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Long Distance

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Three weeks is a really long time, she decides. It has been twelve days since he left on his trip, and she was feeling pretty lonely. Twelve days, five hours, nineteen minutes since his lips brushed her cheek and he whispered “goodbye” that morning. She really didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. A relief, she thought. She could finally work on the house the way she wanted, without him in the way, and do some… stuff. And, yeah, the first four days were filled with business and connections with friends and cleaning and re-arranging. Really nice. But her friends one by one all told her that they had their own lives. Not in so many words, but they made it clear that just because she had a relaxing break from her husband, they didn’t have the same freedom. There were kids and volunteer meetings and all that. Her kids are grown, except for the one in high school whom she hardly ever sees.

Frankly, it sucks. The house isn’t all that big, but it is desperately quiet and sullen. She is used to him being at home because he works at home, so their lives are filled with their conversations. Since he’s been gone, she is only able to talk to him in the evening, after his work is done. Why didn’t she go with him? Whose idiotic idea was it for her to stay home alone? Oh, yeah. It was hers. Stupid.

Now she just wanted to hear his voice. Now. She picked up her cell phone. The one she got on their family plan. She put it down. He wouldn’t want to hear from her now. He’s working. He’d consider her to be an interruption. Why did he have to go all the way across the country to do this work anyway? Stupid corporate sponsors. Don’t they know what they do to families with these demands?

She decided to see if she could take a nap. Anything to make the time pass. She flopped on top of the covers. She lay for a moment. She turned over. She closed her eyes. She opened them again and stared at the ceiling. She closed them again. She turned on her side. After a moment, she reached down and scratched her ankle. This just isn’t going to work, she thought. Then she realized that her hand was still scratching, softly, against her thigh. Did she really want to talk to him? No, what she wanted was his touch. His breath on her skin. His callused fingers caressing her back and neck and legs and…

She got up quickly and stripped her clothes off. She lay back on the bed, her legs spread wide, her finger within her, touching…no. Not like that. She pinched her nipples, rubbing one while she searched for her clit…nothing. He probably has done this plenty of times since he left but she can’t stir herself to even get wet.

She bounced over on her side again and saw her phone on the night stand. She stared at the phone for a long while. She smiled a small, conniving smile. She lay there for a while longer, lost in her thoughts. Suddenly, she arose and walked to the bathroom. She glanced in the mirror and saw her full breasts staring at her. I used to have such small, firm ones, but since her first pregnancy, they expanded greatly and never lost the extra weight. She wasn’t sure he didn’t like them better this way. He often told her that she was still beautiful. Although she never believed a word of it, she did note that he would often say this while glancing at her chest. Men, she grinned to herself.

She opened the cabinet and found a small pair of scissors. She sat on the toilet and trimmed herself between her legs so when she ran her fingers through her hair it didn’t feel like an untamed forest. After cleaning the mess, she opened the cabinet and reached for her favorite scent. A touch behind either side of her neck and a stroke between her breasts. She was feeling pretty sexy now. Almost ready for him.

She walked slowly back to the bedroom. She realized that she rarely walked through the house nude, and she was enjoying the feeling of being exposed, openly sexual. She stood in the doorway, lifting one leg up and stroking it with one hand, as she glanced at her imaginary partner bursa escort in the bed, “So…” she said aloud, “do you like what you see?” She giggled quietly at her silliness and strode to the closet.

“Let’s see,” she mused, “What would you want me to wear? A t-shirt? Too confining. Although a tight one with lettering would give you a chance to stare…no, no, you cad! Let’s be practical. A blouse. With buttons. White… that’d give you something to look at, huh? I bet you’d wish you could see me wear this in the bath, huh? Well, maybe next time…” She took the blouse off of the hanger and pulled it over her shoulders. She buttoned it up all the way and then stroked the underside of her breasts. Yep, it was sheer enough to see the nipples when the blouse pressed up to her skin.

What else? Loose pants? Nah. I wouldn’t feel sexy enough. Panty hose? The tightness against her abdomen would be nice. But they’d take too long to get off. Ah, a skirt. She chose a long one that looked like it was originally owned by a hippie. She wondered how many different men reached into it to touch the treasure it covered? As she buttoned it at her waist, she felt the fabric caress her belly and swish against her legs. As she walked back to the bed she could feel her heart beat fast. She lay on the bed and rested, just being aware of herself. Her excitement. She reached under the skirt and felt inside. She was wet now. She pressed her finger deep into her, and then sought out her pleasure… noooo, not now. That would ruin the plan. She pulled her finger out of her and righted her clothes. Then she turned on the heater beside the bed.

