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Lessons In Love Ch. 03

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Archer jumped in with both feet, moving his hand directly to his swollen cock. “Slowly, Archer! Slowly!” He pretended to be upset at Sunny’s words but gave her a mischievous smile, turning back to Gwennie. The look in her eyes was so distressing that he stopped for a moment.

“What was your name again?”


“Gwennie, have you ever touched a man before?” She shook her head quickly. “Have you ever touched yourself before?” This time, her head shake was negative. “Never?”

“Not allowed to.”

“What? You’re not allowed to touch yourself? Who the fuck told you that?”

“My master.”

Archer just stared at her for a long moment. He was going to ask her but thought better of it. She seemed like a nice girl. She just needed a little confidence and a lot of guidance. “Gwennie, touching your body is one of the most natural things in the world. You get a chance to find out what you like so that you can instruct your lover. Have you told your lover what you like?”

“I’m not allowed to speak until he speaks to me and I can never ask questions.”

Archer thought hard about his next words. “That doesn’t sound like an equitable relationship.”

“It isn’t. He’s my master and he controls everything.”

“Well, he doesn’t control what happens in this room, does he?”


“No, he doesn’t, Gwennie. Unless he’s hiding somewhere, he doesn’t control anything here.” He caught her chin and raised her eyes to his. “You control your actions here. We’re all here to learn; don’t short-change yourself.”

She bahis firmaları thought for a minute, watching him slide back over to his spot across from her. Archer raised himself onto his haunches, hiding his penis from her sight and began to touch himself. His tanned hands moved over his neck, sweeping upward and through his hair as his eyes closed. Gwennie felt her heart jump when his eyes opened, their dark depths trained on hers and radiating a sensuality that made her feel funny inside. She watched as his hands moved over his muscled shoulders, one sliding down an arm and caressing the fingers with a gentle touch.

“Come on, Gwennie. Touch yourself.”

Seth and Helena stared at each other, then she angrily began to touch her small breasts, squeezing the flesh and yanking the nipples. Seth reacted by violently rubbing his chest, parting the long, silky hairs with his fingers and tweaking his nipples. She growled and lifted her breasts, rolling the small orbs in her hands before moving them down to her stomach and roughly stroking. Before he had a chance to respond, Sunny’s voice cracked through their anger.

“What the hell are you two doing in this class if you can’t learn to put your anger aside?”

Helena slumped a bit, her shoulders rounding as she dropped her head forward and Seth looked away, visibly distressed. Both remained that way for a while until Helena pulled her frame upright and looked across at Seth, her hands gently coursing over her shoulders and over her fat-nippled breasts. He noticed that she had begun kaçak iddaa again, her actions slower and more intense and he turned toward her, his eyes intent on her movements. Soon, he began to almost mimic her actions, his eyes fluttering closed as his fingers rubbed his sensitive nipples.

Sunny shook her head and turned smiling eyes to Grant, who was still uncomfortable with his nakedness, especially since he was paired up with the instructor. “Are you all right?”

“Uh, yeah.”


“Just a little.” His chuckle was strained and she noticed, watching his expression change from mild uncertainty to outright panic.

“It’ll be fine, Grant.” She gave his hand a gentle touch. “Trust me.” He nodded shakily. “Now, look at me.” His eyes remained lowered. “Come on, Grant. Look at me.” Slowly, his head came up, avoiding the juicier parts of her figure and locking onto her eyes. “Watch me. Watch my hands.”

Grant closed his eyes and gritted his teeth against the shake that started in his stomach and migrated outward to his skin. Sunny’s hands roamed over her breasts with a surety that he envied, the fingertips caressing nipples that he ached to suck on. He saw the way she lifted her heavy lobes and the way her hands squeezed the flesh. He saw her soft pink tongue snake out from between her soft pink lips and run along the seam. Her hand moved down, lower, smoothing her flat stomach, then moving between her legs.

“Oh, God.” She didn’t hear his whisper. Sunny was caught up in her mood, letting her fingers part her slit and kaçak bahis push the lips open. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know that pearls of her cream hung like decorations in her pubes and that her hole was pulsing with anticipation. She opened her eyes and trained them on Grant, showing the young man how her touch was making her feel. She felt the heat of his glare and something moved inside her. Her fingers delved deeper, deeper until her entire body was thrumming with need.

Then he said something that surprised her.

“Come with me.”

The dam burst. The fire seared her pussy as her orgasm screamed through her body, shaking her from stem to stern. Her muscles clutched her fingers inside her throbbing hole and the breath froze in her throat at the beautiful sight of Grant’s cock spurting thick streams of semen onto his chest. She’d seen lost of men ejaculate before but this was different. If she wasn’t certain, she would have bet money that it was his first time masturbating himself to an orgasm.

When her breathing returned to normal, she looked over at him. “Where did that come from?”

“My toes.” He joked, then sobered quickly, now embarrassed and glad that no one was looking. “I’ve never been able to cum without watching porn.”


“Wow is right because it wasn’t just … ” He paused, taking a breath. “Having a live body near, you know? It was … it was seeing how you … seeing you get to that place … you know?”

Sunny smiled, sitting up and handing him a wad of tissues. “Congratulations, Grant. You’ve learned one of the most basic lessons about love that most people never learn. If you put your lover’s pleasure before your own, the result is … “

“Phenomenal.” Grant wiped his belly, smiling. “What’s the next lesson?”

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