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Lucky Ticket Ch. 04: Massage , Belt

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Ch. 04 – New Horizons

This story is the final part of a series and will make more sense if you have read the prior parts, but can be read on its’ own. This final segment is inspired by a story I heard from a lovely lady I met through Lit. I hope you enjoy! -AlanProject

Instead of trying to deal with the hassle of calling the spa, Lisa decided to take advantage of the spa’s free hot tub and saunas in person, and confirm her massage reservations for later this evening at the same time. Heck, they may even have an opening for me now, I don’t feel hungry after that late lunch. Maybe they can move it up a bit. Lisa changed into her two-piece rose-colored bikini, covered herself in a terrycloth bathrobe and brought a thick white towel, a book and her room key with her down to the spa.

It was a large building on the opposite side of the extensive property from the ocean, surrounded by the dark coastal pines and landscaped grounds. It has a nice feeling of seclusion. I bet it is deliberately there to help people relax and forget about the outside world. Lisa walked through the tinted glass doors into the foyer, and was surprised to find herself the only person inside besides a middle-aged female receptionist standing on the other side of the waist-high counter. Lisa could see that the hot tubs and saunas were unoccupied, which struck her as very curious. The woman chirped professionally at her, so Lisa moved forward and began explaining the details of her reservations. It soon became clear that a corporate group had rented out most of their slots, but had not arrived yet.

In the midst of their discussions an attractive young woman with shoulder-length blond hair above a spa-logoed polo shirt and matching shorts and lithe tan legs stormed out into the foyer. She began to complain to the woman, whom Lisa now gathered was actually the manager of the spa. “Jeannie, this is absurd! I come all the way out here for the entire weekend to service one ‘important’ corporate client with several appointments, at your request, and their entire group just called and canceled on me! I don’t care how important they think they are, my time is damn valuable and I don’t like wasting it. I’m going to charge you for my normal fee, just like they all had come here! There’s no way I’m eating this cost!”

“Calm down, Hanna. So they called you to cancel, did they? That is…” The phone rang at the desk, and the two women exchanged a look. Jeannie picked up the phone and answered with a professional welcoming greeting. “Oh no, that is too bad. I am sorry to hear that… mmm, that is difficult… of course, we understand… yes, yes, and I also hope that your group will book here again … yes, well, we can talk about that when things are calmer for you … unfortunately, I won’t be able to carry forward any credit for your payment for the current reservation to that, but I am sure we can work something out … well, per our cancellation policy, we need at least 72 hours’ notice for there to be a refund… mm hmm, I understand, and I hope you understand that we have turned away reservations and paid staff to be here, and that notice provision is to avoid situations just like this, where one of my best employees, Hanna, has come away from her family for the weekend to support your reservation and deserves some compensation for her time… yes, well, I am sorry to hear that and I am glad you understand our policy. Best of luck in dealing with your current crisis! Good day.”

Hanna had a wry look on her face. “So it’s off for real, eh? I hate coming all the way out here from El Cerrito for nothing.”

Jeannie nodded towards Lisa, who had been listening with curiosity to the conversation. “We have a lovely non-corporate client, Ms. Lisa, who was just inquiring about moving up her appointment. Amanda won’t be in for a few hours, so would you be willing to take her on?”

Lisa felt vaguely self-conscious as Hanna seemed to give her a more-than-typical amount of scrutiny. She was suddenly aware that the bathrobe was open at the top and that she was showing a decent amount of cleavage, although her bikini top remained hidden.

“Sure. Miss, my apologies for interrupting your conversation with Jeannie, and I would be happy to make sure you receive the kind of treatment you deserve here at our spa. Would you like to soak a bit before you begin? If you do, I recommend avoiding getting dehydrated,” Hanna said, shifting into a more professional tone.

“No, thank you, I was only going to do that to kill time. I am a bit sore and would really appreciate your help.” Lisa said with her best winning voice. It worked better with men, but she could usually get her way, and she didn’t want the opportunity to move her appointment up to slip away.

Hanna smiled back at her, then nodded. “Well since my calendar is suddenly very clear, Jeannie, how about we upgrade Ms. Lisa to a full Hollywood Pampering appointment with the optional casino şirketleri Swedish Rock Therapy at the end? When we do have a customer, let’s treat her right.”