She picked up the phone and dialed his number. She only needed to press one with the send key and it immediately rang on his end. She lifted the phone to her ear and placed her other hand at her face. She could smell her excitement. It was on her finger, which she had penetrated herself with. She imagined him looking at the phone, surprised it was ringing. Then he looked at the caller id and knew it was her. She giggled again as she heard him answer.

“Hey, what’s up?”

Silence on her end. Did she really want to do this? Now that she heard his voice, she hesitated.


She smelled herself again. Her breathing became deeper, and she forced herself to respond, “What are you doing?”

“Not much. Just waiting for inspiration. Is there something wrong? You’re calling pretty early.”

She chuckles. “I think you need to go to the bathroom.”

“Well, I’m oka…”

“Really. You need to go. Now.”

“Okaaaay… but I think this is odd… are you feeling okay today?”

“Not really. I need some encouragement.”

“Why? What’s up?”

“I’m in our bedroom. Laying on the bed. I need you to make me feel better.”

“What’s the problem? Can we talk for a minute?”

“You in the bathroom?”


“Door locked?”

“Now it is.”

“Do you know that I’m wearing a skirt?”

He sighs, exasperated. “I do now.”

Knowing that he will be pleased with the outcome, she persists. “What else do you think I’m wearing?”

“Um… a shirt?”

“What kind of shirt?”

“A t-shirt?”

“Try again.”

“Um… a blouse?”

“Right, good. What else?”

“What else you are wearing?” She could tell he was losing patience. Hang on there, honey, she thought, it will all be worth it. Soon. “Ummm, socks?”


“Then I guess shoes are out.”

“Right. What else?”

“I don’t know… a coat? A sweater?”

She decides to drop him a hint. “Nah, the heater is on.”

“Really? It couldn’t be that cold.” He thinks for a minute. “Are you wearing a bra?” He hit it!

She snapped happily, “Nope.”


“No.” She moaned quickly, almost imperceptibly. “I feel really, really bad. I need you. I’m waiting for you.”

“Now I’m waiting, too.”

“Don’t wait. Take off your clothes, right bursa escort bayan now.”

“Now?” He is a little hesitant.

“Oh, yeah.”


“And tell me everything you’re doing.”

“Well, I’m unlacing my shoes…”

“No, that is me caressing your feet and pulling off your shoes. Am I taking off your socks now?”

“Yeah.” He is getting into it, but it still seems a bit strange to him.

“Now I’m pulling your shirt off.”

She hears a clattering on his end. “Oops, dropped the phone there. What are you doing next?”

“I unbutton your pants, slowly… the next one… the next one… and the next. Then I pull down your pants. And your underwear. Are you nude now?”

“Yeah, but the bathroom is kind of a mess…”

“What does it matter when I’ve got my hands on you, stroking you? Are you hard?”

He laughs. “Pretty much.”

“Good. Do you feel me touching you?”

She can hear some pleasure in his voice, “Yeah.” Good, he’s starting to get into it. This could be a lot of fun.

“I’m softly stroking your full length with one hand. Do you see me in my white blouse and brown plaid skirt?”

“Sure I can.”

“My nipples are hard. You can see their color through the blouse…”

“Looks good.”

“What do you do?”

He hesitates again, “I don’t know where to start…”

“Just put your hands on me… what will you do?”

“I stroke your hair and kiss you on the lips. You taste so sweet…”

“That’s the chocolate I ate before coming into the bathroom…”

“Ah, that explains it. I put my lips on your neck, licking your skin with my tongue.”

“What are your hands doing?”

“One is still on your hair, the other is unbuttoning your blouse.” She puts one hand on her hair, and the other popping open the top buttons of her blouse. With her hands and his voice, she feels his touch on her. “I kiss your skin just above each button as I release them…” With her eyes closed, she can feel his warm breath against her chest, his lips caressing her.

In the throes of her feeling, she moans,” Ah, that is wonderful. I am touching the back of your neck…”

He says, “Your breasts are exposed now.” She opens her unbuttoned blouse to him, feeling the air brush against her nipples. “I kiss the left as my hand stroked your right.” Her hands go to her breasts and stroke them, lifting them a bit roughly, even as he does when he is so excited he can’t keep his hands off of her. She feels his soft lips tread upon her flesh.

“Go ahead and play with my nipples…”

“I squeeze your right nipple gently as my mouth covers your left breast and my tongue strokes your nipple and moves over your hardness…” Her one hand strokes her right nipple. The other fingers she licks until they are wet with saliva and then caresses the other nipple, hard under her gentle strokes.

