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Life’s a Beach

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Trish and I finally got an opportunity to go to her family’s beach house without her family being there and we were really looking forward to it. It wasn’t that we didn’t like being around her family, but there were a number of things that we wanted to do at the beach house that we couldn’t do with family members around. Some of those things probably don’t need an explanation but one happened to be Trish feeling free to wear less conservative swim attire. We ended up deciding that the best thing to do was plan a day to play hooky from work and head down but not tell anyone until the last minute, like it was a spur of the moment decision, so no one could decide it sounded like a good idea and tag along. We waited until after Labor Day, but before the house was closed up for the season, and planned a mid-week day trip.

When the morning of that trip arrived and it still appeared that we’d have the place to ourselves, Trish slipped into her skimpiest string bikini before we headed down. Of course she showed me what she was wearing before pulling a cover-up on over it and I was instantly at half-mast. I’m pretty sure that was part of her goal because, once we were on the road, she removed the cover-up then reached over to massage my cock until I was fully rigid. I tried to remain focused on the road since I knew I’d have all day to gawk at her in her tiny bikini and, when she lowered her head into my lap, I couldn’t see much more than her back so I did focus on the road as well as the feeling of her hot mouth engulfing my rigid cock.

This wasn’t the first time Trish had sucked my cock while I was driving, or even the first time she’d sucked my cock while I was driving to her family’s beach house, so I was able to enjoy the pleasure I was feeling with limited risk of crashing the car. I did cup her tit through her bikini top, feeling her hard nipple, and figured she was probably pretty wet. On other occasions, when we knew there wouldn’t be an opportunity for me to reciprocate when we reached our destination, I’d stroked her to an orgasm while driving after blowing my load down her throat. This time, since we knew we’d have the beach house to ourselves for the entire day, I was still going to offer but I expected that she was going to want to wait.

Of course, she could just as easily have waited to blow me until we reached the beach house but she knew the drive and how long it would take so I’m sure she just figured it was a good opportunity. I had no objections, of course; she was an awesome cocksucker and I’d never turn down an opportunity for my cock to be in her mouth. Since she was familiar with this drive, she also knew the right pace to set so that I didn’t cum too quickly but did cum before we arrived. This time, she could have finished me in the driveway after we’d arrived if she wanted but I was sure that, as soon as we reached the house, she would want to get inside and get naked and enjoy her own orgasm. I had every intention of making her the priority as soon as we arrived but, in the meantime, I was savoring her oral skills as she gradually drew out my orgasm.

As we drew closer to the beach house and my cock was swelling even more in anticipation of cumming, Trish continued bobbing her head up and down while gently pumping the base of my cock. When I exploded into her mouth with an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, I managed to keep the car between the lines as she swallowed my load. As always, behind the wheel or not, cumming as a result of her oral skills was an awesome experience. She raised her head and sat up again once I was spent, checking as she typically did to see where we were.

“Awesome as always, baby,” I said, reaching over to caress her bare thigh, “Would you like me to take the edge off for you before we arrive?”

“No, thank you,” she replied with a smile, “I want to be on edge and have you really take care of me when we get there.”

“It will be my pleasure,” I told her. I probably could have taken care of her with my fingers before we got there but mostly because she was undoubtedly extremely worked up at that moment. We didn’t have much farther to go so we both knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before I was making ataşehir escort bayan her feel as good as or better than she’d just made me feel. We pulled into the driveway a short time later, grabbed our things and headed inside. We went straight upstairs to a bedroom even though we wouldn’t be sleeping there. She’d pulled the cover-up back on before getting out of the car so that was the first thing to come off again. Likewise, I’d pulled my swim trunks back up but hadn’t re-tied the drawstring, so she had them down at my ankles pretty quickly. That just left her bikini so I untied it behind her neck and pulled her top down to reveal her succulent tits. They weren’t huge but they were plenty big for fucking and to look outstanding in a bikini top. I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples while reaching behind her to untie the back of her top then let it drop to the floor.

