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Lucky Indeed

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Since taking over as president of the organization, it had become a tradition for the staff, five women and me, to have lunch on the last working day before Christmas after which I excused them all to return after the holiday. With the work day concluded for all intents and purposes, we enjoyed a few libations as we had lunch and exchanged gifts. Always enjoying the loose lips of my staff once intoxicated, I encouraged them to relax, enjoy, and imbibe.

I was surrounded by four beautiful and talented thirty-somethings plus a twenty-one year-old college intern. The efficiency with which the office performed was rewarding and the organization’s board of directors noted our continuing and added successes. We had all been advised of upcoming performance bonuses which I had aggressively pursued on behalf of staff and myself. Good feelings and gratitude abounded with smiles aplenty.

As a fifty year-old male executive, having five gorgeous women to work with was not lost on me. Both hard work and the aesthetics made it a joy to walk into the office each day. Strong women to say the least, I empowered them to do their jobs in their own way and they did so with great pride and ability. Each of these young mothers and our intern never ceased to amaze me at what they could accomplish both at home and at work.

Lunch lasted for two hours and we had enjoyed our share of laughs amid the cocktails and wine. The combination of bonuses and generous Christmas gifts caused us to disperse with the holiday glee that I intended. Each delivered a warm hug and good wishes as they went off to complete (or start) their holiday shopping leaving office concerns behind for the next few days. I returned to a quiet, empty office to shop online and tie the last of a few loose ends together. A few cold beers in the office fridge helped fuel these pre-Christmas efforts.

The shortest day of the year and overcast skies brought darkness in late afternoon. As I scanned my online shopping successes, time slipped away. My wife was on an all-day shopping trip of her own and not expected until late evening. I began mixing a few Literotica readings with my shopping. My tie loosened along with my belt and pants, the stories were having an effect on me.

“Clay?” I heard a voice from the back hall of the office. I had not heard the door open.

“Yes?” I responded as I turned to see Mallory standing in the doorway to my office with my hands desperately fumbling with belt and zipper.

“What, why are you still in town?” I asked. Mallory lived nearly forty five minutes from the office and rarely stayed in town after work. My query was accompanied by a nonchalant effort to finish closing my trousers over a Literotica-inspired erection that had not gone unnoticed by the tall, slender thirty-one year old who stood leaning in the doorway.

“I met Jim for a drink after our lunch. I thought I should stop here and make sure I could drive before I started home,” she reported with a slight slur to her words. Jim was a local bank executive that had worked with Mallory on a few projects. She had an admitted crush on him, and he appreciated the attention she gave him. Not to deal in gossip, but I doubt it was just a matter of flirtation.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” she smiled as she tossed her jacket on an office chair then dropped herself into the seat of another in a less than modest manner allowing me an unintentional gander at the bright pink panties she wore under a mid-thigh length dress. At this sight, I stopped worrying about my pants and zipper. Leaning back in our respective chairs, the conversation continued.

“So, how’s Jim,” I inquired innocently.

“He’s such a prick!” Mallory exclaimed to my surprise.

“Whoa! I thought the two of you were pretty close.” I wanted to characterize their relationship as romantic, but knew I’d be relying on rumor as my source.

“I thought we were more than close. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been.” She sighed as I caught my eyes traveling up the long legs of this bright and beautiful colleague. In an attempt to acknowledge the attention she was getting, she very slowly crossed her legs allowing the hem of her dress to creep into her lap.

“When I agreed to meet him after our office lunch, I thought he had planned to spend the rest of the day with me. After a couple drinks, he excused himself to take a call. When he came back to the table, he very sheepishly said ‘I have to go’, gave me a peck on the cheek and ran out. I ordered a double shot of tequila, knocked it down, and stormed out behind him. He was sitting in his car and back on the phone. The booze was working on me, and I decided to follow him once he pulled away.”

She continued, “He didn’t go very far and pulled up in front of another bar. A short and shapely blonde was waiting for him and he was greeted with a long sloppy kiss. When they turned to walk into the bar, I recognized her as his ex-wife. I fought the urge to interrupt their rendezvous and came here to sober up and pendik escort calm down. Fuck him!”

