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Lips, Bethany

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Walton family heir (Christopher, 22) asks his crush (Bethany, 21) out and progressively gains confidence in himself in the relationship and uses his money to start turning Bethany into his sex slave.

Christopher wasn’t the most popular kid in college. He was 22 years old and really nerdy, was not very tall, and was horrible at communicating and social situations in general. Because of that he didn’t have many friends at all. He was often bullied but not for anything he did to anyone else and he was always kind to everyone.

He wasn’t all that bad looking though and dressed quite nicely and always maintained his manners and politeness. He seemed like a real gentleman which is why I decided to give him a chance when he first asked me out.

My name’s Bethany. I’m 21 now and I was probably the most popular girl in my highschool thanks to my body and I’m sure I could be in college if I tried. I was 5’1″ and had nice curves that were impossible to ignore if I wore the right outfit, and I often did. My hair was a beautiful rich brown that went passed my shoulders and I had stellar green eyes. I had defined cheekbones and lush, full, kissable lips. I was always used to catching the gaze of wandering men and the only thing that seemed to grab more attention than my ample chest was definitely my big behind.

I still remember our first date like it was yesterday, Christopher took me to the nicest most expensive restaurant in the city! I was wearing a tight blue dress that didn’t show too much skin but gave a good view of my naturally perfect cleavage. I couldn’t believe I was here on a date and not an anniversary dinner or something! When we were seated though Christopher was silent as a rock and kept failing to maintain eye contact to catch glimpses of my cleavage.

“I love your choice Christopher, this has got to be the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever even been in!” I said.

“Good, it’s my favorite.” He said dispassionately.

When they brought us the menus he must have noticed that my eyes popped out of my head at the prices because he immediately assured me that I was to ignore the costs and get whatever I wanted. Even if I just wanted to try a bite! I was amazed at my luck.

The frustration from him staring at my cleavage off and on was already disappearing. Then he finally got around to talking about how he’s the Walton family heir and he owns hundreds of millions of dollars and when his sick father passes he will have billions!

At this point I forgave him for all the awkwardness and just looked into his face doe eyed while he struggled back and forth between my cleavage and my eyes.

“I love your eyes.” He managed to say

“I don’t mind you staring Christopher.” I leaned forward to give him a better view. “I wouldn’t mind if you did more than that.”

His face lit up and he was in awe of how quickly things were going his way with the girl he had been crushing on for years! From then on he made eye contact with me less and less as he grew comfortable just staring at my body.

I drove all of the conversation but I didn’t mind. I learned he was already an expert on stocks and investing his millions to make money for him. He could afford extravagant clothing and cars but he preferred to keep it subtle. He had a chauffeur/assistant but she never came near any of his classes.

It wasn’t until we got in the back of his car on the way to drop me off that I finally worked up the courage to lean in and say. “You can kiss me whenever you want to Christopher.”

He finally made eye contact and went in for a peck on my lips. I was ecstatic. He was so cute and innocent and I knew if we made this much progress this fast we would be having fun in no time. (Little did I know what I was in for.)

He pecked me a few more times before I grabbed his face and stuck my soft lips to his and sucked. I was shocked when he spanked me for doing so! Shocked and unbelievably turned on… I let out a moan and he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I was losing it, and we got to my house.

We backed off and looked each other in the eyes for a moment of shared lust and he said. “Come to dinner with me again next Friday.” It was more like a command than an offer and something about that turned me on and I knew I couldn’t say no.

A few days later I received a box with an extremely fancy black dress in it and classy black heels. It came with a note from Christopher asking me politely if I would indulge him by wearing his chosen attire. It was going to be a great weekend!

I was in front of my house waiting for Christopher, all dressed up and trying to get used to the heels and the revealing cut of the dress he gave me.

He pulled up in the back of his Mercedes and when he saw me his eyes lit up and I could see a the lust and pleasure it gave him for me to wear his outfits.

“You look ravishing.” Christopher blurts out before even saying hi.

“Well good evening to you too cutie, and thanks.” I said and winked at him. Unsure if he even noticed as his eyes were glued to my body.

“I want you to come niğde escort over to my house for dinner tonight. I have a professional chef on staff and I promise to treat you like a gentleman… at least as best as I can with you looking so tempting.”

