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A couple hours later, Jeff returns. He hands me a large yellow envelope. I open it up to find a new passport, social security number, ID, and a prepaid phone. I open up my passport and see a fairly recent picture of me. The name reads “Oliver Lucas Porter.”

“Sorry you couldn’t choose the new name. We did allow you to keep Lucas with it.”Jeff tells me.

I look at my phone and open up my contacts to find only one name.

“Heather P.“

“So Mr. Oliver, do you have any questions for me?” Jeff asks.

I shake my head as I try to adjust myself to my new reality.

I spend the next four weeks in the hospital regaining my strength. I had to attend physical therapy sessions about three to four times each day. My doctor and therapist both had to help me try and stand on my two feet and keep me balanced the first week. Then it was a matter of walking and completing certain physical exercises to show that I had regained critical motor skills to function normally. After being in a coma for five months, lying in bed the whole time, my legs were weak to say the least. My whole body felt weak and frail. I did the best I could in the month of recovery to eat, gain weight, and retrain my body to function somewhat normally.

One morning, I take a good look at myself in the mirror, after attending a physical therapy session. I have scars on my face, down my chest, and my arms. They’re a permanent reminder of the torture that Clark put me through back at the motel. I have a new name and new identity now. But that will never undo the past of who I was. My scars will always remind me of who I was.

After a month of physical therapy, I’m discharged from the hospital. I get into an SUV with Jeff. The driver takes us to a private airfield in Maryland outside of DC. Jeff explains to me along the way that I’m leaving the country and have no chance of coming back whatsoever.

“Oliver, the day that Luke shot and killed Mr. Taylor, it sparked and created consequences that can never be fixed. The damage is done. To avoid paying the price for what your actions did, you must leave and NEVER come back. A lot of people were involved in faking the death of Lucas Kelly Smith and giving you a new identity all while keeping a low-profile. THIS is the only way you can keep Luke’s family safe. Do I make myself clear?”

I take a deep breath and acknowledge him. It hurts that I never got to say goodbye to my family. I was going to miss them for sure. But in all fairness, I should be dead right now. It’s a miracle I even recovered from my injuries I sustained while trapped in that motel. I try to see the bright side in all this. I’m being given the opportunity to start life all over again. A new name, fresh start, and new beginning!

We arrive at the airfield. The SUV takes us to a private hanger where I’m greeted by the sight of a private jet, two pilots, and a flight attendant. Jeff gives me a suitcase before we step out of the vehicle.

“You have all your important documents in this briefcase. Additionally, you have in here your bank information with routing numbers and access to an offshore account we have given you to fund your permanent stay in Italy, your new home.”

We walk towards the plane as he continues to explain what I need to know.

“Also Mr. Oliver Porter, you will receive an automated text upon landing. It will reveal your new town of residence and how to get there, most likely by train. Once you get to your final destination, you are to text the only contact on your phone that you have arrived. They will arrange your transportation from there to your new home.”

Jeff finishes what he has to say and asks with a smile if I have any questions.

“No sir.”

Jeff extends his hand toward me.

“Well then Mr. Oliver Porter, my work here is done. It’s been a privilege and I wish you the best of luck in your newfound freedom.”

We exchange hands and I thank him for everything as we part ways. It’s been about a month since Jeff introduced me to my new name of Oliver Porter, but it’s still weird. All my life I’ve been Lucas Kelly Smith. Luke for short. But that person no longer exists.

I am soon greeted by the pilots and the lovely flight attendant as I step onboard the aircraft, bound for Italy. I have my briefcase and a small luggage with some clothes. I get settled quickly onboard. It takes only minutes for the plane to taxi and reach the runway. As we accelerate down the runway and become airborne, I take a look out the window and see everything I’m leaving behind. So long USA.

It’s a long flight all the way to Italy. I try to keep myself busy in the air. The briefcase that Mr. Jeff gave me included a laptop.

I do a lot of research on living in Europe, the beautiful village I’m supposed to move to, the basics of speaking Italian, etc. I am not able to sleep one bit. My Flight Attendant onboard the plane with me is named Emily. She takes great care of me. Always checking up and seeing how I’m doing. The private jet I’m on is very luxurious! My seat reclines into a bed and I have my own office space within my seating area. It’s very private, and me feel important for some reason. On the outside of my seating area, there’s a couple of couches, other seats, as well as a mini bar. Emily, my stewardess, has a seat near the front of the aircraft, close to the galley where she preps my meals. We have conversations throughout the flight whenever she checks up on me.

“Can I get you anything Mr. Porter?”

Emily would ask me every so often. Still feels weird to be addressed by my new name.

Eventually I step out of my cubicle, as I like to call it, and make my way towards the back of the aircraft and to the mini bar. I grab a beer from the fridge and sit down on the couch beside it. I push the call button remote and signal for Emily to come to me.

“What can I get for you Mr. Porter?”

I ask her for a bottle of Irish Whiskey and two glasses. Emily returns momentarily and pours the whiskey in both glasses.

“Is there a reason you wanted the extra glass Mr. Porter?” she asks.

I smile at her and nod.

“Please call me Oliver. And yes, I’d like for you to sit down and join me, if you’re ok with that.”

Emily kindly refrains from doing so saying she’s on the job and in uniform and all this other nonsense, but I try to convince her regardless to sit and drink a toast with me.

“C’mon Emily, just one drink. You’ve been so kind to me on this new journey of mine. I’m a new man! If I’m being honest, you’re technically the first woman I’ve interacted with since having changed my identity.”

I can see Emily is hesitant at first, but eventually she loosens her grip.

“Ok Oliver, just one drink.”

I grab my glass and raise mine up with hers.


