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Lauren’s Lesson

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I left my husband’s office holiday party early, complaining of a headache. Those events just weren’t for me–egotistical lawyers and tartish legal secretaries getting drunk and exchanging suggestive language? No, thank you. After the third curvy woman blatantly grabbed Adam’s ass, to which his biggest protest was a huge smile and a “how’re you doing” (Tina or Naomi or whatever the bitch’s name happened to be) I decided I’d had enough and called for a cab.

In Michigan where I grew up, we always hoped for white Christmases. In L.A., to where I’d moved fifteen years ago a wide-eyed, naive babe in love, a precipitous Christmas meant rain. At least southern California was trying, I thought as I fumbled in my purse for the key amid the monsoon.

I surprised Kaylee, the babysitter, when I rushed through the front door dripping wet. She leapt up from the sofa.

“Lauren! You’re soaked. Let me get you a towel.” She darted down the hallway to the linen closet. I expected her to just hand me the towel when she returned, but to my surprise she wrapped me in the plush terry cloth. “They’re saying to expect landslides. It’s crazy.”

She jabbered away about what she and the kids had done that evening as she dried me off. I stood still and listened to the sound of her voice. I liked Kaylee. Not just because she was a good babysitter, but because I admired her so much. She was smart and self-assured, a junior at Berkeley studying to be a social worker.

She was tall and athletic, with bright blue eyes and light brown hair that she always wore in an unruly ponytail. I suspected, knowing how fickle youth could be, that she was considered plain by people her own age because she didn’t wear much makeup or dress seductively. However, she had the kind of natural beauty that would stick around long after her “hotter” peers lost their bodies to babies and their over-tanned skin to wrinkles.

“Where’s Adam?” she asked, suddenly realizing he wasn’t with me.

“Still at the party,” I replied, and burst into tears.

“Are you okay? Come sit down.” She led me to the sofa and turned off the TV. “What happened? Tell me.”

“I’m fine,” I sniffled, embarrassed at my outbreak and her motherly treatment. “I just get a little homesick this time of year.”

Kaylee smiled. “A lot of people I know spend the holidays with friends if they can’t make it home. Maybe you should too.”

I dabbed my eyes with the corner of the wet towel. “I don’t have any friends,” I lamented. “There are other couples we see, but they’re all Adam’s friends. That’s what my life is! Everything is Adam’s and I’m just along for the ride. He’s such an asshole!” A new wave of tears shook me. I was ashamed to blubber to the babysitter, but it had been a long time since anyone took the time to listen to me.

“You’ve spent the last fifteen years being a wife and mother,” Kaylee said. “Maybe it’s time to do something for you. You could get a job.”

“And do what? Don’t take this the wrong way, but I used to make fun of women like you. I thought women who went to college just weren’t pretty or coy enough to find a man to take care of them. That’s what my mother always told me.”

Kaylee smiled. “Not all women are looking for a man.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” I assured her. “There will still be a few good ones left after you graduate. The trick is to not make more money than them. They hate that.”

“That’s not what I mean,” Kaylee replied. “Didn’t you know I was a lesbian?”

“A what?” It took a moment for her words to sink in. “You are? YOU? But you’re so….”

She grinned. “What? C’mon, tell me.”

“Um, feminine.”

“We’re not all flannel-wearing butches with mullets!” she laughed.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’ve never known a lesbian before. So what does that mean? Are you attracted to me?” I thought of all the times I’d run around the house, giving her instructions in a half-zipped dress while tugging on pantyhose. Was that the same as being partly undressed in front of a guy?

She cocked her head to the side. “I think you look really pretty right now.”

“Are you kidding?” I ran a hand through my soaking hair. “I probably have mascara all over the place.”

“I’ve always had a thing for tall casino şirketleri redheads,” Kaylee explained. “I like tall, wet redheads even better.”

The bold double meaning in that statement took me off-guard. “Are you–coming on to me? You know I don’t…swing that way or however you say it….”

“Yeah. I used to not ‘swing that way’ either,” said Kaylee. “Then I met Elaine. One night with her was all it took to ruin me for men forever.”

I felt a rush of heat throughout my chilled body at her brazen way of speaking.

“Do you want to know what it’s like, Lauren?” she murmured, pulling an errant strand of hair away from my face. “I can show you.”

I had time to pull away. I could stop this before it began. In my mind I said “no” a million times, but the word never actually left my lips. Maybe, if Adam were a better husband I would have called her a degenerate. Maybe, if I didn’t feel completely useless I would have turned her out in the rain. But I was lonely, and something within me told me to grab the comfort being offered to me, the chance for fulfillment. What did I have to lose?

“Adam won’t be home for at least another few hours,” I choked.

“You won’t be sorry,” Kaylee breathed. Leaning in toward me, she opened my mouth with hers. It felt warm, soft, so unlike Adam’s thin, demanding lips and scratchy chin. I kissed back, for the first time in years worrying if my technique was good enough. The kiss grew increasingly deep and sensuous over the next few minutes, not merely an obligatory precursor to sex but a sex act in itself.