I dropped to the floor myself, kneeling before her and untying the strings on her hips. Her trim, blonde bush was exposed as her bikini bottom hit the floor. Because of my love for her blonde bush, she kept it for me rather than waxing completely. I had always been fascinated by it because the carpet matched the drapes so well and it was all natural. I kissed her stomach just above her bush then we climbed onto the nearby bed. My cock was already trying to recover just from seeing her naked and would continue to do so as I devoured her pussy. She lay in the middle of the bed, head propped on pillows and legs spread wide. I positioned myself between her legs and lowered my head toward her blonde bush. I ran my tongue along her slit, tasting her juices and causing her to moan. I was familiar enough with her to know that it wasn’t going to take much to make her cum. Really, it never did anyway but, because there was more anticipation on this particular day, it wasn’t going to require much effort from me.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t willing to put in the effort when it was required but, given that we had the whole day but just the day, we both wanted to experience as much as we could at the beach house during that time. While there had definitely been occasions where I’d camped out between her thighs through multiple orgasms, this time I was just working toward one really good one then we’d switch things up. Her pussy was so wet that I couldn’t possibly lap up all of the juices that were flowing so I slipped a finger into her and focused on licking and sucking her clit. She continued to moan and writhe, gradually tensing up more as her orgasm was building up with a great deal of pleasure. My cock was recovering admirably and I had no doubt that, even if I wasn’t fully rigid by the time she came, she’d be wet enough that I’d still be able to easily slip my cock into her.

She was both arching her back and forcing her pussy toward my face as she was right on the verge of cumming but I just continued what I was doing the way that I was doing it. She briefly went silent then let out a cry as all the tension left her body and she started shaking. It pleased me to no end that I could make her feel so much pleasure and I didn’t stop trying until it was clear that she’d finished cumming. Her orgasm was a typical long and intensely pleasurable one, due as much to her feeling comfortable with her own body as to my efforts to stimulate her. She beckoned me up from between her thighs when she’d finished cumming so I crawled up and we kissed. She reached for my cock so I flopped beside her and she stroked it, making it even harder, then rolled me onto my back and straddled me. It was hard for me to decide where to look, especially since all of my favorite parts were highlighted by her tanlines. I started with her blonde bush as she guided my cock toward her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as my cock filled her hot, wet pussy. My gaze then moved up to her tits.

As she started to slowly move up and down on my cock, I reached up to fondle her tits, brushing my palms over her hard nipples. Even though her pussy felt outstanding as it moved up and down my shaft, I was thinking that I wanted to lay my cock between her tits and fuck them, too, before we hit the beach. While her tits escort kadıköy were definitely outstanding, her ass was also pretty spectacular, so when she started riding me hard enough that her tits were bouncing, I moved my hands around to caress her sweet ass while watching them. I was also pushing up into her each time she came down on my cock which not only felt awesome for me, and apparently for her, but also made her tits bounce just a little bit more.

It was always exciting to have sex someplace new and different and, since we’d been talking about having sex at the beach house for a long time, it was even more exciting that it was actually happening. It would have been nice to have the run of the place for even longer with a guarantee of no interruptions so we could fuck each other in every room but that would always be unlikely so we appreciated the opportunity we did have at the moment. We both knew the chances of us being interrupted were slim so we were very relaxed and able to lose ourselves in each other. Given that, along with the anticipation factor and one orgasm already, Trish was getting louder and riding me harder, which was a sure sign that she was nearing another orgasm. I could feel my own building pretty steadily but I was pretty certain that she’d cum before I did and that I’d have my opportunity to fuck her tits.

I was assured of this when she dropped down onto my cock and just sat there momentarily before letting out a cry as her body started shaking. I brought my hands around to fondle her tits once again as she rode out another of her typically long and intense orgasms. When she finally went still, she remained seated on my cock as she was catching her breath and, after a couple of minutes, opened her eyes, smiled broadly then leaned down and kissed me. As we were kissing, I rolled her onto her back with my cock still embedded in her hot pussy. I pumped my cock in and out as we continued kissing then slipped it out and moved up to straddle her. I lay my cock between her tits and squeezed them against it as she watched then started to slowly fuck them. The soft, smooth flesh felt outstanding both against my cock and in my hands as I also gently caressed her hard nipples. I could feel my orgasm immediately beginning to build up again so I knew I wouldn’t be enjoying this for long before I spewed on her chest.

She was watching my cockhead as it disappeared and reappeared while she waited patiently to see whether my cum would reach her face once I started ejaculating. I didn’t necessarily make it a goal to give her a facial but my reach varied a great deal when I fucked her tits. Sometimes I hit her in the mouth, sometimes I didn’t even reach her chin and once in a great while I might hit her nose or her eye. Because of the uncertainty, we both were typically attentive to see where my load would go, more out of curiosity than anything else. She’d also figured out, based on the number of times I’d fucked her titties, how to know when I was getting close to spewing. Between the increasing pace and the increased breathing rate, she knew when to stick her tongue out if she hoped to catch a bit of my jizz. She was typically pretty close with her prediction.

