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Log 01: Truth

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You think I’m some morally bound person that has to follow the right path when sex is involved. Truth is, I have a plethora of secret dirty pleasures that I want to encounter and fully experience. There is so much I want to do, so much I want to do to you specifically. But that can’t happen can it. You don’t feel comfortable around me to let out your most secret desires while I am forced to try and decipher what it is you are trying to say.

I want to sit and have two women worship my cock. Hell I want to sit and watch two women worship one another. I wanna see them eat one another’s pussy and cream on each others’ breast. I want them to turn around and focus all attention on me like I’m a trapped child wit no way. Over powered by the mere pleasure that two women can express upon a man.

“Get over here daddy. We have a present for you. Don’t you want both out hot pussies to fuck you. Don’t you enjoy the warmth of our pleasure palace? Beg for it. Beg for this wonderful establishment! Gravel at the magnificent pussy juice I place upon you.”

I’m not that moral of a man when it comes down to it. I have no problem with a one night stand, with picking up a random broad and fucking her 10 minutes after we meet. Hell we can go ordu escort to the bar’s bathroom right now. Fucking a bitch and not even knowing her name. Just telling her she is a slut while she praises each stroke of my cock. Pounding her cunt while other women walk into the bathroom. Fucking right on the sink, fuck being hidden in a stall. Waiting until its their turn to join in the action.

“That’s it. Spread those cheeks bitch. I’m going to fuck you like the slut the world needs to know you are. Call you friends and let them know how you are now my filthy prostitute. I’ll rent you out to them when they want my seconds.”

That’s right, I may have been honest and a “nice guy” but beneath that is a man whose brain is his cock and wants to use women like the fuck toys they should be known as.

“Shut up bitch, worship this glorious cock that has chosen you to spread its seed in and on. Suck this cock as if your sole mission is to force the white chocolate out of its caramel stick. Do your job, and do it with pride!” We can’t have slackers getting ahead in this world, or for that sake giving head in this world.”

Immoral? Quite possibly. But with it also lies the joy and pleasure of the experience for both parties. osmaniye escort Now I’m not just going to receive, I enjoy the pleasure of licking a pussy clean. Now I was hesitant at first, but once I dove straight into the goodness tongue first it took some time to come out. I must say I love to suck, nibble and lick a good pussy. Just stating that make me want dive in right now. I just think about having a bitch sit on my face and ride my tongue while I enjoy the pleasure of her hot pussy secreting juices like a waterfall. Cleaning her dry, leaving the only traces of wetness from my saliva.

Yeah, I’m a pussy eater, and damn good at it in my opinion. Sad thing about that is my gf isn’t too high on the oral end. Sometimes I don’t need to fuck, I just want to please myself by spring cleaning her pussy. She does keep that pussy trimmed which make the experience even more delectable. I do the same. If a man doesn’t want to clean a pussy because the woman has a bush hiding it, why would a woman want to slobber on the johnson with naps of hair ruining the experience?

I’m waiting for the day a woman makes me her slut. Makes me beg at her feet. Worship every word. Dominate the sexual encounter. Tell me I should be grateful ostim escort to even gaze upon her with both eyes.

“Don’t talk! Eat my pussy, slowly. Sit your ass down in that chair and don’t move. Tie yourself up. And don’t make it so that you can get out or I’ll tie you myself. Your not handling shit tonight 6 inch. My pussy is taking a stance and your along for the ride. Quit complaining and do what the hell I say!”

Telling me to fuck her this way and that. Telling me what she is going to do to me. Yeah I like to be a dominant player 90% of the time. But nothing get me thicker than when the bitch takes all control, treats you like her little pet and fucks you like you mean nothing to her. That makes the explosion of cum twice as powerful.

Nothing is better than when a bitch dances for you. Strips to sexy music, seducing you, finding your hand stoking your own meat because you just can’t stand it anymore. Makes my dick expand to its greatest length and girth. Setting up real nice for her wet pussy. Having her crawl to you as her dance ends, remove your hands from your extra stiff cock and have her hot mouth engulf it completely. On her knees begging for you shoot it down her throat because its her favorite drink. Slobbering and spitting on the dick before you enter the pink sweetness.

Giving me flashbacks writing about that one. Making my dick grow as I type. Not that moral of a person. I have my dirty pleasures. Not going to reveal them all in one sitting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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