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Love Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble Ch. 03

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Sam’s mother, Carolyn Lewis, was just getting out of the shower at her house when Sam used the house key to slip inside. She still had her towel on, but she was so startled at seeing him that she accidentally dropped her towel. She froze as she realized that her son saw her naked. She couldn’t even bring herself to cover up. She didn’t do a thing until Sam closed the distance and planted a kiss on her lips.

Carolyn drew back for a second, not believing that her own son had just kissed her mouth, but then she pulled him closer for another kiss. Sam had expected a slap to the face at first, but instead his mother kissed him back with ardor. Then she pulled herself back and reached for the towel to cover up, but he picked up the towel first and threw it into the hamper. Grabbing his mother’s waist, Sam surrounded her body with his arms and kissed her with an even deeper invasion of his tongue.

Carolyn couldn’t help herself. She sank to her knees and started kissing upward on her son’s body, not stopping until she reached his cock. Then she kissed it and opened her lips to receive it inside her mouth. She felt the natural urge, incapable of suppressing it, to suck and lick her son’s dick. She sucked harder on Sam’s cock, welcoming him inside her mouth and even her throat. Despite her gag reflex, Carolyn hungrily sucked on Sam’s dick and played with his balls. This was the same cock and balls that she had seen in the past when he jerked off and she had caught him, but now she was wanking them for him as she tasted them.

“Oh, God, Mum,” Sam reacted to her service to him…in his wildest dreams, he didn’t think that she would so easily yield to her lust.

“Bloody hell, Samuel. This cock….I’ve wanted it for years. It’s finally mine,” Carolyn confessed suddenly.

“You’ll have to share it,” Sam warned her.

“That’s alright, Samuel. I know that you have girlfriends, groupies, and all. I just want to taste you at last. I want this cock inside me, too. In my mouth, my cunny, and my bum,” Carolyn urged him.

“Call me Sam, Mum,” Sam urged her.

“Yes, darling. Sam…you are a man now, my sweet Sam. Such a strapping lad. I don’t give a toss who else you shag. I just want that fine prick of yours pounding my arse,” Carolyn pleaded with him.

Sam picked his mother up and carried her naked body over to her bed….what had been the master bedroom in her house. He reveled in her touch, as he kissed her skin from head to toe. Carolyn felt so elated that she couldn’t explain why. Her own son drove her wild by pleasuring her in that way. She now hungered for him to fuck her, however. Her body ached with the need to be fucked by her own son….her sweet Sam.

“Fuck me now, please, Sam….fuck your Mum,” Carolyn begged for it.

Sam went behind his very wet and naked mother and eased his cock into her pussy, enjoying the sight of her rather sweaty, soft, smooth skin as he pushed inward and pulled back out. Several strokes followed in quick succession, and then he slowed down a little, teasing his mother with her evident need for it. Carolyn was truly in desperate straits now, moaning with her animal lust for her flesh and blood, her kith and kin. All that she wanted right then was to have Sam thrust balls deep inside her and pound her while pulling her blonde hair.

“Fuck me, Sam…fuck your Mum, please!” Carolyn implored.

Sam was only too happy now to ram it deep inside his mother, fucking her for all he was worth. Her reaction left no question of how she felt about him, as she tightened up on his dick and moaned even louder, her juices running down her thighs and onto his cock as well. This feeling of absolute deliciousness…this conquest of his own mother, made Sam shoot out his load deep inside Carolyn.

Sam didn’t bother to disturb Carolyn, who slept like the dead now, peaceful and content in the arms of her son. They took a little nap together, snuggled up together, both naked under the covers….including his mother’s favorite comforter. Neither of them cared. They were in love, they were happy, and they were satisfied.

Sam and Carolyn awoke to a knock at the door, with Mrs. Lewis very panicky as she realized that she was naked and still had evidence from her incestuous coupling with her son on her….dried and caked on, but still obvious. Sam rushed to the door and answered it, to be met with Aimee’s sweet lips. She kissed him in full view of his mother, a black woman openly smooching a Rhodesian white man without any embarrassment or fear whatsoever.

“Oh, good morning, or is it good afternoon, Aimee?” Carolyn was very polite as she decided not to object to the kiss, but instead reacted by nestling her still nude body against Sam’s back.

“Afternoon now, Mrs. Lewis,” Aimee smiled at them.

“Aimee’s my fiancée now. Yes, we’re getting married, but don’t worry. I have no intention of giving up our affair, Mum,” Sam promised.

