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Little Help From A Friend

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Sarah: “I’m so horny, baby, I hate that you’re so far away?”

Rob: “I know. I want to fuck you just as much as you want me.”

Sarah: “What are you doing right now? We could always have a little fun here?”

Rob: “I really want to, but I have to go soon. I do have an idea though. ;-)”

Sarah: “Hmm. What’s you’re idea?”

Rob: “Well, remember you were telling me about that guy? Your friend that you want to fuck?”

Sarah: “Yeah, James. I’m talking to him online just now.”

Rob “I think you should ask him to come over. Then you can get him to do to you all the things you want to do with me.”

Sarah: “I don’t know baby. We’ve been friends for a really long time and I doubt he would want to fuck me”

Rob: “Try it. What’s the worst that can happen? Just say ‘I’m so horny’. If he doesn’t go for it tell him you typed in the wrong window :P”

Sarah: “Ok. I’ll do it. Back in a second.”

Sarah opened up the window containing her conversation with James, her friend she had just been discussing. Their conversation had stopped several minutes ago as Sarah had been hoping for some online fun with Rob, her friend in the US with whom she regularly would talk about sex, exchange photo’s and pleasure herself while he did the same as she looked at the photo’s or video’s he had sent to her. She was no longer dressed as she had removed her clothing when she saw Rob come online. As she looked at the previous messages on the screen her nipples hardened to a pink peak on the soft mound of her large breasts. She could feel herself moistening in anticipation. She had wanted for several years to fuck James but she’d never had the courage to make a move. She had always thought him to be out of her league, he was popular, tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone liked him; in fact several of her friends would have given their right arms to sleep with him. She just counted herself lucky that he held her as a close friend, she the unpopular weirdo, with her black hair and love of heavy metal music she had always been an outcast among the popular people.

Sarah knew that Rob was right. If she couldn’t have him, then she could at least try to get the guy she’d wanted since as far back as she could remember. And really, all he could say was no. She looked at the screen again and hovered her hands above the black keys of her small laptop. The gleam from the bright screen shone on her face and high lit her eyes as she let her fingers begin tapping on the keys

Sarah: “I’m so fucking horny. Wish you were here with me”

She waited, never letting her eyes wander far from the screen, fear and excitement building in the pit of her stomach as she waited anxiously for James to reply. Several minutes passed before she saw a message appear on the screen.

James: “I could be. If that’s what you really want.”

She looked at the message, reading it again and again her brain taking several seconds to register what it said. She hadn’t even realised but as she went to type her reply she found that her hand had made it’s way south and was resting between her legs casually brushing against her swollen clitoris. She removed her hand from it’s resting place and typed.

Sarah: “Yes! Come over now. I’ll be waiting for you X”

She closed the window and felt a huge smile spread across her red lips as she re-opened her conversation with Rob.

Sarah: “Oh my God! He’s coming over :-D”

Rob: “Well you’ll have me to thank tomorrow morning after he fucks you senseless. Just don’t forget about me if you and him end up getting together”

Sarah: “As if I would forget. I love talking to you. You get me so horny it’s unreal! I just wish we could do all the things we’ve talked about for real?”

Rob: “Yeah. I do to baby. Maybe someday we can. When will your man get there?”

As Rob typed his last message Sarah heard her phone beeping from the table at the side of her bed. She retrieved the small black phone and flipped it open. She scanned the text from James. It told her that he had just left his house and should arrive at hers about 15 minutes later. She was beginning to get greatly excited now. She could feel how wet she had become as a little moistness had leaked onto her thigh from her already naked pussy as she lay on her bed. She informed Rob of how long James would be and they continued to talk together, mostly concerning what Sarah wanted to do with James. She rose from the bed and made her way to the mirror, she quickly applied a little make up, painting her lips a deep red and creating smoky dark eyes. She fixed her hair and made her way back to the bed. By her reckoning she had about ten minutes left, perhaps slightly less, until James actually arrived, knowing him well enough to add on several minutes to when he stated he would arrive.

Sarah: “I’m ready now. I’ll stay and talk to you till he gets here.”

Rob: “Cool. Have you decided what you’re going to do when he arrives?”

