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Lonely Manager

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“You’re a fucking bitch” Frank spit at Carmen. They were in the lunch room and there were several other people there.

Frank had asked Carmen when she was going to get a transfer to another office and Carmen had told him “I told you I wasn’t going to ask for a transfer, I’m not going anywhere.”

Carmen and Frank had lived together for three years and had recently decided to separate. Mostly, it was Carmen’s decision as she was fed up with Frank’s behaviors. But Frank wasn’t taking it well.

Carmen just smiled and said “Thank you” and had walked away from the lunch room. She’d transferred into this office six years before and her and Frank had started dating about a year later. They’d then moved in together and things had gone downhill. So here they were, in the process of separating and he’d asked her to get transferred out. She’d told him that she would not do that, truly enjoying the area and not wanting to move anymore.

Carmen returned to her office and went back to work. She’d been working for about an hour when Stuart, the division manager walked into her office and closed the door behind him. He immediately spoke “I heard what happened in the lunch room, are you okay?”

Carmen smiled and said “Of course I am!”

“You sure? I heard he called you a bitch.”

Carmen stood up and faced Stuart. “Stu, don’t worry, for me, being called a bitch is an acronym for Babe In Total Control of Herself and I was! So you can stop worrying.”

Stuart smiled at her acronym but told her “As your division manager, I have to intervene if you’re being attacked or insulted.”

Carmen looked at Stuart and said “Don’t worry, I’m fine. He didn’t attack me or really insult me. He tried but it didn’t work.”

“You sure?” Stuart put his hands on Carmen’s shoulder and was looking her in the eyes.

“I’m sure.”

“You’re okay?”

“I’m okay”

By then, the tone was changing and Carmen could sense it. There had been electricity between them ever since Stuart had had to review the harassment policy with the whole office population and had joked during the meeting that he didn’t quite know what leering was. Carmen had later offered to demonstrate. Stuart had laughed and said “anytime!” Since then, Carmen had leered at Stuart a few times and he’d told her jokingly to keep demonstrating. Here they were, standing so close to each other, the tension so thick…

“Okay?” Stuart asked again, this time moving his hands from the side of Carmen’s shoulders to the top and towards her neck.

Somehow, Carmen realized that Stuart was no longer asking about Frank. When she whispered “Okay”, she was really giving him permission to kiss her. And kiss her he did. Tentatively at first, but when she didn’t pull back, he kissed her more. When Carmen put her hand on Stuart’s hips, he took it as encouragement to kiss her in a full French kiss and she responded.

All of a sudden, Stuart pulled away. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done this.”

Carmen tried to reach for Stuart but he pulled away “It’s okay” she said.

“No, it’s not. I’m your division manager and I could be found guilty of harassment for this.”

“No way. For it to be harassment, it would have to be unwelcome. This most certainly was not.”

“Still, it isn’t right. I’m your division manager and shouldn’t have done this.” With that, Stuart left Carmen’s office.

Carmen noticed that, after this, Stuart mostly avoided her and when he couldn’t, he avoided eye contact.

* * * * *

Weeks later, Carmen was in her office when Stuart walked in and closed the door. She immediately paused the music she had playing. In silence, he sat on her guest chair and asked “Can I hide out here for a while?”

Surprised, Carmen replied “Sure.” Then she continued “You want to talk about it, sit in silence or get distracted?”

Stuart said “Just pretend I’m not here, go back to your music and what you were doing.”

Carmen thought this was weird but did as she was told. After all, Stuart was the division manager and thus her second level boss. She put the music back on and continued typing the report she’d been working on. Meanwhile, Stuart simply sat back and closed his eyes. This went on for about 15 minutes when Stuart finally asked who was singing.

“That is Burton Cummings. This is his latest album. The guy is 60 and he’s still putting out albums. He’s great.” Carmen handed Stuart the CD cover and Stuart looked at it for a time while Carmen continued her work.

Then, Stuart got up, put the CD cover back on her desk, bent down, quickly kissed her and said “Thanks for giving me what I needed.” And he left. Carmen was surprised but also pleased, she liked his kisses.

Later, Carmen heard rumours going around that there had been a big blow up in another part of the office and the people involved had gone all the way to the division manager to resolve the issue. He’d blown up at them, told them to stop behaving like children and had left them in his office. People had escort bostancı thought he’d gone to the washroom but instead, he’d been in Carmen’s office and nobody had seen him enter or leave. Carmen smiled at this and had gone back to work.

