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Lust in the Moonlight

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Author’s note: This is for the most part a true story, although the names and location has been changed. The inn is real and is perfect for those out-of-town trysts. In mid-summer, however, the picnic sites have more mosquitoes than is suggested below.


For several years before we got married, I was on an assignment 500 miles from where my fiancée lived. The nature of my assignment meant I couldn’t get away very often so we had to make the best of our infrequent get-togethers which were sometimes three or four months apart. In between was a lot of phone sex and raunchy internet chat but by the time I was due home for a visit we were both bundles of horny hormones.

On one such visit I decided to go first class and booked a long weekend at an upscale country inn. It’s a lovely place, centred around a century-old mansion that serves as restaurant, bar and offices for the inn. A number of smaller out-buildings, cottages really, have been added in the same style, with groupings of four to six spacious guest suites in each. The grounds are large, well-kept grass and gardens. There’s an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts and in the surrounding woods are walking trails that lead toward rolling pasture land and forest.

We’re to meet at the inn about noon on a warm and sunny Friday in mid-July. It’s her birthday, in fact. I’m sitting in the courtyard bar sipping a cold beer when Nancy arrives, gorgeous as usual in a loose-fitting T-shirt and Bermuda shorts.

I’m biased, of course, but I think Nancy is a most beautiful woman. She’s about five-foot-six, about 145 pounds. She has long red hair, a dazzling and mischievous smile and sparking blue eyes. She tends to disguise her most striking physical feature – 38-D breasts which barely droop despite their grapefruit size and the fact she turned 38 this day and is a mother to boot. She has smallish, pink nipples which harden to bullets when she’s excited.

She lets out a little squeal when she sees me, drops her suitcase and fairly jumps into my arms, smothering me with kisses. My guess would be she’s excited although I decide against a nipple check to make sure. We settle, instead, for a long and meaningful French kiss, much to the amusement of half a dozen other people sitting in the courtyard. Finally, her excitement under control, Nancy sits down on the bench beside me. Her face is flushed, eye’s sparkling and, as always, there’s that great smile.

“I thought you’d be in our room, but when I went to the front desk they said you hadn’t checked in yet so I’m surprised to see you here,” she says breathlessly. “Gawd I’m glad to see you, I’ve missed you so much. Why don’t we go to our room?”

“Actually I just got here myself, but they told me our room won’t be ready for a couple of hours so I didn’t bother checking in yet.”

Her smile quickly gives way to a frown. It’s obvious she’s been thinking pretty much what I have – let’s get private and let’s get naked.

“I have an alternative,” I offer. “The restaurant would be happy to make us a picnic lunch and the bartender tells me there are some nature trails and secluded picnic sites out back. So we don’t we have a quick drink and go for a walk in the woods?”

Nancy looks hard at me for a moment, then grins. “Secluded, eh. Okay, I’ll have what you’re having.”

I order two more of the inn’s own pale ales from the bartender and a picnic lunch to go. Half-an-hour later we’ve dropped Nancy’s suitcase with mine in the lobby, borrowed a wool blanket from housekeeping and are headed hand-in-hand across the broad lawn behind the main mansion toward the woods. We’ve barely stepped onto the trail when Nancy swings into my arms and we’re locked in a passionate embrace. This time I check out all the equipment, my hands sliding down the back of her T-shirt to cup her buttocks, then up underneath the T-shirt to undo her bra. She spins around in my arms so I have access to her newly freed breasts and I discover, as expected, the nipples are fully extended. She turns back towards me and pulls up her T-shirt and I bend to suckle each nipple as she coos and murmurs her delight. I stand up and pull her hard against me, rubbing my stiffening cock against her pelvis. She reaches down and rubs it to full length as we kiss.

“I want you,” I say.

“Not right here,” she replies, ever the practical girl. “Let’s find that secluded picnic site.”

Reluctantly we untangle but before we start down the trail she pulls her bra off and stuffs it into the picnic bag. Now I have unfettered access to her beauties as we walk along.

“Don’t you ever get tired of playing with them?” she says after we’ve stopped for maybe the fifth or sixth time so I can fondle her breasts.

“No, actually, I don’t.”

“Good – and I hope that’s always your answer.”

By now we’ve been walking for 15 or 20 minutes and are fairly deep into a forest of 80-foot maples and elms. The trail takes a bend to the left and down a little hill, at the bahis firmaları bottom of which is a grassy clearing just perfect for a picnic. So there we stop. We roll the blanket out onto the grass and I’m already trying to get her clothes off.

