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Lori and Daddy Ch. 05

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This is a continuation of the story between Lori and her family, so it will make more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

All characters are of legal age and are totally fictitious. Please leave as much or as little feedback as you want. All is welcome.


Lori continued to watch her mother as she slowly crept towards her. It became obvious that she was under the influence of her medication and didn’t notice Lori approaching.

Lori slowly pulled the duvet off of her mother, totally revealing her naked body. Lori couldn’t help but admire how well she had kept in shape. Her breasts were slightly larger than Lori’s, but not as firm. Her slim waist spilled out to her curvy hips and long shapely legs. Lori had to admit that if she had a body like that when she was her mother’s age she would defiantly use it.

She was sliding one of her hands all over her wet pussy, which was clean shaven except for a small strip of hair, and Lori found herself becoming mesmerised by the sight of it. Her mother’s other hand was squeezing her breasts, tugging softly at her hardening nipples.

As Lori watched her mother getting herself off some of Karl’s cum dripped off of her nipple and onto her mother’s flat tummy. Lori held her breath, hoping her mother wouldn’t wake up and see her standing there. Instead what happened shocked her even more. Lori’s mummy took her hand from her breast and wiped up the cum with her fingers, then sucked it off them seductively with a quiet moan of pleasure. Lori had to admit that she was getting turned on a lot by this and let a little more cum drip onto her mummy.

Her mother did the same, scooping it up and smiling as she licked it off her fingers. Lori, feeling very horny and getting bolder took her mother’s hand and scooped the cum from her deep cleavage with it. Lori couldn’t help but play with herself as she watched her mother suck and lick her hand clean from Karl’s cum.

Lori was fındıkzade escort standing at the head of her parent’s bed and she didn’t notice a large drop of cum drip from her nipple directly onto her mummy’s mouth. Moaning softly Lori’s mummy licked her lips and let out a girly giggle. Lori was shocked when her mother put both her hands on her daughter’s shoulders and pulled her young, firm, cum covered breasts to her mouth. Lori felt tingles of excitement surging through her body as her mother licked and sucked all of Karl’s cum straight from her breasts. She didn’t stop even when she had eaten it all and continued to suck hard on her daughter’s stiff nipples.

Lori could feel herself getting wetter and wetter and climbed on top of her mother, straddling her waist. Lori’s mummy was feasting away like a starving woman on her daughter’s breasts, licking them and sucking them, squeezing them. Lori started panting and moaning softly. She couldn’t believe her mummy was doing this to her and how good it felt to have it done. As she sucked on her daughter’s nipples Lori’s mother ran her hands down her back and squeezed her ass, causing Lori to let out another little groan.

Lori started to think about what she was doing, not only was she fooling around with another woman, but it was her own mother! True she desperately wanted to fuck her daddy, but at least he was a guy. But all Lori’s doubts faded away when her mother started kissing her neck. Then an electric shock ran through her body as her mother started stroking her firm thighs, higher and higher. Lori felt her pussy getting hotter and wetter as her mother’s hands ran right up. With her thumbs angled in Lori’s mother started to stroke her daughters wet pussy lips up and down. Lori gasped enjoying her mother’s touch greatly. She felt herself instinctively raise her body up a little to allow her mother more access. Lori’s mother noticed florya escort this and slowly slipped a finger into her daughter’s tight wet hole.

“Oh Fuck yeah that’s good.” Groaned Lori out loud, then instantly bit her lip, hoping her outburst wouldn’t bring her mother round. Instead her mother started ever so slowly sliding her finger in and out of her daughter’s pussy, getting it wetter and wetter.

“Oh Alexandra!” Lori’s mother moaned in her delirium. Lori was surprised by this outburst, but not wanting her mother to stop she played along. Trying to think of her mummy’s name she whispered back.

“Beth, that feels so good”

“Kiss me Alex”

Lori was a little hesitant, but still found herself lowering her face to her mother’s. Beth raised her face to meet her daughter’s and softly they kissed. At first it was just lips, but Lori was getting into it and was soon trying to force her tongue deep into her mother’s mouth. Mother and daughter were both getting hot and the kissing became more passionate. Lori sat up pulling her mother with her. She loved the feeling of their breasts squashing together as her tongue slipped in to massage her mother’s.

“Alex, turn around and sit on my face. Pretty please…” begged Lori’s mummy. Lori turned around immediately facing her mother’s feet and lowered her nearly dripping pussy onto her mummy’s face. She let out a scream of shock and pleasure as her mother’s tongue entered her and started licking around inside. Almost straight away Lori felt her mother’s tongue was joined by one of her fingers. Lori couldn’t help but groan out loud with each heavy breath as her mummy expertly licked inside her tight pussy and sucked on her sensitive clit.

Then Lori felt her mother pushing her down towards her waiting pussy.

“Eat me Alex, please” she begged again. Lori really didn’t want her mother to stop what she was doing so she agreed.

“Ok göztepe escort Beth, just don’t stop either!”

Lori stuck out her tongue and with the very tip licked her mummy’s pussy all the way along, and felt her shudder with pleasure. Not hating the taste Lori licked her again using the whole of her tongue causing her mother to shudder again. Lori felt her moaning through the vibrations in her soaked pussy.

“Oh god Alex, that’s amazing!”

“Beth you taste so sweet!” replied Lori happily feasting down on her mother’s pussy again. She couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed eating pussy, and how good her mother was at eating hers.

Lori sunk her tongue deep into her mother’s hot wet hole as she played with her clit. Her mother was doing the same to her and it was all they could do to not jump off each other in spasms of lust. After about 15 minutes of furious sucking and finger fucking Lori could feel her orgasm nearing. Then her mother did something totally unexpected. Beth slicked up one of her fingers with Lori’s pussy juices and pressed it into her virgin ass. This pushed Lori over the edge and she orgasmed violently flooding her mother’s face with her pussy juices. Having her mouth filled with pussy juice was what was needed to set her off and Lori’s mother too came with a scream of pleasure.

They both stayed in their 69 position licking and sucking up each others juices. When they were done Lori spun around and kissed her mother long and hard.

“Oh Alex…” Lori’s mother sighed as she slipped back to sleep. Lori got up tenderly, she had never experienced such a strong orgasm and her knees were weak. She went into the shower and got herself cleaned up.

That night at dinner all three were just finishing off their dessert.

“Mummy do you know an Alexandra?” Lori asked innocently. She immediately noticed her mother’s face turn a shade of red.

“Errr… no dear why do you ask?”

“Yes you do dear” cut in her daddy, “Your University roommate was called Alex wasn’t she?”

“No reason really” Lori continued, “I just heard you mention her name while you were sleeping as I walked past your room.”

Beth turned a deeper shade of red and quickly got up to do the dishes. Lori just winked at her daddy and went up to her room.

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