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Like Daughter, Like Mother

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“Have you screwed my Mum yet?”


That “What” could have been followed by a row of asterisks, exclamation marks and various other punctuation marks, not to mention a selection of emojis, but the reader with normal sensitivities won’t need them to imagine what the reaction would be from a man, laying beside his lover in post-coital bliss, if she posed that question. So how had Frank got to his current situation?

Frank Shipley was in his early twenties, an electronics engineer who had completed his first degree with first class honours and was now involved in a research project as he studied for a masters degree. When he had arrived at his new university he had been searching for accommodation and the lady who helped in the process had made a couple of phone calls and had made appointments for him to visit potential lodgings. The first that he had visited had been far from what he was searching, comprising a slightly grubby bedsit, one of several in an old house, run by a gentleman whose attitude made it clear that he could not expect anything other than the most basic of amenities.

The next was a very different proposition. He was viewing a pleasant detached house in a quiet part of the city, which had the advantage of being only a short walk from the university campus. When he rang the bell it was answered by a pleasant looking, middle aged woman, who looked at him enquiringly.

“Hello, what can I do for you?”

“Oh, I’ve been sent by the university about the room you have for let.”

“Hang on, you’re a man!”

“Well, yes, last time I checked I seemed to have predominantly male componentry.”

“Sorry, I was expecting a young woman named Frances.”

“Slight error, I’m Francis, generally known as Frank. Never mind, I’m not planning a sex change in the next few minutes, so I’ll leave you in peace.”

“No, sorry, I’ve been very rude. Come on in and have a cup of something while I phone the university and sort this out.”

He followed her into the house where she offered him the choice of tea, coffee, beer or wine. He settled for tea, guessing correctly that choosing an alcoholic drink that early in the day would not win him any brownie points. She made the tea, then phoned the university which confirmed the misunderstanding and confirmed that Frank was a bona fide student searching lodgings and that they did not have any girls currently on their list.

“Look Francis generally known as Frank, I’ve not been taking in lodgers for long and, up to now, I’ve not been impressed with the two girls who have stayed here, so perhaps a man might not be such a bad idea. Are you reasonably house trained? Both girls seemed to live in a permanent pigsty, both in their own room and in my kitchen, which was not very pleasing.”

“My mum cured me of being untidy. She came into my room while I was at school one day and every item of clothing that was on the floor she nailed down. I wasn’t best pleased, but ever since then I’ve been meticulous about putting things away.”

“I wish I’d thought of that with my daughter Louise. Anyway, come and have a look at what’s on offer and we can both decide if it’s right for us both. By the way, you know my name is Wright but I answer to Jane.”

She showed him upstairs to the bedroom, which was big and had a TV and HiFi plus plenty of space for studying. It had attached a shower room and a small room with basic cooking facilities, a microwave and a hotplate. She explained that it had been intended to be used as a granny flat by her husband’s mother, but she had died before she moved in.

“It’s fabulous, but can I afford it?”

“Look, I’m only doing this because I’m lonely since my husband died, and I like to have someone else around the place. Not only that, but I love cooking and it’s no fun without someone to cook for as well as myself.”

She quoted him a ridiculously low price including meals and laundry, and he took about five seconds to decide to accept, and next day he moved in.

Over the next few months Frank realised how well he had fallen on his feet. Jane was the ideal landlady, more like a mother to him. Her cooking was to die for, and, as he was quite a competent cook himself, they spent quite a lot of time together in the kitchen. She liked throwing dinner parties for her friends and he would help her prepare the food and act as waiter for her. Although he had every facility he needed in his room, he spent most evenings downstairs in her company as, happily, they shared similar tastes in music and entertainment.

Then suddenly everything changed. He had been away for a few days on a visit to another research centre and, when he let himself into the house his usual cry of “I’m home, Jane” was answered by the appearance of a young woman. Not just any young woman, this one was a bit special.

“It can’t be you, can it? Not that Louise? You can’t be Jane’s daughter?”

“And you can’t really be Frank, can you? But I am that Louise and I guess you must really be the bahçelievler escort bayan Frank I knew all those years ago. Talk about small world. I think I need a drink, how about you? Where does mum hide it these days? I need a G & T.”