Jeannie’s smile froze for a moment, then expanded with a quick nod. Lisa realized that Jeannie had hoped to upsell her for a longer treatment from Hanna, since she was apparently a top provider, and had lost the opportunity with Hanna’s statement.

“Oh, thank you so much Hanna, I would love to experience that, and thank you so much Jeannie, what a lovely treat! This is truly the best vacation I’ve ever had!” Sugar and a smile gets you more than sourness…

Lisa’s enthusiasm seemed to take the edge off of Jeannie, and Hanna smiled at Lisa’s positivity. Hanna gestured towards the right side of the lobby, where a hallway with gentle yellow lights led away. “The women’s locker room is just down there, where you can take a quick shower to feel clean – I recommend it highly at the beginning of your experience. You can bring your robe and valuables into the room with you, I will be waiting for you in Room 2, where we won’t be disturbed the entire time. See you soon!”

Lisa wondered if she heard an odd emphasis on “won’t be disturbed” but dismissed it from her mind. Hanna walked away down the same corridor in front of her while Lisa finished the paperwork with Jeannie, gave her another thank you, and then went down the hallway herself. The locker room was well-outfitted, with granite floors and marble countertops, and private wooden doors for individual changing areas. The entire locker room was empty, but it did not feel uncomfortable, just private.

Lisa found a dish of hairbands on the counter and used it to put her hair up, a quick glance in the mirror an involuntary but habitual evaluation. She looked fine, and didn’t show any hickeys or other bruises from her lovemaking thus far. She took off her bikini and robe and stepped into the shower, turning the knobs for one of the heads. It quickly released a warm spray, no wait for hot water here, and she stepped in, careful to keep the water off her hair as best she could without bothering with a shower cap. She hadn’t realized it until she mentioned it in the lobby, but her shoulders and lower back were sore – as was her rear, from when her husband had taken her anal virginity yesterday.

That memory brought to mind the multiple lovemaking sessions on this trip, and she found herself tingling as she mentally relived her directed exhibitionism on the flight to LA, and the show she put on for the two navy men on the beach that had ended with an orgasm for her and being covered in spunk from the both of them. She let her body enjoy the sensations and pinched her nipples a bit to make them hard before quickly soaping up, the rubbing of her hands providing brief stimulation. I should stop, I’m about to be mostly naked with another woman. I can’t go in with hard nipples and a wet pussy.

Lisa regretfully stepped out of the shower after turning the nozzle off, and dried off with the nearby pale green soft towel. When she walked into her nook, she looked at her bikini thoughtfully for a moment, then decided against putting it back on. Everything she had heard about this type of massage was that the masseuse used a towel to cover intimate areas, and that clothes just got in the way. So it was wearing only the terrycloth robe that Lisa ventured into Room 2.

The room was paneled with elegant dark woods that created an impression of natural woods, and the cold dark granite floor added a rustic feeling while also feeling luxurious. Several large frond plants, apparently real based on the scent, promoted a natural reclusive feel. The overall effect suggested a small private hidden luxurious cabin not far from the truth providing a total separation from the outside world. Lisa listened to the smooth jazz being piped in through recessed speakers that she could not see and enjoyed it but didn’t recognize the song. Hanna’s eyes discreetly ran up and down Lisa, as if evaluating her, a subtle glance that Lisa only picked up on because she was used to men doing that and Hanna had been in her peripheral vision when looking at the plants.

“Have you ever had a lengthy massage?” Hanna asked.

“No, I’ve only had a few 50-minute massages before this, and I haven’t had one in a while.” Lisa replied.

“Do you have any plans for this evening?”

“Um, no, I don’t. My husband went into LA to meet a friend and see a game, so I’m kind of on my own until late tonight. That’s why I came in early to the spa, to enjoy some alone time.”

Hanna unsnapped her watch and set it on the table by the door. “A Hollywood Pampering massage, especially on today when I don’t have anywhere to go, should be a timeless experience. and I find this work is relaxing by doing it. I get out a lot of stress by getting it out of others, if you know what I mean. So no time limits! I will send a note to Jeannie and remind her that casino firmaları we are not to be disturbed. Today, I’m going to give you the full works, and when you walk out of here you will feel better than you ever have before!”

