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Life In A Vacuum

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It had been a long day, full of meetings, and I was savoring the last of a trio of doubles in a bar near my hotel in Chicago. When my cell phone chirped, I was sorely tempted to ignore it. In retrospect, it would have been a serious mistake. It was the love of my life, my gorgeous wife, Margot. I had been away from home for the last three days and I missed her badly.

She cut right to the chase. “Hello, Darlin, whatcha doin’? When are you coming home?” I told her I’d be flying out in the morning and I should be home around four in the afternoon.

“Good, I’ve got something to share with you, something really sexy…I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’ll show you when you get here, until then you just think about how bad you want me.”

My curiosity was really piqued by now but she refused to elaborate any further.

“Just get home as quickly as you can.” After a few more minutes of chatting we said goodbye. Now I could concentrate fully on letting my imagination run wild, which it did until I arrived on my front porch the next afternoon.

When I unlocked the door and stepped inside, Margot called from upstairs “I’m up here, come on up.” When I got upstairs, Margot was lying on the bed in a robe. She told me she was almost finished and that I should use the time to shower and change, as I was taking her out to dinner. Finish what, exactly, I wondered.

“Not now, just be patient a little while longer.” she replied. Damn it. This was getting on my last nerve. I’ve found over the years that patience will always be rewarded where this lady is concerned, so I gritted my teeth and headed into the bathroom. I must admit, the hot shower did feel great, causing me to relax and completely erasing the dull fatigue caused by flying halfway across the continent.

As I was coming out of the bathroom, still toweling dry, she called ” Hey, come here and look at this.” She had removed the robe and was lying completely naked on the bed.

I noticed several things at first glance. Her nipples were incredibly rigid, the areola tight and darker than normal, and the flesh slightly pebbled- a sure sign of her arousal. Also, she had very recently shaved her pussy, not completely, she detested the look, although I found it hot as all hell. No, she had only shaved from the top of the slit down to the perineum, leaving muğla escort a bushy wedge above. But the most arousing thing of all was her inner and outer labia. Her entire mound was swollen beyond belief! The entire outside of her pussy was the size of a small orange, and shining wetly from her arousal.

“What the hell, what is wrong with it, babe?” She smiled at my confusion and told me there was nothing wrong whatsoever and that furthermore, if I were to take it into my mouth and gently suck on it, she’d love me forever. I did, being very careful and applying just a small amount of suction. She wriggled her bottom on the bed, moaning loudly and pulling my hair. I couldn’t help but notice the copious amounts of pussy juice flowing from her vagina, as it was almost pouring itself into my mouth.

Suddenly she stopped me, pulling my mouth away. Looking into my face, she asked, “What do you think? Like it?” I guess my lust-filled look and slightly wild eyes provided the answer, as she burst out laughing. I had many questions, but they stumbled over one another trying to exit my mouth.

“Stop! Get dressed and take me out to dinner and I promise I’ll answer everything. Then, if you’d like, we can come home and you can sample this some more, any way you’d like.” She then told me that we’d best hurry, as this condition made her extremely horny and she had neglected to eat anything all day.

In the car on the way to the restaurant, she said “O.K., I know you remember Deborah, well she called about an hour after you left for Chicago, said she was in town for two days and asked if we could get together for lunch and a couple of drinks.” I surely did remember Deborah. She was a hard lady to forget. She had been the catalyst that led my wife to finally explore, to a limited extent, a long-repressed bisexual curiosity. Long story short, they had spent a night together with my enthusiastic blessings, and had quite enjoyed it, while concluding that neither saw lesbianism as a full time lifestyle choice.

Now and then, when Deborah came through town, they’d get together for lunch or dinner and a few drinks. Sometimes they’d have an afternoon or evening of girl on girl sensuality, but it was based on a mutual need for something different and, I guess, more exciting than garden variety sex.