“Mine’s a Scotch, and I’ll get them as I do know where everything is kept.”

So how did these two know each other? Several years before, Frank had gone to a youth camp in France, which comprised a collection of chalets in a wooded area where groups of young people spent a short holiday participating in various activities of a communal nature, nature walks, lake swimming, impromptu theatrical productions, folk dancing and so on. The groups attending were from schools all over Europe, mostly in their mid teens, and accompanied by masters or mistresses as appropriate supported by one or more senior pupils who, as 18 year olds, were old enough to assist in the supervision of the younger cohorts.

After a couple of days the group from Frank’s boys school made friends with a group from another English school, this time all girls. The senior girl in this group was called Louise, and Frank was instantly attracted to her. She was a tall, attractive girl, not a raving beauty but very pleasant to look at and with a smile that lit her face up – and this smile was quickly turned on for Frank’s benefit. She, too, had an instant attraction to this good looking and well built young man, and it really was a case of love at first sight.

Both of this couple had been educated in single sex schools and in well disciplined households, both were bright students and had been too preoccupied with the academic and sporting activities of their schools to bother too much with the opposite sex. Thus, this sudden awakening of both mental and physical attraction for each other was a bit overwhelming, and they struggled to cope with it. Their first kiss happened soon after they had met, when they had taken a walk together in the woods and, having stopped to listen to the birdsong, they turned and fell into each others’ arms. It was a clumsy affair of clashing noses and banging of teeth, but instinct swiftly improved matters and they had soon got the hang of it. From that point on they couldn’t bear to be apart, and they took every chance to be together so that they could thrill to the feel of bodies closely held together, and Louise became aware of Frank’s arousal as she pulled him close to her.

Despite the physical attraction neither made any attempt to touch the other intimately. The nearest they came was when they were swimming together and they managed to find a secluded spot on the lakeside and they clung together, their wet bodies intertwining and Frank’s hands roamed across her back and down to hold her firm buttocks. Before anything more enterprising took place they heard the sound of a boat approaching and they hurriedly broke apart, but the proximity of the two half naked bodies together had accentuated the unspoken need that they felt to go further.

All too soon the day came for the holiday to end. A farewell celebration had been arranged with a barbecue and music and dancing. No alcohol was allowed on the camp, but the staff had brought some in to celebrate the end of the visit, and the staff and senior pupils, who were at least 18 and legally old enough to drink, were able to imbibe a choice of wines and beer, plus some local eau de vie, distilled fruit liqueurs, which had a fairly dramatic kick. Neither Frank nor Louise had ever drunk more than a tiny amount of alcohol, and a couple of drinks had a dramatic effect on loosening their inhibitions. They slipped away while the party was in full swing and made their way into Louise’s bedroom.

What followed was little short of a disaster. Together, in a clumsy, fumbling, incoherent way, they lost their virginity. For him it was a totally unsatisfying disappointment, nothing like the passionate, exciting happening he had fantasised about. For her it had been a painful, clumsy violation of her body, the combination of a dry vagina with a hymen that had taken considerable force to rupture had left her near to tears and regretting the whole business. They had only just separated when they heard the sound of the girls returning to the chalet, and Frank had had to quickly dress and leave by the window to avoid their being found together.

During the night there was a violent storm and the boys’ chalet was flooded. By the time that everything had been tidied up and Frank could get away to go and say his farewells to Louise, the bus had arrived to take the girls to the airport and she was gone. A miserable ending to a love affair that had promised so much, and they hadn’t even swapped addresses, in fact they didn’t even know each others’ surnames. Their schools were over a hundred miles apart, and neither felt like trying to make contact, so that was the end – till now.

Once they were settled with their drinks she explained that she was Jane’s daughter, back for a balgat escort bayan few weeks from the university in France where she was studying. It transpired that Jane’s elderly mother was ill and that she had gone to look after her, leaving Louise in charge of the house, and with instructions to look after Frank.

