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Lucy’s Story Ch. 01

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The Beginning

Chapter One, The Funeral

The dark skies that had been threatening all morning let loose with a sudden downpour just as Lucy and her mom got into Aunt Brenda’s Malibu.

“Perfect weather for a funeral,” thought Lucy, as she slouched into the back seat behind her aunt. Thinking back at the words the preacher had said about her dead father, tears again began to trickle down Lucy’s face.

“Here, here, sweetie,” her mother said. “Take this tissue and fix your eyes.

You’re beginning to take on that raccoon look.”

Alice, Lucy’s mother, handed her a fist full of Kleenex.

“Sit up straight, and fix your seat belt.” Said Alice.

“Mom! I’m not a two-year-old. Please stop treating me as one.”

Alice’s voice softened, “I know dear, I didn’t mean it to come out that way.”

Turning to Brenda, Alice said, “She’s 18 going on 30 most of the time, but sometimes she acts 13 again.”

Brenda drove silently toward the Hyatt at the airport where they were staying.

Alice and Dan had divorced when Lucy was only four years old. Dan had been good about paying the child support but had moved from their home in Toledo to take a job with FAA in Oklahoma City.

The workload of being an air traffic controller pretty much had kept Dan from seeing his daughter on a regular basis. He had tried to call often in the beginning but so much of the time his calls were unanswered or were too late in the evening. Over time, Dan’s contact with Lucy diminished from “not often” to “not at all”. By the time Lucy graduated from high school, two months ago, she didn’t know her father at all.

“The Church of Christ has set up a buffet for all of the relatives and friends.” Brenda broke her silence.

“Are y’all hungry?”

“I’m famished,” said Alice, who had not eaten anything but a piece of dry toast earlier in the morning. Now at 2:30 in the afternoon, her stomach was beginning to growl.

“I really am not hungry, mom.”

“Can’t you just drop me at the hotel? Please.” pleaded Lucy.

“Brenda, would it be too much trouble to drop her off?”

“No, I guess not. There is not likely to be anyone there Lucy’s age anyway, so I think she would be bored out of her mind.”

“Oh! Thank you Aunt Brenda.” Lucy cried.

Lucy put her arms around the seat to give Brenda a hug and leaned forward to kiss the top of her head.

“MMMMM ” said Brenda.

Lucy realized she had encircled Brenda’s breasts, holding one in each hand. Quickly she retracted her arms, blushing; she sank back into the rear set. Alice saw what had happened and smiled to herself. She was sure that it had been an innocent happening on her daughter’s part but she also knew that Brenda enjoyed it.

Brenda was Dan’s younger sister. At 27 she was actually closer to Lucy’s age than Alice, who had just turned 40. They had gotten to know oneanother very well several years pendik escort back when Brenda called her one day out of the blue and asked if she could come for a visit. It was actually a veiled request to move in as she had just been downsized off her job and dumped by her boyfriend all in the same week. She needed to get out of Houston. She felt a change of venue would help clear her mind and open up new horizons. Little did she know what new horizons were in store.

Brenda was not tall, at 5′ 5″ but carried herself very erect and just seemed taller. An addict to the workout shows on cable, there was not an ounce of fat on the girl. Her 34C breasts were firm and not really disproportionate to her body because of her good posture. A slim waist and firm rounded butt completed her statuesque figure. She was covered totally with a nature tan that she maintained on the white beaches of Galveston, as often as she could. Otherwise, she tanned on the lounger up on the roof of the apartment complex where she could strip down for that no lines look without voyeur eyes coping a peek.

Alice mused as they drove. Remembering that one afternoon when she came home from work early to find Brenda on a beachtowel spread out on the backyard grass. She was on her back, totally nude, her clothes neatly folded next to her. Brenda’s skin had that gloss from sunblock. Not a hint of a tan line on here anywhere that Alice could see. Watching Brenda lying in the bright sunshine from the open patio door, Alice felt a stirring in her groin she had not felt in some time. Unconsciously her hand slipped under her short skirt and found the growing wet spot on her panties. She stood there as if transfixed. Brenda was laying there her legs slightly apart. Alice could see every detail of Brenda’s mons.

“She is so beautiful.” Alice thought. Alice had only had sex with another woman while in college and only with one girl. She had always looked back at that time as a mind opening time and was neither ashamed nor worried about it. She never really considered herself bi-sexual since it never happened again after she moved out to the dorm and had her own apartment. That was when Dan had entered her life.

Clean shaved, the mound was only slightly puffy. The outer labia were close together with only a hint of Brenda’s clit peeking out at the top and a very little of her inner labia showing at the very bottom of her slit. Alice’s fingers deftly lifted the seam of her panties so she could pull the cloth to the side. First, a single finger tracing around her clit. Then two, moving up and down to bring more of her wetness to lubricate them as they caressed and encircled her clit. In what seemed like only seconds, she was overcome with the orgasm that almost buckled her knees. As she tried to keep herself upright she removed her hand from within her panties and held onto the doorjamb of the patio door, her leather soled shoes made a clicking maltepe escort noise. She turned and quickly ran off upstairs to her bathroom to finish what she had started.