“So, you’re going to be my daughter-in-law, are you? Excellent taste pendik escort in women, Sam. I commend yours in men, too, Aimee. If you don’t mind your fiancé fucking his mother on a regular basis, I think that we understand each other. Since I’ll be your mother-in-law, call me Mum as well,” Carolyn even kissed Aimee lightly on the lips to reassure her.

“Mrs. Lewis….er, I mean, Mum. Thank you very much. I’m glad that you’re so understanding. In fact, Sam and I have other lovers, too. Including my brother Willie and our drummer, Jeff, plus his wife Lisa. We just wanted to add you to the club, so to speak. We all talked about it and really wanted you in it. How about it, Mum? Want to sample your son’s other lovers?” Aimee invited her future mother-in-law.

“Do Willie and Jeff have nice, large cocks that can fuck us ladies into tomorrow? I know that Sam does. I’ve craved his dick for years,” Carolyn confessed after she pulled Aimee inside and closed the door behind her.

“Same here, Mum. And we ladies know how to please a girl, too,” Aimee declared as she kissed Carolyn on the mouth again.

Carolyn reacted, surprisingly, by kneeling in front of Aimee and unzipping her shorts, after which she slipped her hands under Aimee’s panties to cup her ass. When Carolyn had copped a good feel of Aimee’s bottom, she then moved in closer to sniff her crotch through the fabric. Then she pulled the panties down with her teeth before moving in on the mons Veneris and parting her guest’s thighs to start licking, kissing, and tasting the pussy of her son’s girlfriend.

Aimee nearly toppled from the instant thrill that rushed through her body, so Sam moved in behind her to steady her. His hands naturally moved down to her ass and he knelt, spreading her cheeks to rim her ass. Aimee began moaning as she felt the heat….the intensity of the extreme pleasure from both ends. Her fiancé was licking her butt and his mother was eating her cunt. Before long, Sam’s tongue met Carolyn’s across Aimee’s taint and they explore the flavors together. Carolyn couldn’t help it….there was something about Aimee, she knew.

Then it clicked with her. It was Sam. Aimee belonged to Sam and so did Carolyn. Therefore, Aimee belonged to Carolyn and….well, Carolyn belonged to Aimee, too. In fact, a strong submissive side of Carolyn wanted to be dominated not only by Sam, but by Aimee as well. She could smell Sam on Aimee and it was a serious turn-on. She wouldn’t mind trying to dominate Aimee as well, but the stronger urge was to submit to her, just as it was to surrender to Sam.

Besides, Aimee was delicious. Her pussy tasted even better than it smelled and working together with Sam to orally service her was a fulfillment of Carolyn’s lingering sexual fantasies about sharing a woman with her son. She also remembered her lust for the African women that she met at times when she was younger and Aimee reminded her of that desire to defy that taboo of her youth. A lovely, ebony woman was her son’s fiancée and didn’t mind letting Carolyn fuck both of them…..that was a truly wonderful surprise!

“Oh, bloody hell!” Carolyn exclaimed as she probed deeper with her tongue inside Aimee’s folds, her mouth capturing as much of Aimee’s pussy as she could devour…such a sweet, sweet cunny, this one.

None of the others she had tried in the past when she was horny and desperate, none of those women had been this delectable. They had been sexy female co-workers who had taken advantage of her need and she hadn’t minded. She never resented them for it. In fact, she remembered that fondly, especially the chance to kneel, to serve, to submit to them and bring them pleasure with her mouth and tongue. Even so, none of them were as sweet as Aimee.

Aimee’s brain went into overdrive now, with a saucy Anglophile woman munching on her cunt like it was dessert and her own sexy fiancé, her bandmate Sam, the man who could drive her truly wild at times, eating her ass so hungrily. She couldn’t hold back the wail that escaped her throat as she yielded completely to the pleasure. She was so horny right then….she needed Sam to fuck her, and fuck her now….to finish the job with his cock, while Carolyn continued to eat her out.

“Sam…please fuck me. Mum, can you lick my ass like he’s doing while he fucks me? Just bend me over and rim my ass while your son rams me with his hard cock,” Aimee urged the mother and son duo to keep up their teamwork in a new way.

Sam gladly bent Aimee over an armchair in the living room and entered her pussy from behind, while Carolyn didn’t hesitate. She wanted to taste Aimee’s bottom, sooner or later, anyway. It might as well be now. When she parted the cheeks of her son’s fiancée, Carolyn inhaled the scent of a highly aroused Aimee and eagerly started licking away at her crack….even licking the buns themselves. She loved the taste of that bum….that fine female arse. Sam was already hard from rimming Aimee silivri escort and sharing her with his own mother, but now watching Carolyn rim his fiancée’s tush….that made him so stiff that he was able to easily get his cock further inside her.