Her body stirs and she can feel wetness flowing into her vagina. He feels so good on her. “Oh… yes… touch me… lick my cherries…”

“My mouth is caressing your flesh and I lick your nipple harder… I reach my hand to your thigh and pinch your skirt… do you feel it creeping up your thighs?”

Her one hand stops caressing her breast and reaches down, pulling her skirt over her knees, rubbing her thighs…”Yes…”

“Do you feel the air on your hips? You are exposed, your skirt over your lower hair…I get off of you and turn around so my leg straddle your chest and my face is near your wetness…” She scratches her thighs, up through her hair as he continues, “I am kissing you there… your thigh is against my cheek….”

She gasps to him, “Climb on me… your knees on either side of my head…put your hardness upon my lips…” She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue to receive him.

“I’m on top of you, and I feel… feel your lips surround me…”

“My hand grasps your length…my tongue strokes you, licks you…”

“Open escort bursa your thighs wide… I put my fingers on your lips there to open you up… my tongue slips inside you….” Her fingers spread her out as she places two wet fingers from her other hand within her, stroking her extended clit.

“Oh, please… put yourself in my butterfly…yes… your tip is out of my mouth, oh! Now it is in again.”

“You taste so wonderful, salty, my tongue is gentle, but goes deeper…” She pushes her fingers in deeper, still stroking…

“Stay there—don’t go deeper… stay right there…”

“Not deeper, my love. I must have you. Release me from your mouth. I’m getting up.” She pulls her fingers out of her and waits for his instructions, panting. He says, ” I rest upon you, kissing your neck….”

“I love you… please, please… my thighs are wide open… ready…”

“I place myself at your opening…”

“I hold you…you are so hard… I guide you in….” Three of her fingers pass into her and she gasps as they rub against her clit.

“You are so soft, so wet…”

“I stop you at the opening. Your tip is in…”

“But I hang there, feeling your inner pull…grasping at me…”

“Come in, come in all the way…”

“I accept your invitation. I slowly push myself in…” Her fingers go deeper, slowly, stroking inside her.

“Oh slide in me….”

“I push in all the way—do you feel me?”

Her fingers are to the top of her hand. “Yes, yes…”

“I pull out and push in again and you feel the pulse of me against your pleasure…” Her hand follows his instructions and she makes a small noise each time he speaks.

“Oh.” “Again.” “Oh.” “Again… again…again…again… do you feel it?” “Oh… yes…” “Again… push… again… push… push…” “Ohh…ohhhhh. Thank you, thank you, that is so good. I’ve gone.”

“I slow down and feel you stir below me. I feel you squeeze against my hardness. I kiss your lips and press my chest against you.”

“Thank you again… yes.” After a moment, she regains her composure and realizes that her task is not completed. “Now, lay down.”

“On the bathroom floor?”

“There is no bathroom floor. You are on the bed, laying down with your eyes closed. Are they closed?”

“Yes, they’re closed.”

“And you’re laying down?”

“On the bedclothes, yes.”

“Good. I place my pelvis over you and pick you up. Are you good and hard?”

“About halfway.”

“Keep your eyes closed. I bend my chest down and place you between my breasts. Do you see them?”

“Oh, yeah…”

“I stroke you against my nipples and the fleshy sides of my breasts. I move it all around them, drawing an eight with your tip. You are the pencil and my chest is the paper, and you are drawing my breasts, they hang over you, and bounce against you, the hard nipple scrapes your tip and gathers your semen and rubs you with it… are you hard yet?”


“Again, your penis goes between my breasts. It strokes a line down my ribs, into my belly button, down my belly, over my hair… and now I am right over you, my thighs open before your hardness and you see your penis disappear into me…”

“Oh, your wetness surrounds me… oh…”

“I am squeezing you—do you feel it?”


“I’m squeezing you again… and again… again…”

“I must move into you…”

“Squeeze… my breasts are hanging in front of you…”

“I see them jiggle each time I push…”

“I feel you deep in me…”

“Oh… kiss me…”

“I put my lips on you… you are pushing inside me… my breasts pressed against you…Oh, you feel so good… push in me again… again…”

“Ohh, yes, that’s right….”

“Mmmmm. You feel so good.”

After a bit, he catches his breath and lays there in her electronic presence. “Well, that was amazing.” “You like it?” “Yes. That was great.” “So what do you want tomorrow night?” “Are you taking an order?” “More like, accepting suggestions…” “Wow, I never thought of this before. I suppose we could be anywhere we wanted, huh?” “Or anyone.” “Well, that will take some thought.” “I’ve got time. Let’s talk about it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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