We both drink the whisky in one swig. Emily sits down beside me on the couch as we engage in conversation. I tell Emily as much as I can about who I was without revealing too many details. I don’t give her my previous name or where I’m from for discretion. As a matter of fact, from what Emily has told me so far about her job, she works for a private company that transports all sorts of people around the globe. Many have had hidden identities and aliases as well. Some were government contracts and others were people in Witness Protection. Many she has transported work for the CIA and other government agencies. So without a doubt in my mind, I knew I could trust her with telling my story, just without any names and locations.

I tell her about how I fell in love with a woman who had a deranged jealous husband. About what he did to me and to her inside of the motel. How I’ve been since I’ve woken up from my coma. Emily sits down and just listens to me talk with a sincere fascination for what I have to say.

“You’ve been through hell and back Oliver. What’s your plan for once you arrive in Italy?”

I think about it and shrug.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I have a set of instructions and information on how to get to where I’m supposed to be. But from there, I just have to see what happens.”

“And what about the woman you fell in line with? Are you ever going to see her again?”

It’s a great question, but I don’t even have an answer to that because I don’t know when I’m supposed to see her. I kept asking Jeff about Violet, but all he would tell me is that she’s alive and well. He hinted at me that I’d see her sooner than later.

Suddenly I hear a high-low chime from above. Emily gets up and walks toward the front of the plane.

“I’ll be back. The captain is calling to check up on me.”

I take a good look at my friendly stewardess. I never really noticed how beautiful she is. She wears on a tight white collared shirt that hugs her medium sized breasts and a black mini tie around her neck. On her head, she wears a stewardess hat which reminds me of something Navy sailors would have on. Emily has a tight mini skirt on with panty hose on and high heels. Her skirt does a marvelous job of showing how round and curvy her ass is. Emily looks to be in her early thirties with blond hair and tan skin.

Emily speaks to the pilots for a few minutes. She makes her way back over to me and sits down.

“Sorry about that Oliver. Just had to check up on my crew.”

“It’s all good. No worries.”

“Can I get you anything else right now?”

I shrug. “I’m all set. You’ve been so kind to me. It feels nice to be able to talk to someone about all the shit I’ve been through the last year.”

Emily stares at me with kind eyes and sympathy. With her sitting just inches from me, I eye her up and down really admiring her look. Her cleavage exposed to me and her crossed legs showing me how thick her ass is from the sides. For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling something I haven’t felt since I’ve awoken from my coma: Blue Balls!

I’m able to discreetly keep my erection hidden without drawing any attention. However, Emily clearly sees me eyeing her and enjoying the view.

“Oliver, you’ve been through so much pain and suffering. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now. I wish I could take away all the hurt that you’re feeling and be able to guarantee that you’ll be ok.” She tells me this as she reaches over and grabs my hand. I feel like I might just explode in my pants! My dick hurts from the pressure of my legs keeping it tucked down!

“Thanks Emily. As much as this sucks, I like to look at the positive side of this and think that this is just a new adventure I’m about to begin. I’m a new man and this is a new beginning. So out with the old and in with the new.”

Emily flashes a smile at me.

“I like that! That’s a great way to think of this situation!”

Still holding onto my hand, she clears her throat and looks me in the eyes.

“So Oliver, about this new adventure…..can I help you celebrate your newfound freedom?”

A bit confused, I ask her what she means.

She then stands up excitedly, and walks to the back of the airplane. She reaches into the mini crew closet and pulls out her overnight luggage. Inside of it, she reaches in and takes out a small pink bag.

I’m still a little confused as she makes her way back over to me and onto the couch.

“Open this for me sweetie?”

I grab the pink bag from Emily and unzip it. My eyes widen when I stare at the contents of the bag. A bottle of lotion, condoms, anal plug, lube, and perfume.

I’m speechless at first but I’m able to speak up.

“I’d love to celebrate my new freedom with you.” I tell her.

Emily shifts herself and sits onto my lap. She gets very close to my face and whispers,

“I knew you would. Now lets have some mile-high fun.”

With that, our lips touch and lock.

We start slow at first until I feel Emily’s tongue invade my mouth. We fondle and embrace each other as our tongues wrestle each other. My hands reach down to her waist and reach below as I get a good feel of her firm ass cheeks. My stewardess begins to grind herself on my crotch as I rub her ass. I feel her legs shift on each side as she kicks off her heels. As I shove my tongue down Emily’s throat, all I can think about are my senses coming back to life! The way her hair brushes on my face and neck. How she smells of lavender and coconut oil. Her breath tasting minty with the remnants of the whisky we both indulged. All the while thinking how horny I was at the same time! Emily has my cock at the hardest it’s been in months! Oh the joy of being able to satisfy my sexual urges after such a large drought! She continues to grind herself on me as we kiss.

Eventually, I pull her off me just to breathe!

She laughs when I do so.

“Too much?”

I pull myself up and stand facing her.

“Hmmm…I’d say more like not enough!”

I pull myself closer to her and begin to kiss her neck biting it gently as my hands begin to unbutton her shirt. Emily closes her eyes moaning softly enjoying the tickling sensations of my kisses and nibbling. I unbutton her shirt completely and pull it off exposing her white lacy bra. Reaching behind her back, my hands swiftly find her straps. I hear the magic click as her bra falls down onto the floor. With her black tie still around her neck, I take a good look at her naked breasts in awe. Emily has medium sized breasts that are perky with hardened nipples. I stand staring at those beautiful globes in front of me. With a smile, she takes my hands and puts them up to her chest.

“Stop staring and taste them already.”