Kaylee’s hands cupped my face, moved to the back of my head, through my hair, then alighted on my shoulders. I felt the spaghetti straps of my evening gown release their hold on my body. It was too much, too soon. I panicked, stiffened and fidgeted.

Kaylee sensed my discomfort and pulled away. “Don’t make me stop,” she pleaded. Beads of perspiration had appeared on her forehead. “We can slow down, but please don’t make me stop.”

“I don’t know–it’s just–I’m trying…I think….” I felt a warm rush of blood to the cheeks. How humiliating to be so flustered around someone nearly half my age.

“Don’t be ashamed!” Kaylee said. “Being with another woman is a lot less scary than being with a man. Men are full of hair and angles and parts that do weird things. There, that got a smile out of you.”

“Sometimes I don’t remember what all MY parts do,” I said wryly.

“Leave that to me. I’ll grease them up and get them all back in working condition,” Kaylee purred.

I laughed, still somewhat uncomfortable but unable to deny the swelling sensation between my legs and the lingering imprint of her kiss in my mind. “Is that a guarantee?”

“Ooh…don’t talk to me like that, sister,” Kaylee replied. “Not unless you want to find out.”

“Maybe I do.” Wow! I thought, surprised at my own daring.

Kaylee locked eyes with me, got up on her knees on the couch and straddled my lap. Something between a cry and a gasp got caught in my throat as she reached around me and unzipped my dress to my waist. Her breasts grazed my face through her t-shirt. She smelled amazing.

“We’ll take it slow, I promise,” she whispered, placing my hands on either side of her waist. Understanding, I lifted her t-shirt over her head. She then removed her bra for me, revealing her round, young breasts. I looked but averted my eyes quickly.

“Look at me, Lauren,” she commanded. “Women love to look at each other. There’s no shame in admitting it. Tonight you get to look all you want. Touch all you want, too.”

She brought my hands to her breasts. They were warm and pillowy, delightful to touch. I’d often wondered, not being especially well-endowed, why men made such a big deal out of large breasts. Now I knew.

“Is this how you like to be touched? I’m probably doing everything wrong,” I said.

“You’re doing just fine,” Kaylee replied, breathing heavier as she watched me fondle her. I was starting to understand. My uncertainty, my inexperience was actually a turn-on to her. She probably even liked that I was fifteen years her senior. I didn’t have to pretend I knew what I was doing to please her; being naive and curious casino firmaları was exactly what she wanted. When was the last time just being myself was enough for someone else? Had I EVER felt that way?

She took hold of my hands and kissed each palm with her feather-soft lips. “Will you take your dress off for me?”

Robotically, knowing I might run away if I thought about it too hard, I stood up before her and shimmied out of the floor-length dress. She watched my body being revealed to her with a look on her face as horny as any man’s.

“Take off your bra, Lauren,” she said, testing to see how far she could take this little game.

I reached behind me and unclasped my black strapless bra. I’d never thought much of my breasts, but Kaylee didn’t seem to mind.

“Do I dare ask…?” she said. She was at face level with my black satin panties.

“You do it,” I replied.

She smiled, drew in close to me and gently removed my underwear. She ran her hands up my legs and cupped my behind, getting a feel for my curves and skin.

“Nice,” she breathed, seeing that I was fully waxed.

“Adam insists,” I giggled, a little embarrassed at being nude in front of her.

“Adam doesn’t know what to do with a waxed vagina,” Kaylee replied. “I do.” Without warning, she darted her head forward and slipped a thick tongue between my labia.

I let out a wail as her tongue made contact with my swollen clit and nearly lost my balance. “I thought you said we were going to take it slow!”

“I can’t wait any longer,” Kaylee said. “And neither can you–you need this! So relax and let it happen.”

She dipped back between my legs. Alarm bells and red lights were going off wildly inside my head, but my body didn’t heed the warning. Instead, I spread my legs to give her better access.

Kaylee’s mouth worked my vagina slowly, sensuously, just the way she had kissed me. Her experienced tongue drew circles around my clit. Every so often she’d purse her lips repeated around it until I nearly came, but she always let go before I could orgasm.

Dear God, this feels good, I thought. I rolled my hips slightly against the pressure she was creating. Don’t stop, Kaylee…more….

Then suddenly I wasn’t just thinking it, I was whispering it, saying it out loud: “More, Kaylee…more…!”

She slid several fingers into my vagina, coating them with my secretions. Her mouth and slippery fingertips did such amazing things to me that it felt as though there were three tongues on me at once.

Then, she stood up in front of me, breasts to breasts and cheek to cheek. Her fingertips continued their work below, rolling my slick clit around in tiny, delicious circles. With her free hand she reached behind me and tickled my vaginal opening.

“I want your first lesbian orgasm, Lauren,” she demanded directly in my ear. Her hot breath gave me all-over goosebumps. “I want you to have it with me. Will you give it to me?”

“Yes!” I groaned. “Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing and it’s yours!”

“You’re close, aren’t you?” she purred. “Just slide into it. It will be the best orgasm you ever had. Let it go, Lauren. I want you to feel pleasure so bad….”

