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Lost Bet

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It was almost a Saturday afternoon ritual – Jim, one of my friends from work would come over and we’d watch the football game (or hockey if it was winter), drink some beer (ok, a lot of beer) and enjoy ourselves. Usually our wives would get together and either go shopping, out to a movie or basically be anywhere but there with us.

It usually worked out ok but every so often things would get a bit tense if one or both of our wives wanted to do something with us or more often just didn’t want us sitting watching TV and getting drunk. The usual result is that they’d leave in a huff, spend more money than usual and go back to whoevers house we weren’t at until the game was over.

This seemed like it was going to be one of those days. Things had been a little bit tense between us for the last few days as it was so when she said, “I’d really like to do something with you today rather than going out with Karen (Jim’s wife).

Knowing where this was likely going and not being in a great mood anyway I said, “sure, why don’t both of you stay here, watch the game and have a few beers with us? We can spend the whole afternoon together!”

“That wasn’t what I meant and you damn well know it!” was her reply as she stomped out of the room.

I figured that was the end of it so I finished getting things ready (cooler with ice so we didn’t have to miss anything when we needed another beer), chips, pretzels and other munchies handy and good batteries in the remote.

Jim got there about an hour later and he didn’t seem real happy either – turns out Karen had wanted to do something with him and whatever he’d said had pissed her off as well. Karen had already walked by both of us and into the kitchen to talk with Jill. I heard the pop of a wine cork and knew that once they started they likely wouldn’t be going anywhere other than out

by the pool which was ok too.

We were into the second half when Jill and Karen suddenly came in and sat down on the couch. They were both still drinking wine and while they weren’t drunk they certainly weren’t sober either. Karen asked what the score was and I told her Tampa was ahead of Carolina by over 30 points so the winner was pretty much already decided. Jill piped up and said, “it’s not over yet, Carolina can still win!”

That brought on some quick debate that ended with our wives betting us that Carolina would actually win. Being that far ahead Jim and I were pretty confident so we asked what they wanted to bet. A few ideas were bounced back and forth and then I had what I thought was a great idea. “Jim and I will write down our bet, you ladies will write down yours and then we’ll open them at the end of the game.”

Karen looked at Jill and said, “Ok, we’ll go into the kitchen and figure out our bet and you guys figure out yours. We’ll all write them down and go from there.”

“Any restrictions?” I asked as they headed to the kitchen.

“Nope, you’re going to lose anyway so go for whatever you want!”

After güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri they were out of earshot Jim and I started talking. The beer certainly helped but we quickly decided that we’d go for something that neither of our wives had been willing to do – anal sex. If we won, we’d get to fuck our wives in the back door. We wrote that down & hollered that we were done. A few minutes later they came back in with a folded piece of paper and said they were too.

The third quarter was a standoff with neither team gaining any points and the fourth quarter started with Tampa getting an interception and a gain of almost 40 yards which had both Jim and I cheering. Unfortunately that was the only gain they made and both Jim and I watched in disbelief as Carolina not only held them but bounced back with a vengence. Final score – 45-38 for Carolina.

The girls were screaming and we couldn’t believe it. After everyone settled down, Jim said “ok, so how much do we owe our wives?”

Both of them had a huge smile on their face as they handed us their paper. It was only one line, “whatever the guys bet except reversed” Jim and I looked at each other quickly and I’m sure our wives could see the mixture of shock and yes a little fear on our faces. “Let’s see what you guys bet” said Jill and before we could move, she grabbed our paper. As they read it, we could see the look on their face change as they realized what it implied.

Before they could say anything, we quickly tried to talk ourselves out of the bet but Karen quickly interrupted saying, “I’ve heard both of you say at least a hundred times ‘a bet’s a bet’ and just because you lost doesn’t change that. We figured you’d have bet money or some small sexual favour but definitely weren’t expecting this. I fully intend to hold you to your wager – how about you Jill?”

“I agree! I don’t know about Jim but Kyle’s been trying to get me to have anal sex for years & I’ve always said no because I thought it would hurt and at best not be enjoyable. Not only that but I think we should complete the bet tonight before these guys figure out a way to back out of it.”

Oh shit! We tried for another couple of minutes but quickly realized they weren’t backing down so Jim said, “ok Karen, let’s go home and get this over with.”

As they started to get up, Jill cut in, “No, they like to watch the game together, I think they should pay off their bet together too!” I was getting a really bad feeling about this and it got even worse when Jill went into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later with a couple of our sex toys and some lube. Both were reasonably large vibrators that I knew were larger than my cock.

“Oh wow, I love it!” giggled Karen, “Ok guys, drop the laundry and let’s make this happen!”

Jim and I hesitantly started undressing and not surprisingly, neither of us were hard at all. “Come on girls, give us something – at least take your clothes off too!” I suggested. I was expecting a definite güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ‘no’ but apparently they were either drunker than I thought because they looked at each other, shrugged, smiled, nodded and started undressing.