Immediately bahis firmaları I’m taken out of my trance. I sit back onto the couch behind me. Emily gets back onto my lap as I take her breasts and rub them back and forth against my face. I grab her left tit and proceed to gently lick her hardened nipple. Emily continues to moan softly as I switch around licking each of her breasts and nipples. I find the courage, and bite them as I hold her down on my lap to keep her from squirming.

“Oh YES! Oh YES Oliver!” My stewardess encourages me to nibble on her nipples. I proceed to massage her breasts for a little while as we continue to kiss and embrace each other. Emily then decides that it’s time to continue. She pushes her way off my lap as she stands up. She turns around and bends over, pulling her skirt down in the process, leaving me the perfect view of her panties and pantyhose. She gives me a side glance smiling as she bends back down and slowly pulls off her thin black panties, exposing her bare ass and thick pussy lips. She tosses them to the side and backs her way into my face. I take my hands and smack them hard against the sides of her firm curvy ass. She grunts loudly each time I do so. I continue to play around with Emily’s ass slapping it and watching her cheeks jiggle. She shakes her tush in my face as she bends over bringing it close to my face giving me an amazing whiff of her pussy and ass.

“Taste me Oliver.”

I take my tongue and begin to eat the folds of her clit as my nose is buried into her asshole. I circle my tongue around her outer pussy lips, eventually making its way up to her ass. I open Emily’s ass wide as I can, allowing her to gape her delicious hole. With two fingers, I bury them deep into her ass causing her to gasp.

“YES! Finger my tight ass!”

My fingers slowly push deeper into Emily’s ass. I push them in and out. Repeatedly. Emily begs for more increasing her dirty talk.

“FINGER THAT ASSHOLE! FUCK!! That’s the spot!!!”

Emily takes control once again stepping forward away from me.

She reaches into her pink bag and pulls out her lube and butt plug. She pours a generous amount of lube on her hand and then her plug. She reaches behind herself and slowly fingers her asshole. Emily lays back onto the couch and passes me her plug.

“Do me a favor hun and put this sucker up my ass please?”

I didn’t need to hear her say THAT twice! I grab her plug and align it with her dark puckered hole. Emily spreads her legs apart to make it easier for me. She spreads her asscheeks and gapes her hole allowing me to put the plug deep into her without any trouble. With my hand covered in lube, I lean into Emily and begin to kiss her once again as I play with her clit. She groans as she pulls me closer and kisses me enjoying the sensation. Emily pulls me away.

“You’ve done enough for me Oliver. Now let me return the favor!”

Emily pulls my shirt off and tosses it to the side. She signals for me to stand up. She grabs my belt and unbuckles it. She then yanks down my pants and underwear together, allowing my cock to finally stand at attention freely! She takes a few seconds to admire the size and look of it. Emily then pushes me hard back into the couch and climbs her way on top of me.

“I want you to just relax and look me in the eyes. Can you do that for me?” I nod with lust as I watch Emily get back off of me and bend her knees down onto the floor in front of me. She takes her tongue and swivels it around my helmet. She licks my tip and slowly licks her way up and down my shaft. I grunt enjoying the very familiar sensation of being licked like an ice cream cone. Violet just loved doing that for me while she sucked me off. Oh how it’s felt like years since we’ve last seen each other! Emily then begins to suck me off slowly at first but increases her tempo bobbing her head up and down. She stares at me as she does so obviously enjoying the fact that I’m in the heat of the moment enjoying it all! She then surprises me next when I feel her forefinger squeeze into my asshole!

“Oh SHIT! What the FUCK??”

Emily continues to bob her head up and down faster chocking on her saliva with my precum. Emily releases her mouth from my dick to regain some air. She smirks at me catching her breath.

“Do you like this?”

I shake my head excitedly with her finger still up my ass.

“I was not expecting that at all!”

Emily smirks again.


With that, she begins to finger my ass as her lips make way to my testicles. She engulfs my entire sack into her mouth and begins to suck on them while fingering me.

My eyes were practically rolled to the back of my head! Who is this woman?? I could not believe what a freak my Flight Attendant is! Emily then licks my ball sack all the way up to my shaft. She does this for a few minutes until I’m unable to handle the situation any longer.

“Emily, I’m going to cum right now!”

She pulls her finger out of my ass jerks me off intensely! As soon as her lips touch the tip of my cock, I erupt and spill my massive loads down her throat! This being my first orgasm in almost six months, I’m shocked to see the amount of jizz shooting out of me into Emily’s mouth! And she takes ALL of it, struggling to keep from spitting some out.

Once I’m able to calm down, Emily pulls herself up breathing heavily.

“That was CRAZY! I’ve never swallowed or seen a load so big! You scared me for a moment, I felt like I was drowning in cum!”

“Well, five months in a coma will do that to you ya know.” I tell her laughing.

She playfully shoves me as she stands up.

“Can I get you some water?”

I nod as I start to feel the thirst kick in. I watch her walk away to the galley to get us some drinks. She’s completely naked only leaving on her black tie around her neck and her pantyhose. I look at the shiny butt plug up inside her ass.

As soon as we’re both hydrated, Emily gets onto my lap and adjusts my cock with her pussy. She sits down slowly onto my lap with a big gasp as she takes my entire shaft up inside of her. Before she can start riding me, we hear the Captain make an announcement on the PA.

“Just a heads up Emily and Oliver, we’re about to enter a storm with moderate to severe turbulence, so please sit down and buckle up until we turn off the seatbelt sign giving you the all-clear that it’s safe to move about the cabin.”

We hear a high chime as the Captain illuminates the seatbelt sign.

“Damnit! Just when the real fun was about to start!” Emily exclaims.

That’s when my brain gets a light bulb idea.

“Why stop now? I’m already inside of you locked and ready to go. Why don’t we let the turbulence do the work for us here eh?”