“Over lunch she told me that a friend, whether muş escort male or female I have no idea, had introduced her to something that just blew her mind. She had become almost addicted to the sensations it produced, as well as the powerful orgasms that accompanied it. Now, I was intrigued and encouraged her to tell me more. Deborah then asked if I had ever heard of vaginal pumping. I assured her that I never had.

She explained that it involved suction being applied to different places on the vagina, the choice being which felt the best and created the most intense orgasmic sensations. She then went into greater detail, explaining that the clitoris, the outer labia, and the inner labia, or a combination, were all candidates for pumping. After an hour long description of the equipment used, the technique, the visible result, and most importantly, the sensations and orgasms it caused, I was sure of two things – I was soaking wet right there in the restaurant, second, I was dying to try it! Anyway, we finished our lunch and had a couple of drinks while I plied her with questions. Then we came back home and locked the doors.

She said “John, she had a device that looked sort of like a small spray gun, she said it was a vacuum brake bleeder, and a small assortment of tube-like things that attached to the vacuum nozzle on the gun by means of various lengths of plastic tubing. One attachment resembled a can, about six to eight inches long and about 2 1/2 or 3 inches in diameter. Another was very similar, but smaller – think of a larger sized plunger barrel for a disposable syringe. The next one was a plastic CPR mask; you inflate it with air a little like a miniature hemorrhoid cushion. She had a few others, most looked homemade or adapted specifically for their purpose. “

“After showing me everything and explaining their different uses, she had me strip and lie down on the bed. When asked, I told her where the lube for my “toys” was kept. She chose to start with the smaller tube, the one made from a syringe. Lubing the inner edge, she snuggled it down onto my clit and asked me to hold it while she pumped the bleeder gun. She did it very slowly; watching the gauge on top until she said it was at just over five pounds of pressure.”

She then said, “We’ll start off low and slow, pressure-wise. It’s never good to try to rush, trust me”. nevşehir escort It isn’t hurting you, is it?” she asked.

“Hell no, it didn’t hurt, John, it was wild! Felt like you were sucking on my clitty, only no pauses in the suction. She told me we’d leave it on for thirty minutes to start. After a half-hour, she released the pressure, pulled the tube away, and showed me my pussy in the hand mirror. My clit and hood was swollen out like a small cock. It was about two inches long and fat. And sensitive! I touched it with one finger and thought I’d pass out from the pleasure.

One thing led to another, and it was an hour or so before we were ready to try pumping my labia. That took the large can-shaped tube. Oh, by the way, that’s what produced the effect you saw earlier…impressive, huh?”

I thought back to the vision I had had of her pussy on our bed and I was immediately bursting at the seams, though I’d been pretty rigid before. ” May I interrupt? Could we please settle up and go home and continue this discussion over a couple of drinks?”

She agreed, laughingly saying that I just wanted to be someplace where I could play with that plumped pussy to my heart’s content. She wasn’t wrong. As we left the restaurant, I was sure that everyone was staring at the tent pole that was my erection

Now imagine my chagrin when, upon reaching home, I learned that the plumpness doesn’t completely last. Oh, sure, it was puffy and sweet as hell to look at, but nowhere near as large as it had been before we had left to go out.

“Don’t fret, Darling, I can pump it again for you, if you’d like…” Yep! I wanted it! She put on the pump, got it situated the way she wanted it, and about thirty minutes later I was going down on it like it was free sirloin. Her labia were like turgid clams against my tongue, and her clit extended out like a small penis, twitching against my tongue each time I sucked it into my mouth. My cock rubbed against the sheets and continued to leak precum like a fountain, soaking my belly as well as the sheets.

She was moaning her need in a loud purr. “Now, honey, I want you inside me now! Let me have you.” Oh my…she was so tight Her pussy was tighter than I had ever felt it. I could not remember her ever having been so soaking wet. Hours later, and after three different re-pumping sessions, we both lay back on the bed too exhausted to continue.

“So”, she asked, right before I nodded off, “Should I call Deborah and offer her your sincere gratitude?” I sleepily nodded my head, mumbled yes, thank you, Deborah, and remembered nothing else until morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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