Aimee came quickly, but then she felt another rush of ecstasy and came again…..and then again. It was a rapid succession of orgasms from her future mother-in-law’s tongue gliding between her buns and her fiancé’s cock buried balls deep inside her pussy. Only one thing could make it better….if Sam’s cock smelled even more of Carolyn than it already did. Aimee knew what she wanted now….she wanted Sam’s dick back inside her, but only after he had fucked his mother for several strokes. She wanted his cock, slick with Carolyn’s juices from hot, incestuous sex with his own mother, deep within her cunt, pounding her and putting some of those very feminine fluids inside her pussy.

“Sam, pull out, please. Fuck your mother for a few strokes, and then fuck me again,” Aimee surprised both of them and even herself. She didn’t just want to feel the juices from Carolyn inside her snatch….she wanted to witness the mother-son coupling and then feel Sam’s dick straight from what she saw…pushing far inside her.

“As you wish,” Sam smiled, catching on to Aimee’s voyeuristic streak.

He slipped out of Aimee, much as he hated to do so, and then slid inside Carolyn, finding her extremely wet from what she was doing and even wetter now that her son was fucking her again. Carolyn pushed back furiously at her son’s cock, trying to draw it deeper within her hole, leave more of her essence on his dick. If Aimee wanted her fiance’s dick to have traces of his mother’s pussy on it, then Carolyn would make damn sure that there was a lot of herself on that fine cock.

Sam fucked his mother hard for what seemed a good ten minutes or so, after which he withdrew and resumed fucking Aimee. Realizing and even smelling how much of Carolyn was on her lover’s dick, Aimee came once more. Sam kept plundering her and she continued to cum, especially with his mother still rimming her ass. Carolyn now felt the heat rising in her own body again, and before she knew it, she cussed a stream of words that would make sailors proud as she came from knowing that her son had fucked her and his fiancée in a delicious threesome….plus she just plain enjoyed licking Aimee’s bottom.

“Pull out, please. I want to share this load with your mother. I want us both to taste it,” Aimee pleaded with Sam.

Sam reluctantly withdrew, while Carolyn and Aimee grinned at each other and knelt to have his cum feed both of them. They each sucked it a bit, sharing it between them before Sam jerked, flinched, and shot out his powerful seed on their faces. Aimee immediately licked her partner’s spunk off his mother’s face, after which Carolyn returned the favor and they shared a snowball kiss.

They just rose to kiss Sam on the mouth, each of them in turn as well as kissing each other, when the front door, as yet unlocked, opened wide. It was Willie, and he saw more than enough to make him horny as hell through the front window…Carolyn hadn’t bothered keeping her curtains closed.

“Mother may I?” Willie teased as he asked Carolyn, the lady of the house.

“Only if I may as well,” Carolyn answered, kneeling to unzip his pants and unbuckle his belt.

“You want my cock, do you?” Willie was hard as steel now.

“Give it to my mother, Willie. Give her that fine, stiff rod of yours. We should tape this, in fact. Send it to my old man. That should make him croak, the racist, deadbeat prick,” Sam egged Willie on.

“You always did take my side, didn’t you?” Carolyn laughed as she began sucking Willie’s dick enthusiastically.

“Always. I love him as my father…no, hell, why even pretend that….I hate the son of a bitch. I’ve never agreed with the cuckold scene and still don’t, but that rat deserves a nice pair of horns, for making you raise me all by yourself with no help from him. It serves the bastard right. If he had at least bothered to divorce you, this wouldn’t humiliate him as much. I call that poetic justice myself, don’t you agree, Mum?” Sam encouraged them.

“Oh, just shut up and film us, please. With the camcorder in the corner. Aimee, love, be a dear and lick my bum and my cunny while your brother fucks my face. I would want Sam to join us, but his dick needs to recover. Besides, this first video should have me with two black people, really flaunt it in hubby’s face,” Carolyn got into the idea very fast….she loved Sam’s proposal, but it had made her so horny that now she just needed to get used…taken…and know that her estranged husband would see it all.