Sarah: “I think I’ll just stay naked. I’ll open the door and as soon as bostancı escort he gets inside I’ll kiss him and see how he reacts. He might change his mind once it actually comes to it”

Rob: “Sounds like a good plan. Are you going to let him do whatever he wants?”

Sarah: “Yeah. Hopefully he’ll want to fuck my ass. You got me really in the mood earlier ;-)”

Rob: “I wish I could come there, I’d fuck your ass so hard you wouldn’t be able to sit for a week!”

Sarah let her hand wander south again and placed two fingers on her clitoris. She began to gently touch herself, rubbing in small circles, her want to feel Rob inside her was so strong she couldn’t help herself. She hoped that on the other side of the ocean Rob was stroking himself thinking the same about her. As she made to slip a finger inside her slippery pussy she heard the unexpected sound of her phone beeping. She removed her finger and flipped open the phone again. James was at the bottom of her apartment building, he would be outside her door in a matter of seconds.

Sarah: “James is outside. I’m sorry sweetheart but I’ll have to leave. If you’re still online when we’re finished then I’ll tell you all the details”

Rob: “No problem babe. Go get fucked. Good night”

Sarah hurriedly signed out of her messenger and closed her computer putting it on her desk. She dimmed the lights and made her way to the door ready and waiting now for James’ imminent arrival. As she stood waiting at the door the confidence Rob had instilled in her began to wane. She felt the need to cover her naked flesh and began to make her way back towards her bedroom. She was stopped in her tracks however by a loud knock on her front door. She turned towards the door again, her confidence returning slightly but being over taken by a burning, harboured lust for the man on the other side. She walked purposefully towards the door, her hand gripping the cold brass knob. She looked through the spy hole on the door and saw James. He stood tall and impatient, pacing back and forward along the hall outside every now and again running his large masculine hands through his dishevelled blond hair. His shinning blue eyes turned towards the door again and he seemed to be muttering something to himself. Sarah took this as her signal to open the door. Her hand turned the brass knob and she pulled open the heavy wooden door. Her naked body was revealed slowly to the waiting eyes of her friend.

Quickly he came around the door and into the apartment. He pushed the door shut behind him and let his eyes for the first time properly look at the woman before him. He let out a contented sound as he pulled her naked body close to his still clothed one. By now Sarah had forgotten her plan to kiss him, but as he pulled her body into his strong arms she pressed her red lips against his. She was vaguely shocked when he kissed her back despite the fact that he had come to her of his own free will she still couldn’t quite believe it was actually happening.

James pressed his lips against hers, probing with his tongue, and seeking entrance into the warm, moist depths of her mouth. She was drowning in emotion and in his clean, manly scent as she parted her lips letting his tongue enter her mouth and begin to wrestle with hers. She noticed that her hands had begun to work of their own accord, removing the jacket James had been wearing and already they had found their way back to the hem of his t-shirt after tossing the jacket to the side. As she tugged his shirt upwards they parted their lips and James spoke the first words he’d said to her since arriving.

“Oh god Sarah. I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time.” He smiled at her, pulling her into him again as he began to gently run his fingers through her curly black hair.

“Tell me about it.” She replied, returning his smile as she snaked her arms around his neck, brining her face up towards his again, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss, tongues dancing together again. She removed her hands from his neck and as he kicked of his shoes she trailed her fingers down his chest, and further down his stomach till they came to rest on the fly of his jeans. Still with her lips locked to his her fingers worked on rapidly undoing his flies. Soon his jeans were falling from his body and he stepped out of them, kicking them to the side along with his shoes, shirt and jacket.

He stood before her now clothed in only his boxers. Through these Sarah could see a clear bulge already formed, straining against it’s fabric confines. As her eyes travelled over his almost naked body she felt a longing to touch him, to kiss him, to run her hands and lips over every inch of him. From the look in his eyes it seemed that the feeling was very much mutual. She placed her hands on his hips and slid down the last remaining fabric covering him. She was pleased when his already fully erect cock was revealed to her. He looked to be about 8 inches and thick enough to stretch her nicely, especially if he did take her in her ass as well. ümraniye escort bayan He was probably the largest she had ever had, not that she’d had too many and she was very much looking forward to feeling him inside her.