Practical Nancy pushes me away. “Not here, sweetie, at least not yet. Let’s eat first.”

Well, I suppose she’s right. I settle for a nice long French kiss and another chance to fondle her breasts before we dig into the picnic bag to see what’s for lunch. And what we find is surprisingly good – roast chicken sandwiches with lettuce and mayo on fresh whole grain bread, an assortment of fresh cut vegetable slices with a dip, a small wedge of cheddar and a half-bottle of chilled Chardonnay. We munch and sip away in the warm sunshine, well aware of the heightened sexual tension but content, nevertheless, to simply be together.

Lunch over and bottle drained, though, we stretch out on the blanket and begin necking with growing intensity. Before long I have her T-shirt off and one of those large breasts in one hand and the taut nipple of the other in my mouth. We’re into heavy breathing now, our passion at a fever pitch. At length Nancy pushes my sweater up and off and then slowly kisses her way down my chest and belly to the button of my walking shorts. She straddles me and then, carefully and slowly, undoes the button and pulls down my zipper. She scoots down to my feet and pulls my shorts over my hips. I’ve nothing on under my shorts so my swollen cock is now exposed to the sunshine, although not for long.

Nancy leans forward and runs the tip of her tongue up the length of my cock from balls to the head. It was throbbing before, now its tingling and I can scarcely lie still. I feel her tongue swirl around the head, scooping up a droplet of precum. Then she licks back down to my balls. She cradles them gently as she kisses her way the length of my cock again, the final kiss planted right on the tip. And then . . . ohhhhh . . . gawwwwwd . . . she opens her mouth and takes me deep into her throat. The sudden warmth and wetness, no matter how many times I’ve experienced it, is incredible. My cock jerks involuntarily. Nancy thinks I’m about to cum, so she pulls off.

“Don’t you cum yet,” she growls, looking at me sternly. “You’re not to cum until tonight. I want you thinking about this all through dinner.”

Oh shit, it’s going to be one of those days.

It’s not that Nancy minds cum. She doesn’t. She loves to suck me dry, and swallows it all. She’ll do it over and over if I ask her to and sometimes even if I don’t. But she also loves to tease and seems to relish the notion that the more she teases the bigger the mouthful.

She resumes sucking my cock, not so deep now though, taking me closer and closer to the edge and always stopping the minute she senses I’m there. I’m just about to take matters into my own hand when, not far away, we hear someone calling a friend. There’s a mad scramble to get decent before another couple breaks into the clearing.

“Nice day for a picnic, eh,” the man says. “Certainly is,” we respond, politely. There’s a little more chit chat before they move away and we’re left with this realization: In these woods secluded doesn’t mean deserted. Time to retreat to privacy elsewhere.


Back at the inn we learn our suite is ready. As we walk along the pathway to the building where our suite is on the second floor we pass the swimming pool, the water a refreshing light blue and cool on this hot, sunny day. No one is using the facility.

“Let’s get our suits on and go swimming,” my partner says with enthusiasm. In the room I barely get a chance to see her naked before she’s got her one-piece bathing suit on and is out the door. By the time I catch up she’s already splashing in the water.

Nancy is a good swimmer. I’m not so good. So she can dart and zoom underwater while I paddle clumsily on the surface. Before I know it she’s popped up right in front of me as I’m standing catching my breath. She pulls me close and gives me a full-tongue kiss. She grabs my crotch, capturing my cock which had shriveled the minute it hit the cool water.

“Hmm, what happened here?” Nancy giggles as she gives me a kiss. “Did the air leak out?”

I start a lame explanation of the effect of cold water on cocks but she isn’t interested in an anatomy lesson. Instead, she slips her hand into my swimming trunks and begins stroking some life into my flaccid member. I respond in two ways – by sliding my hands into her bathing suit to cup her bare ass and by in getting an erection.

“Hmmm, that’s better,” she murmurs through another long kiss. “I think we should find a use for this. Do you see any security cameras around?”

“Don’t know. What did you have in mind?” My eyes take a sweep around the perimeter of the pool. “Nope, don’t see any cameras.”