Emily’s eyes widen with excitement.

“I’m totally up for that!”

She begins to grind her hips on me as she slowly starts to bounce on my cock. She slowly rides my shaft bouncing up and down, keeping my dick hardened inside her. A few minutes pass and suddenly the plane shakes with great force. I grab onto Emily’s waist for support, keeping her steady on top of me so she doesn’t fall. The plane begins to bump around up and down aggressively. The turbulence was definitely worse than moderate. I continue to hold onto Emily as the plane bounces up and down. With the turbulence shaking the plane, Emily shifts up and down on my cock. We both moan together enjoying the feeling of Mother Nature doing the work for us.

“Fuck YES Oliver! Fuck me!” Emily screams.

Smiling, I sit back and relax as I let the turbulence do it’s thing and fuck Emily.

The turbulence went on for about 10 minutes as Emily rode me. Eventually, the turbulence went from shaking the plane up and down to side to side, allowing Emily to grind herself on my dick.

“Oh Oliver, I’m going to cum baby!!”

With the help of the turbulence, I’m able to take over. I pull her closer to me as I begin to shake my body up and down increasing my pace. Emily begs for me to fuck her faster as I enjoy the sounds of her screams and my dick clapping her cheeks.

“FUCK!!!” She screams with her hands wrapped around my neck.

I feel Emily cream herself on my shaft as I slow down and pull her off of me.

“Oh My! That was phenomenal Oliver! And the turbulence?? Incredible!!”

We catch our breaths once more. I was on the verge of cumming again so my dick stayed hard. Emily lays down on the couch catching her breath. I glance down at her naked sweaty body. Her shiny plug caught my attention once again.

“How about I replace that plug of yours and fill your ass up with my cock?”

Emily gives me a dirty smile.

“Go for it!”

I slowly reach for her plug. I pull it out very slowly until it completely emerges exposing Emily’s gaping asshole.

“Fill me up!”

I grab her and lean her back into the corner of the couch and spread her legs wide apart. With one knee on the floor and the other on the end of the couch, I grab my dick and easily insert it whole into her asshole. Emily’s eyes widen as she gasps.


With my orgasm approaching, I quickly pick up my pace and fuck her tight ass thrusting roughly in and out of her.

“C’mon Oliver! Fuck my tight asshole dude! I’m not afraid of that big cock of yours in my butthole! FUCK ME HARDER!!”

As I continued to pound this horny stewardess in the ass, I grab her breasts and bite down hard on her nipples causing her to scream even more! My second orgasm being moments away, I then pull my cock out and shove the entirety of it into her pussy as I release my second load deep into Emily.

“FUCK!!! Cum in my pussy!! YES!!!”

My second load was almost as big as my first! As soon as I’m empty, I pull out of her and stand up.

“Taste my seed you stewardess whore!”

I reach into her pussy and dig the remnants of my load out of her. Emily grabs my hand and shoves my fingers in her mouth licking up my spunk.

“Hmmm, so delicious you are.”

With that, Emily stands up and kisses me.

“Hope you’re satisfied with your newfound freedom celebration.”

“That was incredible! Started off with a bang!” I said jokingly.

Emily cleans herself up as she prepares the aircraft for arrival. I’m able to wash up and clean our area up while we start our descent into Italy. Time flies when you’re having a great time!

As soon as the wheels touch the ground, I receive an automated text message. “WELCOME TO GENOA, ITALY! NEXT STOP FOR YOU MR. PORTER IS VERNAZZA” it reads.

I look up the location on my phone using the maps. The fastest way to get there is by train. From the looks of it, the train station is a few blocks from the airport and has regular service to and from the region of Vernazza. The next train leaves in about 45 minutes. Once the plane is completely stopped and parked at the hangar, Emily opens up the main cabin door and the flight deck door for the pilots.

She makes an announcement on the PA,

“Welcome to Genoa Italy!”

I grab my bags and walk to to the front of the plane.

“Good luck Mr. Porter on all your future endeavors.” Emily gives me a hug acting polite and professional as both of the pilots are in sight of us. If only they knew about her little “celebration” she did for me.

“Thanks for everything Emily. God speed and I wish you well.”

I say my thanks to both pilots for the safe flight and make my way into the hangar which leads to a small terminal.

After clearing customs in the private hangar, I head inside the terminal. I’m surprised to see a gentleman in a suit holding a sign with the name “Oliver Porter.”

“Mr. Porter?” He asks me as he sees me staring at the sign for a little bit.

I greet him as he tells me that he is my transportation to the train station. I thank him as he helps me with my bags to the taxi. As we drive along the coast of Italy, I stare at the bright and clear blue waters and the lush greenery all around me. I really think I’m gonna like it here!

I’m thankful for Mr. Roberto, the taxi driver, for the ride to the train station as it was about a 15 minute drive away from the airport, not a few blocks as I initially thought it to be. We arrive at the station and Mr. Roberto helps me with my bags into the station.

“Train 7 will arrive shortly and will take you to Vernazza.”

“Thank you Mr. Roberto for your kindness and help.” I hand him a tip in cash for his hospitality. We part ways as I wait for my train to take me to my new home.

The wait is short and I’m able to hop on the train over to Vernazza.

The ride took just under two hours. I look at the name of the train stop I’m instructed to get off at. I grab my bags and head to the lobby area of the station. I remember Jeff’s instructions about texting the only contact on my phone. I text “ARRIVED” to a “Heather P.” on my phone. I’m still confused as to who this Heather is. Is she a tour guide? A local villager who happens to know Jeff? Almost immediately, my phone vibrates and receives a reply. “I’ll be there shortly.”

