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Lola and Joey Ch. 09

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It was a hoot to watch the girls when Joey got home from work.

They were usually on the floor busily playing with their toys. When they heard Joey enter, they turned towards the door and cocked their heads to listen. Joey always snuck in as quietly as possible to surprise them, but they always seemed to hear him. He would wait a few seconds and then peek his head around the corner. The minute they saw him they dropped everything and started motoring towards daddy as fast as their little knees would carry them! It was amazing how fast they could crawl! She wondered how they didn’t suffer knee damage from the hard floor! They would momentarily disappear as they rounded the corner and then a few seconds later she would hear giggles as Joey started to tickle them. Then Joey would appear holding a happy girl in each arm. They sure liked their daddy!

It was even more hilarious watching them start to walk. She thought the girls teetered around like drunken sailors from one piece of furniture to the next with frequent tumbles in between, but Joey thought they looked like little Frankenstein monsters staggering around with their arms held out in front for balance. It was priceless to see them lurching across the floor to see Joey!

Lately, Amanda started to sit by the door right before Joey got home. At first, she didn’t think anything of it. There were toys on the floor everywhere, including by the door. After a while though, she started to notice how accurately Amanda seemed to know when Joey was going to arrive. It reminded her of Rufus, their family dog. He always knew when her mom was coming home and waited by the front door. She was quite sure Amanda didn’t have any canine blood in her, but she certainly seemed to know when Joey was arriving. Weird!


“Hi, Miranda. What’s up?”

“I’m having a get-together at my parent’s house on Saturday, and I was hoping you could come. All the girls will be there.”

“That sounds fun but let me check with Joey to see if he can watch the girls.”

“No! You need to bring the girls. Everyone wants to see them.”

“I don’t know Miranda. Amanda is okay, but I’ll be chasing Catherine all over the place. It would spoil the visit.”

“Don’t worry! I have lots of young nieces and nephews. I know how busy they can be. I’ll barricade the room entrances, so she’ll be penned in, and I’ll watch her. I promise. You can sit back and relax.”

“That does sound tempting. Okay! I’ll bring them, but you have to promise to watch Catherine!”

“I promise!”

It was as she expected. Amanda was in her glory basking in the attention from all the ladies, but Catherine was squirming after five seconds to get down and explore. Fortunately, Miranda boxed her in and moved any breakables out of reach. After a few minutes of habitual watching, she stopped worrying about Catherine and enjoyed catching up with everyone.

There were days when she felt cramped living in their small apartment but observing Miranda’s house made her realize how low maintenance her apartment was. She didn’t have to worry about the girls falling down steps. She didn’t have to worry about cleaning up carpet spills. She didn’t have to worry about the girls breaking anything expensive. There was only a small amount of floor space to clean up every night. Most importantly, she could always easily see where the girls were.

Listening to all the conversations made her realize how much her life had changed. The tales of drinking and partying and all the drama didn’t interest her anymore. She couldn’t imagine caring for the girls with a hangover!

She knew some of the guys they talked about, but others were new. Some of the comments were positive, but it was more fun to complain! He drinks too much. He’s a momma’s boy. He’s a cheater. He wants to spend more time with his friends than me. He doesn’t listen to what I say. He doesn’t last very long and so on and so on. She used to revel in the gossip about different guys, but today she felt like a detached observer. She was sympathetic, but none of it was relevant to her anymore.

They asked her all the same questions Miranda asked at the mall about what happened to her, and how she got by money wise and her relationship with her brother. She didn’t need to lie about anything except who the father was. Everything else she said about her relationship with Joey was true. They never asked if she slept with Joey, so she didn’t need to lie about that. Watching Catherine’s constant movement made it easy for them to believe she didn’t have enough time or energy to date. She could see the raised eyebrows when she told them all the things that Joey did, but it was all true.

“So let me get this straight. Your brother dropped out of his computer science degree to get a job to help you. He’s at the hospital the whole time you’re delivering. He took all his holidays off to help after the girls were born. He’s changed as many diapers as you and helps feed and bathe avrupa yakası escort the girls. He does all the grocery shopping and cooking and walks the girls at night so you can have a break. The girls think he is their daddy! The same guy that sometimes went dancing with us. Tall, scruffy 12 o’clock shadow look, tight jeans bulging in all the right places. Tore up the dance floor! Wow! Can I please have his phone number!” She laughed.

