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Little Sex Toy Ch. 02

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The only sounds in the room are his loud grunts and heavy breathing. That, and the springs of my bed, my bed board hitting the wall. My soft whimpers, soft crying and moaning are drown out by all of this. My eyes closed, I keep my face buried in the pillow in front of me.

“Uhg, Uhg…fuck, ooooh, Uhg…”, he slaps against me from behind forcefully and very fast. I can feel his hairy and muscular legs against my outer thighs. He pins my legs together and that holds my rear end cheeks tightly pressed together and in place up against the sides of his huge erection. He moves in and out of my tight little hole, slaps up hard against my naked rear as he does. He slides between my slippery cheeks the full length of his cock. It feels like my bed will break and collapse onto the floor. I’m being fucked by him for the first time, fucked very hard.

If a picture were taken from the ceiling all that it would show of me are the naked and smooth backs of my legs held tight together and sticking out in the middle of his muscular and hair legs. All the picture would show are the backs of my baby smooth thighs and the soft skin behind my knees and upper calves. His large body covers the rest of me completely. All you’d see in the picture is him moving on top of me.

His hands hold my wrists tightly, my arms bent up to my sides. I’m naked except for the pink high heel shoes I wear as he instructed me to do. His pants and underwear are down around his ankles, still has his work shoes on. His pants and the weight of his boots pin my feet down at the edge of the bed, they lay on top of the back of my heels. I’m helpless to move out from under him.

My rear is pushed up high, a pillow shoved up under my lower stomach. I feel the hairiness of his masculine crotch and balls slap up against my exposed rear end cheeks, feel him rub up against me rhythmically. I feel his still buttoned work shirt all over my back. He only removed his pants, just pulled them down to his ankles before he climbed on top of me.

“Oooo, you little bitch, you fucking little bitch…”, he releases my wrists, leans up over me and takes the sides of my raised rear end cheeks in both hands. “…I knew you’d make a good fuck toy.” I feel his fingers dig into me.

Holding me so tight it hurts, he cums in me. Lifting my rear up just off of the pillow and with his thumbs, spreading my cheeks apart next to the side of his hard cock, he exposes just my tight little hole. He pushes himself all the way into me. He pumps slowly, milking himself deeply into my rear end. I cry out, feels like I want to choke. He ignores me, holds his large erection all the way up into me.

And then he finishes. Pulling away and moving up on his knees, he puts his large flat hand on my back, he pushes up and off of me. I feel his cock pull out of me so quickly it hurts. I cry out, writhe on the bed. I hear him laugh.

“I know you liked that, princess. We both know you did, you fucking little whore.” He steps back a few feet from the bed. “Now you have to learn do what comes next. You’ll be doing this a lot.”

I look back over my shoulder at him, feel my total nakedness as I look up at him. I also feel his cum up between my cheeks, feel the cool air on my naked butt as some of it starts to run out of me and onto the bed underneath me. He stares down at me. He snaps his fingers and points to the floor at his feet.


An hour and half ago he was at my front door. I did what he told me to do, what he instructed me to do when he called. I told him I’d shaved like he told me too, told him I masturbated and thought about what he had me do for him in his car. Remember him saying, ‘you are a good little, bitch’. I hated that that but said nothing. He told me he’d be at my front door at 6pm, one hour after work. Told me I was to have a very ‘slippery ass’, as he put it, and that I was to be naked and in hopefully the shoes he mentioned that one of the girls wore at the work-party. I was. Picked out a pair of open toe pink ankle strap 3″ high heels at the local DSW at lunch time, I was three shades of red paying for them at the cash register with a line of people behind me watching. The girl at the register looked up at me and smiled, remember her quietly saying, ‘did you find your right size, honey?’. She winked at me. I didn’t answer her, just paid escort bahçelievler and left the store as fast as I could.

So there I was as he told me to be. I met him at my front door. Was terrified, I kept thinking I can say ‘no’, I can tell him I’m not going to do this. I wanted to run, felt like throwing up. And then my doorbell rang.

He was still dressed like he does at work in the warehouse. Work shirt, work pants and heavy boots. He looked all male, all working class man, very large, strong and masculine. There was nothing effeminate about him. He was a real man’s man.

Seeing him like that, standing in my hallway, made me feel even smaller than I am, I felt very sissy-like. And in that instant I felt my little thing stir and then shrink, felt it just barely feel like it wanted to get erect but couldn’t. I realized that he turned me on. I wanted this. But I was so afraid.

He didn’t say a word, just stood there and smiled. My face turned bright red and I looked down toward the floor, looked down at my girl shoes. I am small, very thin and barely 5’6″. And naked I look like a teenage boy. As I looked down I saw my very little 2″ penis, soft and boy-like. There I was for him to see and inspect wearing only high heels. That and K-Y jelly I usually use to masturbate. I put it all over tiny hole, up high between my cheeks on my rear end.