About an hour of waiting, I’m almost ready to call this Heather person. It’s been a long journey getting here and all I wanted to do in my new home is to get a nice meal and some sleep.

“Mr. Porter?”

I turn to face the oddly familiar voice and I’m surprised to see Heather…also known as Violet Taylor!


With tears in her eyes, Violet embraces me.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here!! I’ve waited so long for you!!”

As Violet holds onto me with kaçak iddaa dear life, I’m finally able to let reality sink in and I lean into her and plant a kiss on her soft lips. We kissed passionately for some time holding each other, trying to make the moment last. Finally, we’re able to let go of each other.

“C’mon Oliver, let’s get you home.”

She helps with my bags as we walk together out of the train station and outside. She has a vehicle ready for us with a driver. We get in, and the driver takes us out of the city area and drives along the coast. Violet and I are greeted by spectacular views of the coast with beautiful water, hills and lush green valleys, and architecture of surrounding villages and towns. Violet holds my hand in the car as we stay quiet enjoying the views. After about a half hour drive, the driver pulls off onto a side road which takes us down to a small village near the beach. He makes another turn and drops us off along a secluded pier.

“Grazie Signore!” Violet tells the driver as she tips him. We get out of the vehicle and walk along the pier that is lined up with small boats. Violet takes me to a small boat and loads up my stuff onto it. I noticed in small black lettering the name “Porter” on the side of the boat.

“So, I take that we’re the Porters huh?”

Violet looks at me with a big smile on her face.

“Yes indeed we are darling. Please allow me to introduce myself to you Oliver. My name is Heather. Heather Porter….your wife.”

Heather reaches over and kisses me.

All of this feels surreal!!

“Well nice to officially meet you Heather.”

I give her a kiss back.

Heather unties our boat from the dock, and begins to steer us across the Ligurian Sea Harbor to a secluded village where our home is located.

We spend time catching up with our lives. Heather has changed a lot since we’ve last seen each other, the horrifying night we had at the motel. Her skin is darker with a better tan from the climate of our new home. Heather is now a Brunette with straight hair cut short. She’s lost some weight as her body is more athletic.

We then discuss about her relationship with Jeff and who he was. She tells me that they both attended grade school together all their lives. How he was like a brother to her. She tells me that Jeff was in the Department of Homeland Security back in the US and how he had powerful connections around the globe. That explained how he was able to cover up the murder of her husband, a special ops Navy Seal. Jeff had a team of people dispose of Clark Taylor and fake our deaths to avoid our families being in danger for the murder of Mr. Taylor. Once Violet (Heather) knew that I was going to be ok, when I was in a medically induced coma, Jeff set up her alias and sent her over to Italy months in advance to allow me to recover while she set up our new home. Heather continued the conversation with telling me how she traveled all around the country and befriended many locals in the village. She told me her Italian was getting better each day and she could not wait to teach me!

We then arrive at a small dock with a couple of other boats. I grab my bags as Heather leads the way up the hill. We get to the top and make our way to a private path which takes us to a beautiful small house overlooking the coast and a great view of our village.

“So settle in Luke….I mean Oliver haha. That’s going to be quite an adjustment to get used to.”

We both laugh as I drop my bags into our room. Heather gives me the grand tour of our house. She takes pride in showing me her garden in our backyard. She stops and then stares at me. God, how gorgeous my wife is!

“Oliver, I’ve so happy and relieved you’re alive. I don’t know how I could ever thank you for what you did for me that night back in the motel.”

I walk over to Heather and wrap my arms around her. We lean into each other with our foreheads touching.

“Heather, you saved me that night. All I could think about was you. How I could not stand to live the rest of my life without you. I did what I had to do. There are consequences to what my actions did. We won’t ever be able to return to the US or see our families again, but none of that matters because I have all I need right here in front of me.”

Heather and I leaned closer. We shared a deep passionate kiss as husband and wife.


We continued our kiss as my dick penetrated Heather’s tight pussy. It had been so long! Together we fuck in unison on our bed, rocking it.

“Make love to me baby. I want you deeper in me!” Heather cried.

I sink my face into the pillow beside her face as I begin to get a familiar feeling of an orgasm approaching. Heather bites down on my shoulder begging for more.

My hands rub her body all over. From her breasts with her newly pierced nipples, all the way down her waist. I massage her warm sweaty body as I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy. Once I hit my orgasm, Heather began to scream.

“I’m cumming baby! JUST LIKE YOU!!!”

It was a beautiful feeling. It hurt so bad as I continued to pound her flesh as our tongues engulfed each other. I keep pumping my cock in and out. Hard, but slowly as we both tried to catch our breathes. In the same way that people see their lives flash before their eyes right before dying, I saw my life flash with every moment I’ve shared with Heather back when we were Luke and Violet. Our first night together when I helped her deal with a “shitty” dilemma she had going on. Our vacation to Mexico with me and my college friends. Sharing her with her sister Linda. Our separation during the time her ex husband took over her life. Our days locked up in that motel by that psycho. How he tortured me and raped her. And of course the screams. The terrible screams after the gun went off. I saw ALL of those moments when my orgasm hit Heather hard. We lay down together catching our breaths.


“Yes baby?”

“I love you.”

I lean into my wife kissing her showing my love for her. From that point on, I knew that no matter what challenges we faced, we’d be alright. We had each other. That’s all that mattered. New names, new lives, new beginnings. Heather will always hold a special place in my heart. Heather. Or as how I once knew her…VIOLET.


My heart is pounding. I see him!


He screams at me and reaches for his pocket knife on the bed. That same knife that he has used to slash my cheek, arms, and chest. The cold water to the face gives me enough adrenaline to grab the gun on the nightstand. He shoves me to the floor. I hit my head with a loud thud! My vision starts to blur as we wrestle, both of us trying to overcome each other.