“Good,” Nancy says, maneuvering me into deeper water and against the side of the pool. “Pull your trunks down,” kaçak iddaa she commands. She slips off the straps of her swimming suit and bares her tits. The chilly water has made her nipples rock hard. I pull her against me and through the water I can see she is pulling the crotch of her bathing suit away from her pussy. With here other hand she grabs my cock and aims it toward her pussy. As she slides against me we make contact and with a couple of rubs my cockhead pushes inside.

Even in the water I can tell her pussy is hot and slippery wet as we begin to rock in the water. I have my hands on her bare ass again for stability and I can feel those hard nipples rubbing on my chest.

“Oh Jesus, you feel good,” I groan in her ear.

“You, too, sweetie,” she replies. “It’s been so long.”

“Oh gawwwwd, has it ever,” I respond. Something about the way I hung onto the word gawwwd causes her to stop rocking.

“Don’t you cum,” she says. “Don’t you dare cum.”

“I gotta, babe,” I plead, still trying to thrust deeper. “Oh shit, I’m so close.” She backs up and the connection is broken.

“No, no, no, not yet, big guy. I want a full load for later. Are you going to behave yourself?”

My nod of agreement isn’t convincing. Nancy comes back into my arms but makes no move to guide my cock back to where it yearns to be. Instead she gives me one more long tit-rubbing kiss, steps back and pulls the straps of her bathing suit back into place.

Just in time, as it turns out. The couple we’d seen earlier at the picnic site suddenly appear around a corner in their bathing suits.

“Mind if we join you,” he calls out.

“Come in, the water’s great,” Nancy yells back, and then dives under water and swims the opposite end of the pool. I’ve just time to discreetly get my trunks pulled up before the newcomers jump in, too.

We splash around and enjoy ourselves for another 15 minutes or so before taking our leave. It will be dinner time anyway, in about an hour, and we need to shower and get ready.


The shower in our suite turns out to be pretty amazing – huge, with half-a-dozen spray nozzles in four corners and along two sides. The effect is like walking into a warm rainstorm, but the soapy, slippery, sensual 30 minutes we spend in there fondling and fiddling with each other’s most desirable body parts hardly brings any relief. In fact, I complain constantly about how much my balls ache; Nancy just laughs and says she hopes they’re getting fuller by the minute.

After we dry off I give her a taste of her own medicine, pushing her onto the bed and licking her wet pussy until the moment when she just begins to quiver. Then I stop.

“No, no, no,” she cries, “I’m almost there.” She tries to touch herself to finish the job, but I restrain her arms until I feel her begin to calm down.

“I’m so horny,” she coos as we embrace, naked, on the bed. “I could just slip you into my pussy and we could both cum right now. Wouldn’t that be nice, sweetie.” My twitching cock is all the response she needs. She rolls over on top of me, stuffs my cock into her pussy and rides up and down twice. Then she rolls off the bed and stands up. She gives the end of my cock a little kiss and a pat and says, “Later, buddy.”

I groan.

Since I’m only going to wear a light cotton shirt, slacks and sandals to night, I dress quickly. As Nancy puts on her makeup I go for a little stroll around the grounds of the inn. My balls throb with each step I take, but I do admit to myself the sexual tension is so racked up the eventual explosion will be worth the wait.

My stroll isn’t entirely aimless. I’m searching for the perfect place on the grounds where that eventual explosion might take place. The clear evening sky has given me an idea. Behind our building, about 75 feet back, is a large bush. In distance it’s about 200 feet from the courtyard just outside the dining room door. Perfect.

When I get back to the room, Nancy is ready – and is stunning. She’s wearing a long yellow summer dress. It’s both modest and sexy – modest because it reaches just above the breasts and is held up by spaghetti straps that scoop down the back to about the middle. It’s fairly loose so that when Nancy bends down to adjust her open sandals I get an eyeful of bare breast right to the nipple. And there’s a slit along the lower side of the dress that runs almost to the top of her thigh that’s not obvious until she sits down.

When I take her into my arms for a appreciative kiss I make one more discovery – she’s not wearing panties, either. But then again, neither am I. I give her bum a little smack.

“Do you like?”

“Oh yes, I like. And I’m sure every man in the restaurant will like, too. Come on, gorgeous, let’s go for dinner.”

Hand-in-hand we walk down the pathway toward the courtyard bar and the restaurant beyond. The night is warm and calm, temperature still in the high 80s and likely to remain there well past midnight. kaçak bahis We opt for a glass of wine in the courtyard before going into the restaurant. I note Nancy draws some lecherous stares when she crosses her legs and everyone in the bar is treated to a flash of long bare leg. Dream on, guys, I think – this hot babe is sleeping with me tonight.