“How can I say no to that?”

Christopher’s house was more like a palace. I couldn’t believe how long the tour took and then he told me there plenty of secret and hidden rooms on top of everything I saw! When he showed me his amazing bedroom with a massive bed I took the opportunity to ask what he wanted out of me and our relationship.

“I want you Bethany. I want all of you… I want you wholly and completely. I want to be the only one who can lay claim to you. I want sole and total ownership of you… Eventually…”

I was taken aback. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and didn’t know how to respond but even more than that I couldn’t believe how turned on everything he was saying was making me. I was so hot and bothered by the idea of submitting to him more and more and more that I said,

“Okay, what’s the first thing you’ll have me do?”

“Well you’re wearing everything I asked you to so that’s really the first thing but since you’re asking a nice oversized vertical barbell on your tongue would be a good start down the path of girlfriend material.”

I was wet just from hearing him talk to me that way and felt so beholden to him all of a sudden.

“I think I can do that.” I managed.

“Good girl, here’s 2 thousand dollars. It should cost a fraction of that for you to take care of everything. And just remember I want it nice and big. If it’s not so large it forces you to speak and pronounce things differently it’s not big enough.”

I just nodded and said “okay” as I slithered up next to him, sitting on his bed.

At this point I was gushing. I couldn’t sit still and I was starting to feel the need to be touched. Either by myself or Christopher but I couldn’t I take it much longer.

That’s of course when the dinner bell rang.

When we got to the table I saw that he took fine dining to a whole new level. I couldn’t image a more luxurious way to dine in as we were being waited on by servants in French maid outfits.

Christopher’s eyes were stuck on my cleavage all dinner long as he talked about how he would be buying me a whole new wardrobe and I’m going to have to get used to wearing at least 5 inch heels out. At one point he looked up at my face and said I should get a septum ring when I get the tongue piercing.

I had never really considered piercings and as hot and bothered as all this made me, it was also making me nervous.

“I’ve never pierced anything except my ears before.” I said timidly.

“How badly do you want to be my girlfriend?” Christopher finally asked.

“Fuck, don’t ask me that… more than anything…” I whimper.

“Then you’ll get used to it”

“I’ll get used to it?”

He smiled as he said. “Oh I have big plans for your body. I’ve got a list of modifications and changes I want to make and it keeps getting longer. “

I was appalled that he assumed he could make all these decisions about my body without a word or expression of desire for any of it from me, but even more than that I was turned on and dripping at the thought of complying with devout obedience.

“It’s my body Christopher.” The last bit individuality inside me seemingly forced me to say.

“Not only is it MY body but I can’t let you lie to my face like that without punishment.”

My crotch was twitching with excitement as I muttered. “But I-“

“But you want everything that comes with me having control. You even want me to have control. Why wait when we can make it official and you can be my girlfriend tonight.” He interrupted me.

Only a moment passed before I said “okay”.

“You’ve been good Beth, you’re behavior will be greatly rewarded. When you get your piercings I’ll pay for you to get your navel pierced and I have a nice big diamond to hang on your stomach.”

“Thank you Christopher.”

I said happily. The fact that he already wanted another piercing without asking if I wanted it at all, and when he knew I’m uncomfortable with the idea, AND he wants me to have a big, glimmering, and shiny gem hanging down my tummy… it all just showed how confident he was that he’s in charge and I’m obedient.

He wasn’t wrong. His demeanor and lustful arrogance got me so hot I couldn’t wait to do everything he was telling me to do. I was getting more and more excited to come back over and hear how I’ve done such a good job following all of his directions.

“I know you want me now but I’m going to make you wait until you finish the tasks I asked of you.” Christopher said smugly.

“Okay Christopher.” I let out, audibly unsure of myself but still turned on more than I could believe and just in a trance to the idea of completely becoming his sub.

A few days later I found myself at the tattoo/piercing parlor that Christopher recommended and shakily made my way inside and asked for nişantaşı escort not one or two but THREE piercings for a guy I’ve been on two dates with.