Suddenly, the gun goes off. BANG…BANG!!!


I wake up drenched in sweat. I try to catch my breath and regain my composure.

“What is it baby?!” Heather wakes up startled, after my tossing and turning awakening from my nightmare.

“I keep seeing him! It’s the same fucking nightmare all over again! I can’t sleep!!”

Heather grabs me and embraces me while caressing my head. She begins to shush me while comforting me telling me it’s ok.

“Shhhh…it’s ok. It’s just a flashback baby. You need to let it go. It’s been three years. It’s all in the past. I need you to just breathe for me. Go outside and get some fresh air if you need to.”

Taking her advice, I kiss her. I get out of bed, and walk to our small kitchen. I wash my face with cold water and drink a cup for hydration.

I walk out the front door and down our private path. The stars are bright in the sky and the moon is in full effect. It’s a gorgeous evening as the moon reflects upon the coastline in our little village.

I stop once I reach the cliff, close to the trail that’s connected to the rest of the little villages in this Italian region. Our village is very remote with absolutely no access to cars. Only way in is by boat or helicopter.

I stop and think about how my life has dramatically changed in the last few years. Ever since I came back home from college for the summer. I think about my family that I left behind back in the US. I miss them so much! But I know that I can never return. I’m a ghost. Violet is a ghost. We went through something so traumatic and tragic that day. The day that changed our whole lives forever. We both died that day. We were given new lives. New aliases. A fresh start, on the one condition that we could never go back home. Ever.

It’s a quiet and peaceful place here and I’ve adjusted well to it all. I work at a local market and I also fish by the coast for a living. Heather sells jewelry and other accessories all around town to the tourists that come from around the world. Life is good but I still deal with my demons I just can’t let go. They haunt me and take me back to that day when the world as I knew it came crashing down! They come in the form of nightmares mostly. I’ve gotten better as time has gone by, but they’re still there. If it wasn’t for Heather, I don’t think I could ever handle it. The fear. The guilt. The trauma. It’s a permanent scar for life that I can only treat but can never heal. Don’t get me wrong, she needs me just as much as I need her. What we both went through that day…I’m surprised she’s been so strong for me. I sit down on a large boulder, overlooking the coast. I close my eyes. I take deep breaths. I listen to the calm sounds of the breeze and the waves of the water crashing into shore. It’s the best remedy for me to calm myself down. The best way that I can describe it is a peace beyond understanding that embraces me…telling me that everything is going to be alright.

I get up and start to run. I feel the breeze against my face and I run faster! I run down the trail taking me throughout some local villages along the coast. Time flies by because when I stop to catch my breath, I look toward the East and see the sun beginning to rise. I walk back home with a smile on my face. Everything is going to be ok! I take the final turn on the trail and up the hill where my house is, up a private pathway. It’s time to wake up Heather for breakfast, and start our day.

I get back home to my wife who’s already up and awake, making breakfast for us.

“Hey sweetie, how was your run?”

I tell her it was amazing as I give her a hug and a kiss. I go to take a quick shower and make my way back to the kitchen. Heather stands by the counter looking incredibly sexy as she brings a bowl of fruit to the table.

“Ready to eat?” She asks me.

I stare at her as she stands before me with just her intimate lace nightgown on. It’s thin material that’s see through and gives me a great view of her black panties and her breasts popping out. Underneath the material, I can make out her two enlarged nipples that are pierced.

I step closer to my wife and bring my hand down to her crotch. She closes her eyes and softly moans as I lean closer to kiss her neck. Just as I suspect, she’s moist down in her nether region.

“I’m ready to eat something else.” I tell her.

We make our way out to the backyard and to our patio furniture. I place Heather on the outdoor patio bed in our garden. It’s a beautiful setting for us to make love and get downright kinky. Heather lays back and rips off her nightgown easily, exposing her naked breasts.

“Yank my panties off baby!”

I don’t need to hear her say it again. I pull down her panties as she raises her bottom up gently for me to take them off completely. Taking off my shirt, I then lean into my wife’s naked body and wrap my arms around her as we kiss. She locks me in her arms kissing me furiously as I try to pull away from her to kiss her lower body. I hear her breathing heavily as our lips are pressed firmly together. I’m able to release myself from her grip as I make my way down her body. She grabs her breasts and massages them gently as I kiss my way down her stomach to her navel area and then to my prized possession. Heather is freshly waxed for me. Her labia is swollen with her pussy lips closed off. I inhale and get a whiff of her recent shower aroma. I take my tongue out and use it to spread her pussy lips wide open. I’m then able to dig into her tunnel as I shove my tongue deeper inside as I grab Heather’s legs from underneath to spread them wider for me.

“Yes my love! Just like that! FUCK, I’m so wet already!” She cries out.

I take my right hand, using two fingers and slowly rub the top of her clit to moisten them. Once my fingers are wet and lubricated, I insert them slowly inside her pussy as I continue to eat my wife for breakfast. It doesn’t take long for her orgasm to hit as her legs shake in my face and I feel her hand bury my head deeper into her crotch. My wife lets out a sigh of blissful relief.

“Thanks baby. That was wonderful.” She tells me catching her breath.

“You’re welcome my love. But, there’s more where that came from.”

I stand up and pull her by her legs closer to me onto the edge of our patio bed. With the height of the bed, my waist is perfectly aligned with her pussy as I stand in between Heather’s legs. I pull my shorts down all the way with one hand and then step out of them leaving me naked with my hard cock ready for some action. I press my shaft up against her crotch. I grab my shaft and gently massage the tip against her clit as I use her pussy juice to make it easy for me to slide right in.

