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Loss of Amateur Status Pt. 03

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To fully understand the context of this narrative I would recommend you read “Loss of Amateur Status.” Parts One and Two.


I had mentally renamed Ms. Satterthwaite as Cruella. As in 101. My thinking was that she was a genuine bitch but somehow sexy in a harshly attractive manner. She also had that black and white hair thing going like the real Cruella de Vil. Anyway it was with a spring in my step that I rapped on her door the following Thursday. Now that I was more certain about the nature of our arrangement I could relish the coming activities.

The door opened and there was Cruella in all her characteristic glory. She certainly was an arresting morsel of female flesh. The surprise was that she was not alone. There was a fairly large, matronly woman standing in the middle of the room. She was almost my height and certainly outweighed me. She gave me the vertical scan that women use to physically assess a man for sexual attractiveness.

She bustled over to me and examined my face at a range that definitely invaded my personal space. She then proceeded to circle me, continuing her scrutiny for a full 360 degrees. She was making quiet mewing sounds of what I took to be approval. It was as though I was a piece of produce in the market. I half expected her to poke me to see if I was ripe. She reached out and pinched my bicep and purred with pleasure at its firmness.

She turned to Cruella and spoke, “Oh Agatha, he is everything you said he would be. Are you really serious that I can have him?”

My mind flipped and then flopped. Firstly, what does she mean by “have him”? Secondly, why did this woman think Cruella had the right to give me to her? And thirdly, Agatha? Seriously?

I turned to Cruella and gave her a mildly displeased gaze. “Anything you want to discuss with me Agatha?”

She looked a little flustered but recovered quickly. “Mr. David Smith, meet Mrs. Clare Lexington. She is… interested in the… type of business… relationship that you and I… have established.” She seemed to be carefully choosing her words but the suggestion was clear. I fuck Clare for money.

With that realization, I naturally reappraised Mrs. Lexington. Just what do we have here? One of the first things I had noticed but had not the time to dwell on was her smell. She must have applied her perfume with a paint brush. Not unpleasant just bordering çıtır escort on the overpowering. As I said, she was a fairly large unit, and most of her features were generous; height, bust, hips. Not an unattractive face. A little plump perhaps but with nice skin and big plump, suckable lips. I smiled at Clare and offered her my hand. “A pleasure to meet you Mrs. Lexington, or may I call you Clare?” I stared intently at her.

She took my hand, tittered, looked aside and flushed mildly. As digression, I have this highly developed sense of other people’s body language. I don’t know why I do this well but it does help me sense emotion and motive in other people. In this case, Clare wanted me to fuck her.

Cruella broke the smolder moment. “If you just leave the details to me Clare, I will get back to you with the arrangements.”

“Oh. Yes. Of course.” Clare seemed a little reluctant to follow Cruella’s clear direction to leave but did so leaving the two of us facing each other.

“You are such an arrogant bitch. How could you take it upon yourself to effectively sell me to another person without even vaguely broaching the idea?”

She harrumphed and sneered. “I thought you would be grateful for the extra work. You are a prostitute aren’t you?”

Red was the color I saw. I pushed her back against the wall behind her. I reached under her knee length skirt and grabbed a handful what appeared to be sheer knickers. She gasped as I ripped them from her. I held them to my face and inhaled deeply. There was clear olfactory evidence of her arousal. She looked aghast. I had gone from wildly angry to wildly horny in seconds. Part of my stimulation clearly came from seeing her very evident apprehension. I wanted her to think she had pushed me too hard. I loomed over her and smiled menacingly. My hand went under her skirt and forcefully cupped her vulva; my other hand was clasped firmly around her neck.

“Undo my pants.” I commanded. She anxiously undid my belt buckle and zip and forced my pants down. Her eyes were flicking between my face and my groin. I was already erect and she groaned when she touched it. She made to move to her knees. Good girl I thought. You are learning well but not this time.