This time, as my cock was growing thicker when I was right on the verge of cumming, she jutted her tongue out and it was just seconds later when I started to spew with a moan. Probably because I’d cum once already, this load just barely reached the tip of her tongue but I knew even what ended up on her chest would ultimately end up on her tongue. I continued fucking her tits until I was spent then released them and flopped onto the bed beside her. She was spreading my cum around on her chest then licking it off of her fingers.

“You know that’s not appropriate for use as a sunscreen,” I said, making her laugh as she was sucking her fingers.

“I assume you’ve got something more appropriate,” she said, “that you’ll spread all over my entire body.”

“If you insist,” I replied, “but only out of concern for your skin. I wouldn’t be getting any kind of personal enjoyment out of it.”

“You better be getting some fucking personal enjoyment out of it,” she replied bostancı escort and we both laughed. We got up and grabbed the sunscreen, each taking care of the other’s hard to reach spots with some time spent on areas that wouldn’t even be seeing the sun. I made sure that not only were her tits slathered, not really in case she lost her top but because it covered so little, but also her ass cheeks and even down into the crack of her ass. I massaged her asshole but didn’t apply enough sunscreen to slip into it, mainly because now wasn’t really the appropriate time. She did moan, however, which was always a positive sign. Once we were well coated with sun protection, we slipped back into our swimsuits, grabbed our towels, cooler, beach bag and an umbrella and headed out onto the beach.

It was a perfect day for playing hooky from work and hanging out on the beach. There were few people out there, it wasn’t too hot, especially with a slight breeze coming in off of the ocean, and the water temperature was ideal. We spent a lot of time in the water and a lot of time on the beach, relaxing and staying hydrated. We did manage to fuck in the ocean while riding the waves without losing our swimsuits, which is always more of a novelty than a hot activity and something we definitely wouldn’t attempt with the family around. When we finally packed up and headed back to the house, sadly it was to beat rush hour traffic rather than because we were actually done. We did allow enough time for a shower together, since we also couldn’t do that when the family was around. We did have our priorities in order.

We rinsed off under the outside shower so as not to have a lot of sand to clean up before we headed out then went upstairs to the big, inside shower. We stripped off our swimsuits again and took turns under the shower spray before beginning to lather each other up. Between the sunscreen, salt and sand, we had our work cut out for us and spent a bit of time getting each other cleaned up and pretty aroused in the process. This time, though, when I got a good lather between her ass cheeks, I did slip my finger into her ass. She was so worked up by that point that she came almost immediately. She was pumping my cock, which was also well lathered, so the next step was pretty obvious.

“Are you ready to stick this in my ass?” she asked then released my cock and turned toward the back wall of the shower. I gripped my cock and guided it between her soapy cheeks, slowly sliding it into her asshole as she moaned with pleasure. I held her hips as I was slowly fucking her and, after just a minute or two, she started shaking as she was cumming again. I smiled and slipped my hands up to cup her soapy tits, fucking her a little faster but not really harder. All the lathering up had me pretty worked up so, since she’d already cum, I figured I could just focus on the pleasure I was feeling and the building up of my own orgasm. Her asshole was snug so it wasn’t going to take much before I was shooting my load into her ass. I figured there was no way she wouldn’t cum again, especially once my cock started swelling even more with my impending orgasm.

She started pushing back against my thrusts, so I was sure she was close to cumming again, but I was getting close myself. The tight, slippery grip of her asshole was providing a high level of pleasure while I also enjoyed the feel of her soapy tits. I only reluctantly moved my hands back down to her hips when the pace was getting pretty frantic. We didn’t cum exactly simultaneously but, when I started spewing into her ass, I think my spurting cock might have tipped her over the edge. She let out a cry and her body started shaking while I continued thrusting into her with each spurt of jizz. It was an intensely pleasurable orgasm for each of us and, once we were both spent and I’d slipped my shrinking cock out of her, we had to take a minute to recover before starting to rinse ourselves off.

We both grinned goofily at each other then got to rinsing off the lather. Once we were thoroughly rinsed, we turned off the shower and dried off ourselves and each other. We’d brought clean clothes to slip into, packing our swimsuits in the beach bag with our towels, then we made sure the place was sufficiently cleaned up before heading out. It was everything we’d hoped for from a day on our own at the beach house. We didn’t expect many more opportunities like this one but then it wouldn’t be so special anymore, would it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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