Lola laughed. “Sorry, Kathy! He’s mine for now! I need to go everyone. Thanks for inviting me! It was good to see you all. I’ll be back at school for a course next term, so I’ll likely see you around. Thanks for inviting me, Miranda.”

“No problem Lola but remember I get first digs on Joey when he’s ready to date! Screw Kathy!” She laughed.

She was looking forward to getting home to see her brother. The girls toddled from the car to the apartment as fast as their little legs would carry them. She buzzed Joey. “It’s me, Joey.”

He buzzed them in. “Come on up!”

The minute she entered he scooped the girls up. “Hi, babies! Did you have fun with mommy? Were you good girls?”

“Daddy!” Amanda chirped.

“Yes, they were good until Amanda started calling you daddy in front of everyone and wouldn’t stop!”

“Well, that’s good she knows who her daddy is!”

Amanda grinned and chirped again. “Daddy!”

“Yes, baby! I’m your daddy! It’s time for daddy to put you to bed!”

“Daddy!” She chirped again. Joey chuckled. He loved the sound of it!

After the girls had been tucked in for the night, they settled down on the couch, and Lola told him about her visit then looked up at him.



“Thanks for being here for me and the girls!”

“Where else would I be?”


Get a grip, Lola! Calm yourself! Take a breath! Don’t let it bother you!

She sighed in frustration as she surveyed their apartment. The floor was a war zone! Toys and household items were everywhere! Her stomach muscles were tensing up in irritation. She tried not to let the mess bother her, but she couldn’t help herself. The mess was a constant affront to her ingrained neat freak personality! That’s why she volunteered to take over the cleaning role in their relationship. Joey was a slob! He didn’t see dirt. He didn’t see messiness. She would never have been satisfied with his version of a clean house.

Everything was spick and span until the dynamic duo figured out how to crawl. The whole apartment became a big toy box! They loved opening the cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathroom and pulling everything out, pots, pans, bowls, utensils, towels, toilet paper. Everything! Unfortunately, they never put anything back. Joey and Amanda and Catherine blithely moved through the debris as if it wasn’t even there. It irritated her just watching them walk through the mess, totally oblivious.

Things were only going to get worse now that they were walking. She saw Catherine tugging on the fridge door the other day and Amanda watching as usual. It was only a matter of time before Catherine breached the fridge and Amanda followed suit several days later!

Joey was at least responsive to requests to put things back but not the little piglets! They just looked at her innocently as they busily emptied everything on the floor and moved on to the next target.

At first, she compulsively followed them around cleaning up after them, but it was futile, and she eventually resigned herself to the clutter. At the end of the day when the little troublemakers were snoozing peacefully for the night, Joey would walk around and put everything back in place. Then he would rub the knots out of her shoulder muscles and gradually move down her body as far as she would let him until all the tension was gone.


“Open up baby. Let mommy feed you. You’re too messy to feed yourself. Let mommy do it. No Amanda! Let me handle the spoon. Amanda! Let go of the spoon! Give it to me!!” Lola pulled harder, but when she finally wrenched the spoon from Amanda’s amazingly strong little fingers, the blueberry puree catapulted from the spoon to her white pants and the floor. To make matters worse, Amanda proceeded to rub her hair with her purple puree fingers. Damn!

There was a battle of wills going on, and she was losing! Both Amanda and Catherine had decided they wanted to feed themselves. They wanted to hold the spoon. They wanted to sample the food before they ate it. When she tried to force the spoon into their mouths, they would either grab the spoon or bat it away or turn their head. Either way, it was messy and frustrating. It would have been bad enough farting around with one strong-willed toddler but it was too much when both of them decided they could feed themselves. They ALWAYS watched each other so when one started to do something new the other quickly followed.

Oh bağcılar escort shit! Joey was home! She hated it when her brother caught her in the middle of a battle of wills with the girls where she was losing!

“Hi, babe! How’s it going?”