* * * * *

After this incident of Stuart hiding in her office, Carmen noticed that Stuart no longer avoided her. Quite the opposite, he was coming by her office to chat with her and others about work and sports and other topics.

It happened a few more times that Stuart would come to her office, close the door and finally be honest and say “I’m hiding.” Carmen would let him just sit there. On one occasion, he’d told her he was dreading what he’d have to do and admitted that he’d have to fire someone. One of the two people who’d caused his first hide-out in her office had really been causing all kinds of issues and had to be let go. Carmen felt honored to be able to be a friend to him and told him so. That time, before he left, he kissed her again and said “You’re better than a friend.”

It seemed to Carmen that Stuart was looking very tired lately and had less patience, letting little things get to him. Not that having to fire someone was a little thing, but it was the rest that had Carmen concerned. When she’d tried to talk to Stuart about it, or rather get him to talk, all he’d said was that he was having trouble sleeping.

* * * * *

Early in the summer, Frank had found himself a new girlfriend and had left Carmen in peace. Carmen had made a new home for herself in a three bedroom condo close to the supermarket and to downtown. Carmen was very content living there and more so content that she was by herself. She had developed better eating habits, now worked out more regularly and was feeling great about herself.

One evening, as she was sitting on her balcony, reading and taking in the evening’s sun, she got a phone call from Stuart. “Are you home?” Stuart was calling her on her work cell phone so it wasn’t an odd question.

“Yes, I am.”

“You live in the building between the two supermarkets, don’t you? The one where the bank is?”


“I’m in the parking lot, can I come up to see you? I have a big favor to ask you.”

“Sure! Just walk past the bank entrance, going east and I’ll meet you down there.”

Carmen brought her book back inside, grabbed her keys and headed down to the entrance. There, she met up with Stuart and thought he looked extremely pale and tired. Without a word, she walked him back to her condo. Once inside, he repeated “I have a big favor to ask you.”

Carmen asked “What’s up? What can I do for you?”

Stuart appeared uncomfortable and looked down at his feet. “You have a spare bedroom, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do and it’s yours if you want it.”

“I haven’t slept in days and I’m exhausted. I’ve tried everything but I can’t fall asleep. Can I crash in your spare bedroom?”

“Of course!”

“That’s not the big part of the favor.”


“Would you please lay down next to me and hold me until I fall asleep? I really need your help to fall asleep. Once I’m sleeping, I’ll be okay for the night and you can go back to whatever you were doing. But I really need a friend to help me fall asleep and I can’t exactly ask John for this.”

Carmen had to smile. The thought of her division manager being rocked to sleep by the accounting manager, John, was simply too funny. Still she took Stuart’s hand and led him down the hall to the spare bedroom. Before they got to the room, Carmen pointed to the washroom “I’ll put what you need in there, here’s the bedroom. I’ll let you get under the covers and be in to be your friend in a minute.’

Carmen left him by himself while she grabbed fresh towels and put them out in the washroom. When she returned to the spare bedroom, Stuart was under the covers, lying on his side with his face to the opposite wall. Carmen got into bed next to him but above the covers. She snuggled up to him and put her arm around him and held him. She barely heard him say “thank you.” She wished him good night and just laid there, against his back, holding him for a while. It took maybe fifteen minutes but Stuart fell asleep. Carmen stayed a few more minutes and then very delicately left.

The next morning, Carmen found Stuart up and ready to go. “Good morning!” she called out cheerfully. “Did you sleep well?”

Stuart nodded emphatically “Best sleep I’ve had in weeks. Thank you so much. Now I can face my boss and his boss coming out to the office today. I don’t know how I would have handled that without sleep.”

Carmen smiled “You’re welcome. Do you want breakfast?”

Stuart shook his head “I’ll head home and change there. These two have a habit of showing up early so I should hurry.” As he was saying that, Stuart was walking to the door.

Carmen walked over to the door herself and let Stuart out. He gave her a quick kiss and said “See you later.”

* * * * *

It was a little over ümraniye escort a week later that Stuart showed up at her door again, saying he needed her help sleeping again. This time, he admitted that his boss was asking for more cuts due to the economic situation. Then he said “I don’t really want to talk about it at length, I just want a good night’s sleep.”