Obviously James was looking forward to being inside her as well. He guided her backwards until they fell together onto the couch. He kissed her once softly on the lips before trailing his kisses downwards until the fell over her milky breasts. He kissed each in turn, gently suckling the stiff pink peaks of her nipples. As he suckled her breasts his hand found it’s was to her pussy. Slowly and slightly hesitantly at first he began to rub her clitoris in firm but gently circles. He no longer seemed to her to be as confident as he had previously; he now seemed just as nervous as she, at last getting something she had longed to have and determined to make it perfect.

After several minutes of this his confidence seemed to return. He stopped in his rubbing of her clit and lent back from suckling her breasts. With the fingers he had been using to tease her he parted her lower lips. Gently he slipped a finger from his other hand inside her. He felt her warm, wet folds enclose his finger as he quickly probed in and out, enjoying the sound of his hand connecting with the wetness. Before long he added a second finger causing her to cry out in pleasure. He worked his fingers deep inside her burying them right to his knuckle as he longingly watched them disappear inside her then reappear his cock grow even stiffer than it had been. Slowly he lowered his face to her pussy and softly began to lap at her clitoris, soaked already in her juices. He hungrily licked, kissed and finally sucked her clitoris listening contentedly as she moaned his name, her breathing becoming more and more ragged with each passing second.

Carefully he pressed a third finger inside her. As he pumped his fingers deeply and with as much force as possible without causing any discomfort he continued to work her clit with his mouth. Soon she cried out.

“Oh James! I’m cumming!” she cried, gripping the sofa cushions. Seconds after her exclamation her felt her pussy begin to tighten around his fingers as it grew ever wetter with her orgasm. He continued to probe her with his fingers until her orgasm subsided. When it did he removed his fingers and rubbed the wetness from them onto her ass hole. As he did Sarah found her voice again.

“Oh that’s good.” She moaned

“So you like having your ass played with then?” He asked, a smile forming on his lips as he slipped the tip of his index finger into her tight ass hole. She gasped, smiled back and nodded her head. “Good good. I’ll keep that in mind”

“It’s your turn now baby” Sarah moaned as James continued to slightly penetrate her ass with his finger. Sarah placed her hand on his to stop his motions and stood up. She pointed at the sofa, indicating he was to take her previous position. He sat on the sofa and Sarah took a position between his thighs.

She kissed him again, softly and briefly, as she wrapped her hand around the shaft of his throbbing erection. She began to move her hand up and down. She started slow and gradually began to build up speed. She used her free hand to gently squeeze and massage his balls, tugging softly on them as she increased the speed she was using to stroke up and down his penis. She moved aside the hand that was working on his balls as she began to suck them and lick them. Soon he was moaning louder and louder with each movement of her hand or her lips.

Minutes passed in this way until she changed her method. She stopped her work on his balls with her mouth and removed her hand from his cock. She began to lap at the sticky, salty pre-cum that was leaking from the head of his penis. She gathered it on her tongue and swallowed it. Then she licked his penis from base to tip several times covering his penis in slippery spit. Then finally after several pleas from James for her to do it she took the head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it again and again pressing it against his cock every now and again. While she did this she began to stroke the base of his cock again, occasionally rotating her hand in a circular motion in time with the swirling of her tongue. Soon James was sighing deeply, his breathing becoming heavier as he entwined his long fingers in her curls. Gently he used his hand in her hair to indicate he wanted her to go further.

Sarah took his signal and began to work her mouth further down his shaft. She swallowed each inch, bit by bit savouring the taste and the feeling of having him in her mouth. She sucked him softly until his entire length was sheathed in her warm wet mouth. Once she had all of him in she started to build up speed, her sucking becoming more and more firm and fast as she let him slide down her throat then pulled her mouth right back to the tip and slipped him down her throat once again.

“Oh God Sarah! Keep doing that and I’m gonna cum” He groaned his voice now raspy kartal escort and a little deeper than normal as he clearly hovered on the brink of an orgasm. Sarah didn’t want him to cum yet however, not until she had at least felt him inside her once.