“She says I’m to make sure you are fed and watered, I suppose a Scotch covers that bit, but I’m not a brilliant cook like her. She said you can cook, so perhaps we can do dinner together.”

They prepared a meal, with Frank doing most of the work, then enjoyed the steaks he had cooked, together with a bottle of Merlot. They took their coffees outside and sat together on the swing settee, chattering about everything except what had happened between them, till she finally raised the subject.

“There’s an elephant in the room that we are trying to ignore, but we can’t go on pretending that what happened at that bloody camp didn’t actually happen, can we?”

“No, you’re right, and I’ve been dreading the moment. I’m not sure what to say, except how sorry I am that what had been the best thing that ever happened to me was ruined by my stupidity. I should never have forced myself on you like that, and I’ll never forgive myself.”

“Don’t be daft, I wanted to do it as much as you did, if we hadn’t both been a bit pissed we’d either not have done it or have done it better. But it was a bit of a catastrophe, wasn’t it? It certainly wasn’t the dreamy, romantic joining of two lovers that I had expected. Just a sore pussy and a couple of weeks dread while I waited for my next period.”

“I must admit that during the years I’ve often wondered whether the worst had happened, and I thought about you having a baby or an abortion.”

“So you hadn’t forgotten me?”

“I’ve remembered you as my first love and hated myself for how I made such a mess of it. Oh well, I guess you’ve had more successful sex since then to learn how it should be done.”

“Funny you should say that. No, I didn’t get pregnant, but I was convinced that I’d never have sex again. I was horribly unhappy for some time, till my mum suggested I should spend some time with my Aunt Alice and Uncle Bert. Well, they’re not really Aunt and Uncle, some distant cousins seven times removed or something, but I’d always known them as Aunt and Uncle. They were – are – a couple in their forties, both full of life and mum thought they might cheer me up. That they did, though not the way mum would have expected.”

“Alice – she told me to drop the Aunt bit – did her best to try and cheer me up but I was inconsolable and one day she found me in my bedroom in floods of tears. She sat down and put her arm round me and said she’d kiss my tears away, which she certainly did. Her idea of kissing away tears was, to put it mildly, inventive, and, by some magic spell that she cast, in no time we were both naked. What she and I did together then certainly changed my resolve never to have sex again, the only downside being that I realised that I was a lesbian, and that’s why you and I were such a spectacular failure together.”

“Then what I thought was going to be a disaster occurred. Bert had been away working for two days, days that Alice and I spent mostly in bed together, but he came back early and discovered us on the bed with Alice’s head between my legs. I expected him to be furious, but he just said “My, that’s a pretty sight.” and stripped off and joined us on the bed. And that’s when I realised that I wasn’t a lesbian, it’s just that I like any old sex, bi-sexual I suppose is the technical term. Since then I’ve had a few sexual encounters with both sexes, and now I know what to do it’s lots of fun – but I’ve only had one lover.”

“Who was that, and what was so special about him – or her?”

“Never you mind. How’s your sex life been.”

“I was shattered after our débâcle, but I must admit I never considered not trying again, but I wasn’t in any hurry, and my next attempt was a bit of an accident.”

“Interesting accident it must have been.”

“Well perhaps accident is the wrong word, but I certainly didn’t plan it. My dad had – has – a business which is mainly based on garden centres, but he also has a sideline of swimming pool maintenance. In the summer holidays I used to earn pocket money by going to some of his customers and doing the weekly clean and check. He had one client who had a very large garden and pool, and after I had dealt with the pool a couple of times he asked me to mow the lawns for him when he was away on business, which was quite often. One day I went and did the mowing, getting up a good sweat in the process as it was a really hot day, and then went to clean the pool. When I entered the pool enclosure I found that Cheryl, the owner’s wife, was sitting on the steps in the pool. She gave me a big smile and said that I looked hot, so why didn’t I join her in the pool. I said that I hadn’t got a costume, to which she replied that neither had she, batıkent escort bayan and she then stood up to confirm that she was mother naked.”

“Needless to say, being a well brought up young lad, I did as I was told and joined her – in more ways than one. We soon made use of the loungers and that was the beginning of my sex education, at which she was a very competent teacher. This process carried on till the end of my holiday when Eric, the client, invited me round for a drink and to collect my pay.”