Heather nods at me, closing her eyes, giving me the kaçak bahis go-ahead signal to claim what’s rightfully mine. Once lubricated, I thrust myself all the way inside her, stretching her vaginal lips wide open.

Heather grunts softly taking every inch of my meaty cock like a champ. I’ve been fucking her for the last few years already and it’s great to see the reaction on her face each time like it’s the first time we’ve had sex. I fuck her standing up using my hips to thrust in and out of her as she lays back with her hands behind her head enjoying each thrust, each time my cock slams deep into her. I grab her left breast with my left hand and play with her erect nipple. She winces as I do so gritting her teeth as her nipples are incredibly sensitive after getting them pierced. I love that she decided to pierce them. They make her breasts look sexier and are a physical reminder of how much of a freak my wife can be.

I squeeze her breasts with my left hand switching back and forth as my right hand holds her right leg. I continue my thrusts back and forth picking up my pace as I go.

I slam my hips up against her thighs, each time listening to the mighty slapping sounds as our bodies collide. Heather loves this and begs for me to be more rough with her.

“Harder baby!!” She says.

I slam myself into her thighs, spreading her legs wider for me to shove my member as deep into her soaking wet love tunnel as I can. I get the sense of an orgasm building up in my sack as I do so. Heather practically screams for me to fuck her harder. It’s so nice to have our own privacy having our home secluded from any neighbors as we live on a hill overlooking the coast. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve fucked Heather outside all around our property.

After some time, I pull myself out of my wife.

“Let’s change it up my love.” I say.

She has a bright smile on her face.

“Put that cock of yours up my butt darling.”

I’m excited hearing her talk like that to me. Heather knows how much I love giving anal. Especially to her.

I lean down and spit down below her pussy as my saliva drips below to her bum hole.

With my shiny cock coated in her pussy juice, I take my shaft and press my tip against her tight sphincter. We could definitely use lube but I know Heather loves a great challenge as the pain mixed with pleasure turns her on. I feel her asshole open as I stretch her out shoving my shaft inch by inch up inside her guts.

Heather is laid back with her hands pressed against her breasts squeezing them. I take both my hands to rub the tips of her sensitive nipples to enhance her pleasure.

“God I love you baby!” Heather screams as she reaches down to play with her clit.

Once my cock is completely swallowed up by her tight back door, I thrust slowly in and out of her hole stretching her out.

We grunt together as I hold onto her legs for support, letting my hips do all the work. It’s amazing how tight she is after fucking her all her holes for the last few years.

Eventually, I pull out of her ass, grabbing my shaft. I aim for her pussy and push my way easily inside as I pick up my pace fucking my wife.

“YES! Fuck! Switch holes baby! Fuck BOTH of them!!” Heather cries out.

I fuck her pussy pulling in and out rapidly, and then pull out. I push my tip against her gaping asshole and shove it up her butt. I thrust in and out just as fast as I play with her clit in the process. Heather covers her face with her hands as I fuck her ass and play with her clit. Her breasts jiggle freely as I thrust in and out of her.

“Fuck my pussy now baby!!”

I pull out of her asshole and shove my shaft straight into her pussy in one try as my hips keep thrusting in and out. Heather at this point is massaging her clit frantically as I continue fucking her pussy at a swift velocity. Knowing her, she’s going to cum for me. She’s a squirter so I’m ready for the broken faucet soon to arrive as I pull out of her pussy again and aim my stick for her welcoming butthole.

“Just like that baby!! Fuck my ASS!! I’m so close! I’m going to make a MESS!!” My wife informs me.

At this point, I slow myself down and take my time, pulling in and out of her arse. Something about the slow thrusts in and out of her asshole drives us both crazy as I watch my shaft slide out easily just until my tip is left pressing against her sphincter and then as I push myself into her with my shaft engulfed by her anal canal stretching her out inside.

My wife takes a few deep breaths and then lets out a big scream as she squeezes her tit with one hand and rapidly fingers her clit with the other.

“I’M CUMMING DARLING!!!” She yells with radiant ecstasy.

She lets out five powerful squirts of her orgasm juice, one at a time. Each time she does so her body shifts upright with my cock still up her anus. I feel her ass muscles tighten, squeezing my cock from the force of each squirt she lets out, spilling her love all over my lower chest, crotch, and on her sides, soaking our outdoor patio bed.

Pulling out of her, we laugh together.

“That was amazing baby! You drive me crazy when you climax like that!” I tell her.

“Thanks love. It’s all you though. You’re the only one who’s ever made me climax like that.” Heather tells me.

I grab some bottles of water for the both of us inside quickly for rehydration. I still haven’t cum yet so we need to switch things up again.

“I’m going to sit down on the edge of the bed. I want you to sit on my cock baby. I’m going to fuck your tight asshole again as you ride me.” I tell her.

Heather obeys my request and pushes me down onto the patio bed. She turns around facing forward as I get a phenomenal view of her ass close to my face. She teases me by wiggling it close to me as I lean in and kiss each cheek. She giggles, standing up straight and sitting down slowly on my lap. In doing so, I grab her waist with one hand and use my other to align my cock with her gaping asshole. Once my tip slides in, Heather gasps as she sits down completely, holding my legs on her sides for support as she slowly raises her hips up and down. I feel my cock stretch her asshole out as I fill her up deep as I can go. My wife grunts loudly as she bounces up and down on my rod. We both enjoy this as it’s not a typical position we’re used to fucking in. I take over for her as I grab both her ass cheeks and raise her butt off my shaft. I watch as my cock slips out of her gaping hole as it smacks my crotch. Her hole drips with ass juice and my precum as I take my shaft and slide it right back into her tight hole. I take my wife’s cheeks and use them to pull her ass up and down my rod as I’m in control. She moans and grunts begging for more, telling me she’s going to cum again if I continue doing what I’m doing. Of course, that motivates me to pick up my pace and fuck her harder and deeper.

