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Laura Roft: Piss Raider

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Chapter 1

Laura Roft was having a piss. From the base of her mass of brown curly pubic hairs, a long shooting stream of hot, clear urine was busily jetting forth from her pussy lips. As her pee stream flowed away from her uncovered muff, it formed a long shooting stream into the air between her strong and shapely legs before falling downwards in an arching spray to splash noisily over a collection of hieroglyphics embedded on the stone wall of the tomb she was currently raiding.

Laura had discarded her brown tan shorts and white cotton thong before proceeding to position herself in front of the wall she was about to desecrate with her piss. There was something deeply provocative about stripping off her lower garments before getting ready to have a wee. Maybe this was due to the sensation of knowing she was completely alone in a tomb that had been sealed for over two thousand years and now free to have her pee wherever she chose.

The flickering torch light coming from the wall behind her, cast large leaping shadows of her form on the highly detailed engravings in front of her. The steady splashing sound of her hot pee stream spraying over the wall was the only sound in the otherwise still tomb, exciting Laura even more. She had been able to pee like a boy since she had been a little girl, always enjoying the naughty rush it gave her. After all it was just a question of pressure and muscle control and whilst the other school girls had to contend with squatting over the sink bowls in the school toilets when wanting a naughty pee, Laura had always been one step ahead, sending her stream of hot flowing piss down to the floor, or into a waste paper bin, from a standing pose.

Being one step ahead had always been Laura’s trait. She had always outperformed, over achieved never being one to contend with anything but second place. Having rich parents who were always away had helped enormously. Having almost free reign of the manor house at home, with only a doddering old butler in charge had presented Laura with endless opportunities to enjoy herself in newer and naughtier ways whilst all the time striving to improve her physical and mental abilities.

Having a naughty slash in a dead king’s tomb seemed only befitting for one of her skills. It had taken months of research and exploration to discover the entrance to the long forgotten master burial chamber of Pha-Kamon, leader of the Hartchian empire for over fifty long years before his death at the hands of his plotting wife. The journey in the desert had been a long and tedious affair and after the thrill of discovering the tomb entrance had given way, Laura had decided to celebrate her find with a long satisfying piss all over the tomb entrance stone. Her golden pee stream had looked delicious as it played over the sand blasted stone door which now lay flat on the sands of the Sahara.

She had absolutely bursting at the time having ensured she had drank plenty during her trip, and she continued her toilet for well over a minute. Wanting to savour every second of her piss in the desert Laura had stripped off her gun belt, pants and underwear before adopting a more traditional woman like squat over the massive stone lintel she had prised open with the tow rope from her Landrover. She had stared down at the sight of her uncovered pussy hanging over the spot she was about to piss all over, for several long seconds savouring the thought of what was about to happen. Finally she could hold back no longer and instantly her pee hole hidden in her pussy slit had opened wide allowing her honey coloured relief to come squirting out in a fast flowing stream of hot piss which instantly started to wash over the desert stone. She had gasped at that moment with the sheer joy of having let go on the desperate need in her bladder and with the awesome rush of having a piss in the open desert. Between her creamy legs, her hot golden piss stream shot downwards impacting on the stone door surface and radiating outwards in a rapidly growing puddle of spent female pee. Warm splashes of her urine bounced upwards from the main impact point of her piss stream over the stone and Laura felt some of them land on the side of her legs. This didn’t bother Laura in the slightest. Once she had finished her wee she would simply use the desert sand to scrub herself dry whilst her back pack always kept a handy supply of clean tissues ready to dry her pussy lips after a naughty piss during her travels.

The size of the pee stream leaving Laura’s uncovered pussy lips had been incredibly thick; a wonderful display of a female’s ability to relive her golden juices. The base of her black military boots had now come into contact with the extremely large piss puddle lying between her spread legs whilst all the whiles more and more pee squirted from the base of Laura’s vagina. Shaking her long straight brown hair from side to side, her gaze never once leaving the display of pissing going on between her bare manisa escort thighs, she had sighed with utter contentment at her act of vandalism over the centuries old door stone. Still enjoying her current wee, Laura had thought on to all the exciting opportunities that awaiting inside the tomb. She had an entire day to spend inside and a substantial amount to drink hoarded in her vehicle. With luck she would have an easy route through the tomb with substantial opportunities to relive her bladder’s contents in lots of exciting places inside.

