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Lustful Women III, Inga Ch. 02

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In the previous chapter I volunteered to be the first woman for the son of my friend. I ought to repay her because she had been a much willing mature pussy for Eric and had spread her thighs for him very thoroughly at two occasions. Her son stayed a weekend in my house giving me the opportunity to teach and train him comprehensively. My friend came to pick him up on the Sunday afternoon and wanted to know how her son had behaved. That led to that we gave her a demonstration of what he had learnt and how good he had become. It turned out to be a very satisfying fuck for me too.

After my friend and her son had left, I fixed myself another long drink and went back outside. The sun was still warm although it was late afternoon. I had put on a thin robe when I saw them off. I didn´t want to be caught standing in the nude on my doorstep by someone passing by. I let the robe fall to the floor and sat down in a deck chair feeling extremely well. I was totally relaxed and at ease. My body was very contented and my mind happy at ease. Everything was perfect and I had no sexual desires whatsoever. The boy had really satisfied me. His jack hammer in my ass had been a great finale, real great.

After quite some time I heard Eric call.

“Mother, I am home, where are you?

“I am out here darling. Come,” I yelled back.

Eric appeared in the doorway.

“Hi mom,” he said when he approached me.

“Join me. The sun is still nice and this corner is pleasently warm. I have the heater on,” I said noticing that his eyes darted all over my naked body.

“Well, yes, why not. It looks nice,” he said and I wasn´t sure what he meant. Was it the cozy place or was it me? He sat down in a chair close to me.

“Take your clothes off. The sun is lovely and it´s good for the body to catch it when it´s not too hot. You aren´t shy, are you?” I coaxed him.

He didn´t answer but rose to undress. I saw to my astonishment that his cock had swelled although there was no real erection. I realized that it had been quite some time since we had been together like this and remembered his darting eyes. They were still darting I saw when I looked up. It felt pleasant to be looked at that way by my son.

We sat talking for some time and he told about his weekend. He had been on a camping trip and had also done some fishing and been lucky with it. I felt his eyes on my body all the time and his cock not only kept its swell but increased it. I got an idea.

I rose and took a tour around the deck, to stretch my legs I said. But I wanted to give him a good look of me to see what would happen. I came back standing in front of him with my feet well apart. And yes, he had appreciated what he saw and to a degree that made me very proud.

“You like your old mother, don´t you?” I said mockingly. “If you want to jack off don´t let me be in the way. Just go ahead.”

His cock had developed from just a swelling into a good erection although it wasn´t fully hard.

“Well, I must admit that it feels like I want to do it,” he admitted.

“Yes, I can understand that. It has been rather long since you cum in a pussy, hasn´t it? Nearly two weeks, as far as I know of course. Maybe you have met someone I don´t know about? But I am sorry that we couldn´t go to the club last week. But we will go next week, I promise. Then you will get all the pussy you want. They all are simply crazy to accommodate your nice cock in their pussies, you know that don´t you.” I deliberately talked dirty to see what would happen. And it was rewarding. His cock got harder all the time but still he didn´t touch it.

“What´s the matter? I thought you wanted to jack off. Go ahead. Or do you want to do it in private?” I asked sincerely.

“No, I want to all right. But may I ask you a favor?” he said.

“But yes of course. You know that I will do anything for you. Well, nearly anything. I won´t jack you off if that was what you had in mind. That is beyond our limits, you know that.”

“Yes, of course I know. But that wasn´t what I had in mind. What I really want is that you pose for me. It would be exciting and make it easier to cum if I have something real sexy to fancy about,” he blurted out.

“Oh . . . well . . . I don´t know . . . will that really be within the limits?” I tried to sound hesitant to excite him. “And do you really think that looking at your old mother will help you to cum?” I asked innocently.

“Oh yes, you are looking marvelous. Yes, I really would like to jack off watching you,” he said in such a way that I understood that he really meant it. “Come on mom, I want it so much,” he begged, and his face showed that he really meant it.

“Oh, . . . well . . . I am not sure . . . would it really be within the limit?” I looked uncertain at him.

“Please mom, I want it so much. You look so great and sexy.”

