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Little Girls (Bubble Gum Cum)

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Big Dicks


This period of my life, at age 29, was lived in mostly hotels, and apartment complexes. Never residing for too long in each. Due to constant job relocation, I never really grasped much of my surroundings, nor had I had any sexual relations that lasted any longer than a few months. With an indoor swimming pool and really expensive carpeting and chandeliers, this indoor Hotel I stumbled upon one year, seemed a hot spot for tanned, high-maintenance, single mom’s and their daughters. Some times I swore I may have been the only male in the joint.

In the six months I stayed there, I got hit on a lot. On occasion while taking out the trash, I’d get whistled and hollered at. Every time I’d look they’d all duck down and giggle. Because I always worked graveyard, I never received opportunities to meet any of them. Until one Saturday night.

~All evening I could hear girls laughing and playing around next door. It became obvious that there was some drinking going on. Also a bit of pot smoking; which I had no problem with, but may have contributed to their bravery, and what happened that night.

While challenging to listen to any of my music over the party-speakers next door, I barely caught a knocking at my door. I opened it. Two girls stood in my doorway. Both cute enough to make a sinner out of me. The one closest to me had to be no older than nineteen, though it’s hard to tell anymore now a days. And her friend around the same age, but with breasts that of a twenty-five year old. The girls were thin, tanned of course, and in shape. One wore blue-jeans and a t-shirt with converse shoes, and knew how to apply her make up. The other, with large breasts, wore dark blue knee-high Dr. Martins with black nylons under her blue mini-skirt, and a simple dark red, v-neck spaghetti-strap tank-top, that complimented her cleavage.

The braver of the two in jeans spoke up. “We locked our keys in our room. Can we use your phone?” she asked respectfully with gum in her mouth.

“Sure. Come on in.” I welcomed with a gesture of my hand. “You don’t have a cell phone?” I asked, searching for my own.

“It’s in our room. We just need to call my mom.” They waited out side, then looked back and a third girl appeared, wrapped in just a swimming towel. I swallowed hard.

“Good Lord,” I whispered to myself. She was beautiful. With tattoos. Her breasts huge! Did these girls eat steroids every morning for breakfast?! She stared at the ground embarrassed, barely looking up to acknowledge me. She had long bangs hiding half her face, with her bottom lip pierced in the middle. “This is Amy, the leader introduced. “I’m Karen and this is Abby.”

~I didn’t tell them my name. “Ya. Cell phones aren’t toys ya know?! They’re easy to lose,” I joked.

“Oh. You know you’re right?” Karen asked facetiously, and the door closed. “I guess we’re just silly that way.” She glared up at me. “Can we use yours?”

“Sure. Here ya go.” I reached out to hand her my phone. She turned to look at her friends and they tried to hide their giggles. Karen turned back and looked me straight in the eyes.

“No, big boy…” she winked, “Your ‘toy’!” she spoke maturely and bit the inside of her bottom lip, while tracing her eyes down my body. Stopping at my crouch. I coughed.

“Excuse me?!” my adrenaline sky-rocketed. Was she asking what I thought she was asking?

“Look at him.” Abby spoke up, in an over toned French accent. “He’s blushing!”

“Don’t pretend you don’t wanna play with us,” Karen questioned me. “You do wanna play with us, don’t you?!” she flirted.

“Err…” I didn’t know what to say. They were so much younger than me. I watched her mouth open slightly and her tongue lick her teeth. The bulge in my pants was obvious.

“Oooo..,” Abby spoke again and took lead. “Are we making you… hard ‘mister’?!”

Karen walked behind me. “I bet he’s got a really big penis!” she said just loud enough to hear.

“Mmmm, I bet he does.” Abby added and bit her index finger nail. “Whatcha got under there?” I felt Karen’s hand graze my butt, and her fingers make their way around to coup a feel of the monster in my pants. “Yep, he’s hard!” Her finger nails grazed along the neck of my beast. I looked down and watched her little hand wrap around me and squeeze firmly.

~I did what I should’ve and stepped away. “You girls are crazy!”

“And horny.” Abby interrupted, smiling big and acting all flirty. She walked over to Amy in her towel, and pretended to hump her from behind. Karen wouldn’t keep her hands off my stomach. The mood in the room was strange. These girls, these… little girls, meant business. Abby turned Amy’s back towards me and let her towel drop to the floor.

“Oops!” Abby apologized in a flirting tone. Amy’s ass was amazing. Shiny like silk. Round like a ripe fruit. Karen snuck her hands under my shirt and ran her hands up to my chest.

