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Like a Daughter to Me Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All the usual, all the people portrayed herein are at least 18 years of age at the time of portrayed sexual congress, blah blah blah bling bling blah. If you’re looking for something younger, you’re using the wrong interwebz. Scram.

Chapter 2- It’s All Fun And Board Games…

“Yes, I’ll happily attend,” I said, nodding as I spoke on my cellphone while walking into the house. “Any army in particular you want me to bring? Hm, everyone else seems to be Smurfs and Bugs, eh? Okay, I’ve got just the thing to living the party up. See you Sunday!”

I ended the call while standing in my living room. Anita happened to be sitting deep inside the giant beanbag chair, playing some Bejeweled knockoff game on her phone. She glanced up at me, her expression sour.

“I was hoping based on your conversation that you were getting a social life, but then it turns out you’re just playing that dumb-ass tabletop thing with the plastic figures of bugs and guys with guns.”

“Sorry, mom,” I sighed, rolling my eyes. “If it makes you feel any better, it’s a tournament at the store, so I won’t be hosting here.”

“Damn right, Sundays are good days for me, lots of people on my viewer list,” she announced airily. Anita had eventually confirmed that she was indeed a cam girl and she made decent money doing it. I could totally understand why, she had that ‘skinny-but-big-titted’ scene girl thing going on, with all the dyed black hair and weird makeup and snakebite piercings. “You’re gonna go play toy soldiers when you could be watching me.”

“I’m already fucking you for free, I don’t need to pay to watch you get naked on cam.” I pointed out.

“We’ll see about that.” Anita sniffed as she clambered out of the chair and tried to walk by me, looking aloof. Unfortunately, I lived by the code of the Astartes, which says one does not diss the God-Emperor or the hobby and not pay the price. I reached over and caught her by the middle as she moved past me, hefting her up into the air and carrying her back to the lovesac. She squealed and struggled, but she couldn’t get away, I was a lot bigger than her.

“Gnnnnn, let me go!” she hissed, struggling to get away, but not too hard. This was a game we played and both enjoyed. “I’ve gotta get ready to- ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck!”

I had pushed her down into the plush seating and slid my hand up the skirt she was wearing to find her pussy. Predictably not wearing underwear, she moaned as I began massaging her netherlips, which got very wet, very quickly.

“I’d say I’m amazed that you never seem to learn your lesson, but I think you secretly don’t want to,” I said, pinning her with one hand while the other molested her. She kept squirming and pretending to try and escape, but she was also panting and wiggling back against my hand that was under her skirt. “Anything you’d care to admit?”

Not surprisingly, she only grunted and continued squirming. She shivered as one of my fingers dipped inside her, starting to slide back and forth. She became increasingly slick with each passing moment. She’d stopped trying to escape and I undid my belt and my pants, letting them fall away to expose my cock. I turned Anita on her side, keeping my finger inside her, but allowing her to reach out and take my swelling member, which she sucked into her mouth greedily.

Kneeling over her in the lovesac, I inserted another finger inside her pussy and she moaned around my shaft, her eyes closed. Anita sucked an amazing dick, and it wasn’t long before she had me at full mast. Without a word, I pulled out of her mouth and turned her onto her front, wedged below my bulk inside the deep chair. She panted and then groaned loudly as I put myself on top of her and pushed my cock deep inside her eager slit with one long, slow stroke.

“Goddamn it,” she grunted, grinding her ass up against me while I slid down inside her pussy. “Gnnnnnnn, I didn’t tell you to do this, you bastard…”

“Oh?” I mused, smiling evilly as I began to move up and down, driving into her. “Should I stop?”

“I’ll legit find a way to kill you if you do!” she gasped, her fingers gripping the material of the plush chair. “Uhhhhhnnnn, fucking rape me!”

“What is it with emo girls and rape fantasies?” I wondered to myself as I fucked her. Well, whatever. I’d stop if she told me to, but Anita had always told me she was DTF and to just fuck her whenever I felt like it and if she wasn’t doing something important.

I began pumping down into her faster, eliciting a loud, guttural response. Her pussy became even wetter, clenching around me like a slick vise. My hands wrapped around her slender neck from above and behind and she shook in shameless delight, since she loved to be choked.