“Oh, thank you. . . . But . . . very well, I am game then. How do you want me? . . . But wait a second, let me think.” An idea had perabet suddenly emerged in my mind, an idea that really turned me on although not in a sexual way. My body was still contented and didn´t ask for sex.

“Well, I have got an idea how to do it. Hang on for little while. I will be back soon,” I said and walked into the house and to my bedroom. The idea I had got was not just to pose for him but to make a show of it, a strip show.

I quickly browsed through my wardrobe. I didn´t have much time so I had to make quick decisions. It suddenly struck me that I had no idea what he liked when it came to sexy clothing. It had hardly been involved in his fucking activities so far. Most of his women had already been naked and ready, just waiting for him to come and take them. Those who weren´t naked couldn´t get out of their clothing quick enough. There was little teasing with the help of clothing or lingerie.

I put on some make up and dressed in sexy lingerie and a very slutty dress with adjustable neckline. I felt great when I looked at myself in the big mirror. Dressed to kill, I thought.

I was rewarded already when I came out through the door to the pool area His eyes were glued on me and that he appreciated my slutty look was obvious. His cock had gone soft while I was away but now started to grow.

My dress was short with a very deep neckline. I had put on a push up bra that really made my big boobs full justice. The upper slopes were in full view including the upper part of the areolas. I had enhanced their color to show clearly.

I stood in front of him slowly rotating my hips in small circles letting him take in all of me. The dress had a short wide skirt that floated out when I made a fast pirouette. His hand was stroking the cock that now was fully erect.

After a while I pulled the zipper at the back of the dress down but took my time to let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and kicked it out of the way. I heard him gasp when he saw my full boobs in the supporting half cup bra. I had not only painted the areolas but also the nipples. They were bright red and showed through notches in the bra.

I turned around wriggling my hips and there was another gasp. My bottom was completely nude. I turned around again and saw his face lit up when he recognized the converted C-string Miss Barbro and I had worn at one occasion. It was a development of the ordinary very uncomfortable C-string that was held in place by a metal curved rod put in the crack of the ass. This converted one had instead an egg-shaped lump fastened on a curved piece of steel. The string was held in place by putting the egg in the pussy. It always felt great to wear it and it was very comfortable even when walking around. I even had worn it when going shopping.

I made slow full circles wriggling my ass and circling my hips. His hand was busy but he still had some time to go I saw. I took the bra off as seductively I could and let the boobs bounce close to his face.

Then suddenly the devil got in me, I really don´t know what happened. It was nothing I had planned or even made deliberately. My body somehow took over not listening to the brain.

I went into a series of wild movements using all my assets. It became an outmost indecent showing off. I leaned over him letting my breasts bounce just inches from his face. I turned around backing up close to him wriggling my hips and gradually moving me feet apart until my pussy was in full view. Still in that position I ripped the C-string out of my pussy leaving it completely open. I frigged my clit until it stood out proudly as big and hard as it would get.

I don´t know for how long this wild show went on but it must have been quite some time. I wasn´t just posing, my body was always on the move. I strutted around the deck with hips, ass and boobs wriggling and rolling wildly. I stood close to him doing the same. I went down on all fours with my ass towards him and my knees spread wide. I went up to stand on hands and feet lifting one leg at a time high up in the air. I rolled onto my back and slowly raised my legs with my knees closed. I then spread my thighs slowly until they were as far apart as they could be. I was again totally exposed. I got hold of the C-string and pushed the egg-shaped end into my pussy. I used it as a dildo for some time. Then I pulled it out and instead put it against my back door. It suddenly slid in when I pressed a little which I hadn´t expected. It had got a good coating from my pussy and there still was some sperm from my friend´s son left in my ass. It wasn´t that long since he had filled my intestines. Some of it had stayed and was handy when the egg head probed my ass hole.

And there was much more I did, I am sure. I really couldn´t remember clearly afterwards in detail what I had done. I think that I had got inspiration and ideas from looking at the porn sites together with the boy.

My brain wasn´t completely shut off except for the primal part. It kept perabet giriş track of Eric´s doings. Now and then I heard him express his joy and pleasure. Suddenly I reacted to changes in his breathing and grunts and stopped what I was doing. I had one final thing I wanted to do to please him. And me too I must admit.