“I’d see you in your office, suit and tie on, think to myself what you’d look like naked on your knees with my dick in your mouth.” He moved toward me. “I’d think to myself, ‘he’s the perfect little bitch, he just doesn’t know it yet’ and then I’d have to make sure my hard on didn’t show under my pants to the others in the warehouse. I’ve thought about you for a while, princess.”

He moved up to me and took me by one arm. “Where’s your bedroom?”

“Upstairs.” I muttered, still staring at the floor. I motioned to the stairway.

He pulled me by my arm from the hall, started a walking purposefully, not fast but forceful. I could barely keep up, heard my high heels click on the wood floor as he led me to the stairs quickly. He didn’t say a word, just led me upstairs.

Pulling me into my bedroom, he let go of my arm and moved to the bed. He pulled back the bedspread just enough to take a pillow and then tossed it to the center of the bed. He reached back and took my arm again, pulling me to the bed.

“Let’s go, bitch, face down and lover the pillow, maybe fold it over to push that rear up high.” He slapped my butt so hard, loud slap sound reverberated off my bedroom walls. I raised up onto my toes, cried out, felt a tear in one eye.

As I lay across the pillow I could hear him unbuckle his belt, heard his pants drop to the floor, then felt him put his knees on the bed fast, just outside of my legs pinning me down. I felt his entire weight on top of me from behind as I felt him reach down and take his cock in his hand, felt him move his cock around and up between my cheeks until he found my tight little hole. He was rock hard.

When he pushed into me for the first time I screamed. I screamed out loud. He didn’t say anything. He pushed it in all the way. I started to pull away but could not, felt him hold me so down, felt the pillow under me block my escape, felt it keep my rear up for him. I just gave in, fell onto it and pushed my rear out to him as best I could. I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to do this for him, not going to fight it.’ He started to fuck me, really fuck me.

He fucked me for over an hour. I know because I saw the clock on my bed stand.


He stared at me as I got up off the bed, tears on my face, his cum running down the inside of my left thigh. I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees in front of him. His right hand went to the back of my head, took my hair in it.

“Put it in your mouth. You’re going to suck it clean after I finish fucking your ass, every time.” He reached down and took me under my chin with his other hand and guided my face toward his cock. He had cum all over the hair around it, some on the top of his legs. I closed my eyes as I opened my mouth.

“That’s it. That’s a good boy.” He held me by my hair as my mouth closed around him. I could taste my rear on him. I did not pull away. He was huge even when soft. escort balgat I felt the head of it at the back of my throat.

“Now I know that can’t taste good.” He laughed. “But you’ll not only do this every time I fuck your ass you’ll learn to like it. I know you, bitch. I know how a bitch like you needs to be treated. And don’t make me ask, push you down. You just get on your knees and do this. Next time I have to motion to the floor I’ll use my belt on you.”

He kept his cock in my mouth like that as he talked. “Clean it off, then I want you to lick it off my legs and the hair above my cock.”

I reached up and put my hands on his rear end. Cupping his cheeks with my hands I held him in place as I started to move my tongue around and over his soft cock. I wanted to please him. It surprised him.

“Ooooo, now that is an appreciative little bitch, nice. I knew you’d be a quick learner.” He let go of my hair and patted my head. He put his hands on the side of his hips and watched as I cleaned his cock, balls and legs.

After I finished I looked up at him as I licked the cum off of his right leg. He pushed my head away from him as I finished. “Get a towel.”

I got up and hurried to my bathroom, got a damp cloth and towel. I came back to him and kneeling in front of him washed him off and dried him. I said nothing, just ran his cock back and forth through the damp cloth. He reached down and pulled me up to my feet.

I stood up straight in front of him, his soft cock in my hand. “You hurt my little rear end but I don’t care. I’ll do that for you whenever you like. I think after today you know I’ll be yours.”

He pushed away from me. Bending down he took his pants, pulled them up and sat on the edge of my bed. “I know you will. I knew you would before today.” He looked up at me.

“Make your little dick hard. Play with yourself. Be a sexy little bitch, tease me. You’re gonna be mine alright but you’re gonna be mine the way I want you too. Now, play for me.” He stared at me coldly.

I felt so self conscious I could barely get hard. I moved my hips, running one hand down over my rear while playing with my penis. He smiled as I ‘danced’, tried to be sexy for him. And as I made myself hard I let myself go. I was truly getting turned on. I ran my hand around and up my legs, up the crack of my rear. I tried to be what I thought a stripper would be for the men she danced for.

“I’ve never down any of this before, ever.” I looked at him smiling back at me. “I want to do this right for you.”

“That’s it. Stroke slowly, real slow. Look at that little thing, so cute. Move that ass.” He leaned forward on the edge of the bed. “Put both hands on your ass, present yourself to me. Push that little dick out for me.”

I stared back at him, erection sticking out in front of me using my hands to hold my cheeks tightly, pushed them toward him, my legs spread slightly.

“Keep that baby erection. You lose it and I’ll spank you.” He stood up and ran his hand up and over my dick. He let it flop out of his hand and then took hold of it again. I was moaning, pumping the air in front of me, tried to push it back into his hand, flexing my hips.

