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Life’s Curveball Ch. 02

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I woke up, Trish and I layed naked in my bed, holding each other, she was still sleeping. After our first time together, we got our clothes upstairs with us and left, burning some incense because the basement smelled like sex.

“Sweetie?” I said looking into my lovers eyes as they opened.

“Hi Sarah, oh thank god it wasn’t a dream!” Trish said kissing me.

“Can we get some breakfast?” I asked hungrily.

“Sure, when does everyone come back again?” Trish asked me, my family went on vacation, but I stayed back because I still had school, and wanted to keep good grades.

“We still have till next weekend, one whole week of whatever we want.” I said, winking.

“I want a lot, but to start, let’s shower together and stay naked all day, okay?” Trish asked me, she was staying the weekend.

“I would’ve asked if you didn’t.” I said, we stood up and walked to the bathroom, arm in arm, taking turns using the toilet and brushing teeth.

We stepped in the shower together and turned the hot water on and wetting ourselves down. I grabbed the soap and started rubbing it on Trish’s larger breasts, feeling her nipples harden in my hands as I started to get wet between the lips.

“That feels nice, want me to do the same?” Trish asked, I handed her the soap as she lathered my chest I was in euphoria, she hadn’t touched me sexually yet, because apparantly I ate her too well the other night, and now I was getting my turn from her hands.

“You’re right, it’s lovely, can I have my turn now?” I asked shaking a bit.

“In a moment, I want you very hot when I use my hands and mouth on you, you sexy beast you.” Trush said licking and biting my neck, god she was kinky, I thought.

I touched her chest, slick with water, and layed down in the tub, pulling her on top of me and kissing as water fell down on us. Her leg went between mine and ground against my lips gently, teasing the hell out of my clit as I moaned and sighed with her touch, she began to lick my nipples as I started to hump her leg.

I held her to me, sighing and closing my eyes, basking in the feel of my lover’s body pressed against mine, feeling her lips kiss lower I let go, rubbing her hair gently as she licked my belly button sweetly.

“I want to taste you Sarah…” Trish said seductively, waiting for my reasponce.

“I love you Trish, please, make love to me.” I begged, keeping my eyes closed. I felt a hand open me up and two fingers thrusting hard into me as I cried out in pleasure, then she casino şirketleri licked my clit with a passionate fury I didn’t know existed, I came instantly, moaning and even screaming as her tongue attacked me. I spent the next few minutes writhing under her touch as my orgasm died down.

“I love you too Sarah,” Trish said, I saw her lick her fingers, “and how you taste.”

I sighed as she began lather up my body, washing me, as I layed immobile by her tongue’s earlier pleasings. After I was cleaned I could move, I stood up and told her to lay down, I saw she was very wet already from licking me, I’d enjoy this.

Trish layed like a true slut would, on her back, arms behind her head, legs bent at the knee’s and on the sides of the tub, feet hanging out, I went right to her slit, licking from base to top several times, even going lower, but not daring enough to try the south hole. She started sighing and gasping, even though I was barely eating her.

“Please Sarah, I rubbed myself while eating you, I’m so close bring me off.” Trish begged, now understanding, I spread her lips wide and nibbled her clit, making her moan loudly, pinning it between my teeth like last night I flicked my tongue across it and slid three fingers into her, making her buck against my hand, she was having an orgasm, just as powerful as last night. Her breathing went irratic, her body convulsing, and her nearly screaming for only two minutes this time, but it was still good.

“Wash… me, I can’t… get up… god no man’s done this to me.” Trish said, gasping. I washed her slowly, giving her time to recover, we got out, and toweled off, still cold we went through the house to my computer, and sat down getting ready to chat with friends.

“Should we tell them?” Trish asked me.

“I… I don’t think I’m ready to be out yet, I’m sorry, I love you so much, but I know it’ll change things.” I said, sadly.

“I understand love, I have an interesting idea though…” Trish said, getting a broad chair we could sit in together and turning on the modem. “I know this website where you can meet ‘friends’ and hang out for one time things, what do you think?” Trish asked me.

“… Well, it sounds nice, but would I have to share you?” I asked, feeling overprotective.

“Only a little, and it takes a while to find someone, we should just put and add on it and then get some porn for ideas on other things women can do together.” Trish said laughing.

“Sounds good, okay the ad, ‘two very adventurous young casino firmaları women seeking a third to spice things up and teach, must be attractive, young, but experienced.’ And I click here for only people in our zip code right?” I asked.

