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Letting Myself In

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Running into a former lover and her partner today has me horny. Thoughts of them on my mind, just our group hug has me wanting to be sandwiched between them again. The playful poly partnerships, sometimes in two, threes, all fours. I am home, desperate for some relief. Remembering a night I shared with her and my former partner as I am alone now looking to quell the horniness.

That night, I did not know if I’d walk in on them sucking or fucking. Both were hot to me and I was ready to find out. I had planned this encounter. I told him they should go out on a date and let me know when they got home. I said I would wait an hour or so and would let myself in with the key. I wanted to watch.

I had gotten the signal and taken a shower, taking my time. I walked the 8 blocks to his house from mine. I walked up the stairs, inserted the key in the keyhole. Before I turned it, I paused. I thought I heard the sound of their gutteral groans. Writing this, I separate my legs a bit wider, my clit perks up, I put my finger down to calm it. Dear reader, I am writing this by hand with my right hand. Just the thought of being at the doorway has me slightly hardened, reddened, aroused. The skin just to the left of my white hip-cut boy-shorts is tender and soft. As I stroke it, my clit too feels soothed.

I turned the key and opened the door and stepped inside. I heard her “come here” and his deeper moan. I breathed deeply. I was excited and nervous. I did not know what I’d see. I heard sheets rustling, made out the sounds of kissing, of grabbing, of carnal pleasure. I felt a heat in me. I imagined them naked. I wondered if she had him in her mouth, kneeling on the ground. I wondered dikmen escort if they were fucking on the table, if he was suckling her wet and warm pussy. I breathed deeply. I felt my fast heartbeat descend and soon my nipples agitated my clothing.

As I lie here, writing, I am wearing a white lacy bra. Pen in my hand, I take the right nipple with my left fingers and hold it, squeeze it. I run my hand over the space between my breasts, the mounds that emerge over the side of my bra. My skin is brown in contrast to the whiteness. I find my body very sexy. I squeeze my ass and look at the goosebumps riding up my legs. I think back to that night.

I took off my jacket, dropped it on the floor. I took off my sweater, my t-shirt over my head, dropped them on the floor. I undid my bra. I could hear more moaning and groaning and all of my body ached. My cunt, my lips, my ass, all wanted to feast on what I knew was in store. I struggled with my pants and my socks, rushed to get them off, discarded them as I made my way down the hallway.

When I walked into the main room, I was struck by the beauty of their two naked bodies. His brown and warm, hers white and light. I saw him and fell in love again instantly like I had over the past year, for his beautiful body and spirit, who shared of himself so freely with me, with her. I was mesmerized.

Here at home, I’m in front of the fire now to heat my body from the outside, pen in hand. There are mirrors on the floor so I can see my own ass, propped up on a pillow, rubbing my hips slowly back and forth, side to side. I take off my bra, am immediately hot, and my nipples graze the pillow, tickling, emek escort turning me on. The same way I watched him take her, I watch myself in the mirror, our brown bodies spitting images back — him to me, then to now.

I watched from the couch as he kissed her mouth. As he licked her neck and between her substantial breasts. When he moved down to put his face deep between her legs, I caught a glimpse of his penis, glistening from where her mouth surely had invited him in moments before. He saw me and smiled with his eyes, his attention staying where his tongue was lapping. She was facing me and when she opened her eyes in between bouts of pleasure, she looked at me, at my eyes, then at my naked breasts. I watched her watch me as I licked two fingers and plunged them inside myself. I smiled in pleasure at the sensation of being filled up. My wetness and hardness and softness all around. I knew from the sounds of the lapping that she was wetter than I.

Aaah, my sexy reader, my fingers are wet with my juices. I am having a hard time resisting myself. My lips are wet, my ass wants both of my hands caressing it, stroking it. Back on top of the pillow, I am grinding down hard, writing faster and faster so I can time the sweet juicy orgasm like we did that night.

I could tell by her face that she was deeply pleasured, near orgasm. She had a radiant sexual beauty, as wet as her pussy was, her face was beaming in ecstasy. I knew him, my love. He would not be able to wait either as her heat would propel him into an orgasmic frenzy too delightful to resist. And me, on the couch, I was stroking myself, inside and out, titillated at the sex of it all. Quickly eryaman escort he rose up, plunged his cock into her mouth one more time and then buried it deep inside her wet folds. I was so close to coming I could hardly stand it. I saw him give 2 more thrusts hard and deep. I saw him pause. He is hot. He is close. She was waiting and I, well, then and now… am on the edge.

Slowly stroking, I grind down a bit harder and I will come with you now, sweet reader, if you wish. With them as well. My legs are spread wide, “Wider!” I say out loud. My clit is rubbing vigorously, I am wet. My heart is racing, muscles tightening, pleasurable waves up to my mouth, back of my neck. I move it away from my clit to make it last one more minute so that you can revel in the sweet orchestral crescendo that is the climax so soon to come.

He plunged in again slowly moving side to side, her mouth parted slightly, lips wet. “Yes, Yes, i’m coming”, she gasps. She shrieked out, her head arched back, her legs wrapped around him. He moved in her a centimeter deeper and she exploded again, cried out, “Oh fuck, Oh God.”

He started coming but held on, his wetness not emerging until she released him from her throbbing pussy, vibrating with orgasm.

He pulled it out and groaned, offered his glistening penis to her, whole cock throbbed, from shaft to head, came on her breasts, shoved it in her mouth, sat upright, turned his head to me as I fingered my clit, rubbing now against the floor, ass clenching, finger in between, my arms, clit on fire, pushing down, the sweet wave …

I’m coming, oh, shit, I’m coming, all over everywhere, explosion, heart open, aaaaah, release, then and now, thighs shuddering, pussy like pudding a gift of pleasure for us 3 then and me now adding to the sweetness and you dear reader, let me help you over the edge with my mouth, my breasts, my wetness, a suck a pull a push, squeeze my ass, drink me up, i am all yours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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