She could see him glancing at the stain on her pants and purple Amanda and detected a slight smirk.

“Fine.” She said irritably.

“Would you like me to feed Catherine?” he asked politely.

Feeding the girls was one of her jobs, and she hated to admit defeat but she’d suffered enough irritation for the day, and his smirk was pissing her off. “Knock yourself out, Joey.” She couldn’t wait to see this!

He went into the kitchen and got a bowl of water and a face cloth and then stripped naked except for his undies. He took off Catherine’s shirt and pants. All she had on was her diaper. She had already cut up some veggies and fruit into small pieces for the girls. He dropped them on the high chair tray and squeezed some puree into a small bowl with a tiny spoon and put it on the tray.

Catherine instantly put her fingers in the bowl of puree and tasted them. Then she tried to use the spoon. A small portion got in her mouth. Most of it was on her face and elsewhere. Next, she methodically sampled the different chunks of solid food on the tray. They all went in her mouth; about half came back out. She occasionally paused to rub her hair with her sticky fingers until purple goop and food chunks laced her hair. Most of the time, Joey was watching TV.

Catherine liked to swish her hands back and forth on the tray which caused the food to fly. It took a long time, but eventually, most of the puree and food chunks were in Catherine, on her or the floor. Joey grouped the remaining food on the tray. She allowed Joey to spoon a bit of it into her mouth until she batted the spoon away signaling supper was over. She looked like a miniature sumo wrestler with her rolly-polly body, gelled hair, and shiny puree glistened skin. Joey wiped her down with the face cloth and then rinsed the tray off in the sink and cleaned the floor off. Then he started supper in his underwear, and Catherine toddled off to see her sister.


“So what did he say?” Tara asked.

“Oh, the usual, thanks for asking, I may come out,” Mary said.

“Ya, that’s what he always says, which means he won’t come. Damn! We’re practically throwing ourselves at him. What more do we need to do? I still remember the moves he had on the dance floor when we took him out. He seemed so reserved at work. I was expecting him to have two left feet, but he was smoking hot. It was like he was a different person. I got right up from the table and got my ass on the dance floor as quick as possible when I saw him strutting around. Things were just getting good when his sister came over and wanted to go home.”

“Well, she was pregnant. I don’t think she felt well.”

“I suppose, but I would have taken him home to my house!” she giggled.

“You’re bad!”

“What? I’m sure you’d sleep with him! Don’t you want to see how big he is? It looks big! I can see the outline in his pants. I wouldn’t mind having that inside me! He’s cute; he’s nice, he moves like a sex machine on the dance floor and has a big one! What’s not to like?”

“Ya, I’d do him. I don’t get why he won’t come out. He’s down to earth. He always eats with us at lunch, and he’ll answer anything you ask him. He doesn’t seem shy anymore. He said he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I don’t think he’s gay.”

“He’s not gay! I walk into his office and practically thrust my breasts into his face when he’s sitting down. Sometimes I’ll walk up behind him, so I’m only an inch away, and then I’ll call out his name. When he turns around, he bumps into my breasts. I call him with false computer problems about once a month and bend over beside him to display my cleavage!”

“What does he do?”

“He looks and smiles, but that’s it.”

“Someone said he helps a lot with his sister’s babies.”

“I heard that too. Must be nice. My brothers never helped me with Nathan.”

“All the more reason we need to get to him! He’s obviously a good catch, and I think he deserves a bit of TLC from us for being such a nice guy! Don’t you agree?”


“Don’t despair. I’m sure an opportunity will come up!”


There were times when she regretted her sex like when she had her period and being pregnant, but overall, she was happy to be female. There were still lots of places on the planet where it was not such a good thing, but in her corner of the world, she felt like the sky was the limit. Women were everywhere, and the circle of possibilities expanded every day. Women were dentists and doctors and heads of corporations. They were postal workers and construction workers and most importantly they were physicists!

It wasn’t bağdatcaddesi escort just the job market. Every morning she could conjure an infinite variety of personas all the way from ultra feminine to ultra masculine. There were just so many more hair and makeup and clothing choices open to females than males or at least your average male!