Although we were pretty free with our language in the office when visitors were not present, Mallory’s outburst was uncharacteristic. She had neither sobered up nor calmed down. She pulled her legs into the seat of her chair, Indian-style, and dropped her head into her hands.

Looking up, she confessed, “I was going to give him one helluva Christmas fuck today!”

With that, she began to sob. I was at a loss as to how to respond. The wet spot on the crotch of her exposed panties confirmed that she was primed to take Jim and had looked forward to it. The gaze of a willing substitute was snapped back to reality by Mallory’s voice.

“I’m sorry to come charging in here with my problems. You obviously have things to do. I’ll just go back to my office and pout,” Mallory declared as she prepared to leave, once again giving me an unobstructed view of long legs and wet panties. My cock stirred.

“Please stay. I have no place to be. You are clearly upset, and I am here for you. I doubt you are in any condition to drive home. Sit and let’s talk.” My pleas laced with a variety of hopes and purpose.

Dropping back into her chair, she asked, “So you think I’m drunk?”

“You’re the one who had a double shot of tequila. I’m more concerned with you driving as upset as you are,” I countered, seeing that she was indeed intoxicated but offended by my observation, “I’m sorry.”

“Well, I am kind of shot in the ass. I’m drunk, pissed, and horny as hell,” she admitted openly and without hesitation.

“I had plans for today,” she continued. “I have a room at the Hilton Garden Inn. I checked in, unloaded a small bar, and laid out some lingerie that barely covers this long and lanky body of mine and I had every intention of not wearing it for long. When I walked out of the hotel door to meet Jim, sitting down to have a drink with him was merely a formality. My goal was to have his hard cock in me within the hour.”

I was at a loss for words. I sat quietly and admired the young lady who had just spoken with no signs of embarrassment or reservation. It was as if she was awaiting a reaction to information she wanted me to know. Like a fisherman dangling live bait in front of a hungry fish, she had cast in my direction and wanted me to take a bite. As much as I wanted to nibble, I remembered where we were sitting and our respective states of intoxication. I remembered that I was her boss. Only then did I speak.

“So,” I started slowly, “did Jim know of your plans?”

“If he didn’t, he is either blind or severely lacking in his five senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch, even smell, he should have been on sensory overload because I’ve been on sexual overload the last several times we’ve been together. I’ve dressed to the nines revealing all that I could legally reveal. I have whispered provocative things that I couldn’t believe had escaped my lips. My lips tasted so intoxicating, I avoided licking them for fear of getting high. Touch. I have tilted and leaned in so many ways to cause his touches to linger or create some he never intended. And if he sniffed at all, he would have captured the scent of a sexually charged woman spiced with a hint of the most provocative fragrances. Oh, my God, I’m getting wet just describing how I wanted to seduce him!”

“Well, I’m certainly sedu…,” I stopped, realizing I had leaned closer to where she sat with my hand wrapped around my raging hard-on through the folds of my dress pants. My question, intended to cool the conversation, had led us back to the brink of sexual explosion. Snapping back to consciousness, I saw Mallory’s hand buried in her panties and her eyes rolled back in her head. She had no idea I was in the room at this point, until I spoke.

“Mallory, you are a most beautiful woman. I am certain that Jim received all of your messages just as you had intended. I certainly did, and they were not directed at me,” I admitted as my vulnerability to all things Mallory had become apparent. All of my defenses now compromised, I continued.

“It’s late. It’s dark. I’ll walk you back to the hotel. You can check out and head home or you might want to stay in town tonight as you planned. The night air might help us both.”

With that suggestion, Mallory rose from her chair as I stood. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders at first to gain her balance but then to pull me into a warm embrace. The soft feel of her young perky breasts against my chest was welcomed by my hard cock pressed into her narrow waistline. My arousal was beyond any attempts at concealment. My hands dropped to the curves of her ass and as my hands spread to cover as much of her backside as I could, my fingertips were teased by the silky feel of her pink panties. Our embrace ended short of an almost certain kiss.

“I’ll take you up on that escort back to the hotel,” she accepted as the two of us hit light switches and shut down computers as if it were maltepe escort the end of a typical business day. Walking out the front of the office, it was obvious the temperature had dropped dramatically. Instinctively, we wrapped our arms around each other as we passed the windows of our offices decorated for the season. The hotel was less than a block away.

