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Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 03

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Lord Anthony Millhaven of Beechwood leaned indolently against mantelpiece in his study checking the London Times for news of his various investments. Not only was he tall, with dark Byronesque good looks, but was also a very shrewd investor. He had bought into railways and steam ships when they were new and had improved his land holdings around Mayfair and Park Lane. He had opened the first multi-storey shop with food, millinery, haberdashery, men’s clothing and footwear sections. The gentry came in droves and not only because of the uniqueness of the shop and the very high quality goods, but also because Tony had handpicked the staff. Lords were waited upon by buxom and well fed young wenches who took the time to ensure that their lordships were well fitted. Ladies were looked after by tall, handsome, well educated young men who not only took great care of milady’s wishes in the store but were prepared to attend after hours to ensure a correct and therefore pleasurable fit.

Lord Anthony tossed the news sheet to one side and felt cock ‘o’ hoop. He was making huge sums of money far faster than he could spend it. He recalled with a glad smile the revels in the parlour the previous morning has he and Mrs. Forsythe, the housekeeper, had taught the god fearing Mrs. Haywood what sex was all about. By the time he had taken her between her massive tits as the final dénouement of a bout that had included her introduction to gamahuching, a lesson in the sucking of cock, and a fierce fucking, she had fainted yet again and did not respond this time to the housekeeper’s smelling salts. His staff had wiped her down, dressed her and used his lordship’s phaeton to transport her home. He supposed she would have lasted a bit longer if Mrs. Forsythe had not sat on her face and near drowned her with her downpourings. God, she was a horny vixen, that housekeeper of his. And to look at her, one would swear she should be running a home for unwanted lepers.

These pleasant ruminations were interrupted by Johnston, his Lordship’s butler. “Morning my lord. I trust you had a pleasant night. I most certainly did. That young James has become most talented with his …..” He stuttered to a halt as he observed Lord Tony’s hard stare.

“Johnston, you strange queer fellow. I do not wish to hear the details of your sordid liaisons with the boot boy. Just tell me when you have worn him out so that I can pay him off and replace him. You cost me a fortune and I seriously don’t know why I put up with you. It certainly is not for your manners. In fact, with the extremely efficient, not to mention extremely raunchy Mrs. Forsythe running the house and overseeing Beechwood as well, there can be no reason to keep you, is there?”

“Sire, as you well know, I am in charge of your grooming and that is most important for gentlemen. I am proud to know that you are highly regarded as the best dressed lord in town. So there, send me off if you care to, but you will find none better.”

“Perhaps you are right, Johnston, but keep your sordid little love life out of my sight and sound. Did you wish to announce anybody? I am quite sure I heard carriage wheels in the driveway.”

“Er, yes my lord. It is Lady Eliza Montgomery and her daughter Carolyne.”

“Well show them in, you ineffectual ponce. You do try me, you know.”

Minutes later, Lady Montgomery and her daughter were ushered into his Lordship’s presence, dikmen escort bayan the mother grinning like a Cheshire cat recalling the poking she had got from him a few nights before, and the daughter gaping with open mouth at the astonishingly good looking Lord Millwood. Both curtseyed and allowed him to kiss the knuckles of their kid gloves.

“Lord Anthony Millwood of Beechwood, please allow me to introduce my daughter Carolyne….Carolyne, Lord Anthony.” Lady Montgomery was dressed in the height of fashion in a pale yellow muslin dress with a deep décolletage that shaped her abundant curves and presented plenty of cleavage to his lordship’s amused glance. She saw where his eyes were trespassing and a warm glint was revealed in her eyes. Her daughter was dark haired and not unattractive with beautiful skin and shining hazel eyes. Her figure would one day rival her mothers and although her pale green muslin was cut far less provocatively than her mater’s, it was clear she possessed breasts of significance. As usual, his lordship’s cock twitched as it smelled the prospect of a previously unexplored cuntal landscape.

“Your daughter has inherited your beauty, my dear lady. Perhaps some refreshments while you tell me the nature of this welcome visit?”