It was in her personal life that she felt the most blessed. She lived with a man that knew her from birth. He knew her inside out, warts and all and still found her attractive and accepted her unconditionally. There was zero fear of rejection. She could try anything in their relationship, especially in the bedroom. If it didn’t work, there was always another day!

She’d learned so much about what Joey liked sexually. They’d tried a million different things, and there were a few things that consistently excited him so much that they were sexual slam dunks. She had him within seconds. They stopped him dead in his tracks no matter what he was doing. She knew the signs now. He stopped talking. There was an intense lustful look on his face as his eyes smoldered with sexual excitement. His cock was rock hard within minutes.

What an incredible feeling it was to be able to have that kind of effect on another person. It made her feel like a goddess, and she spared nothing to reward him for his attention.

Ironically, Joey’s sexual kinks were incredibly easy to satisfy. What titillated him most was seeing her fresh out of the shower, hair wet and wild looking, naked except for an ankle or waist bracelet and sheer white nylons. He absolutely loved it when she wore sheer white nylons and a garter belt. Her fake nipple clamps were a recent icing on the cake!

She grabbed her hair brush and sat down on the other end of the couch. “Mind if I sit down?”

He looked over and immediately noticed her outfit or lack of an outfit. “Help yourself,” he said as his eyes meandered from her tangled wet hair to her studded nipples, waste bracelet, bare pussy, and nylon clad legs.

She stretched her legs out and plunked her satin clad feet in his lap. “Mind if I rest my feet here?”


She wiggled her feet around in his lap for a few minutes like a cat rutting around in a blanket. “Joey, my feet can’t get comfortable. Your shorts are in the way. If you take them off, I could give you a foot job, that is if you’re interested?”

He pushed his shorts down instantly, and his cock bobbed free.

“I love it when he salutes me! Now let me know how this feels! I want it to be enjoyable!” She carefully sandwiched his cock between her satiny smooth feet and slowly started to drag them up and down. “Well?” She asked.

“It feels good Lola but instead of sliding your feet up and down him, grip him with your toes and drag the skin up and down a bit. That way the sensitive underside will be stimulated without any friction.”

She started to move her feet the way Joey described. “How’s that feel?’

“Better! Just a little bit more pressure on the underside.”

“Like this?”

“Perfect! That feels really good Lola!”

“Good! Just lay back and let your sister take care of you!”

He leaned back and lightly stroked her sheer nylons with his fingertips as she stroked him. “I love how smooth your legs feel and look with the nylons! I could run my hands over them all day!”

“I know you do! That’s why I wear them!”

“Play with yourself Lola. Put your fingers between your legs. Make them wet.”

She proceeded to rub her clit in gentle circles and then slipped her finger in and out of herself until it was wet. “Is this what you want to see Joey?” She opened two of her fingers slowly. A strand of gooey white cream stretched between her fingers.

“Fuck! That’s hot! Now lick your fingers clean!”

She slowly moved her gooey fingers in and out of her mouth several times in an exaggerated theatrical fashion until they were clean.

“Rub it into your nipples.”

“My, my! My brother’s feeling kinky today!” She coated her fingers in the pool of white cream that had formed between her legs and rubbed it into her studded nipples until they were visibly extended and the nipple clamps were shiny from her cum. “How’s that look?”

“Hot! I love it when you look like this with your hair all wet and tangled and your bare pussy wide open for me. It reminds me of when we were little, and you were a wild-looking tomboy except now we get to have sex!”

“Good! That’s what I want to hear! Are you getting close?”

“Yup! Press a bit harder and move your feet faster.”

“Like this?”

“YUP! Keep going!”

She could tell he was close. His face started to scrunch up, and she could see him arching his back as he clenched his ass cheeks.

“I’m cumming Lola! Get ready!”

“Let it out, Joey! Cover my toes with your hot sperm!”

She watched in satisfaction as spurts of semen jetted out of his cock onto her nylon clad toes. The copious volume of semen quickly soaked through her nylons, coating her toes in warm gooey cum. She tried to stroke his dick again, but he waved her off. Apparently, Joey Junior was too sensitive for more stimulation!

He leaned back with a look of contentment.

“So stud, how was it?”


“Worthy of adding to our repertoire of sexual activities?”

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