“Yeah, and then we turn on the Kazaa and get some movies!” Trish said grabbing my ass.

“Hey, that’s personal you know!” I said grabbing hers, she slid her hand under me, feeling my back hole, I sighed.

“Feels good?” Trish asked.

Shuddering, I said, “Yes…”

“Lay on your stoumach on the floor.” Trish said, instantly getting my attention. “Go on, I want to try this.” she said with a smile.

“I didn’t know you were so kinky…” I said laying down as she asked.

“Well, my boyfriends did, I’ve had mine touched and even screwed, it hurt but it was a good hurt.” Trish said, turning me on and sitting on my upper back, which let me feel her slit and hair on me.

“That’s frightening, I thought we never kept secrets?” I asked.

“Yeah, well I was going to tell, if you asked.” Trish said spreading my cheeks and whistling. “God that’s cute… glad you keep it clean there.” she said lowering herself and licking my ass with her tongue, I shuddered and clenched, it being arrousing and sensual at the same time.

Trish began to finger me while lapping at my other hole with her tongue, making me squirm from the wonderful feeling of her tongue on my ass, she gently tried to press it in, but couldn’t get very deep, me being so new to this I couldn’t help but clench.

I started moaning from her licking me and I started to feel my orgasm building up inside of me.

“I’m going to come Trish.” I said.

“I know, I would too, this ties us up lover.” Trish said, stopping and turning me over fast, spreading my legs wide open and attacking me like she did in the shower, battering my clit and vagina.

“Oh my god Trish, it feels so good!” I moaned, starting to feel my wall clench on her fingers as I came hard, the orgasm lasting longer than the previous one I had, making me cry out in pleasure.

“How was that babe?” Trish asked me, slapping my ass.

“Oh god…” I said breathing hard, my orgasm forced me to my side, curled up.

“I’ll take that as a ‘perfect'” Trish said, helping me with wobbly knee’s to the chair, her sitting on my lap and grinding her ass into my legs while typing something in the computer.

“What are you doing?” I asked weakly.

“Grinding to make myself hot,” Trish said laying back güvenilir casino and rubbing her back into my tits. “and you also.”

“I already am hot babe, but I meant what are you doing online?” I asked.

“Thanks to your great modem you’ll see in a few seconds, but no sooner!” Trish said teasing me so badly.

“Fine, one good turn deserves another.” I said licking up and down her spine to her neck and swirling my tongue around it. Trish started to breathe heavier. I let my hands play with her breasts and her nipples as her wetness creeped onto my legs.

“And what a good turn is it.” Trish purred into my ear, licking it, as I started to get hot too. We did this for a few minutes until she stopped and happily yipped “Done!” and moved aside and hit play on the viewer.

The movie went as this:

“Hi I’m Erica!” Erica said

“And I’m Christine.” Christine said

“We’re lovers” they said together.

Erica began kissing Chris’ neck and ear, gently, taking her shirt off, Chris layed back in a silky black bra on the bed and pulled Erica ontop of her and kissed her passionately. Chris then grabbed Erica between the legs and they both stripped fast and rushedly, and got into a 69 and started going down on each other furiosly licking and biting hard.

Both women screamed and bit as they came.

“My god Trish, that was nice.” I said smiling.

“I want to do it, but not yet, I want our sitting to be a bit more ammusing on it’s own, let’s watch it again and sit next to each other and get each other off with our hands, okay?” Trish said.

“Alright.” I said, aroused beyond belief at the idea. Trish moved to ythe side ansd we sat at the chair and turned it on again, it was fifteen minutes long, I doubted we’d make three.

I slid my hand onto her clit and rubbed in circles while she slid her middle finger into me and rubbed my clit with her thumb, the moaning, believe me, was instantanious.

I slid a finger into her and mimiced her hand, feeling her start to shake, moaning and breathing fast, she was going to come, and fast, I watched her as she arched her back and tilted her head back, but didn’t make a noise, she was too overcome to make a sound, her hand was fastly flinging around me and I started to feel my orgasm coming near, and a rush hit me, I wanted to scream, it felt so amazing, I couldn’t breath, couldn’t scream, everything was pleasure.

A woke up in the chair, with Trish between my legs, licking me gently to wake me up.

“Thought I killed you babe.” Trish said kissing me.

“No, but we have a lot of catching up to do with each other, we’ve been friends for so long, we need to do more of this.” I said horney.

“I agree, completely.” Trish said holding me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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