Sipping tea, Lady Eliza told Tony that her daughter had become betrothed to Sir Percival Potts. Astounded, Lord Anthony nearly choked on his tea. “Egad,” he exclaimed, that old bastard must be 25 years your senior, my dear, and hardly the sort of stud a young gal like you would need to produce heirs!”

“Indeed,” said her mother, “I was with Carolyne during a recent visit to his most sumptuous estates and took it upon myself to enquire as to his lordship’s peccadillos and was astounded to learn that although he had indulged himself from time to time with the maids and such, as one of his standing does, no issue had been forthcoming. Those amorous dallyings, such as they were, had decreased over the last five years. It would appear the Sir Percy is not up to snuff in the breeding department. Certainly, he is not the stud that you are Tony.”

Tony fixed Carolyne with a measured glare. “Tell me miss, have you had the pleasure of carnal knowledge with Potts?”

“Well, yes, as a matter of fact. Only days ago.” She blushed. “Mama told me to ensure the old codger was smitten and immediately after a very short and unsatisfactory bout, he did propose.” Her charming cheeks dimpled. “I did of course play the virgin, and quite well if I say so.”

“So, you were no virgin then, my dear?”

“Oh no, sir. A certain coachman had taken care of that inconvenience some time before that.”

“John the coach, you little slut!?!” exclaimed her mother with righteous indignation. “That sneak!! He swore I was the only one receiving his favours. Is your liaison still going on? Well?”

“No, no mama. I put a stop to it once I became betrothed.”

“Enough ladies, enough. You can sort out your arrangements another time. Now tell me the reason for the visit,” growled Lord Millhaven.

Carolyne looked nervously at her mother before responding. “I informed mama of Sir Percy’s complete inadequacy as a lover and she told me what she had found out. To secure my fortune, I must produce an heir, and mama told me she knew just the man to do the deed.” She looked at the astoundingly handsome Lord emek escort bayan Anthony and her eyes strayed to the ominous bulge in his trousers. “You, sir, if you would be so kind.”

Tony glared at Lady Eliza. “I am no stud for hire, madam. How dare you!”

“I thought that as a friend of your mother’s, you would oblige, Lord Anthony. And after our dalliance the other night, I can assure you I know of no better man that would most assuredly achieve a belly full of arms and legs in my daughter. And aristocratic arms and legs to be sure. It is a known fact that you have a household full of pregnant young girls and babies galore both here and at Beechwood as evidence of your potency.” Lady Eliza turned to her daughter. “Show his Lordship your boobies gell. He has a fondness for titties, does young Tony.”

Tony watched bemused as Carolyne got her breasts out of her dress with surprising alacrity and his eyes narrowed as he took in their firm fleshed magnificence. They jutted out from her body, milk white and capped with the large crinkled nubbins of her teats. She had baby feeders of impeccable quality. Instantly, his semi hard prick snaked down his thigh and became incredibly uncomfortable. “My god, what a pair of beauties, my dear. Bring them here so that I may examine them in more detail. Mmmph, mmmph, and you suckle nicely – mmmph, slurp, mmph. That’s got your nipples standing nicely.” Tony returned to his entirely pleasurable task of sucking her teats while massaging and rolling her big firm globes in his large hands. He felt a movement at his loins and looking down was unsurprised to see Lady Eliza fish out his tumescent cock and engulf it in her hot mouth. He returned to his reverence of her daughter’s magnificent titties.

“Let us be comfortable, dear ladies. Over to the chaise lounge with you and both of you naked.”

“Lord Anthony, I protest. I’ve not ever been naked in front of my daughter.”

“Hush Eliza and do as you are bid. To ensure reproduction, I will need the inspiration of your voluptuously sexy body. Now get on with it as I’m eager to consummate our agreement with your very fine daughter.”

Within minutes all three were naked. Carolyne gasped at the sight of the incredibly handsome and well set up Lord Millhaven and in particular at his regal sceptre standing proud against his muscular belly. All other dalliances (and there were more than she had let on) paled in comparison. She felt the lips of her treasure furl open and begin emitting a heavy dew in recognition of the ages old anticipation of sex.