“Uhhhhhh, fuck!” she cried out as she strained back against me desperately, so loud I thought our landlady might hear us. She shook violently and then started cumming, seeming to lose control of her body. I had passed my threshold and speared down into her with a great bahçelievler escort push, pumping my cum into her squeezing womanhood. I squeezed her neck as I arched my back, piercing her to her core.

She finally flopped into the lovesac, trembling and limp. She didn’t move as I finished cumming inside her, thoroughly used and abused the way she liked. Once I had finished, I simply stayed on top of her for several moments, just enjoying the feel of her smooth pussy encasing me. It was a pure, warm and wet Heaven I never tired of. She was a helluva roomie and casual fuck buddy.

Once she’d milked all the cum out of me, I slowly pulled out of her, my cock leaving with a wet, comical plop noise from her distended pussy. I kept it resting on her pert, milky-white behind while I reached over the side and took several wet-wipes out of a discretely-stored box I had put there for these frequent occasions. I cleaned my cock of our mingled juices and tossed the refuse in a tiny basket before pulling up my pants to dress again. Anita still wasn’t interested in moving.

I was walking away from her, dusting my hands off in a gesture of a job well-done, when Cait wandered into the living room. She looked at me and then peered over at what was left of Anita, still boneless in the lovesac.

“Oh,” she said somewhat uncertainly, looking at the completely naked and clearly fucked scene girl. “She’s not dead, is she?”

“No, your friend is only mostly dead.” I replied, quoting Cait’s favourite movie and making her giggle and clap in delight.

From the lovesac, Anita managed to move an arm and display a middle finger to me, even while remaining face-down and turned away from us. Cait snickered and looked up at me, her blue eyes glinting with amusement. “I need to go to West Side Wally and was hoping you’d be my chaperone.”

“As you wish…” I said with great humility, taking her arm and leading her back outside.


Walking through the aisles at Walmart, I was assisting Cait in finding a grocery cart’s worth of small items and knick-knacks one might keep around for use during an amateur production at a local theatre. She’d been tasked by the set designer of a show she was involved in to pick up supplies before they began their dress rehearsals. Ergo, I was here to lug the cart around while she concentrated on finding her quarry.

“So Sunday you’re going to a tournament for… whatsit called, 40k?” she asked as she dumped half a dozen rolls of silvery duct tape into the cart I was following her with.

“Yeah, sort of an all-day gig,” I replied, watching as she moved on to masking tape, transparent tape and then hockey tape. “At least, if I keep winning and moving on to the next round. I’ll probably go home if I lose.”

“You wouldn’t stay to watch?” she asked, still dumping tape in the cart. “That doesn’t sound like you, you’re pretty nerdcore.”

“If memory serves, you hung around and just watched for several weeks even after your character got killed in the Firefly RPG we were holding in my place,” I countered, smirking at her. “How’s that not nerdcore?”

“I had nothing better to do anyway,” she replied, shrugging. “After all, I was dating Jim, who was still your roomie at the time, so if I got horny, I could just go rub one out in his room while he played.”

“At least you weren’t always in the damn living room, polluting it with Mika songs and dancing around with Rachel,” I sighed, remembering the frat-house feel of those first few months I’d lived in my current abode. “How many damn times can you listen to a song about lollipops?”

“Hey, we were all eighteen at the time,” she said. “For crying out loud, the biggest song in school that year was Axel F by Crazy Frog. And you kept breaking things up with your Viking metal or your Seventies dinosaur bands, if you recall.”

“Give me the Bay City Rollers, Pink Floyd or the Grass Roots over Mika any time.” I muttered.

“Hee, you’re old!” she giggled, smirking at me and blowing me a kiss, before returning to her task. I just shook my head and followed.

“But what about this tournament?” she continued, scooping up a six-pack of yet another variety of tape. “Do you have an army picked?”

I nodded. “I have several to choose from, but the guy who called me said that most of the players are bringing Smurfs and Bugs, so I’m not gonna bring my Blood Angels or Space Wolves.”

Cait nodded. “Because Ultramarines and ‘Nids are the flavour of the month for all the noobs and teenagers, right? Same as it used to be the Dark Angels?”

I stopped dead and looked at her. “Why do you know any of that at all?”

Cait paused in her shopping, realizing she’d outed herself. She slowly turned and looked at me, not quite sure what to say.

“I… researched it?” she said somewhat lamely. “What people are playing, I mean.”