The belly button and septum piercings felt foreign and would take a while to get used to but still couldn’t compare to the ridiculous barbell in my mouth. I felt it literally weighing my tongue down and was constantly aware of it’s presence and size. I couldn’t believe what I just had done to my body but I turned to thank the piercer and said

“Thankth, I mean tthhank you.”

The piercer chuckled and told me how it will take a while to adjust to a barbell that size on my tongue and not to sweat the mispronunciations.

I was so embarrassed but starting to get turned on at the same time knowing this is exactly what Christopher wanted from me.

When I got home there were multiple packages at my door and a message from Christopher explaining that he had my new wardrobe delivered and I was to wear only these clothes or outfits picked out or approved by Christopher himself.

As I brought everything inside and started replacing my old clothes with them and organizing everything I soon noticed how every single outfit seemed to be overly tight, unnecessarily revealing, or extremely adorable. When I got to the shoes I wasn’t surprised to see that they were all heels and the shortest ones were 5 inches!

I put on a combo of purple heels, black leather short shorts, and a form fitting purple crop top that showed off my tummy and new diamond hanging from it while accentuating the shape of my bust. I struck a pose and sent a few selfies to Christopher. He simply replied with instructions to come over for dinner tomorrow night.

Before I went to bed I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked so sexy and probably some more vulgar words too as I looked at the way my ass filled my shiny leather short shorts, exaggerated by the heels. I wondered if I was really okay with the power Christopher had over me and what he was turning me into but then I remembered his house, how rich and powerful he is and how he made me feel. I was reassured and went to bed dreaming of Christopher and relinquishing more control to him.

The next morning I was picking an outfit and realized that my only options for bras were all push up bras that made my boobs look huge and round or gave me insane cleavage. One thing was for sure and that’s everything I was allowed to wear showed off my body and did it’s best to frame my proportions to their best ability.

Knowing I was going to see Christopher today put more pressure on me to pick the right things to wear and I took my time mulling over all of the high heels and low cut tops. I finally decided on a sexy blue bodycon dress that looked like it would show off my curves and give a great view of my cleavage and a little cutout to show my belly button piercing. Except when I put it on and a matching pair of high heels I finally got to experience how short the dress was and how with my chosen push up bra my chest was practically spilling out of it because it was so tight and revealing. I was nervous and debated changing but remembered that all of my options were similarly slutty and I would certainly be admonished for wearing anything not given to me from Christopher himself. I decided I was good to go and Christopher would surely appreciate the look which is probably more important than how I feel anyway.

Christopher’s Mercedes showed up perfectly on time and I had my fingers crossed that he was in the back waiting for me. The door opened for me as I approached the car and I could see Christopher inside. I watched his face as he scanned my body hungrily and started to smile.

“Good job darling.” he said sternly. Resting his gaze on my in-your-face cleavage.

“Tthhankth Kwisthofuh, I’m tho happy I did gud.” I said, red with embarrassment.

“Your tongue piercing is perfect and looks so good framed by your luscious pouty lips.” He complemented.

I just smiled and looked down, gushing from the praise. I was wet knowing I did everything correctly and hoped I was turning him on as much as he was turning me on ordering me around. I took my seat by his side and we smiled at each other for just a few moments before he glanced at my stomach and then just stared at my chest.

“Are you embarrassed that you can no longer speak like a normal person?” He said, never taking his eyes off of my chest.

“Yeth, itthh impothible thoo hide an ebewy won notitheth and thayth thomething abou’ ith.” I said, struggling with all of the T’s and S’s.

Christopher smiled and said,

“Very good, I’m proud of you for not holding back and getting the biggest one they had available. If you didn’t, I would have had you get it put in anyway so in the end you saved yourself some punishment and me the trouble.”

He leaned in we made out passionately the whole way to his “house”. I was very aware of how he had his hands on my arms, shoulders and waist but wasn’t groping me… Yet.

When we arrived at Christopher’s ankara olgun escort we sat down to a gourmet Italian dinner and I was treated to gelato afterwards. I was focused on the food but could feel Christopher’s eyes locked on my body all throughout dinner. By the time we finished eating I could tell that we were both ready to sneak away to his room.