We did not speak until the automatic doors of the small hotel rolled open and we darted into the warmth of the lobby and sighed aloud. With some paranoia, I surveyed the room, finding only a single registration clerk absorbing the daily sports page unaware of our arrival. With a few steps we stood at the elevator doors.

“Are you staying? If not, I can get your car warm while you pack and check out.” I offered as my attempt at innocence sounded feeble.

“I am not giving up a well-stocked and paid hotel room, and you, sir, should escort me to my room,” she stated clearly as the elevator opened and we began our ascent.

The doors opened on the top floor and, as we arrived at the door of Mallory’s room, I realized she was in a luxury suite. Fighting the chills lingering from our walk as well as those prompted by a high level of nervousness, we entered the living room and I again found myself the subject of a warm hug. This one ended with a slight peck of a kiss on the lips as Mallory skipped into the bedroom with the proverbial, “I’m going to get into something comfortable. Make us a drink,” lingering in the atmosphere of the room.

As I marveled at the selection of booze and grape from which to choose, I remembered Mallory saying “(I) laid out some lingerie that barely covers this long and lanky body of mine and I had every intention of not wearing it for long”. Hope springs eternal as I imagined what she might find as “comfortable” on that “long and lanky body”. My aroused cock reminded me of its existence as my mind created images of Mallory’s return to the room. An additional tip of the bottle into each glass expressed my “what the hell” attitude at this stage. The wait was short as I heard,

“So, what do you think?”

My eyes riveted to Mallory’s five foot ten inch frame draped with a black, baby doll length, negligee, its sheerness providing the silhouette of her “long and lanky” frame and larger than I had imagined, C-cup titties standing proud underneath. The light material tented from her breasts by the extended finger-like nipples I had only imagined before now. As she spun to give me a 360 degree view, I caught a glimpse of a perfectly coiffed patch of hair that I swore was glistening with moisture along with the crack of a bare ass that stood perfectly from the peak of her long and lovely legs.

I offered her a favorite cocktail as I continued to assess the beauty that appeared before me. Thoughts of Jim and her preparation for him in the distant past, what appeared before me was a Christmas gift meant for me and confirmed by the sweet kiss on my lips thanking me. For what, I do not know.

I retrieved my drink and found a place on the comfortable couch never taking my eye off the beauty before me. She waltzed to and fro throughout the room as if freed from invisible binds. Her dance took her to a music player that soon filled the room with the romantic strains of Sinatra and Cole rather than the country ballads I expected. Another pass and her hand reached out to pull me to her dance floor and soon we were enjoying a musical embrace. Our drinks splashed as we gave way to the song and its enchantment.

Mallory dispensed with her drink and as I danced with my arms around her waist, she began working the buttons of my dress shirt. Soon the shirt was open and loose from my trousers. It was as if I could not speak as I was captured in this physical and emotional bond. Mallory’s breasts were barely hidden by the shear lingerie and the rhythmic roll of her flesh captured me as we continued to dance. We moved throughout the rooms of the suite until she fell back onto the king-size bed pulling me with her.

There before me lie a beautiful young woman with her breasts spilling from the black garment that now barely cover her stomach. A thin patch of pubic hair served as an exclamation point above her glistening and protruding pussy lips. I ran my hands along her smooth legs from ankle to thigh and back again pushing her knees apart to open her sex to me. Mallory’s hands reached for the back of my head and encouraged me into her. First my tongue, then my lips, were covered by her juices as I attempted to drink her nectar of love while probing to find a clit sure to be sensitive as it protruded from its hood. A gasp indicated I had hit my target. I flattened my tongue against her clit and reached below my chin to drive two fingers into her warm pussy. Mallory’s reaction hit new heights as I curled my fingers inside her and massaged what I was certain to be her G-spot. Mallory’s breathing became spasmodic as I lapped at her love bud and played with her internal trigger.