At this point, it’s really difficult for me to hold back my orgasm, so for my last trick up my sleeve, I lay back. With my cock deep inside my wife’s asshole, I spread her legs wide as I use my hips to thrust up and down as deep and hard as I can. With her body weight on top of me and my orgasm approaching quickly, I slowly stop my thrusts and lay my body down, exhausted.

“Suck me dry. I want you to taste your ass and pussy as I cum down your throat.”

Heather quickly gets off when she hears this. She LOVES tasting herself after a good fucking.

Heather climbs back into the bed as I sit up allowing her to bend forward and down to my crotch to gain access to my manhood. She opens her mouth and shoves my shaft down her throat with no issue.

“Mmmmmm….” She grunts with my dick in her mouth telling me she loves the flavor of her asshole and pussy juice.

She then takes my rod out of her mouth and licks my stick up and down, jerking me off slowly. It’s too much for me.

I let out a groan as my wife opens her lips and shoves my rod back into her warm mouth. My first eruption hits hard as she slides her hand down my stick and to my sack as she begins to milk me making sure she gets every last drop of my cum for her. My second, then third eruptions spill deep into Heather’s mouth as she swallows each load. She doesn’t take my cock out of her mouth until she’s absolutely positive that she swallowed every last drop after my fifth or sixth eruption.

With that, we finish and lay down in our patio bed for a while just relaxing during our post-orgasm high. We embrace each other and kiss for a time just enjoying having each other. We’ve been living our new lives happily now for over three years. Some days like today, it still doesn’t feel real. Everything we’ve been through together. From where we were when we first met that one fateful day I was getting ready for Spring Break to now, living in Italy with new names and occupations. All we have is each other. And that’s all each of us ever need.

Heather takes my hand as we make our way back inside our home.

“Our breakfast is cold.” She tells me with a laugh.

We go about our day and continue on with our lives, enjoying every precious moment we have together.


And so that’s my story. It’s been 12 years since I took my new identity as Oliver Porter. I was fortunate enough to spend eight years with Heather, my wife. We did everything together when we were given the chance to start all over. We both had a fresh start. A new beginning. With the generous amount of money we were given by Mr. Jeffrey Font, we had enough to work half the year in our village and spend the other half traveling all throughout Europe. Heather loved France, Greece, and Croatia. I’ve lost count of how many times we visited those countries. I look back at all the places we visited together and I get emotional. I miss her.

One summer morning, about eight years into living together happily married, Heather passed out in our garden. She was in her late fifties at that point in time and had some minor health issues. I rushed her to our local clinic where the doctor could not find a reason other than dehydration for her to pass out randomly. We let it go and I continued to monitor her for about a week. Heather was incredibly happy during her last week spent with me. We had late night sex on the beach and on our boat, drank plenty of wine together, and shared stories of past memories together with lots of laughs. After an evening spent walking throughout our village, we went home. Before falling asleep, Heather told me she had a headache. I gave her some medicine and water before she went to sleep. Before she did, she touched my face and gave me a kiss.

“Thanks for everything my darling. I love you. Goodnight.”

With those last words I hold near to my heart each day, Heather passed away in her sleep. I spent hours the next morning trying to wake her up. I’ve never wept so hard in my life. She lay lifeless in our bed as I held onto her begging for her to wake up.

Once the denial phase started to sweep away from me in that moment, I called the clinic to deliver the tragic news. They sent a small medical team to our house to take her body for an autopsy. Heather died in her sleep after a ruptured brain aneurysm. We never saw it coming. The doctors can’t even tell me to this day how or why it happened.

I decided to cremate her body and spread her ashes in the ocean. I took our boat out to sea to spread them. I looked up to the sky and thanked whoever or whatever was out there in the clouds for allowing her to be apart of my life. For saving both our lives back in the motel all those years ago after her psychotic ex held us hostage. For allowing me to have the opportunity to start all over again and be there for her, live life with her, and give her everything that she deserved. She was my world! I’ll never forget her.

I took her ashes and spread them into the ocean.

“Goodbye Violet.”

I’ve spent the last few years by myself, continuing to live the life that Heather and I enjoyed. I have spent time wondering if it was ever going to be safe for me to return to the States. I was happy living a nice quiet life in Italy. But I needed to move on. Find a new adventure. After all, that’s what Violet would have wanted for me to do. She would have wanted me to do whatever makes me happy. So, I decided to take a risk.

In present day, I hold onto my passport and boarding pass as I take a seat aboard my flight. I have a one-way ticket to California. Whatever the risk, whatever the cost, I just knew I had to make it back home. To my family.

As the plane speeds down the runway and becomes airborne, I close my eyes and take a deep breath.


I turn to my side and see a friendly passenger. An elderly lady with a bright smile on her face.

“Oh uh…yeah just a little bit.” I tell her with a nervous laugh.

“Bless your heart darling. First time flying?” She reaches over to me and grabs my hand.

With a smile, I tell her no.

“Heading back home to my family. It’s been a long time.”

“I’m sure they’ll be joyful to see you.” She says with her bright smile.

“I hope so. Thanks for checking up on me.”

“You’re absolutely welcome dear. It’s a long flight. We gotta take care of each other. What’s your name?”

I hesitate at first, taken aback by the question. But I take a deep breath, squeeze her hand and look at her with confidence and a sense of pride when I tell her.

“My name is Lucas Smith, but you can call me Luke.”


Thanks for reading, everyone. Rate my series if you liked it. I love feedback! Currently working on a new original story!

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