Christopher lead me holding my hand into his bedroom and closed the door behind him. I turned to face him smiling and he immediately grabbed me by my plump derriere then pulled me into a kiss, my body pressed against his. He slowly guided me to his bed while we were making out and then pushed me on to it.

I gasped and said,

“Kwisthofuh, tho fothful.”

“Don’t act like you don’t want it.” He said sternly.

“I wuv it daddy.” I purred.

I could see the fire I lit in his eyes as he toyed with the diamond hanging from my belly button.

Staring into my cleavage as usual he said,

“Be a good girl and turn over. I want you to stick that ass up in the air.

I simply replied “Yeth daddy” as it just felt right to comply.

“Now I want you to ask me very nicely and politely to punish you for being such a naughty girl and spank you.” He commanded.

I contemplated protesting, just because of how embarrassing it would be to say so much in my current state and how stupid I would sound saying it but decided to I should probably do it, seeing as how I’ve already gotten this far…

“Pweathe daddy, pweathe punith me foh being suth a naughthy gorwuw an tempthing you with my body. I detherb thoo be thpanked daddy.” I pleaded.


I whimpered in pain but mostly pleasure as he smacked my ass hard as I stuck it out for him on all fours.


I moaned as he continued to strike my behind with power and confidence until he leaned down and kissed it after what must have been at least two dozen spankings.

“Thankth daddy.” I whimpered as he drew his breath and rolled me onto my back.

Without warning he got on top of me and buried his face into my chest kissing and licking my skin. I sighed softly as he went to town and I could feel his hardening member pressed up against me through out clothing. He took a deep breath as he got up off of me and I felt a twinge of pleasure as he said.

“Bethany you’re a dream come true for me, I just can’t go any longer without feeling your new tongue piercing sliding along the bottom of my dick.”

I blushed and simply said “thankth daddy I’d wuv thoo.”

I slithered off of the bed onto my knees, my face level with his crotch. Slowly leaning forward I kissed his bulge through his pants, getting wetter and wetter as he issued another command.

“I want you to ask nicely for permission to suck my dick.”

I felt more turned on than I ever have and I knew it was because I was making him happy doing everything he asked me to. At this point bringing him pleasure would surely be physically pleasurable to myself too.

“Pweathe daddy, I wanna thuck yo dick tho bad. I’m a duwrty guwul an I wan yo cowk.”

With that he undid his pants and thrust his groin in my face pressing it against my cheek. I began to kiss it again, this time through his underwear as I brought my hands up to his waist band. I curled my fingers around his waist band and looked up into his eyes pleading him with mine as he said.

“Go ahead, you earned it darling.”

“Thankth daddy.” We’re my last words before dropping his underwear and unintentionally slapping myself in the face with his enormous dick as it flopped out. I was in awe and my mouth hung open as it felt like my jaw hit the floor. I just stared for a few moments taking it in before he took advantage of my gaping mouth and pressed it forward on to my lips. I moaned and kissed him on the head of his dick as he started to force it further into my mouth and soon he was moaning too as he felt the ball bearing on my tongue. My mouth was full of his cock and I got to work sucking as I moved my head back and forth. I thought I was doing a good job until Christopher looked down at me and asked.

“Is that all you got? You haven’t even gotten half of it into your mouth.”

I looked back up into his eyes, mouth full of his dick and tried to reply but all I could manage was a “mmmph.” My expression was apologetic and I tried to get more of his length into my mouth but my mouth felt like it was bottomed out and I just couldn’t do it.

Looking down into my sorry eyes Christopher was clearly disappointed as he said “tsk tsk, such pretty lips but we have a lot of work to do. You just earned yourself a few more homework assignments, but first I want you to use your pathetic blowjob skills to coax me into cumming and I want you to swallow all of it.”

I just nodded slightly trying to be aware and keep my teeth from touching Christopher. Then I went back to rocking my head back and forth sliding my lips and piercing over his manhood with vigor. After a few minutes I began to get tired and sore of the repetitive motion but I knew I could do it. I started to use my hands to stroke the length of his rod that I couldn’t fit in my mouth and as he began to moan I knew he was close. Soon he was unloading into my mouth and holding my head in place forcing me to take all of his cum. When he was finished he backed off and sat on his bed sighing.

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