Finally her wee over the desert stone had come to an end. With one last squirt of honey coloured piss out of her pussy and over the large pee puddle now decorating the stone beneath her, Laura started to rise from her toilet squat. She could feel the heat of the early morning sun on her wide round bum cheeks as she stood and she paused for a moment enjoying her semi-nudity out in the open desert. Beneath her bare bum and uncovered pussy, the large damp pee stained rock lay testament to the toilet she had carried out. With the memory of her squirting pee jetting from her pussy lips lodged firmly in her mind, Laura turned and moved away to retrieve her clothes.

Her white panties felt wonderful as she pulled them up her legs and into place around her private parts. On the floor lay the discarded tissue she had just wiped with and she ignored it as she reached for her shorts. The final act of dressing came with her gun belts; the weight of her two hand guns settling into place along with the usual sense of security that came from wearing them. Grabbing her torch, Laura had turned and then plunged into the waiting darkness of the tomb doorway.

Returning to the present Laura realised she was rapidly approaching the end of her current pee. The hieroglyphics in front of her half nude body were now covered with a familiar looking stain where she had deliberately aimed her flowing pee shower, enjoying the desecration her piss was creating. The half faded pictures created by an artist now dead over two centuries ago, looked so fresh covered with her wee and she wondered to herself what their creator would have thought if he had only known their fate. Giggling Laura deliberately took a quick step to one side and took a quick new pee over a fresh set of images. From her pussy lips shot a new stream of hot piss leaping across the distance between her cunt and the stone wall. Her flowing urine shower spread downwards running in and out of the grooves in the worn stone surface before reaching the floor and creating a new damp puddle of piss. Unfortunately she was now spent and as her pee hole closed it was for the final time. With a disappointed sigh Laura stepped back, the shadows on the wall mirroring her actions. Once dressed Laura took out her camera from her backpack and took several quick photos of the evidence of her actions. This would be a beautiful reminder in days to come of what she had been able to carry out whilst in the tomb. Finally with camera returned to its holder, Laura took one final appreciative look at the piss stained wall before turning and moving off further into the depths of the dead king’s tomb.



The next hour saw Laura slowly making her way through the labyrinth maze that formed the dead king’s tomb. The air was chilled and stale and Laura was glad she was keeping a good pace. Her footfalls echoed in the narrow corridors she was traversing, her speed a constant half jog / half run as she navigated the way from memory. Thick dust rose in her wake lingering like forgotten ghosts in the still air as she pounded along the seemingly identical corridors of sand coloured rock, her heavy boots leaving a lingering trail behind her.

Suddenly she stopped. ‘What was that noise?’ Her heart pounded in her chest from the constant exercise, making it hard to focus. The silence of the tomb enveloped her and she shuddered involuntarily for a moment. The cold chill of the surrounding air seemed to leach at her strength whilst she paused, straining to hear anything in the stillness. Already she could feel the chill stirring the need in her bladder and for a moment she considered squatting for another pee. She was just in the process of reaching down to the button fastener on her shorts ready to undo it and slid them down her creamy legs in preparation for her toilet when a distant sound suddenly reverberated from the depths. Laura stopped what she was doing and strained intensely to catch the sound again. Nothing! The tomb was quite once again. The button on her shorts popped open followed quickly by the zipper. Sliding them down her legs Laura reached for the elastic of her white panties and immediately stopped. There it was again, an unmistakeable sound in the darkness like a soft scratching on stone.