“Daddy, daddy…”, I looked at him wanting him to fuck me again. He laughed and took out his cell phone.

“Don’t you fucking move, you stay like that, you move and I’ll not only spank you I’ll slap your face harder than you can imagine.”


e took a picture of me, took several from my neck down.

Then he looked at the pictures he took. “Princess, you’re better than I thought you’d be. Very cute. Don’t worry, we won’t show your face in any pictures. Not yet anyway.” I winced when he said that, felt panic.

He stood and put his cell phone back in his pocket. He started for the door of my bedroom. “Let’s go, baby. Tiny little hard on and all, move, let’s go downstairs.” He was laughing again as he said that.

When we got to my living room he looked at his watch. Turned to me, saw I was embarrassed and still slightly afraid of him. He smiled and then undid his belt. He saw my eyes open wide.

“Please, please, don’t hit me with that, please…”, I heard the panic in my voice.

“Princess, I’m not going to do that. Not today anyway.” He undid his pants, pulled his zipper down. He lowered his pants escort batıkent and underwear and sat on my couch. “I just want you to suck me, make me cum again. I have time for a blowjob.”

He watched as I went to him slowly.

“I love that mouth of yours. And I want this to be for you, show me what you can do when you take your time, when I let you suck my dick as a reward.” He spread his legs, cock semi erect almost standing straight up. “Come on, baby.”

I knelt and put my hands on his naked upper legs. Lowered my face to him and took him into my mouth. I heard him moan and lean back onto my couch as I looked up at him. I lowered my eyes, closed them. I did what he wanted.

I could feel his cum all over my inner thighs and up between my naked cheeks. I felt like I was being what I’m supposed to be. I moved my head up and down him, felt him run up and over my tongue. I licked the underside of his hard cock as I slowly ran it in and out of my mouth as deeply as I could. I kept my mouth on him and pumped him to make him cum. I wanted that, wanted to jack him off with my mouth.

When he came I closed my mouth tight around him, wanted to swallow it all. He dug his fingers into my shoulders.

“Fuck! Ooooo, yes…”, his hands went to the sides of my face. When he finished I felt him start to go soft in my mouth. I kept my lips closed on him, didn’t what him to pull away.

He took my hair in his hand so tight it hurt, pulled my mouth off of him. He stared down at me, raised his hand as if to slap me, held his hand up ready to hit me. I started to cry, shrink a way. He laughed hard.

“Please, don’t hit me, please…” I cried, begged.

He lowered his hand, teased me, and petted the side of my face. “You keep being my good little bitch and I won’t have to. Although, it is fun to do that to you, I have to admit.”

He stood and pulled his pants back up. I felt afraid and turned on all at the same time, knelt on the floor and cried softly. He knew now that all he had to do was threaten to slap me and I’d cry.

“I want you to get some real short little shorts, girl type shorts. Not boy shorts, no zippers. Get the sissy kind you pull on and off. We’re going to show off that rear end of yours, show off that ass that I own now.” He zipped his pants up and buckled his belt. “Get some girl panties too. I don’t want a cross dresser, just a sissy. And you make that happen. I think you should sit when you pee too. All the time, see you at work standing in the men’s room and I’ll slap you in front whoever else is there. And it would be good for you to paint your toenails pink. Remind you what you are when you do that, you’re my sissy bitch.”

“I’ll do that.” I whimpered as I said that. He ignored me.

“I don’t care what you do with your time when I’m not around but when I am around, when I call you and tell you to be ready to play, you will be ready. You’re my perfect little fuck toy now.” He walked to the door.

“Mary at work knows about you. She’s a lesbian, goes to one of the bars I go to.”

I was shocked, looked up at him startled.

“We’ve talked about you. She thinks you’re fem, had potential she said. I told her I was going to turn you into my bitch.” He laughed. “She said it wouldn’t happen, said you’d never do it. She said she thought you had queer-fear, were straight and narrow.” He opened my door.

“I guess when she sees the picture of you in high heels, little dick sticking out, sees you at the bar with me, you in tight little sissy shorts sitting like a good boy on my lap, she’ll have to admit she was wrong.”

He looked back at me. Saw my shock, saw me stunned. “Perfect. Keep that attitude.”

He left, closed the door behind him. I heard his car drive away as I curled up on the floor. I stayed like that for a long time, thinking about what I am. I thought this must be what it’s like to somebody’s bitch in prison. I also thought about how much I liked being that, felt myself get hard as I thought about being a real man’s sex slave. I decided then that I was going be the most willing sex toy he’d ever have. And I thought about turning him on by letting him play rough with me, not that I had anything to say about it. I felt my little dick get rock hard as I fantasized about that. All I could think about was having him fuck me again, about slapping my face throwing me down over the bed and fucking me again. I thought about his belt too. It was all I could do not to call him and beg him to come back. I was addicted.

When I came I let it run down between my legs and over my balls and cheeks and onto the floor. All I could think about was him.

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