“Thank you, Hanna, you are very kind. I don’t want to have to work when you could go home, so you don’t have to do anything special, and in fact if you want to cut it short, that’s fine. I’d like to soak in the hot tub a bit anyway.”

“Nonsense, Lisa. It takes me almost 4 hours to get here from where I live, so they give me a room for the night when I come up to work the weekends for their special clients. I don’t have anything to do this evening either. Now, please lay down on your stomach on the table, with this towel over you like you are getting out of the shower, but not tucked in. I’m just going to heat up this oil a bit more.” Hanna handed her a soft bright white towel and gestured towards the massage table, the centerpiece of the room. It had warm brown leather padding over a rather large and heavy frame that looked very sturdy.

Lisa waited until Hanna had pivoted away towards a long table that ran the length of one side of the room that held multiple massage tools, including bowls of oil, some kind of rollers, and even smooth stones, and swiftly removed her bathrobe and wrapped herself in the towel, and then hung the robe on a hook by the door. She stepped forward to the table and found herself really looking forward to this.

Hanna had a professional, no nonsense tone and movements about her, nothing harsh but clearly in charge. “Now tell me, where do you hurt? What tightens when you get stressed out? And what are your plans for afterwards?”

Lisa gave a slight smile and tried to respond honestly but tactfully. “My feet and my lower back really tend to ache – my feet right now, and my lower back frequently. I also get a sore shoulder from carrying around kids or too much weight generally. Right now, um, my bum is also rather sore. And as for my plans for the evening, well, while my husband will be gone for a while, he did warn me that he was hoping for some intimacy when he returns.”

Hanna joined her in giggling, and nodded in understanding. “No problem. I do the same thing with my husband – we just got married a year ago, although he got deployed overseas and there isn’t much to do like that now. But before he left I frequently got massages from my friends, and then I go home and we really go at it. I’m all limber and ready when I get there, so it works great. Tell you what, I will make sure that at the end of this Hollywood experience you’ll feel like a million bucks and be as ready for sex as a starlet auditioning for her first big role!

Lisa giggled at the phrase, and remembered secretly watching an online porn video about a casting couch scenario where the woman has to prove she can do a nude scene so she strips and shows off to the casting director, who ends up fingering her until she came. It was an idle afternoon while browsing to make sure she was in the mood when Alan came home, and this pampering should have a similar effect. It was funny to link the two things in her mind, and she felt a twinge between her legs.

Hanna seemed oblivious to the rather sexual thoughts racing through Lisa, and continued with her pro talk. “I will start with your feet and go from there. Please get comfortable and place your head in the rest and your arms to your sides, palms up.”

Lisa did as she requested, enjoying the smell of the warm oils as she settled in. Hanna went around and also lit several perfumed candles in various places around the room, and then darkening the lighting even more to create a quiet visual environment. Lisa thought that a bit odd since she was going to be face down, probably with her eyes closed, but didn’t mind the mood it set.

When in position, Lisa heard Hanna move about, a slight clinking suggesting she was setting up some items near her on a table, and nearly jumped when Hanna ran her warm, oil-covered hands down the back of Lisa’s legs to her feet, almost like a warmup movement. “Relax, don’t worry about it, I will take care of your body, just let your mind go, listen to the music…” Hanna’s voice was now soft, barely above the music, and Lisa tried to stop worrying about doing it wrong and just be Zen like her friend Nicole was always saying.

Hanna’s hands returned, slick with more warm oil, and her fingers began rubbing Lisa’s feet. Her hands were strong but she had an expert touch, never too hard so that it unduly hurt, never too soft so that it felt like nothing was being accomplished. Hanna worked in a steady rhythm, moving up and down and then kneading her heels and the bottom of her feet, finding those tightened muscles and working on them. Wow, she’s really good. My feet feel much better already. Even when Lisa thought Hanna was finished because of the markedly better impressions her feet were sending up, she continued and güvenilir casino worked out every last drop of tightness and ache. This is lovely…

Hanna then moved up Lisa along her calves, then her thighs, always thorough and really teasing out all the stress. The strokes came up dangerously close to the white towel-covered areas, now carefully folded across her rear to just below her hips. However Hanna never crossed the line of coming so close as to be awkward. After about 20 or 30 minutes, Lisa couldn’t really tell, Hanna had Lisa roll onto her side and drink a large bottle of water to rehydrate and flush out toxins released by the massage, or so she said. Lisa did as ordered and then gently rolled back onto her stomach, only thinking afterwards that she had failed to cover her breasts while on her sides and must have given Hanna a bit of a show.

