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Loyalty? Never Heard Of It

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Charmaine did not have the greatest track record with loyalty to her boyfriend, Danny. In fact, she was just 2 weeks off of sleeping with a man she met, Michael. She was beautiful woman – 5’3, 130 pounds, tanned skin, dark brown eyes, dirty blonde hair – so she had plenty of offers, plenty of opportunity. So relatively speaking, she wasn’t all that bad.


The weekend before X-mas, Danny’s best friend Pete was over. He was a good-looking guy, though a little short at 5’6. The last time the three of them hung out, she had accidentally walked in on him in the washroom. Before she left, blushing and apologizing, she could not help but notice that he was pretty well hung, even in soft state. And it seemed like his dick was very thick. She could not help but remember that thick cock, and couldn’t get it out of her mind ever since. When he arrived, memories of his huge member came roaring back, and stayed with her the entire night. Pete spent the night staring at her nice ass and her ample tits. He had always had a thing for her. He had no idea that ever since she saw his penis, she felt the same way. After a night of drinking, she went to bed and fucked Danny.

When she awoke the next morning, she was horny again. She left a sleeping Danny and went into the living room, trying to take her mind off of sex by watching some television. Charmaine sat in the chair next to the couch where Pete slept and turned on the TV quietly. She was wearing only black boxers and a T-shirt.

Trying desperately to think about something else, and get rid of the unrelenting tingly feeling in her pussy, she found herself staring at Pete’s crotch as he slept. He had a bulge in his plaid shorts and she found herself moistening a little in her own crotch.

She didn’t notice that he had awakened and was watching her stare at him.

“Hi.” He said, startling her.

“Hi.” She replied. She watched his hand fall on her bare knee, and a tingle shot through her pussy. When she made no move to remove it, he slid his hand slowly up the inside of her smooth, tanned thighs. Heart pounding, Charmaine found herself parting her legs further.

He slid up the couch, closer to her as his fingers felt her pubic hair. Both of them were breathing heavily pendik escort bayan as his fingers touched the sopping wet lips of her needy pussy. She sighed as Pete gently rubbed her slit slowly up and down. He stuck out his finger and her hungry cunt sucked it inside. “Ohhhh…” she moaned softly. She was so fucking wet!

Charmaine was quivering as she felt him dip a second finger inside her sopping pussy. Still fingering her, he got off the couch and knelt before her. She raised her sexy leg and draped it over the arm of the chair. She could not believe how quickly it all happened. Even less could she believe that she was allowing this! Her other foot rested on the coffee table.

Horny as all hell, Pete could see her entire thigh as he fingered her. He reached up with his other hand. He HAD to see that pussy! He eased her boxers to one side, fingers still deep inside her. Slowly, the hairs of her bush became exposed. Then the pink lips of her pussy could be seen, gripping his sliding fingers. Her scent was strong in the air as he watched his fingers pleasure her.

He leaned forward, sliding his fingers out of her wet pussy with an audible ‘slurp’. He pushed her boxers completely to one side, tongue snaking out. He licked her pink swollen lips and she gasped. She took her foot off the coffee table and hung her smooth, tanned leg over his shoulder, giving herself to him. He slid his tongue into Charmaine’s twat, tasting her. He licked up to her clit, tickling it. She sighed, eyes closed. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, sucking her juices. Pete lifted his head.

“I’m so turned on, do you wanna go somewhere private?” he asked. Charmaine appeared to consider it, remembering that thick cock.

“We can’t. We can’t have sex.” She whispered.

“Ok,” he conceded, “Well…sit here on the couch at least.” She scrambled onto the couch, eager to be further pleasured. For some reason, she felt less guilty receiving oral, than she did giving it, or having sex. She opened her smooth legs as Pete knelt between them. He pushed her boxers aside again and buried his face between her thighs. Charmaine sighed again, rubbing her pussy in his face.

His tongue flecked all over her swollen lips. He licked up to maltepe escort her clit and tickled it with his tongue. She moaned softly, writhing against his tongue, pussy on fire. She could not get her mind off his cock, the cock she only glimpsed so long ago. Just thinking about how thick it was made her cunt long to be stretched wide. Pete raised his head.