I clasped her naked buns and lifted her up. I lunged forward and pinned her to the wall. “Guide me in.” I instructed. She moaned and reached demetevler escort bayan down. Instinctively she raised her legs so that her pelvis pivoted towards me inviting an easier entry. When I felt she had the alignment correct I thrust forward and fully imbedded myself. She was sodden. Her shriek was painfully loud as she was clutching my head with her arms which placed her mouth at my ear. I continued to give her a good solid gut punching fuck for the next few minutes but then decided to find a horizontal surface.

With me still firmly impaled inside her, I shuffled towards the bedroom. It was slow going as I still had my pants around my ankles. As I walked I would toss her up a few inches with a flex of my hips. As she fell back I would flex again to meet her descent. The impact was significant and the sound debauched. A fluid sounding, meaty smack which was closely followed by a fearful groan.

I made it to her room and slumped forward onto the bed. She grunted as she bore my weight. I raised her legs to my shoulders and pressed forward so that her knees were knocking her ears. I was a little worried about how flexible she was but she gave no signs of discomfort. I raised my left hand to her throat and gave it a firm squeeze. She gurgled and shuddered under me. I began to give her a good working over. Solid power fucking.

After a several energetic minutes it occurred to me that, as far as I knew, she had not come yet. I felt it my professional responsibility to ensure that this occurred so I reviewed my options. I had not yet gone down on her so that possibility stood firmly out. I disengaged and dragged her to the edge of the bed. She seemed a little bewildered as to the pause but the quizzical look on her face changed to bliss as I gave her slit a long slow lick from bottom to top.

Women come in myriad sizes and shapes. And flavors. Cruella was pungent but pleasant. An earthy sort of taste. Not that it mattered. The objective here was to get her off. I intensified my efforts and was repaid with some erratic full body gyrations and a cacophony of gasps and wheezes. I could sense she was close when she grasped my head and ground it hard into her mons pubis. My God, she’s going for a full face crotch swallow! I managed to keep my tongue moving and she was soon vibrating like a badly loaded washing machine. She dikmen escort bayan gave a final tumultuous shudder which I took as unequivocal evidence of orgasm and collapsed back motionless. Mission accomplished.

I however, was still in need of release. I shuffled forward until I was kneeling at her head. I looked down at her. Her eyes were fluttering erratically and her open mouth showed a lolling tongue. She had really lost it. The sight was enough to instantly reinvigorate my erection.

I am weak. I admit it. The temptation to give her a facial was just too strong for me. The mere thought brought me to a rapid completion and I unloaded onto her haughty little face. Her eyes flew open in surprise as the first shot hit her forehead and overshot onto her hair. The second landed messily on her left eye and the third and final spurt landed squarely in her open mouth. She started spluttering and waving her hands in the air. It seems she was so adverse to the idea of cum she couldn’t even bring herself to touch it to wipe it off.

She got to her feet and oh my, the language. She let fly with the most virulent, if somewhat clichéd, torrent of invective that I had heard in a long time. All the while my cum was obeying gravity and dripping down onto her silk top. My very evident amusement at her predicament was not improving her mood either. Eventually she wound down and resignedly trudged off to the bathroom. I still had an amused smile on my face when she resurfaced 15 minutes later.

“I hope you enjoyed degrading me like that because you will never to it again.” She offered me the customary $100 note so I was confident that she meant the facial and not the general sex. I just smirked and smiled.

“Do you want the details about Mrs. Lexington or not,” she demanded. I was torn. I wouldn’t mind slipping my new friend Clare one and of course there was the appeal of the money but it did mean relinquishing some degree of control back to Cruella. Sex and money overcame control. I agreed to “service” Mrs. Lexington. Cruella wrote an address and a time down and handed it to me.

I queried her about the reimbursement aspect of the arrangement and she assured me that she would handle it. She put one hand on her hip while the nails of her other hand played a staccato cadence on the polished table top she was standing next to. The rude bitch wanted to get rid of me. I shrugged and left.

The note she gave me had an address in a very upmarket part of the city and an appointment time of 2 pm tomorrow. I wondered what the next day would bring. Of one thing I was sure; it would be memorable for both Mrs. Lexington and myself. After all, she was in the hands of a professional.

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