With her shorts around her ankles and half squatting ready to release her white cotton panties ready to have maraş escort a new piss in the dead king’s tomb, Laura froze in place. She could feel the need to pee building in her bladder but for once she chose to ignore it. The sound came again and Laura was certain it was louder this time. Coming to life, she grabbed at her shorts and yanked them up. As soon as they were secure she quietly slid her dual hand guns from their holsters trying as best as possible to not make any further sound that might give her position away. Her gaze fell at the spot she had just been about to have her wee. The tread of her heavy military boots lay on the ground stretching off into the suddenly foreboding gloom of the tomb as she knew that if anything was stirring in the hidden depths, then it would have no trouble finding her. Ignoring her need to pee Laura turned and dashed headlong into the black pitch of the corridor.

Guns in hand, Laura doubled her pace. In her mind’s eye she could still clearly recall the route as laid down by the manuscripts she hand discovered in the vaults of the museum in Cairo. Finding them had been a wonderful bonus to a fun filled day surrounded by relics from ages past. She couldn’t have been happier at the time, surrounded by some of the fruits of her labour; shelves stacked high with the treasures of ages gone by. The highlight of the day had come when she had retreated to a musty closet for a long satisfying wee all over the museum floor; her long golden shower squirting between her legs as it shot from her pussy hole. By the time Laura had finished her act of pee vandalism, a large puddle of her cooling piss lay across the stone tiles. Satisfied with her toilet, she had slowly dressed again, her eyes never once leaving the sight of her spent wee covering the floor. As she had slid out of the closet door she wondered if her pee puddle would dry in time before it was discovered.

Returning to the present, Laura came to an abrupt halt. The sharp rays from her electric torch shone clearly over a mass of rock which had collapsed from the ceiling. Reaching forwards Laura grasped at the first boulder testing its weight. With a sharp pull she yanked hard feeling the strain in her muscles as she did so. Slowly the smashed ceiling stone started to move. With another hard yank it came free and Laura had to take a quick step backwards to avoid crushing her toes. The stone came to rest followed by a loud sound of grinding rock which took place from the collapsed pile in front of her. A cloud of dust sprang up from the base of the pile as the dislodged stones started to shift in the absence of the supporting base stone. Laura coughed as the dust moved around her but already she could see a gap in the stones just below the ceiling. Hopefully this would be just enough for her to continue.

Suddenly from behind her in the darkness came the sound again, this time quite clear and unmistakable. The noise came out of the black void of the tunnel behind her, slowly growing louder as the seconds passed. A scurrying sound of many tiny claws striking the stone floor. Just then the first creature emerged from the gloom and into the rays of her chest mounted torch. Barely a foot across with six scuttling legs, the stone beetle advanced towards her, its dark multi faceted eyes seeming to drink in the new found light. As she watched on another and another creature came into view, the scuttling sound rising to a crescendo and Laura realised with horror that there must be hundreds of the obnoxious creatures moving in on her position. Hungry steel like teeth appeared in the mouth of the leading creature as it neared to within three feet of Laura’s position.

Finally emerging from the shock of seeing the almost mythical beetles which she now recognised from her text books as ‘Lichten Bugs’ named after the famous explorer, Hans Lichten, who first discovered them which exploring ruins high in the Andes. Turning she scrambled up the shifting rock pile and towards the waiting hole. Scraping through, her skin a mass of bruises and small cuts, she tumbled to the floor. Gasping for air she stared around. The tunnel continued off into the darkness that her torch rays could not yet reach whilst from behind of rock came the now familiar scratching of claws upon the cave in. ‘They can climb!’ Laura realised with horror and as she watched a set of dark eyes appeared in the opening she only moments ago she had just emerged from. The scratching sound continued to rise and within seconds the first bug popped through, its little legs struggling to find gain as it slid down the rocks to the floor at Laura’s feet.

Her first bullet pinged of its stone shell and ricocheted off the walls narrowly missing Laura’s left ear. She hesitated, her fingers still curled around the triggers of her dual weapons. She instinctively knew that her guns would not stop these creatures and she doubted anyway she had enough ammo to account for the horde which was mardin escort getting ready to burst through the gap in the broken mass of stones in front of her. The first bug advanced on her position as surely enough a second appeared in the hole by the ceiling. Knowing it was time to flee Laura turned and ran, praying that the way ahead was clear. Behind her the beetles followed unremittingly.