“Don’t worry,” she pleaded, “we won’t tell.” I looked at her in disbelief. I must’ve looked like a deer in headlights. Abby held Amy’s naked body and whispered in her ear. She looked back at me over her shoulder, her ataşehir escort bayan hair still over the one eye. Meanwhile, Karen challenged to trespass under my belt line, running her nails along the edge of my underwear. It tickled like temptation. I held onto her wrists.

“Oh!” she gasped in a smart-ass manner. “Am I being bad?!” I swore she grew little demon horns just then.

Abby encouraged Amy closer to me and turned her around. I tried to look away, but for the life of me found no reason to not feast my eyes upon her gloriously untainted, freshly shaven wonder of a sex-doll body. She tried to cover herself, but Abby wouldn’t let her. She gave up her struggle and spoke for the first time, sounding like she was reading a line her friends had dared her to ask, in her innocent, little girl voice: “Will you #*@ % us?”

I fell under a spell. Abby reached over and pressed Amy’s boobs together, forming her cleavage perfectly. Amy placed her hands on top of Abby’s and both stared at me. My dick twitched.

~I cleared my throat. That’s all Abby needed to hear. She stepped away from Amy and pushed me until I fell on the messy bed. I attempted to sit up on my elbows but was pushed back down. My feet still touched the floor. Was I about to let this happen?! Karen decided now was the time to continue her quest, and began unfastening my belt. Abby helped, by hopping her knees up onto the bed with me, to unzip my fly. A mob of inexperienced fingers worked feverishly to discover the secrets of my manhood. I felt the waste-line of my pants loosen. Sweet Amy edged closer to the bed. Still unable to finalize their claim, Karen and Abby squeezed my legs and licked my stomach. Resting on the edge of the bed made my pants too tight to get their minor-law-suits in my pants.

Ambitious Abby recognized my pants were trapped, and encouraged me to scoot all the way onto the bed by pulling my hips towards the headboard. As I scooted myself, the girls held my pants, allowing me to slide right out of them. Along with my underwear. My hard dick sprang out of my pants and slapped on my stomach. The girls gasped.

“Oh my fucking God,” Abby smiled big. “That thing is #*@%in’ huge!” They all snickered in celebration as they congregated around my pulsating member. They couldn’t take their eyes off of it.

I reached down and stood it up straight. “You like that?” I asked.

Karen licked her lips and chewed her gum faster. “You’re a big boy!”

Amy held onto her shoulders, and slowly sat on the edge of the bed next to me. Then she looked down and grabbed a sheet from off the floor to warm up with.

Karen slid my pants down over my legs and onto the floor. I watched as she unfastened her belt and let her own pants drop to her ankles, along with her pretty red silk-thong panties. She looked so cute, naked, in her t-shirt and sneakers.

Abby got comfortable and sat on her feet. She held her hair out of her face and showed her girlfriends that she was brave enough to rub her hands on my stomach. I let go of my piece and sat up. Abby leaned towards me and let me smell her. She smelt sweet like honey. And rough like smoke. She leaned over further and licked one of my nipples with her cute little pierced tongue. Her hair brushed over my stomach and tickled the head of my stick.

I couldn’t see Karen as she spread my feet and crawled onto the bed between my legs. Abby’s kisses made their way to my stomach, giving me view of Karen as she slid her hands up my legs towards what would surly ‘ground’ her sweet ass! She stared me square in the eyes, blew a bubble with her gum until it popped, and then gazed upon her soon-to-be ‘teacher’. Studying the detail of my tool with evil intent.

~Abby licked my nipples some more then sat up to take her tank-top off. “You’re so thick and meaty!” she said, revealing her tight bright pink bra. She undid her strap and her tits hopped out, shaking as they fell upon her body. Her tits were perfect, with small pierced nipples, reminding me of her youth. After tossing her bra onto the floor, she grabbed a hold of both breasts and pushed them together. “Mmmm,” she flirted. “You wanna feel them?” she asked, then put her own nipple in her mouth. She was certainly my favorite of the group. A cocky little punk-rocker chick, who definitely knew when she had a boy, or man, wrapped around her little finger. She knew I was unsure and grabbed my hand and placed it on the bottom of the nearest boob. It felt unreal. No extra skin or fat. Perfectly ripe. I squeezed, and felt her smooth tit slip over my palm, and the nipple stop between my fingers. Then I grabbed a hold for another squeeze.

~Amy cuddled up next to me and rested her hands upon my ribs. The look of her young face was a constant reminder that what was happening was just barely legal. These were certainly naughty little girls! Amy’s eye looked up at me and she smiled quietly. Her finger nails circled my skin, softly tickling me.