“Because I’ve heard you talk about it and you really like it,” she admitted, blushing. “And I guess I figured it balgat escort can’t be all that bad if you like it, because you’re the awesomest.”

I tried to control my grin.

“I mean, you do babble on about it,” she continued, trying to recover some of her dignity. “Impossible for a girl to not pick up something along the way. Your Space Wolves are basically Vikings in space, the Blood Angels are space vampires…”

“Don’t call them that.” I said, making a pained face.

“Sorry,” she said, correcting herself. “You just enjoy talking about it, I just found some pages talking about the hobby. I still don’t know jack shit about it, aside from what people are playing these days.”

I looked at her with an expression that mingled amusement and appreciation. Cait blushed a deep pink and feel back on her traditional defence whenever she was embarrassed in front of me.

She lifted her shirt and her bra to expose her pale, perky breasts to me.

“Boobs?” she said somewhat uncertainly, holding them up to my scrutiny long enough to make sure I was good and distracted from whatever we’d been discussing. Damned if it didn’t work. She must’ve kept them displayed for a good three seconds before pulling her shirt and bra back down. Walmart had cameras, after all.

“I’m sorry, what were we talking about?” I asked, giving her the graceful exit she apparently needed. She giggled and sighed, content with the balance of power restored to our dynamic.

“I was going to ask if I could come with you.” Cait announced as she continued down the row. “To your tournament.”

“I’m flattered, by why on earth would you do that?” I queried, actually having no clue why she would. I thought she was about as likely to want to attend this as I would be to attend a pagan lesbian forum on yeast infections.

“Well, like I said, I wanted to know why you liked it so much,” she replied, shrugging. “And to be honest, I’m pissed with my boy. I’d rather masturbate with a cheese-grater than see him right now.”

“What did he do?” I asked, my blood warming ever so slightly at the thought of someone hurting or even just annoying my Cait.

She scowled as she examined some wares. “We had just finished fucking at my place a week ago, and were lying in my bed. He said he needed to use the bathroom, but I heard him gather up his clothes. Then I heard a door shut, but it sounded wrong to be my bathroom door. I waited a few minutes and then got up and left my room, calling for him. He wasn’t in the bathroom at all. He’d just gotten up and left after fucking me because he got what he wanted and felt the need to leave without a word.”

“I’m sorry, darling,” I said sympathetically. “What a douche.”

“And then today,” she continued, a note of anger in her voice. “I get a text from him saying ‘Wanna fuck?’ So I asked why the hell I’d want to do that when he up and left without a word last time and made me feel like shit. And you know what his response was? Another text that said ‘Oh. Wanna fuck?’ I just…”

I pulled her to me and hugged her tight. Cait buried her face in my chest and tried not to cry. When she looked up at me, her eyes were red.

“I’m sorry I’m a stupid kid slut,” she said quietly, pain and remorse in her voice. “You would’ve warned me about this guy if you’d been-“

“You’re not a slut, darling,” I said gently, wiping a single, stray tear from her cheek with my thumb. “You’re a beautiful young woman who is liberated and he is some undeserving boy-child.”

She sniffled. “Should I dump him?”

I raised my eyebrow.

“Right, dumb slut question,” she sighed. “Well, that’s the kind you get in these parts. Not everyone can be a catch like you, Trekkie.”

I hugged her again, chuckling. She used Trekkie and Ludo interchangeably when referring to me and I didn’t mind one bit. She finally looked up at me, smiling. “So that’s why I want to go to your nerd thing. Because now matter how dorky it is, spending time with you is millions of times better than a moment with that dickbag. Consider him dumped!”

I smiled. “You’re welcome to come along as my cheerleader. You’ll be the hottest girl in the store, hands down, so I’ll win no matter how I do in the tournament.”

She giggled and hugged me back, squeezing my butt. “There are lots of girl gamers, you know, you big, hairy misogynist.”

“Yes, but very, very few of the genuine ones are hot like you,” I pointed out. “Most gamer girls look like they should be dragging catapults to Mordor.”

She looked amused and aghast all at once, thwapping me on the chest. “That’s an awful thing to say!”

I shrugged. “It’s the same for guys. Usually the only way to tell the girls and guys apart is the amount of neckbeard hair.”

“You’re horrible,” she sighed, rolling her eyes. “And I still wanna go with you. It’ll be fun watching all the nerds get worked up. I’m a closet nerd, you know.”