Suddenly, kartal escort simultaneously with the “oh, oh, oh” coming from her mouth, I was treated with a gush of liquid from her pussy, and then another. I frantically tried to drink in all that she squirted toward me. While trying to capture every droplet, Mallory squeezed her legs around my head as if she were embarrassed by this involuntary orgasmic spray. I sensed an increased sensitivity everywhere I touched or tasted, so I slowly crawled up to her for a soft embrace as our senses calmed.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I have never squirted like that before. I couldn’t stop. I hope it didn’t taste weird.”

I smiled. “Quite the contrary, you are delicious and to have you squirt with such force was exciting.”

With that, Mallory curiously licked my cheeks, still damp with her nectar. The taste appealed to her, and I pressed my fingers into her mouth as she sucked the flavor of their recent exploration. My tongue followed as we kissed passionately and my hands sought to touch every inch of her long lithe body. A long leg wrapped around my torso and her hand found its way to my cock as she adjusted our positions to align it with her wet and waiting cunt.

A slight tug of her hand and the thrust of my body and we were at once fucking. I rolled onto my back and in one motion pulled the lingerie up and over her head and off her body. I stared at the perky breasts and the long hard nipples that had formed in our excitement. I sucked one, then the other, into my mouth bathing each with my tongue and nibbling softly with my teeth. She pulled away and then clamped her mouth over mine, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouth as our bodies moved in unison, each thrust to the depth of her womb followed by my pulling my length from her until only the head remained inside her, as we repeated time and again.

We rolled and squirmed across the bedspread assuming a variety of positions without losing that carnal connection. My impending ejaculation was delayed with each move but the urgency was regained within a few thrusts from each new perspective. Words were at a minimum as we communicated with our bodies and the exertional noises we made.

“From behind,” she whispered in a growl, and we broke our connection as she popped up on all fours and reached for my cock. Mallory’s breasts dangled from her chest and her hair draped over the side of her face as she probed her pussy with my cock in her hand.

Burying my rigid member into her hot box once again, I was rewarded with the realization that my height and the length of Mallory’s body provided a near perfect angle allowing my swaying balls to slap her clit with each thrust. We were the picture of synchronization.

“Oh, my God, I’m going to come!” she exclaimed.

“Eeeeeeh!” she screamed followed by “Stop, stop, stop!”

I slowed my assault despite being on the verge of climax.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she countered with a combination giggle and gasp of exhaustion in her voice as I resumed the mutually satisfying pace and penetration.

“Aaaaaahhh!” she screamed as I felt a spasm consume her body and mine. With that I reached for the depths of her magnificent pussy with my engorged manhood and began an explosion of cum that fueled more indescribable noises from her precious lips.

We collapsed. My shrinking member withdrew from her as I rolled onto my back leaving a trail of my milky goo across the cheek of her ass. The feel of her soft breasts covered my chest as my lips were warmed with a wet kiss and playful tongue. We quietly basked in our secretions.

Mallory’s cell phone rang.

“Hey, Girl!” said the voice from the other end. I recognized Lana’s exuberance. “Did you get you some of that Jim you’ve been wanting? Tell me all about it, or did I interrupt something you sexy child, you?”

“No, no Jim, but I got something a whole lot better and I’m hoping to get even more,” she declared with a wink and a smile sent in my direction. My sexual appetite aroused by the compliment and the suggestion that there’s more to come.

“Damn, girl! Maybe I should have a little of what you’re having. Did you get the room at the Hilton Garden Inn like you planned?” Lana continued with her inquiry.

“I’m naked as the day I was born and spread out on a king bed in the best room in the house,” Mallory informed.

“I’m in the parking lot. The kids are in bed. Ryan’s watching a game. I thought I’d check on my girl and see if she was up for a drink. Sounds as though you’re busy”.

Mallory stood from the bed, phone in hand, and walked to the ceiling to floor window of the hotel room. I watched as this young beauty stood and looked out over the parking lot. I could not hear Lana’s voice on the phone but I could tell from the various poses that Mallory was taking that she was putting on a show for our co-worker. I smiled and Mallory giggled.

“Come on up, Lana. We’ve got booze in the room!” Mallory announced as I jumped from the bed to gather my clothes scattered throughout the suite. I couldn’t believe the invitation she had extended. Having sex with a member of my staff was one line I had crossed. To be discovered by another of my team was beyond comprehension.

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