“On the chaise, both of you,” growled his lordship, his prick lurching. “Lean back and hold your knees. I will gamahuche you to ensure readiness for what is about to take place.” He dropped to his knees in front of the daughter and was pleased to see the open petals of her cunt glistening in the morning sun and shedding small rivulets of girl juice onto his pristine chaise. He ran the flat of his tongue from her perineum up to the swollen hood and was unsurprised when a pea sized clitoris leapt out to greet his caress. Using the fingers of his right hand, he foraged in the forest of her mama’s mons and found her gaping wet crack with ease. He thrust an arrogant finger straight in, turned it upside down and found the round firm mound that he knew from experience would have her cumming like a runaway horse. At the same eryaman escort bayan time, he drove his rigid tongue into the depths of the panting, lusting girl in front of him and revelled in the tightness of her musky twat.

Knowing she was more than ready, he leaned back and grasped his bursting prick with his unoccupied hand and notched into her welcoming lips. As with a nervous horse, he rasped, “Steady girl,” and flexed his hips to drive almost all of his steel-like cock into her turgid depths. Carolyne let go of her thighs in shock at the intrusion and nearly fainted. “Hold your thighs apart, dear girl, I want no hindrance.” Slowly he thrust in and out of the curvaceous girl and matched the cadence with two fingers in and out of the dripping depths of her mother. Finally, his hairy balls rested on her daughter’s delightfully upturned arse cheeks and he stayed himself determined to make this most enjoyable bout last longer. Meanwhile, her mother was cumming all over his fingers moaning in unison with her daughter and adding to her enjoyment by pinching and pulling her big rubbery nipples.

Suddenly, Tony began rapidly driving his spear into the panting moaning daughter until he threw back his head in joyous agony and unloaded his potent sperm right where it ensured insemination. Carolyne had the climax of her young life and swooned dead away while Tony enjoyed the spasmodic convulsions of her cunt upon his still rigid cock. Pulling his fingers from her mother, he pulled her up and laid her on top of her comatose daughter and positioned her so that the two hairy gaping pussies were adjacent. This time he drove his rejuvenated cock into the fiery depths of the Lady Eliza grabbing hold of her shaking melons to hold her steady. A second plunge was anointed by her copious emission as she moaned her approval.

“Tony, you are the most depraved beast, you really are. Fucking the mother on top of her daughter after you’ve just fucked her. Is her cunny tighter than mine?”

“Eliza, they are different. Take that, and that you gorgeous shag you. Hers is tighter of course but yours is no less enjoyable and I can feel you cumming over and over. God your tits are wonderful. I’d fuck ’em but I’m going to deposit another load of spunk in your daughter, after all, that’s what you wanted. Here I go.” So saying, he pulled his cock from the hot clinging depths of the mother and drove it deep into her daughter, and pulling hard on her mother’s teats, groaned loudly as he splashed his fertile seed into the semi comatose girl who moaned as she felt the hot sperm deep inside her. When his cock stopped pulsing its load, he knelt back and was amused when Eliza struggled off her daughter and plunged her hot mouth over his dripping prick to slurp up the final remnants of his discharge. He writhed in joyous agony as her agile tongue laved his helmet to seek out every vestige of his emission.

As his cock deflated, she leapt up and urged his lordship to help get her daughter’s feet up on the chaise end to ensure that every drop of his regal sperm remained within her flooded cunt.

“Thank you, Lord Millhaven. If that hasn’t got her with child I would be amazed. Ask anything of me and I will grant your every wish. In fact, why don’t I organise an at home tomorrow and introduce a number of ladies of my acquaintance all of whom have the very attributes you find so desirable. You would be amazed at how many ladies are in need of your very fine attentions. I’m sure you will find the experience to be exceedingly interesting. Two of the clock, then?” He nodded, smiling to himself and was unsurprised when she reached down for his cock. “Do you think this will stand another bout, you beast of a man?”

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