Ok, this was at least a little bit better and as I saw Karen’s body come into view I started to get hard and when I looked over at Jim to see if he was ok with it, he was staring at Jill and getting hard himself. My wife was brunette, just under 5’6″, b-cup breasts that didn’t sag at all, a slim waist and clean shaven except for a tuft of hair above her slit. Karen was the same height but blonde, a bit heavier with much larger tits (I’d guess at least 38’s maybe 40’s) with huge nipples, a little bit thicker in the waist but definately not fat and was shaved completely smooth.

“Ok guys, show’s over, time to pay up! How do we want them Jill?”

“Hmmm, at first I thought doggy style but now I think missionary could be fun if we can make it work. A pillow under my ass usually gives him a better angle into my pussy so it should help us get into their asses.” With that she grabbed a couple of couch cushions and told us to lay down on them so our asses were raised a bit. I had quickly softened as I lay down but when Jill started exploring my ass with a well lubed finger my cock twitched a bit and got a little harder. I heard a soft moan from Jim and looked over to see Karen fondling his softened cock as she fingered his asshole. One finger turned to two and while it hurt a bit at first the lube helped and it actually didn’t feel too bad.

What little hardness there was quickly went away when I felt the head of the vibrator push up against my backdoor for the first time ever and a sharp intake of breath from Jim told me he was about to get penetrated too. Based on what Jill had always said I was braced for it to hurt but thankfully she was gentle and worked the head in past my somewhat clenched rosebud with a minimum of pain. As she slowly started working it in and out it actually started to feel good and I could feel each ridge on it as it slid further and further into my ass with each thrust. I could even feel a bit of an erection starting again and both of the women were giggling and telling each other how hot it looked to fuck their husband’s ass with a vibrator.

The pleasure increased when she turned it on – I could feel the vibrations all the way to my cock and felt myself rising toward full size again. I was wondering how long they were going to do this for and obviously Karen wondered the same thing because she asked “Hey, how long are we going to fuck them for?”

“How about until our husbands cum, that’s how long I usually get fucked for” was Jill’s reply.

“Sounds good to me! That should be a while because Jim’s not even fully hard right now.”

“Kyle’s not really hard either – how about we switch and see if that helps them?”

Without waiting for an answer Jill stopped thrusting the toy güvenilir bahis şirketleri into my ass and moved over to where Jim and Karen were. With a big grin on her face, Karen moved over to me and picked up where Jill had left off. I’d expected it to feel about the same but it didn’t – her speed, depth and the way she twisted it were all a bit different plus seeing her naked body definitely helped and I found myself getting even harder. When Karen mentioned it to Jill, she said that Jim was getting hard again too.

I was amazed at how good that thing felt in my ass and by now what little pain there had been was totally replaced by pleasure. As good as it felt, it felt even better when Karen reached down and started stroking my now fully hard cock. After a few minutes of this, Jill said, “They’ve been really good sports about this, how about we switch back and use our mouths instead of hour hands?”

“Mmmm, sounds like a plan to me but we don’t have to switch again unless you really want to.”

Had I just heard that right? Not only did it sound like we were going to get blowjobs out of the deal but apparently it was going to be from the others spouse which sounded even better. Everything hinged on what Jill decided because I’m pretty sure that Jim wasn’t going to argue.

It seemed like forever but likely wasn’t more than a few seconds before Jill said, “Ok, I don’t think either of the guys will mind and it’ll be interesting to see if another guys cum tastes any different.”

Now that caught me off guard a bit because Jill isn’t usually fond of me cumming in her mouth and here she was pretty much saying she was going to take Jim all the way. Apparently Karen was ok with it because she quickly shifted so she could take my cock in her mouth. Soon she was sucking in time to the thrusts in my ass and the feeling was amazing. I could hear Jim groaning as well and when I looked over I could see Jill deep throating him as she fucked his ass even harder.

He was a bit bigger around but a little shorter than my 7″ so she could take him all the way in and I knew from experience how good it felt.

Karen was no slouch either and quickly had me nearing orgasm. When I came, I could feel my asshole actually pulsing around the vibrator as I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth. It seemed she didn’t mind it at all because she kept right on sucking and I could feel her throat tighten and relax as she swallowed. Just as I was done cumming I heard Jim let out a series of moans and could see Jills facial expression change as he came. As much as she didn’t usually like me cumming in her mouth, she really didn’t like swallowing cum so I was quite surprised to see her throat moving as well as she swallowed everything he gave her.

We all relaxed for a couple of minutes and the ladies removed the vibrators from our slightly stretched asses. It was Karen that spoke first saying, “I don’t know about you Jill but I think I’m going to take Jim home and see if he can get it up again because I know I need to get fucked!”

I almost suggested that we stay with our current partners and fuck but figured if the women didn’t suggest it then I’d better not push my luck and then Jill said she wanted to take me to bed and get fucked too. Oh well, I thought – maybe that could be the next bet!

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