Carmen wasn’t about to refuse him. She was tired herself and it had only been two nights of light sleep for her, nothing compared to his lack of sleep. She gave him a few minutes to get into bed and then came in to join him. This time, she got in between the light blanket and the comforter on top, saying “It’s cool in here tonight, it’s like Mother Nature has forgotten that it’s summer.” Stuart turned around and smirked “You could join me under all the covers if you want!” Then he gave her a quick kiss and turned back. Carmen whispered “Good night, sweet dreams”. Then, they were both quiet.

Carmen wasn’t planning on it but she too fell asleep. She woke up several hours later, with her head on Stuart’s chest and his arm around her shoulders. As comfortable as it was, Carmen really had to go to the washroom. She gently pulled away and slipped out of the bed. Then she heard Stuart’s sleepy voice say “I’d love it if you came back. This was nice.”

Carmen went to her room to use her own washroom and change into her night gown. A big part of her wanted to go back to the warmth of Stuart’s side but a nagging little voice told her it wasn’t right. He was her division manager, a boss. So Carmen got into her own bed and laid there for over half an hour, not able to sleep. Finally, she got back up and got back into the bed with Stuart, but still with the sheet and blanket between them and only the comforter to cover her. Stuart put his arm around her as it had been before, kissed her forehead and said “I’m glad you came back. Sweet dreams.” Carmen didn’t talk, she simply snuggled up to Stuart. Both of them fell asleep.

* * * * * *

Several days later, Stuart showed up at Carmen’s door again. Mother Nature had remembered it was summer again and it had been a hot few days. Carmen had decided to shower as soon as she got home to wash off the heat of the day at work. She had put on a tank top and some shorts and had let her hair dry naturally as she often did in the summer.

Stuart looked at her after closing the door behind him and asked “How come your hair is wet?”

Carmen explained that she’d just been in the shower.

Stuart took the few steps that separated them, put his right hand in her hair and started kissing her, hard. Carmen put her hands on his hips and responded. But as suddenly as he’d started kissing her, Stuart released her and said “I have to go.” And he had left. Carmen had simply stood there for a while wondering what had happened and then shaken her head and gone back to whatever it was she’d been doing.

The next day at work, Stuart came to her office to apologize “I’m sorry for last night. It’s just that long wet hair is a real turn on for me and I got worried that I’d cross the friendship line with you if I stayed.”

Carmen got up and stood right in front of him, so close but without touching and said “Would that be so bad?” All the flirting between them and the proximity and the kisses had her really horny for him. This was unusual as he wasn’t really her type physically but his brain was amazing and Carmen now understood the old saying that the brain was the biggest sexual organ in the human body.

Carmen then said “I usually wash my hair every second night. It’ll be wet again tomorrow night. You choose when you want to come over. I’m open to all options.”

“What about the fact that I’m your division manager?”

“Are you married or in a relationship?”


“Then you need it and I’m willing to give it.”

Stuart looked her in the eyes and then kissed her and then abruptly left.

* * * * *

It was almost two weeks later that Stuart showed up at Carmen’s door, on a night she had wet hair. Carmen let him in and there were no words spoken. Stuart’s hands immediately went to Carmen’s wet hair and he kissed her. He kissed her long and hard, with a passion Carmen had not yet felt in him. They stood there for a while, simply kissing. Stuart pulled her closer, using his arms and never getting his hands out of her hair. Carmen’s arms went around his waist and she held him close too.

Stuart stopped kissing her just long enough to whisper “I want you” and kissed her neck. Carmen moaned and said “I want you too.” Stuart started moving them towards the bedroom they’d shared without ever truly coming together. Once in there, he pushed her towards the bed. Carmen reached behind her and pulled the covers back. Stuart started lifting up her tank top and they stopped kissing just long enough for the tank top to be pulled over Carmen’s head. Following suit, Carmen lifted up his shirt and again, they stopped kissing to remove it. That’s when Carmen said “I kartal escort bayan have two rules.”


“Yeah, rules.”

“Okay, what are they?”


, my anus is a one-way, exit only avenue.”

Stuart smiled “Fair enough. I’m not a big fan of anal sex anyway. Rule


“No glove, no love.”

