need protection anymore, but I did owe him something… not obedience… just trust. I was 39 year old man, married, and a father. I didn’t ‘obey’ anyone. But I did listen to reason and to people I trusted. Who else should I trust, if not the young man who saved my life?

Bruno gave a friendly squeeze on my ass.

“Go on, Gringo. Mount me.”

“Yeah,” — I thought about what he said, and how he said it. Mount me. “Alright.”

“Good man. Good Gringo.”

At his approval, my insides lurched. I wasn’t doing anything for his approval and certainly didn’t need it. But it felt good all the same.

It was all about the situation I was in. And I wanted to give back somehow.

“Come on. Do it for me.”

“Alright…” I said, with a smile, although the way he spoke as if to a child did bother me. However, I let it pass. This time.

Right before I mounted Bruno’s board, I thought about my wife worrying about me, and felt a deep hot burning on my cheeks. I had to smile at my own silliness. Bianca was not here. There was no reason for her to worry about my showing my ass to these strangers. It just had to be done because I already said I would.

And I did it. I lurched up and slid a leg over to the other side of the board, spreading myself. I lowered myself forward, afraid to fall but Bruno helped me stabilize, his hands held my leg firmly, saying words of encouragement, comforting words, telling me that I had successfully mounted his board.

“Now I’m gonna climb on behind you,” he said, next to my face. He was holding with one hand, however Kaique came to my side, and even rubbed my back, giving me silent comfort.

“That would be good.” Although my bare ass was upturned, and a fine cool mist was brushing my exposed hole.

“Good Gringo.”

I sat up, and in a second, Bruno was right behind me. I realized two things. First, that my cock was still hard and upturned, clearly visible to Kaique; second, Bruno still had his cock out, because he was close in behind me, a space that fit my thigh perfectly between his legs; his hard cock was warm against my back.

“There you go,” he said. His lips were close to my ear. He seemed to be smiling. “That feels better, right?”

I looked around and nodded.

“They can’t see very well from here. Relax. But even so. All you’re doing is getting help, right?”

“Exactly. Thank you.”

Bruno placed a hand on my belly. I trembled with the feeling, laughing. Shit, I was acting so foolish. Fortunately, Bruno laughed as well.

“Is this okay? For me to touch you here?”

“Uh. Sure.”

“I’m keeping you safe.”

“I know. I know.”

“Say thank you again.”

I made a scornful sound, but then said, very formally:

“Thank you, Bruno.”

“For what?”

“Saving my life.”

His hands rubbed my belly, I squirmed, sliding closer to him. Then he grabbed my cock and stroked me. I didn’t know how to react. His grip on me was so strong that I instantly moaned with the painful pleasure. Holy shit. My wife had never grabbed my cock in that forceful manner. Shit.

“Relax,” he said. “Relax. All for your own good.”

“I know, I know. Thank you.”

I would just not tell my wife this part of the story. All would be well. She wouldn’t understand, even if it didn’t mean anything.

Bianca was pushed aside. It was crazy how little it took for Bruno to do that: a small bite on the shoulder, his exposed cock rubbing my back, a massage on my balls… It could not be misinterpreted as anything other than seduction.

But it still was for my own good. I still needed a little bit of calming down. It was all because of that. I knew it was.

“Can you lift your ass a bit?”


“Just a bit?’

“Alright.” — I didn’t know why, but I did it anyway. Except, I was surprised when I felt a finger there, nudging my tight hole.

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