As she ran Laura tried to recall what little she knew of the bugs. The task of navigating the tomb’s maze at the same time did little to help and within minutes Laura had finally managed to get herself lost. She barely managed to come to a stop in time as her current tunnel took a sharp turn downwards and suddenly terminated in a small broken cave. Old torches from ages past lined the wall and Laura wasted no time by lighting each one in turn. As the ruby red flames lit the tar encrusted devices, the light spilt into her bolt hole and she took a moment to review her surroundings. The tunnel was not a dead end as she had first expected. Instead the far wall ascended into a funnel like cavity which led upwards into the darkness. The markings on the floor and the scattered shaped stones suggested that this was once the location for a large fire, either for a forge or cooking. In any rate the rock wall looked climbable and should provide a means of escape. However the nearest hand hole in the rocks was a good nine feet high and she would have to assemble a collect of stones and rocks before she could jump the remaining distance. The unremitting scrabble of tiny claws in the distance was once again beginning to gain in volume and Laura realised that she may not have enough time to proceed.

She was three stones into her task when the first beetle came into view at the end of the corridor leading to her cul-de-sac. Its dark eyes looked even more menacing in the red glow of the torch light, its fangs a steel white as they appeared in its open mouth. Within seconds the horde of monsters in its wake appeared into view and Laura’s heart fell. There was simply no way to escape this time and she realised that the time may have arrived when Laura Roft finally met her end. Not being one to circum to fear so easily it came as quite a shock when she realised there was a warm wet stream leaking down her legs and she stared down in disbelief at the golden trickle running down her thighs from her damp sodden crotch in her shorts. ‘I’m pissing myself’ she thought in disbelief and then realised just how fit to bursting she had become over the last set of minutes. This was not the first time that Laura had taken a pee in her pants. In fact she had gone through quite a phase of wetting her panties on purpose enjoying the sensation as her crotch warmed with the stream of pee leaving her pussy lips and flowing into her underwear. Peeing like this in public places had been an even greater thrill. Being amongst people whilst she relieved herself into her panties was an awesome thrill and she recalled many a happy time at “La Mer Du Bleu” café in Paris when she would she pee on purpose into her lower garments whilst sat at her favourite table watching the world go by. The proprietor, a happy fat man by the name of “Rochel” never made any comments about the puddle she would inevitably leave behind her on the floor under the table as she had begun to suspect that he was secretly getting a turn on by her actions. This had been confirmed one day when he had offered her a tall glass of champagne on the house in return for having the glass returned to him still full. This had foxed Laura for a minute before she had realised what Rochel had in mind. Not wanting to upset such an understanding character, she had obliged him. Once the champagne had reached her bladder, Laura had slid the glass under the table. Parting her legs wide so her short skirt hitched up her long creamy legs, Laura had then pulled her white thong to one side out of harm’s way whilst the rim of the glass found her exposed pussy lips. It had been a delicious thrill to have her wee into the champagne glass, and she had pissed until it had overflowed and her golden stream had started to splatter over the stone tiles of the Café forecourt. Ceasing her wee Laura had pulled the glass from back under the table and placed its piss filled contents onto the table. Rochel had immediately swept forth and extracted the glass from her view. To this day, Laura had no idea what he had done with it and its contents but she had a pretty good idea of what had happened next.

Snapping back out of the past Laura stared at the stain running down her leg. Her warm wet felt wonderful and it flowed down her skin but at the same moment she recalled a very important fact about the ‘Lichten Bugs’. They were completely susceptible to moisture and that was why they could only be found in remote and dry locations. Without hesitating Laura grabbed at the straps to her backpack and within moments she was rummaging for her water flask. The container rang hollowly as she shook it and she realised that she was not saved yet. Unscrewing the top she started inside. Almost empty! She knew she needed a full can for what she needed but how was she going to manage that in a dry and empty cave.

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