I flung myself down on a sunning bed lying flat on my back.

Eric had stopped jacking his cock wondering why I had stopped so suddenly.

“Come over here my darling,” I called. “Come here to your mom. I want you to jack off over me. I want your seed all over my body. Come, stand behind me and jack off.” I soon got him in the position I wanted and had longed for. He stood close behind my head. I moved up a little more forcing him to spread his feet to get my head in between his thighs.

“Come on, show your mom how you jack off,” I called and helped him the best I could by spreading my thighs and cupping my breasts. It was lovely to watch how he worked on his cock. I had got it right. The timing was right. Hadn´t I stopped when I did, he would have cum prematurely to my wish. Now the delay had calmed him slightly giving me time to admire him from underneath. His balls were just above my face and I felt a strong urge to touch and lick them. His father had much liked to get his balls fondled and specially to get them scratched from underneath. I fleetingly wondered if his son liked that too. It still was a lot of things I didn´t know about him.

Suddenly I saw the balls contract, a safe sign that he was about to deliver. Which he did with great force. His sperm flew in several spurts and landed all over my body from the breasts to the pubic hair.

His cock quickly lost its hardness. In doing so a few drops left it and landed on my mouth. I eagerly licked them in my mouth savoring the fresh, salty taste.

“Come and sit down,” I said softly. He sat down on the side of the sun bed. Our outer thighs met, and it felt lovely.

“What a load. You must have been collecting for quite some time. Haven´t you jacked off lately,” I asked him out of curiosity.

“Well, maybe it´s a week or so since last time,” he admitted. “And you looked so sexy when I found you out here. That turned me on. And you teased me for a very long time before I delivered. I guess that too added to the load.”

“Yes, it might. Well, I am very happy for what I got. Look, it´s all over me. What a nice color, creamy white just as it should be. And it tastes good.” I scooped up some of the cum and put it in my mouth tasting it. “And it´s good for my skin too,” I added jokingly. The boobs had got a good amount and I rubbed it in not forgetting the nipples. My belly had also got a share which I used as a skin cream. My thick bush came next. The cream was seeping down into it and I helped by giving my mound a good rub.

I watched Eric while I did it and he looked very happy but also as if he wanted to say something.

“Spit it out. I can see you have something on your mind,” I coaxed him.

“Oh, well, yes. I wonder about that show you did,” he said hesitantly.

“Yes, what about. Didn´t you like it? It did the trick, didn´t it? Helped you to cum I would say,” I said trying to sound as if I was offended which I wasn´t.

“Oh, don´t take me wrong. It was fantastic, marvelous, something extra ordinary that really turned me on. You saw that of course. But I wonder where it all came from. Have you rehearsed for some performance?” He said it very seriously and I felt that he really meant it which made me proud.

“Oh no, I haven´t rehearsed. I have no performance coming up. What should that be? Frankly, I have no idea where it came from. It just happened. What I do know is that I wanted to give you my very best. I thought that some sexy clothing and a strip tease would enhance the effect of the posing. And then it just happened. It was an awfully naughty performance, wasn´t it? And especially because it was given by this old mom to you, my darling son. But I am not ashamed, not at all. I feel good about what I did and am very proud that you liked it.”

“You were just great. I am very happy that you wanted to perform like that in front of me. But as you said it was an extremely naughty show,” Eric said and started to giggle. I joined him and the giggle developed into a big laugh.

We kept on chatting until I started to feel the evening chill coming.

“Time for dinner,” I said to Eric. “It won´t take long, I have most of it prepared. But give me a few minutes to get dressed.”

I rose and collected my clothes that were spread all over the place. I bended over deeply with feet wide apart when picking up the dress and squatted down with the knees spread when picking up the bra and string. I walked back to the door with swinging hips and bouncing boobs. I felt frivolous and completely at ease.

In my room I consider a quick shower but decided against it. The aroma from my son´s seed that was rubbed into my skin was too nice to perabet güvenilir mi destroy. On an impulse I decided to put on the same clothing as before. I refreshed the painting of the nipples and areolas and added a small dot of white in the center of each nipple. It looked like a cherry with cream on top. I carefully put the half cup bra on and inserted the C-string. It felt very nice and comfortable. The dress came last. On high heels I went to cook dinner.