“Playing Rock Band when you’re a theatre major doesn’t count!” I laughed as I began batıkent escort following her down the aisle again.


I was checking my army before getting ready for initial deployment. It had been a long morning, because the person running the tournament had it in their head that holding an open-invite event for 2500 point armies would be clever and manageable. The result, predictably, was that the battles were often taking forever, and they were needing to ask people to concede if there was no realistic chance of winning.

I’d waited nearly three hours for my first round to begin, since there was a distinct lack of tables for everyone who’d shown up. They even invented a spur-of-the-moment by lottery to ease up the numbers, and I’d won a spot. So now I was getting ready and looking forward to squashing the guy I was about to face.

Cait had, predictably, grown bored quickly with all the set-up time and other logistics and began wandering around the store, looking at games and reading the comics while the tournament happened at the back of the large space. She stopped back in, occasionally, to see what was happening and to check in on me, leaning over my shoulder and pressing her boobs into my back.

“Whatcha do-in’?” she asked in her cutesy voice I loved so much.

“Studying my opponents and how they play,” I said casually. “And yes, most of these guys are Smurfs and Bugs, but at least one guy is Space Wolves and another is Necrons. This oughta be fun, considering I decided on my Slaanesh army.”

She leaned in and whispered, her lips touching my ear and making me shiver. “I don’t know what that is.”

I risked standing up, hoping she hadn’t given me a raging hard-on and walked away with her, holding her hand. She made a happy sound and snuggled onto my arm as I tooled about with her for a few minutes. I think she was pleased that I was spending time with her, even though she had come to support me at this nerdfest.

“I’m playing a form of Chaos Marines, dedicated to the god Slaanesh,” I explained, hoping she was listening. “They’re basically Space Marines with an extreme BDSM fetish, dedicated to sensation and death through pleasure.”

“Ooh, kinky,” she giggled. “Sounds like something you’d play. Although, so do the Space Vikings. So they’re supposed to be all depraved and shit, but how does that show up when you’re playing?”

“Well, the colours of their armour are the immediate visual effect,” I said, hugging her from behind as she stopped to look at a graphic novel. She snuggled back against me as she listened. “Their colour schemes are pinks and pastels and such. Their sorcerers do things like subvert the enemy army’s mind and make them dance or surrender. A lot of models are erotic looking and have extra boobs or something.”

“I like how it sounds,” she giggled. She’d worn a sundress today, white with peach accents and blossom patterns all over it. The top enhanced her already considerable bosom and she was really enjoying the endless stares she was getting from the assembled nerds. “So, your army has like sorcerers and commanders and things?”

“Yep.” I replied, trying not to look down the top of her dress.

She was silent for a few moments and then nodded. “Okay. Let me know when you’re setting up. I wanna help.”

I hadn’t expected that, but I wasn’t about to say no to her, either. I never did. We walked back to the tournament and I resumed my seat, watching, and waiting patiently.

So here I found myself getting ready to deploy, finally. Cait had asked for my five most important characters, like sorcerers and commanders, which I gave to her. I noticed her sitting in a remote corner, examining them intently, one-by-one. I didn’t really think anything of it, since I was busy and knew what each of those models would be doing and where.

We were about two minutes away from starting when she came bouncing back, trying not to look excited or giggle. She had the models in her hands and asked me where to put each one. I pointed to the places each would initially deploy and she placed them precisely before clapping and grinning.

“You can do it, Ludo!” she chirped before pulling me down to give me a kiss on the cheek in front of everyone and then swishing back to her seat and waiting patiently. The stares and glares I was getting were quite enjoyable.

My round began and I started to notice something strange. It was a scent, earthy and sensual, although I had no idea where it was coming from. I think the other players close by could also smell it, because I could see their noses wrinkling slightly and they shifted from foot-to-foot uncertainly.

I knew now what the smell was, although I still had no idea where it was emanating from. My mind almost wandered, nearly causing me to make a tactical blunder, but I managed to avoid it. Certainty grew in my mind about what the scent was and whom it belonged to. It was Cait. Aroused Cait, but she was nowhere near the table. I knew the scent from watching her fuck the sex dolls she had bought the week before.

I moved one of my sorcerers during a turn and noticed my fingers coming back from handling the model feeling slightly sticky. It was one of the models Cait had borrowed. Subtly, I brought my fingers to my nose, under the pretense of rubbing my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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