Stuart lowered his head, clearly disappointed “I never thought of that, I didn’t bring any.”

He brightened up when Carmen said “Don’t worry, I have some in the drawer over there and I’ll even put it on you myself!”

“Okay. Agreed.”

“Now, do you have any rules?”

“I’d never thought of it but I guess I can come up with two also.”

“You don’t have to!”


: No faking. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, then you coach me on how to make it happen or we both accept that it won’t but no faking.”

“Okay, no faking.”


: No leaving marks. No biting, no nail digging, nothing that will leave any mark that I might have to explain when I take off my shirt in front of my softball team. You’ve got long nails that kind of worry me.”

“Relax. I won’t leave any marks, I promise. I won’t use my nails to dig or scratch, promise.”

“We done with rules then?”

Carmen stood up on her toes and reached up to kiss Stuart “We can get back to the pleasure now.”

Within a few seconds, they were back to kissing and caressing. Stuart reached behind Carmen to undo her bra, having not noticed that the bra was a front closure. His surprise made her laugh and she reached between them and undid the bra herself and took it off.

“Wow. I’ve always noticed that your breasts were big but now that I see them, wow.”

Carmen smiled. Most people thought she was a D or DD but when properly fitted in a specialty shop, Carmen had found out she was an F or G, depending on the brand. Although the effects of gravity were visible, Carmen was still proud that they were all natural.

Stuart shifted his attention to her breasts, caressing and kissing them and then lightly tonguing the nipples. Carmen moaned and arched her back in response. When Stuart pulled away, Carmen groaned her disapproval. Stuart said “I have to remove my pants, things are getting mighty uncomfortable down there.”

When Stuart took down his pants and boxers and freed up his cock, Carmen gasped. It was big. Not huge enough to be scary but big. Carmen was glad he was circumcised as she didn’t enjoy going down on hooded penises and this one looked like a red plum, very inviting. She pushed his arms aside and lowered herself to his cock’s level. Her hand circled the shaft and started caressing. Carmen took her time before kissing the tip. Then, she looked up and said “This looks like a delicious red plum, you sure I can’t bite?” Not waiting for an answer, Carmen engulfed the head of Stu’s cock into her mouth and started caressing it with her tongue. Stuart wrapped his right hand in her hair and pulled her closer with minimal force, not wanting to choke her with his cock. He gently pulled her back and forth on his cock while she used her tongue to stimulate the sensitive underside of the plum-shaped head.

Within a few minutes, Carmen could hear his breathing quickening and wasn’t ready to have him shoot his load. So she pulled away and said “Not yet baby.” But Stuart pulled her head back onto his cock and said “I need this so bad Carm.” And he pulled her head even closer and gently fucked her mouth. Within seconds, he was coming, shooting wads of cum down her throat. Carmen swallowed it all, liking the taste of it but also disappointed that it was over so quickly. When he was done, He pulled her up to kiss her and then looked at her and asked “you okay?”

Carmen admitted “I’m a bit disappointed. I was hoping this would last longer.”

Stuart smiled “I’m not done with you yet sweetie, within a few minutes, I’ll be ready to go again and then we can play much longer.”

“Really? Guys I’ve known could only do it once.”

Stuart was surprised that at her age, she’d only encountered one-timers. “Trust me, there’s plenty more where that came from. It’s just that it’s been so long and as you so eloquently pointed out, I needed release. Now that I’ve gotten the first one out of the way, I’ll be good for at least two more. Now how about we remove your shorts? You’re kind of overdressed for this occasion.”

Carmen slipped her shorts off along with her undies and then stood in front of Stuart, naked. Stuart slipped his hand back into her hair as soon as she stood upright and started kissing her again. Then, he gently pushed her back onto the bed and bent over to continue kissing her without laying down with her. He then started a downward journey, taking a few minutes to lavish her hard nipples on the way. Finally, he knelt between her legs that were hanging over the edge of the bed and focused on her core.

Although he started very delicately, Carmen reacted strongly. After all, it had been a while for her too. Carmen moaned loudly when he took her clit between his lips and softly sucked on it, her whole body lifting off the bed in response. He stayed with her, licking, sucking and lavishing her. The tension built up in Carmen and within minutes, was having a powerful orgasm, shuttering.

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