The massage moved up to her lower back, again dipping her hands in warm scented oil and working them in a rhythmic pattern across her taut muscles. Lisa felt vaguely disappointed that Hanna had skipped the towel-covered area, because her bum was still aching from the anal sex the previous day and she wouldn’t mind some help to speed her recovery. Plus Alan is likely to want to do it again. But the back work was heavenly, and so many tensions and lines of stress were revealed that Lisa disregarded her disappointment. Hanna’s hands unerringly found the knots and worked at them, then spread a pattern of relaxation out from those bundles of resolved trouble. She is some kind of miracle worker. I can see why people pay so much money to have her work on them. Her fingers dug at her upper hips at the border of the towel, finding the ache even lower than what she had originally felt. Hanna seemed to work tirelessly, working exclusively on her lower back section for more than 20 minutes after spending at least an equal time on her feet. At least I think so; time seems drowsy in here After each individual kink had been worked out, Hanna expanded her efforts to generally rub and sweep tension out of Lisa’s back, radiating the resolved tension out from her upper hips and lower back into nothingness. Lisa felt herself drowsing a bit, and gave herself over to Hanna’s tender ministrations.

Her shoulders were next, then the neck, then strokes pulling tension out along the arms to the tips of her fingers. The table unfolded and arm rests allowed her to spread out comfortably, her arms spread like wings that were caressed and cared for. Lisa had never felt this kind of deep relaxation before, it was amazing. She felt like she was drunk, her mind was fuzzy and lost in a space where the sensations coming from her body were both immediate and yet like they were happening to somebody else. She had started groaning a bit in sheer pleasure at the feel of Hanna’s ministrations.

And so it was with no real thought or concern that Lisa felt the towel covering her rear moved up and used to wipe excess oil off her back and legs. Hanna started again on the lower back, and began working her way downward. The tension in Lisa’s rear was massaged and the firm cheeks worked over, hands sliding along lines of muscle, then even down the crack in the middle. Lisa didn’t care, she was putty in Hanna’s hands now. A firm grip on both her cheeks spread them apart, and oil dripped down inbetween to that sore spot.

Lisa gasped and suddenly came more back to herself when Hanna’s hand ran purposefully down her ass and rubbed oil right on her puckered star. Hanna felt the shift in tension and put her other hand on Lisa’s lower back, holding her in place.

“I understand now. I can see why you are sore there. Your husband decided to put it in your other hole. I can make it feel better, I give my ass to my husband too and know how to handle it. Relax, Lisa, I will take care of you…”

Hanna’s hand continued to gently rub oil in and around Lisa’s back entrance, then to her shock gently pushed in slightly. More oil joined and the gentle probing continued. Lisa was shocked to realize that she could feel a cool sensation inside her rear, and it was making the soreness go away. Amazing!

“See, I can make it feel better. Do you want me to keep making it feel better, Lisa?”

Lisa’s addled brain wasn’t sure what to say but her mouth and ass both said yes and that was what came out. Hanna continued massaging and stroking along her ass, hips, and down to the top of her legs. The probing and adding of the soothing oil into her ass actually felt rather good, and Lisa felt her hips involuntarily lifting to try and help it along, which also had the effect of spreading her legs a bit.

“Yes Lisa, relax, I will make you feel better.” The strokes now went down along her inner thighs, pulling her pussy lips apart, making Lisa suddenly aware that she was turned on by all of this. I’m wet down there! God, Hanna must be able to see! I’m so embarrassed… Hanna didn’t say anything, just continued her stroking and massage all around that intimate area. Lisa was coming out of her fog, but not to normalcy. She was going right into a kind of aroused state that also blocked out rational thought, but had a different goal in mind than relaxation.

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