“Amy wants you to #*@% her!” Karen’s lead vocals shattered the silence while playing with my legs. I looked back at Amy. She blushed, and allowed her escort kadıköy hair to cover both eyes.

Just then Abby leaned forward and put her tits in my face. “Mmmm, wanna taste ’em?” As if I had any choice. She squeezed them together against my nose, and I proceeded to glaze her entire breast with my open mouth. She liked it. My ass flexed, making my dick hop.

“It moved!” Karen laughed, still on her knees between my legs.

Abby turned to Karen and criticized her, her French accent more obvious. “You gonna suck his &%@ # or what?!”

Karen didn’t respond. Instead proceeded to slide her fingers under my fallen tree and grab a hold of the trunk. Her hand felt clean and soft, like it had been exfoliated a hundred times. She twisted her wrist and erected my rocket, readying it for launch. My dick had never looked so large as it did in this girl’s tiny hand, barely able to wrap her fingers half way around my diameter.

~Amy pulled her hair out of her face to watch, resting her chin on my hip. Abby turned her attention back to me, and helped me get out of my shirt. “You know you gotta big penis, right?!” I gave out a moaning growl.

Karen prepared her mouth, and reached in and took out her gum and threw it across the room, then tucked her hair behind her ear. ~Everyone stared in anticipation. With a fistful of throbbing cock, Karen stuck out her tiny tongue and began licking the head of my dick. Throbbing as it was, her spit felt cool and refreshing. Every lick made me grow bigger. My hearing heightened, arousing me more with every subtle sound her wet mouth produced. She puckered, and let my helmet slide into her young, warm, wet mouth. She rolled her head around, grazing her teeth on me just minutely. “Mmmmmm,” she enjoyed her meal. Then she plopped me out like a tootsie-pop, and tilted her head. Out came her tongue again and flicked the chin of my knob. Her eyes locked me into her every thought. Then she tilted her head the other way and wrapped her mouth around my shaft as much as she could. I felt her tongue wiggle as she nibbled, slowly polishing the upper half of my poll. She made her way back up to my peak and gave it another lick. Then she slowly slid her firm grip up my giant cock, spreading her saliva around and began stroking just the head, splattering her spit between her fingers. My cock became glistening rock hard.

“Mmmm, that looks good.” Abby whispered to me. She put her hands on the bed, one on each side of my waste and hovered her mouth near my scintillating manhood, sticking her ass in my face and allowing me to catch a glimpse of her skimpy blue panties under her skirt.

Karen slid her hand back down to the base, and tipped me over to share with Abby. She leaned forward and inserted my wet meat into her mouth, sliding it past her tongue and down her throat with no hands. She came up for air, then began pumping me into her face.

“You’re such a slut!” Karen critiqued Abby, making her giggle with her mouth full. Her pierced tongue felt amazing. With each swallow I could feel the back of her throat press against my head. She began slurping the spit as she worked. Karen let go of me and took off her t-shirt, revealing her tanned C-cups being held tight by her Super-Girl bra.

~By now, the whole situation began to feel dirty, which only wetted my appetite for these girl’s affection even more. Abby grabbed a hold of me, gave her mouth a break and started stroking me. Nice, long strokes, all the way up and down. Karen got back involved and starting licking me some more. Abby kept stroking, and joined Karen’s mouth with hers. Their lips kissed one another as they fought over my helmet. Abby grabbed a hold of Karen’s head and made her suck me off, pushing my dick down her throat until she choked. Karen pulled back, with streams of spit hanging from her chin, and Abby took over.

~Amy snuggled close to me and I held her in my arm. She reached over and turned my face. Our lips met and kissed intimately. Like lovers. She melted in my arm and slid her warm tongue into my mouth. She was so sweet and loving. She stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes. So silent and precious. Then she touched my face and kissed my cheek. She definitely had a thing for me. Perhaps what Karen said earlier was true.

~I turned my attention back to the suck-fest below my waist. The two had decided to see who could get the most of me in their mouths. Measuring the length down my shaft, and rubbing their success in the other’s face. Their game felt good. I didn’t care who won. I reached over with my left hand and felt the inside of Abby’s leg. She moaned a little and lifted her skirt for me. Her black nylons were strapped to her sky blue panties. Very sexy. I accepted her invitation and slid my hand over her secret garden, making her wince, and almost lock my hand between her legs. She was already wet.

“Mmmmm, I’m so wet!” Abby announced to her girl friend, catching her breath, then slid her tongue up and down my drenched tower some more.