“I want to thank you” he said “for looking after the pool and the lawn, not to mention Cheryl. We really appreciate the attention you gave her, especially as she is now pregnant, thanks to you.”

“As you might well guess, I nearly choked on my drink, but when I had finished spluttering he carried on.”

“Don’t look so horrified, it’s just what we wanted. We’ve been trying ever since we were married, but I got tested a few months back and found out that I only fire blanks, and I’ll never get her in the family way. So we talked through all the possibilities, IVF and Artificial Insemination seemed to be the only practical route. IVF is quite an invasive process and we don’t fancy not knowing who the father is, so we started thinking about the only natural way – for Cheryl to have sex with another man. We’d just decided to go that way, and had started going through the list of potential partners without really fancying any of them, when you appeared on the scene.”

“I’d forgotten you were due that day” continued Cheryl “and I was swimming naked as I always do if there’s no one around – unless it’s Eric, and we do have fun in the pool. But when I saw you there, looking all sweaty and desirable I knew that this was too good a chance to miss. I didn’t guess that I’d have to teach you how to do it properly, but that was fun as well and you’re getting quite competent – not up to Eric’s class, he may fire blanks but they make one hell of a bang.”

Eric carried on “So you’ve done us a great favour. We’d like to have two kids, so, if you’re feeling in the mood during next year’s summer holidays, well, please look after the lawn and the pool and Cheryl again. Just don’t get too good at it, I don’t want to lose her to a youth like you.”

“Anyway, I did as requested the next year and am now godfather to a boy and a girl who do look a bit like me. A big bonus was that after the second one was born I found that my bank account had grown by ten thousand pounds, thanks to Eric. He told me that he could well afford it, and that I’d saved him the cost of several courses of IVF. So that ended two spectacular holidays. The only downside was that sometimes when I was having sex with her, I wished it had been my first love in my arms. Apart from Cheryl, I’ve had a couple of casual affairs, nothing serious, hoping one day someone would turn up that I could fancy a real relationship with.”

“Well, it looks as though we’ve both had an interesting sex life, though mine didn’t add to the world’s population problem. So what now? Are we just good friends or…”

“Interesting question. As it’s too dark for me to see what sort of expression is on your face I’m not quite sure how to react. Suppose we moved a little closer to each other, just to see if we can feel any…attraction?”

“I seem to remember that you were a pretty good lover before the disaster happened. Your kissing and cuddling was certainly very pleasant, maybe now we should try and see if it still has the same effect?”

They moved closer, and rapidly took up where they had left off those years ago. All the memories of their physical attraction proved to be correct, as their faces found each other and lips and tongues and teeth mingled in the age old mating routine. Their arms were round each other, trying to hold as closely as they could, him feeling the softness of her waist and roaming over her firm bottom. After an age they finally came up for air.

“Right, Frank Shipley, for better, or even better still, I want you as I’ve never wanted anything – not since the last time I wanted you, years ago. But this time is going to be wonderful, I just know it. Just take me to bed and prove that I was right when I fell in love with you.”

“Louise, my love, I’ll do my very best. Just to make sure we got the best chance, it might help if you told me anything you want me to do, or not do.”

“I’m up for anything, as long as it doesn’t involve whips or anything painful.”

“Pity that, you’ve got a lovely bum, just right for a good spanking. Apart from that?”

“Tell you what – I’ll just lie on my back with my legs open and let you get on with it, and you’ll know whether you’ve got it right or wrong. Come on, less talk, more action. Your bed or mine?”

They went up to his bedroom, Frank admiring the movement of her buttocks as she ascended in front of him. She turned to him and, with no comment, took her clothes off. It wasn’t a striptease, it was just an undressing, and he quickly followed her example.

“It’s odd, we’ve had sex together, yet we’ve never seen each other naked, as you insisted on keeping the lights off, and I never fully stripped. I just remember a faint image of you from what little light got through into the room. I thought you looked pretty good, but I only knew the half of it – you’re just gorgeous.”

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