At 8 we head into the restaurant. The place is about half full, mostly with couples considering it’s the weekend. It’s an older crowd, but the men aren’t dead and more than a few discreetly try to keep Nancy in their sights as we follow the waiter across the room to a table in the corner.

The special tonight is roast leg of lamb, our favourite. We put ourselves in the chef’s good hands and settle back to enjoy dinner. We haven’t really had time yet to catch up on each other’s work and personal news so as we leisurely feast through the appetizer and main course we stay focused on small talk. I’m conscious though, and I’m sure Nancy is, too, of just how this evening is going to end. If nothing else, I’m reminded every time I move and the texture of my cotton slacks rubs across my swollen penis.

We finish the lamb and a fine bottle of Australian shiraz around 10, decide on coffee and a decadent chocolate dessert. Nancy excuses herself to use the washroom while I place the order with the waiter. About halfway through telling him what we want I sense his attention is drifting. What’s happened is he’s watching Nancy undulates – and that’s the word for it – across the room on her return from the bathroom. Her full braless breasts are bouncing gently and the waiter is practically drooling. And when Nancy bends over to pick up the table napkin she’s dropped, in the process giving the waiter virtually a complete view of those beautiful boobs, the guy almost swoons.

Well, truth to tell, me too.

Nancy is hardly oblivious to this. She is a modest girl, ’tis true – until she gets horny. And the hornier she gets the more she tends toward exhibitionist. So when she sits down she crosses her legs to give the waiter the complete picture.

He’s back quickly with our coffee, then fusses with the cream and sugar and finally makes a big flourish of setting down the dessert in the centre of the table, carefully arranging a spoon in front of each of us. Very obviously he’s looking for more but Nancy has now turned her full attention to me. When the waiter finally leaves she leans over and whispers: “I am so wet its practically running down my leg. Gawd I want to fuck you.”

“What?” I say, pretending I can’t hear her.

“I want to fuck you,” she whispers more loudly. Nearby a head turns in our direction. It’s that couple again, the ones from the pool. Nancy cups her mouth and sounds out the words, “I want to fuck you!” Then she emphasizes her statement by lifting her bare foot into my lap and pushing against my semi-hard cock. Which, of course, almost instantly becomes harder. She can feel that and grins wickedly.

“Take it out,” she whispers. “I’ll give you a toe job.”

“I can’t do that here, someone’s going to see.”

“No they won’t,” Nancy replies. “There’s hardly anyone here anyway and the table cloth will cover you.” As she says this she’s slowly twisting here foot back and forth across my crotch.

I look around. Indeed the place has almost emptied out and the nearest people to us, that couple, have their backs to mine. I reach under the table and grab her foot, then cautiously pull down my zipper. It’s a bit of a struggle to get my cock out given its aroused state but eventually the head pops into the open. Nancy lifts her other foot, also shorn of sandal, into my lap and captures my cock between them. By wiggling one foot and then the other she starts to milk me.

“Jesus Christ,” I sputter after a minute of this. “You’re going to make me cum. Then what are you going to do?”

“I’ll scream,” she says with that mischievous grin, “and then what are you going to do.”

Touché! Reluctantly I push her feet to the floor and stuff my cock back inside my pants. “Let’s get out of here.” I start to stand, then realize I can’t walk across the room with my pecker pushing out of my pants. “In a minute,” I add.

It takes more than a minute for calm to return. When we leave the waiter walks us to the door, anxious for one more look at my sexy bride-to-be.

“Will you be back tomorrow?” he asks.

“Probably,” I say. It isn’t hard to tell that makes him very happy.

“I’ll save you the best table, that one in the corner where you sat tonight. Eight o’clock about right.”

“Fine. We’ll see you then.”


I’m sure the waiter’s eyes on Nancy’s ass as we sashay out of the restaurant. Assuming he’s watching I give her bum a couple of love pats just to tease him. It get Nancy’s attention, too.

“Harder,” she says.

When we step onto the pathway at the far side of the courtyard, now out of the waiter’s sight, I give her a harder smack.

“Ouch,” she squeals, “Do it again. Are we going to our room now?”

I give lovely round rear-end another whack. “No, I thought we’d go for a little walk – it’s so warm and the moon is almost full.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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