Willie groaned and tried hard not to cum too soon, as he saw his own sister kneel behind Carolyn and spread her cheeks to rim her ass and eat her pussy. Aimee got into it quickly, too, really loving the şirinevler escort flavors of Sam’s mother….Mrs. Lewis was quite the treat. Yes, she was a welcome addition to their sex club, as it were, their inner circle. If Carolyn thought that Aimee was delicious, Aimee considered Carolyn a “yummy Mummy”, as she later informed her. Willie just knew that it was extremely difficult not to cum instantly down Carolyn’s throat while watching Aimee eat her out and feeling this Rhodesian cougar nearly swallow his cock. When she began stroking his balls, Willie truly struggled to keep back from the edge.

When Carolyn began visibly orgasmic and sucked even harder on Willie’s cock, while rubbing his balls and even fondling his ass a little, Willie grunted and couldn’t hold back anymore. He exploded his money shot down Mrs. Lewis’s gullet. He felt a little disappointed with himself for cumming faster than he planned, but that changed when she rose to kiss him with his own snowball and Aimee joined in.

“Willie, love, that was delicious! Thank you, darling, for that fine second helping of manly cream. Sam’s load and now yours. I forgot just how much I enjoyed swallowing cum, but now I remember. Oh, and thank you, Aimee, for licking my bum and my cunny so well. Look at how hard Sam is again, too. Your turn again, son. How about it? Fuck me right on camera for your old man to see. Willie, will you be a sweetheart and set the camcorder on a tripod, love? Aimee, would you be good enough to sit on my son’s face? Sam, please lie down so I can ride your dick while Aimee sits on your face. Willie, will you tongue my ass while I mount Sam?” Carolyn encouraged her son and his bandmates.

Sam felt once more the warm wetness of his mother’s snatch when he entered her from below. She was so eager and pushed back desperately with her hips to welcome more of him inside her. Carolyn Lewis didn’t understand why she was in love with her own son, but she knew that she very much was in love with him. It wasn’t mere lust. She adored Sam and whatever differences they had, including her not getting his style of music, she had come to accept that. She had realized that she had been pushing women at Sam for him to marry because she was in denial about how much she wanted him and she thought that if he was attached and unavailable, the desire for him would go away. Evidently, that was quite wrong.

Or maybe, Carolyn had just wanted on some level for Sam to be a married man so that she could seduce his wife as well as Sam and make it a ménage a trois affair. This was even better than that, of course. In any case, Sam continued to lick Aimee while Willie rimmed Carolyn, who in turn kept bouncing up and down on Sam’s cock. Willie admitted to himself that he enjoyed the taste of Carolyn’s bottom, as it was a sweet booty, one that reinforced what a MILF she really was. He could get used to the flavor, that much he knew.

Willie wondered if she would consider marrying him so that he could be both stepfather and brother-in-law to Sam…and so that he could fuck her right on the bed in the master bedroom to celebrate it. Sure, she was considerably older, but he didn’t mind. It wasn’t that she was white. It wasn’t even that she was blonde. It was that she was married to a jerk who hadn’t seen her in years and she clearly needed to be part of the club. If she married him, her status would be doubly secure. It was also that she was his best friend’s mother.

Another turn-on was the idea of introducing her as his wife, including a chance to flaunt it in Ellen’s face that he had remarried and to a saucy sex goddess like Carolyn….and he wanted to shove that wedding band in the face of Sam’s father. That jerk had it coming for being an awful father to Sam and a terrible husband to Carolyn. He also wanted badly to film him fucking Carolyn right there on her bed, the closest thing to a marriage bed available to him. Part of him even wanted to knock her up and have her swell with his baby….his biracial baby that would make it clear that Carolyn had been thoroughly fucked by a black man. Perhaps he should talk it over with them and see how they felt about that idea, in case Sam planned to put a bun in his mother’s oven himself.

Finally, after so much attention, Carolyn moaned and shivered, after which Aimee panted with her pleasure…especially once Sam went back at rimming her and she just couldn’t help it. Once Willie was hard, he eased from behind into Carolyn’s snatch alongside Sam. This absolutely drove Mrs. Lewis wild, as she felt two dicks inside her cunny at once. She had never felt as stretched, so full before as now, with two thick cocks ramming her and almost splitting her. With that, Aimee soaked Sam’s face with her juices and leaned over to suck Carolyn’s tits while she continued riding Sam.

When Carolyn came even harder from Aimee’s attention to her tits, she tightened up and felt both men cum in her pussy. At that point, Aimee rose and began cleaning up the mess from not only Carolyn’s cunt, but also Willie’s and Sam’s dicks. She licked each cock clean, tongued deeply inside Carolyn’s twat, and even sucked each man’s balls for the hell of it. She kept going back and forth between them, in fact, before Carolyn joined her in tasting both dicks and they kissed again at last, the cum shared between them in the process.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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