Eric made big eyes when he joined me.

“Anyone special coming for dinner,” he asked me jokingly.

“Yes, a person very special to me will taste my cooking,” I answered in the same mood. “I would appreciate if he laid the table.”

When I readied the food the string in the neckline got loose. I was about to tie it back as it had been but suddenly the frivolous feeling filled my mind. Why had I painted the nipples, I asked myself? Why, if not to show them was the obvious naughty answer. So the neckline was adjusted to show the nipples in full.

Eric again made big eyes when I brought the food in but said nothing. But I noticed his darting eyes now and then.

We had a very nice candlelight dinner with some wine. Chatting was easy. He told me some amusing stories of women he had had at the mom-son meetings. Although I had been there too I had been too busy to give my boys a good time to follow his activities in detail. But some of it I had seen and heard. Most of the boys very inexperienced and came rather quickly which my son didn´t do. So in between boys I had had some time to watch him.

When I rose to get the dessert, he looked me over real closely.

“You look great mom. Very sluttish but great. I guess that you wanted to look that way and you really have succeeded. I love those cherries. I wish I could taste them but that is beyond the limit I guess.”

I flared him a great smile as thanks and went into the kitchen. But I think my hips swayed more than necessary. I was very happy for his praise but didn´t know really how to respond. I was also concerned about his wish. Of course it was beyond the limit I told myself.

When I came back in he watched me again. I put the fresh plates on the table and was about to go to fetch the dessert when he suddenly put a naughty question:

“Mom, are you wearing panties or are you sluttish enough not to?”

I looked at him a bit astonished. He suddenly behaved a bit odd I thought. But I took it lightly.

“Well, the answer is that it depends. Decide for yourself,” I said and took a few steps away from the table and did a pirouette fast enough for my short wide skirt to flow out.

“Well, I am not sure,” he said “I couldn´t see properly. I thought that you had a panty in front but couldn´t see any straps.”

“Well, that´s the way it is. You can never be sure of a teasing slut,” I answered jokingly and went to the kitchen.

While getting the ice cream from the freezer I thought about it. I felt real naughty and, on an impulse, took the dress off.

I went back to the dining room with exaggerated, determined movements. I thought a real slut would move that way. Eric´s staring eyes and gaping mouth was a reward.

“Well, now you can decide,” I said and made a slow pirouette before I sat down.

“Oh, I didn´t think that you could use that . . . that thing for anything else than teasing. But you have walked around cooking dinner and all normally showing no signs of having that thing inside you. Doesn´t it feels strange and uncomfortable.”

“No, it doesn´t. I use it now and then when I want to feel sluttish but can´t show it. When I go shopping for instance. It feels great.”

I scooped up ice cream for both of us and we ate in silence for a while. I saw that Eric looked at my cherries quite often and got thrilled by it.

We cleared the table and made the dishes together.

“Thank you for a lovely meal,” Eric said when we were finished.

“My pleasure, it´s nice to sit down for a quiet dinner with you,” I answered. I moved up to him and took him in my arms for a hug which I did every so often. I didn´t consider possible implications of me being nearly naked. We were nowadays rather relaxed around the house, at least I was.

Eric responded to my hug by hugging me back, a real bear hug. I was astonished because that wasn´t his normal way to respond. He accepted being hugged but only for a short while. I pushed him back to look him in the eyes. But they were lowered and fixed on my cherries. Suddenly his head went down until his nose was buried between my pair.

What the heck I thought when I realized what he had done. It can´t be much of a sin. He sucked my breasts when he was small. And I have been real sluttish with him all evening. Let him have his way and his wish fulfilled, I decided. I guess that in the back of my mind I had considered a possible outcome like that since he expressed his wish.

I pushed him away and got even more convinced when I saw his disappointed look. But it changed to puzzlement when I unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor. It changed to happiness when I pulled him back towards me and pushed his head down.

“Taste them and do it good. This is a one-time opportunity,” I whispered in his ear.

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