Her salacious encouragements were enough to send me over the edge. At that moment, it felt like fifteen years of withheld desire spilled out of me in powerful waves of orgasmic ecstasy. I abandoned myself to this young lesbian, made sounds I couldn’t control–short, high-pitched cries intertwined with moans of “Kayleee…Kayleeeee!”

Kaylee continued her magic on my vagina, elongating my rapture. In my ear she murmured, “That’s it, Lauren. Yes, experience it, love it. Feel it spread over your entire glorious body. It feels good, yes….”

After it was over, I was too weak to stand. Kaylee let me lean on her and guided me back down to the sofa. I collapsed in the warmth of her arms and rested my head on her breasts. She waited for me to catch my breath as she nuzzled against me and stroked my damp hair. I closed my eyes and tried not to cry. I had never been so sexually and emotionally satisfied at once. It was overwhelming.

“How do you feel?” she asked after a few moments.

“Words cannot describe.”

There güvenilir casino was a smile in her voice as she said, “I told you you wouldn’t be sorry.”

I looked up at her and smiled back. “I’ll never doubt you again.”

Our lips met. There was a strained insistence in her kiss. That’s when it occurred to me….

“Kaylee! What about you?”

“What about me?” she laughed. “I’m fine. I don’t expect anything.”

“Are you kidding? You must be completely turned on right now.”

“I don’t believe in pressuring a girl her first time.”

“Did you, you know…go down on Elaine your first time?”

“Mmm.” Kaylee smiled wistfully. “Yes, but….”

“Then I want to do the same to you,” I said.

“Seriously?” Kaylee began to breathe heavily just at the thought of it. “You don’t have to. But oh my god, the only thing sexier than giving a first-timer an orgasm is having her do it to you….”

I kissed her and whispered, “Show me, Kaylee.”

Assuming my position kneeling before her, I undid her jeans and banished them to the far side of the living room. Long strands of pearlescent liquid stretched between her shaven pussy and her panties as I removed them, evidence that she was horny beyond measure.

She opened her legs to me, panting so heavily she could hardly get the words out. “Spread my lips. Coax my clit out of its sheath with your tongue.”

I separated her vaginal lips and made contact with the tip of the swollen protrusion within. Kaylee threw her head back and groaned.

She was salty and sweet and I didn’t feel the least bit of repulsion as I ran my tongue along her inside folds. Suddenly I felt a small, smooth nub emerge. “Oh yes, that’s perfect…!” moaned Kaylee, leaning in to watch the activity between her legs. “Now wrap your lips around it. Tightly, now release. Do that over and over. Yes, Lauren…yes…!”

I alternated between licking her clit and caressing it with my lips. Kaylee lifted her pelvis off the couch and gyrated against my mouth, faster and faster until she was practically thrusting.

“Fingers–inside me–” she managed to grunt despite her quickly-consuming pleasure.

I slid two fingers neatly inside her sopping quim.

“More!” Kaylee pleaded.

I gave her two more fingers and began to pump them in and out of her.

“All of them, Lauren! Do it!” she shrieked.

Trying to maintain my work on her vagina around my pumping and her thrusting, I squeezed my thumb against her pussy opening. Her canal resisted only momentarily, then, as Kaylee let out a loud, hot moan, it relaxed and my entire fist was lodged inside of her body.

“Yesssssss….” Kaylee hissed, a look of pure wickedness on her flushed and sweaty face. “Let me see….”

I pulled away from her vagina to offer her a view.

“Twist your hand in me,” she ordered. I did, and felt wet and ripply flesh against my fingers and knuckles. Large streams of Kaylee’s slime began to drip down my wrist and arm.

“Yesyesyesyesyes,” Kaylee whined. “Make me come now, Lauren! Please!”

My mouth was back on her pussy in an instant. I flicked my tongue against her nub relentlessly. Almost instantly I felt a warm swelling in her clit. Her vagina contracted tightly against my twisting hand.

“I’m coming,” squealed Kaylee. “Lauren, Lauren–here it is!”

The next few moments were filled with Kaylee’s cries as she bucked up and down on my fist. I licked and nibbled her pulsating, orgasming clit. It felt good, so good to return the intense pleasure she had given me. And so much more gratifying than listening to Adam’s self-absorbed grunting.

When Kaylee’s orgasm subsided, she fell back into the sofa. I removed my fist from her vagina and leaned in toward her with it. Together we licked and sucked her sweet juices from my hand, pausing every so often to share her secretions in a deep kiss.

“When does it end?” I said, fluttering my lips over her amazing breasts. “There’s no man to roll over and fall asleep. I could just keep going and going….”

Kaylee sighed as I took a long, dark nipple into my mouth. “That’s the great thing about being a lesbian. It never has to stop.”

“Does this make me a lesbian?” I asked.

“If you’re lucky, maybe,” Kaylee answered with a devilish grin. “For now, let’s just say you’re bi-curious.”

“I’m definitely curious,” I said. “Curious how many more times we can make each other come until Adam walks through that door.”

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