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Loving My Neighbor Pt. 01

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My wife Melanie and I lived in an old house converted to apartments on a nice, shady street in New Bern, North Carolina. I was 21 and Melanie was 19. Needless to say, we made love most nights and always on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Ah the bliss of youth.

We became friends with the couple in the other downstairs apartment in the house. Debbie and Cliff were about our age. We frequently got together and bemoaned how boring it was in New Bern, especially for people of limited means. At least that was our take on things at that time of our lives. Cliff worked for the local telephone company and Debbie stayed home. They had no children yet, just like us. Melanie worked for the telephone company too, as a directory assistance operator. I was stationed at MCAS Cherry Point.

One Saturday morning, after I had awakened with my usual morning erection, as Melanie awoke I turned her over on her tummy, spread her pretty pale cheeks and slid into her with a groan of satisfaction. Melanie was a buxom strawberry blonde, large and voluptuous. As I slid sensuously in and out of her, I spread her cheeks so I could go deeper into her as I gazed at her pretty pink anus. It wasn’t long until I felt my eruption approaching. I grunted and spurted deeply into her and she cooed in satisfaction as my warm semen changed the friction of our coupling.

As we lay together in the afterglow, Melanie turned to me and said, “Guess what Debbie told me yesterday.” I raised my eyebrows and she continued, “She can hear us through the walls when we make love. She says we sound so happy because we do it so much. She said it made her horny because she and Cliff don’t do it that much.” I looked at her and asked, “How often do you think they do it?”

“Oh she told me one time that sometimes Cliff goes a week or more before he shows any interest. He runs around with friends, playing softball and bowling.” I mused, “Wow, not sure I’d want to go that long with you.” Melanie giggled, “And she told me she could hear the couple upstairs too. She said the woman is a moaner. Poor thing, she lays there listening to people all around her getting laid with her husband sleeping next to her.”

“Sounds rough to me.” I said.

Melanie worked the swing ship as a directory assistance operator. She got off work at 8:00 in the evening. I worked days and got pendik escort bayan home around 4:00 in the afternoon. We were in the habit of talking on the phone every afternoon, when she was on her break. We didn’t have a phone, but our neighbors Cliff and Debbie did. So I’d usually go over to their place as soon as I got home from work. It was an easy arrangement since they lived in the same house as we did, just in a different partition of the house.

After the conversation with Melanie about Debbie’s sexual frustrations, I had been thinking about her. I knew she had given me the feeling that she was attracted to me. Now I suspected why. She was a healthy 20 year old woman, not getting what she needed from her husband. She had ample evidence, the evidence of her own ears, that I was virile and enjoyed myself with Melanie quite often.

Cliff worked a swing shift too. He got home around 10:00 at night and stopped by home for a dinner break at 5:00 pm. I was adding all these things up in my head. Not really coming to any conclusions. Just considering possibilities.

I arrived home one afternoon as usual and went over to Debbie and Cliff’s apartment. They had one phone, in the bedroom. The bed had a window next to it that gave a full view of the street through sheer curtains. It allowed for some privacy since you could see out but no one could see in from outside. I sat on the bed waiting for Melanie to call. Debbie came in and sat next to me on the bed. She often did this so I thought nothing of it.

Debbie was a petite brunette with short hair. Her build was slender and her skin was pale. I remember one time we washed a tiny puppy together in a washtub. The feel of her tiny soft hands against mine as we bathed the pup in soapy water made me feel a strong sensual attraction. I think we spent more time rubbing our hands and fingers together than we did washing the puppy. I remember that night Melanie and I fucked our brains out. I couldn’t stop until I had exhausted myself.

As the phone rang and I answered, Debbie put her hand on my thigh. It was a friendly gesture and I smiled at her as I answered and began talking to Melanie. The clock on the dresser said 4:15 as I started talking to Melanie. Debbie rubbed my thigh lightly and I reciprocated by putting my free hand between her shoulder blades maltepe escort and rubbing. I realized with a start that I was feeling no bra straps.