“I gotta get these outta the way.” He said, grabbing her boxers. “We’ll keep them around one ankle so you can get them on easily.” He stated.

Charmaine said nothing, heart pounding as she raised her ass and watched him slide her boxers down her sexy legs. The furry triangle of her beautiful bush became exposed to Pete as she pulled her right foot out of her boxers for him. She placed her right foot on the coffee table, giving her pussy to him. Her sexy, tanned thighs surrounded her gorgeous, needy cunt.

Pete buried his face between those thighs, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth. “Ohhhh…” she allowed a moan to escape as her boyfriend’s buddy ate her out. Pete could not get over how wet her pussy was! He sucked the lips hard as he pushed down his shorts, releasing his thick, 6-inch cock. He stroked it as he licked inside Charmaine’s vagina.

He raised himself up, and she felt a surge of desire shoot through her body as she saw that hard, thick penis she wanted so badly. Seeing it hard like that was everything she expected. She had never, ever seen a cock that thick!

“Can I put this in you?” he asked. She was trying to catch her breath, she was so horny.

“Do you have protection?” she asked.

“No.” he said, disappointed. Charmaine closed her eyes, agonizing over the decision. She thought briefly about sneaking into her room, past a sleeping Danny, and grabbing a condom. She quickly decided that wasn’t a good idea. Then she wrestled with her fear of being caught. What if he woke up to go to the bathroom or something? It would be over. Simple as that.

But she was so horny. She had never had anything even remotely that thick inside her before, and here she was, boxers around one ankle, legs wide open. Her arousal won out.

“Ok,” she breathed, “just don’t cum in me.” She watched his thick dick as he crawled up the couch kartal escort between her open legs. Her heart was pounding, her pussy was tingling. Pete rubbed the fat mushroom head of his dick up and down Charmaine’s sopping wet lips, coating it with her juices. Much to her delight, he could not wait any longer. He pushed forward. Her pink, swollen lips stretched wide open, enveloping his thick head tightly. “Ohhhhh…” she groaned, softly. Her cunt was so hot around the tip of his cock and he pushed more of himself into her. All six inches of the thickest penis she’s ever had in her life squeezed into her.

“Ohhhh Fuck!” she whispered, moaning. “You’re so thick!” Her horny pussy was tightly gripping his organ. He kissed her for the first time. How did he manage to seduce this goddess, with her boyfriend in the other room, without a single kiss? Charmaine eagerly sent her tongue into his mouth, not thinking about how she let another guy put his dick in her, without a condom, with her boyfriend in the next room, before she even kissed him! All she thought about was how good it felt to have her pussy stretched so wide like that. Their lips were smacking very loudly as Charmaine rubbed her feet on his legs.

He began to move in and out of her tightness, sending waves of excitement throughout her body. She came before he could do much more. She came hard.

She clenched her eyes shut and grabbed a cushion, putting it over her face to muffle her moans. Pete fucked her even harder, more turned on than ever. The couch began to squeak as he jackhammered in and out of the helpless girl.

The cushion fell off her face and onto the floor, amplifying her moans. “Unh! Unh! Ohh! Unh! Unh! Ohh! Unh!” could be heard by Danny in the bedroom – if he were awake. She tried to stay quiet but that thick penis felt amazing pounding into her hungry vagina like that.

Pete was losing it, fucking her hard on her couch, her tanned feet flailing behind him. Her pussy was so tight, he couldn’t hold off. He pulled his dick out of her. Charmaine’s feet remained in the air. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it above her tanned belly. Thick white cum shot out Pete’s dick, the first load shooting above her belly button. He moaned, another stream of cum shooting across her stomach. The white fluid was a sharp contrast to her dark skin. Load after load trickled onto the top of her furry bush. “Ohhhhhh…” she sighed, eyes closed. Panic set in. What had she done? Again!

They rushed to the bathroom to get cleaned off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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