She stopped sucking him suddenly, getting to her feet. James joined her pulling her into him again. Sarah felt his long, hard erection, still wet from her sucking, pressing into her stomach as he kissed her deeply. She could taste herself on his lips. She wondered if he minded tasting himself on hers. Obviously he didn’t as he continued to kiss her deeply, letting his hand reach down between her legs. He slipped two long fingers back inside her without any problem, she was easily wet enough to take a much bigger object than his cock. He slipped his fingers in and out several times as he moved his kisses from her lips to her neck pressing her backwards and down onto the sofa.

He looked at her now, lying below him. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He had wanted it almost as long as she had and now he was bordering on desperate to push himself deep inside her. First he had to be sure.

“Are you certain you want to do this?” He said, forcing the words out, fearing now that she would change her mind now at the last moment.

“Very certain. I’ve wanted this for the longest time” As she said that she smiled warmly at him her hand moving to his penis and placing the head, freely leaking pre-cum, against her wet, shaven pussy. He needed no more conformation. Slamming his lips onto hers again he pushed inside her for the very first time.

At the same moment both were filled with sheer ecstasy at the fulfilment of their lust for each other. As James buried his whole length inside Sarah he discovered her to be much tighter than he had anticipated. Her tightness heightened the pleasure he felt as he continued to pump his long, rock hard cock into her again and again. He loved the feeling of her soft, slippery pussy gripping tightly around his swollen cock as he continued to fuck her, his thrusts becoming harder now as she called his name digging her long painted nails into the soft flesh of his back. For several minutes he thrust into her deeply dipping his head every now and again to kiss her face, her lips, her neck, her collar bone and further down to her breasts.

Soon she called out loudly as she dug her nails deeply into his skin. He felt her pussy tighten around him, contracting in a powerful orgasm. He could feel her becoming ever wetter as her orgasm continued seeming to last an eternity. He continued to thrust inside her, his own orgasm building again now. He wanted to let go now to cum and fill her tight hole with his sticky cum, but her also wanted to shoot his load all over her, and again he wanted to watch his cock disappear into her tiny ass hole. Suddenly the decision was taken out of his hands. He felt himself explode, crying Sarah’s name as he filled her up. #

His tired body flopped down on top of Sarah as his orgasm came to an end. He withdrew his still almost fully hard cock from her pussy, watching as juices, his and hers mixed, poured from her hole and covered every inch of his cock. He stood up intending to go and wash himself. As he made to move Sarah grabbed hold of his wrist and turned him about to face her. She took him back into her mouth sucking every last drop of the mix of his salty cum and her stick, sweet wetness. As James watched his cock disappearing into her pretty mouth again he grew back to full hardness but on the very brink of another orgasm. He pulled himself from her mouth and pulled her to her feet positioning her again on her knees with her ass pointed in the air.

He looked at her in this position, watching as their mixed cum dripped out of her pussy onto her clit and onto the floor. He pushed his fingers into her pussy again, covering them in juices; he removed them again as quickly as he’d inserted them and began to rub the wetness onto her ass hole. This time he slipped his whole index finger into her ass, loosening her up and relaxing her ass, aiming to prepare her for his cock. Soon he added a second finger fairly easily and gently pushed his cock back into her covering it in wetness. He worked his fingers in her ass and cock in her pussy for several seconds as she moaned how good it felt, using a hand to gently stroke her own clitoris.

Soon he was satisfied that he was lubed enough from her pussy and withdrew his penis again. He placed his cock head against her ass hole as he removed his fingers. Gently he pressed against the tight brown star opening of her ass. Gradually he felt her yield to him as he pressed into her. Soon his head disappeared inside her ass and he felt a pleasure rush through him as he worked the rest of his length inside. Sarah continued to rub her clit occasionally slipping one or two fingers inside her pussy. She was moaning deeply from the intense pleasure she felt at having her ass penetrated. Her pleasure was enhanced by the fact that it was James who was gently working his way into her. Soon she felt her ass accept him inside as his whole length filled her, stretching her ass wide. She screamed again in pleasure as he brought his hands round to play with her breasts as his thrusts into her ass began to pick up speed and force.

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