Melanie asked me where Debbie was. I realized she was concerned about the potential of Debbie being there, but only mildly concerned. I don’t think she was suspicious. I told her I didn’t know where Debbie was, as I looked at Debbie with a look to indicate she should be quiet. She nodded and leaned closer to me. As she leaned in, I slipped my hand under her t-shirt and started lightly rubbing her bare back. This was a new experience between us, and signaled something to Debbie. She sighed as if her wish had come true. I rubbed her back lightly, reveling in the feel of her bare skin. I was concentrating hard on keeping the conversation going with Melanie. It was just small talk, so I was able to pull it off. As we chatted, I reached around and felt the side of Debbie’s breast. She was indeed without a bra. She sighed and leaned into me, and I cupped her small breast in my free hand.

Where we were going was now obvious. My penis was hard and throbbing. I held the phone with my shoulder, and guided Debbie’s exquisite little hand to the bulge in my pants. She caressed me through the material but didn’t undo my fly. Thank goodness for that, since her bare hands on my cock would have made it near impossible for me to control the tone of my voice as I spoke to Melanie. We continued like that until it was time for Melanie to go back to work. I said good-bye to her and hung up the phone. I was nervous as hell.

I turned to Debbie, pulled her t-shirt over her head and took her in my arms. “I know what you need, I need it too.” I murmured as I hugged her tight. She looked pensively at the clock. “It’s 4:25, and Cliff will be home at 5:00.” She said. I kissed her and then said “Let’s not waste time then. We have time for a little something to hold us over until later.” Debbie nodded silently.

Debbie stood before me naked from the waist up. I bent down and kissed her nipples. I then dropped to my knees and took down her light blue, cut-off jeans. She had on white cotton panties. I could see the dark patch of her pubic hair through the white material. We were both breathing hard, since we knew what was coming. I stripped off Debbie’s panties and had her sit kartal escort on the bed as I dropped my trousers and shorts. My cock stood at attention, throbbing. Debbie stared at it with a sad look on her face. I think she was thinking that this was not her husband’s cock and she was about to have it inside her.

Debbie stood up and turned around. She was kneeling on the bed, looking through the sheers at the open window. This view could assure her that she could see Cliff when he pulled up outside.

I gazed down at her behind. A perfect pale moon. I looked at the beautiful, slight swell of her hips. I reached down and spread her perfect ass cheeks, exposing her anus and below, the now swollen labia major. I stepped up closer behind her and rubbed the head of my cock between her lips. She was so wet; it was easy to sink into her. Our first contact elicited a sob from Debbie and then we both groaned as I sank all the way into her. I pushed my cock deep and held it in her, savoring the perfect envelope of wet warmth. I slowly began stroking her, going deep with every stroke. She was moaning and cooing now as she looked out the window. I glanced at the clock. Cliff would be here in 20 minutes. He was always punctual. Never early, never late. I was counting on that now. 20 minutes would be plenty. No way could I last that long with the view, the feeling and the sounds. I felt my ejaculation building. As my thrusts became more desperate, I muttered, “I’m going to cum so deep in you. I want you to serve dinner to Cliff with my semen inside of you.” Debbie cried out “Oh God, what are we doing?”

Then as I held her hips I pushed deep and kept pushing. I spurted once, twice, thrice and then a fourth time strongly. I continued to twitch deep inside her as I continued to empty myself in her. I shuddered as a wave of fatigue washed over me. I stood there, inside of her, thinking of how I had just serviced my neighbor’s wife. I felt guilt and sadness that something had ended. As I pulled out of Debbie, my head popped out of her and she gave a little squeal at the lost contact. I couldn’t help but think it was the same sound Melanie sometimes made when I did the exact same thing.

I looked at the clock. It was 4:45. I took Debbie in my arms and kissed her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She said “I wanted that, I needed that, thank you.” I smiled and kissed her again. I told her, “I’ll come back after Cliff leaves if it’s ok.” She nodded in the affirmative.

As I walked around the side of the house, Cliff’s truck pulled up. I waved to him as I turned towards my door.

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