~Karen sat up, smiling, and crawled over next to me. She winked at me and said “Hi,” and spread her legs to bostancı escort play with herself while I watched. Her vagina was tiny. And cute. Clean shaven except a single patch just above her button. She was familiar with her naked self, and played her clit very well. I watched, smiling, until Abby swung a leg over and put her pussy in my face. These girls had done their job, now it was time for me to return the favor.

~With one finger I slid Abby’s wet panty to the side. She wiggled her feline ass and hovered it just above my mouth. Her pussy was completely shaven. Perhaps even waxed. Completely smooth and shiny. Her juice smelt sweet. I opened my mouth and pulled her onto my face to feed. Her little kitty tasted clean. And delicious.

“Oooo, yeah!” she twitched, “Eat my pussy!” Then she slopped my dick back in her mouth, moaning as I tickled her with my tongue. With every lick over her clit her body flexed. Her boots squeaked in my ears as she rocked her body. We lied there, smothering one another for some time, our breathing intensifying.

~Amy huddled closer to me and watched Abby and I orally satisfy each other. Karen paused what she was doing and decided to walk around the bed to lie down with Amy. I turned my head to breath and watched. Amy was so submissive, letting Karen have her way with her. She whined quietly, being made to kiss Karen, and lick her nipples. She was the shortest, and the smallest.

Then, Karen exerted her authority and made Abby get off of me. “Quit hogging him!” she laughed, “It’s my turn.” Abby moved to the foot of the bed and Karen laid down between Amy and me. I sat up and Karen pulled me on top of them both.

~I felt like a giant hovering over these girls. My piece grazed their skin. Their eyes were big, and full of expectation. I had one knee between both their legs. I gave them my lips and they kissed me together. Amy touched my face and Karen ran her fingers through my hair. All three of our tongues licked.

Behind me, I felt Abby’s adventurous hands play with my ass and search around my waist to grab a hold of my disciplinary device. She stroked me while licking my back. Karen crept her kinky right hand under Amy’s sheet and played with her below her waist. Amy froze and whined like a hungry puppy dog. Her brittle mannerisms made her the attraction. Karen began kissing her cheek, and I slowly unveiled her luscious breasts from under the sheet. She turned away, blushing. So innocent, and fragile. Karen licked her neck. I softly touched one of her breasts. She enjoyed being touched, but hadn’t had too much experience it seemed. Karen grabbed my other hand and made me play with her tits too. She loved having her nipples pinched.

Amy turned back around and began kissing Karen some more. Their kisses were sensual, and extremely provocative. The moment became steamy, and in no time both girls were grinding their wet pussies on my knees. Abby stroked me on. I turned and got a mouth full of her brilliant boobs in my face. Below me were two girls kissing one another and humping my legs. At the same time I was being jerked off and breast fed. “Could this be a dream?” I remember thinking. It’s what happened next that I probably remember the most.

~Abby grabbed the blanket that lied at the foot of the bed, tucked into the mattress, and threw it over my back, wrapping us all up in it. Then dimmed the lights and crawled under the sheets next to Amy. Our heavy breathing heated our skin, and we all became damp and slippery. The girls pulled me closer. Their bodies twisted and turned, as I slid over and in between them. Everything became blissful. Little hands played with my chest and stroked my rod over and over. At times I didn’t know where I was, or who’s pussy my hard dick was brushing against. The sounds of tongues licking and lips kissing were all around. All three of their breasts invited my mouth. Everyone’s hands and fingers began to wander. I couldn’t stop grabbing a hold of their little wastes, and sliding my fingers over their clits. I tried to see. All three of their mouths licked my neck and breathed in my ears. I took turns kissing them. Amy was always a slow and passionate kisser. Karen was the slut, always biting my tongue and whispering little secrets into my mind. While Abby seemed to always know just what to say or do. Always taking my hints, knowing where I wanted to move, and knowing when I wanted my dick sucked some more. Her mouth was wonderful, full of variety in her methods and knowing just how to tease me and please me.

I heard heavier breathing and realized Abby and Karen were finger-banging Amy’s innocent pussy. Some how Amy got in the middle, with her legs spread just below me. I leaned forward and she kissed me and pulled my hips tight between her legs, driving the shaft of my nuclear warhead over her peaceful sanctuary. Her passion for my penis was a given. The girls slid their fingers out of Amy’s tight hole and stroked me, together. I felt the insides of Amy’s legs with my hand, and traced her skin down and around her little ass. She responded by arching her back and shaking her hips, making her wet pussy lips slide up and down my pole. At one point I almost entered her by accident, and she gave out a silent scream. “He’s big!” she told her girlfriends. Karen spoke convincing words into her ears, that the pleasure would some how be worth the pain. She trusted in them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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