Brenda smiled, as she knew her sunglasses had hidden the fact that she had watched her sister-in-law masturbating.

“There will be another time,” she thought. There was.


“Do you have your key, Lucy?” Alice asked, as Brenda eased the car under the drive-through entrance to the hotel.

“Yes, Mother, eeegawds!” Lucy snapped back.

“Ready for the wake?” asked Brenda.

“Hell yes!” Alice replied and smiled.

Lucy walked to the elevators, pressed the “UP” button and waited. “Elevators always take so long.” she thought. She wanted to get out of her damp clothes and get into a hot shower and the sooner the better. The doors opened and she stepped in.

“Fifteen, please,” She said to the person standing in front of the button panel. The elevator shot up; it seemed in only moments and the door opened. Lucy stepped out and turned down the hall stopping at the door to 1524. She inserted the little card with the holes into the slot, holding it until the little green light came on. She pushed down the handle and the door opened with ease. She entered turning on the light and placing the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the hall side door handle.

She slipped off her coat and hung it in the closet. Walking to the dresser where her small carry-on bag was, she watched herself in the mirror reach behind and unzipped the black polished cotton cocktail dress she wore. It was really not appropriate for a funeral but thankfully it was raining so her coat hid it well. She shrugged her shoulders and let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. Picking it up with one foot she flipped it over onto one of the chairs at the table by the window. Lucy liked her body. She studied it in the mirror standing there in her panties and bra. She was like her dad, tall at 5’9″. Her auburn hair brushed the top of her shoulders. She had breasts that some girls would die for. 38D were a good size for her stature. Her 28″ waist widened to 39″ hips. She didn’t like her hips so much but she knew she had a good-looking butt so she all in all was pretty happy with herself.

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the water for the shower, adjusting it until it was just about as hot as she could stand. After slipping out of her bra, Lucy hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid them over her hips to fall around her ankles. She stepped out of them and into the steaming water. She picked up the complimentary bottle of body wash and filled one hand. Then rubbing her hands together she began to apply the lemon scented gel across her chest and down each arm. She took care to cover each breast slowly, enjoying the feel of them as the soapy gel foamed into a lather. She kartal escort refilled her hands and spread the mixture first down one thigh and leg to the ankle and then the other. Lastly she covered her mons with the foam mixing it into the neatly trimmed bush above her slit. Then covering her labia generously with soft caresses of the foam. Without trying to excite herself she noticed that her nipples had become firm and accentuated. She took one hand and swirled the gel-foam over her breasts again and again, leaving the other hand to continue the massage of her now very moist pussy. It was as though she was caught up in the act knowing that soon the release would not only push way the stress of the funeral but also help her to relax. Her orgasm was as good as it usually was for her when masturbating. She rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, reaching for one of the large towels folded neatly on the rack on the wall.

Lucy walked into the large room, drying herself with the towel as she walked. There were two king size beds, end tables for each, at large round table by the window with three chairs. The dresser was on the wall opposite the beds with a large mirror the full length of the dresser. Lucy looked at herself in the mirror, smiled, and picked up the complimentary dressing gown that she had left across the dress when they left earlier that morning. She picked up the phone and dialed room service.

“I’d like a grill cheese sandwich and a glass of milk.” she said into the receiver. After hanging up the phone, Lucy turned on the TV to the video channel but the music just bored her. She was tired. “Why did I order room service?” she thought. “Oh well.” Sitting at the table she opened her makeup case and took out the small mirror. Casually she dabbed away any remnants of her make up wish moisturizer.

Knock Knock “Room Service.” The voice from the other side of the door was not loud but Lucy could tell it was a young man’s voice. She went to the door, opened it and stood there in her dressing gown, which she did not realize, was gapped, open. The young man was about her age and he made a valiant effort not to stare are her body as he handed her the tray of food.

“You can just sign for it,” he said.

Lucy carried the tray in, set it on the dresser, and signed the charge slip. She then realized that her gown was open. “Oh well, I’ll give him a thrill.” she thought and slowly made her way back to the door making no effort to cover her neatly trimmed bush as she walked. She could see the bulge in his pants grow as she neared. “I’m sorry,” she said, “My mom didn’t leave me any tip money.”

“T-That’s ok,” he stammered. “Maybe you will see me later and make it up to me then.”

“You can count on it,” she cooed and closed the door.

Lucy plopped the tray of food down on the table. Lifting the plate cover she looked at the sandwich and then recovered it. “That’s not really what I need.” she thought. “I need rest.” She walked to the king-size bed nearest the window and pulled back the spread and top sheet. Lying down she took both pillows, made a nest of them, assumed the fetal position, and in mere moments drifted off to sleep.

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