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Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 09

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“See you Sunday night,” I said to Anita and rolling up my window, I drove out of the golf club lot.

Anita and I played our second round on Thursday Morning, just the two of us. Once again I dressed similarly as yesterday; short golf skirt, thong but black this time, and a scoop-necked blouse but without a bra.

It worked; at least I was sure that it worked because she didn’t try to hide her looks and glances at my ‘girls’.

Yeah, I know that 34C isn’t a big deal for the most part and that there are many women with larger tits than mine. However, I look good when I go braless and she certainly seemed to appreciate how I looked; and, after all, that’s what I was hoping for, wasn’t it?

Yes, it was and I was pleased that she seemed to like what she saw.

Long story short, she asked if I’d like to join her on Sunday night for a quiet dinner at her place.

“Nothing special,” she had said, “just a chance to get to know each other a bit more.”

That’s all well and good, but I made up my mind as I drove back to the condo that I would make a move on her Sunday, if she didn’t make one on me.


We, the four of us, hit the road Thursday afternoon for a quick jaunt into the high country to show Gin and Bea the incredible countryside and views; they were suitably ga-ga with the trip.

Thursday evening I crashed, exhausted from 2 days of golf, day-tripping with the Nat and the girls, and I had decided that I’d rather sleep than party with them into the wee hours.

It was a blissful, restful night of sleep with no dreams.

Friday morning, I arose to an empty house.


Starting the coffee brewing, I took a shower while the coffee maker did its thing. I heard Nat come into the condo as I turned off my shower and quickly drying off, I threw on a short kimono-style wrap and walked into the kitchen.

“Well damn, look what the cat drug in,” laughing at Nat while I fixed my cup.

“You should have stayed, Lynn, it was fucking wild.”

“Oh? Really? Just how wild was it,” acting the straight man.

“Between the mimosas and the doobie you rolled for us- and thank you for that by the way-we got seriously fucked up, girl. I mean, seriously.”

“And Gin? Damn, I went to the bathroom and when I came back to the living room, she and Bea were all over each other. I mean, kissing and hands up shirts, and well, damn, it was hot to watch.”

“Really?” I said over the rim of my coffee cup.

I hadn’t told Nat of my little water adventure with Ginny; she had, of course, told me of her and Bea having a nice roll in the sand that same night. Nat said that her hunch about Bea was correct, that Bea liked playing with girls as well as guys.

“She certainly likes to eat pussy,” Nat had said. She also said that she was glad that they had brought the ‘big’ beach towels with them; nothing worse than sand in the crotch, ya know?

“Really,” she agreed, “and it was surreal watching Gin and Bea go at each other.”

“Surely, you joined in the fun, didn’t you?”

“Well, yeah!” looking at me as if I was a dummy for even asking the question.

“And what the hell happened, Nat?”

“Gin actually made the move on me,” Nat said, “but I was already thinking about joining them when Gin broke away from Bea and came over to me. I was standing in the hallway and she walked up to me and planted a lip-lock on me that you wouldn’t believe.”

Oh yeah, I would.

“Bea joined in on the fun and the next thing I knew, we were all naked on their living room floor; Gin was between my legs, her tongue working magic on me, and Bea was sucking on my breasts before she straddled my head and let me have a taste. After Bea and I orgasmed, we took Ginny into Bea’s bedroom and took turns on her, eating her and fucking her with one of Bea’s little toys, but it wasn’t little, believe you me!”

“Sounds like fun,” I remarked, feeling a bit of warmth and dampness between my legs.

“Oh, yeah, it was definitely that,” Nat agreed.

“They’re off to see an old classmate, who’s living here now, but they’d like for you and me to join them tomorrow night for a goodbye dinner, and, you know, a little goodbye fun.”

“I’m in,” the warmth getting more so as I remembered Gin’s excellent use of her hands and fingers the other night.

“So, I guess it’s just you and me today, kiddo,” Nat said, pouring, but not able to finish, her second cup of coffee.

I dragged her into my bed, and didn’t let her up for air for quite a while.


Saturday evening, as we were about to walk over to Gin and Bea’s place, Nat asked me if she looked ‘all right’.

She did; she had chosen a nice skirt and blouse, light casino şirketleri and airy, her blouse sheer enough for her breasts to be seen, enticingly so, and I told her she looked hot.

Well, she did.

Dinner was wonderfully simple and filling, but not ‘too much’. As these things just seem to happen, from the time Nat and I arrived, it was apparent that it would be Bea and Nat, and Gin and I, as ‘dates’.

That’s what it seemed, anyway, to me. The four of us knocked out the cleanup in record time, and shared a big fat joint.

The weed worked, and as I came out of the ‘fog’, it was just Gin and I in the living room; I had dozed off, evidently, and when I came back to the real world, Gin had her hand under my tee, playing with my breasts.

“They’re playing in Bea’s room,” Gin answered the questioning look on my face.

“I’m glad you woke up,” she purred as her fingers rolled my nipple between them, turning up the burner in my crotch.

“Mmm, me too,” I murmured, really enjoying what she was doing to me. I pulled her face to me and kissed her; a soft, sweet kiss that slowly increased in its passion.

“You were right about me telling Bea the truth of my divorce,” she said in a low voice, placing pecking kisses on my lips, after we untangled our tongues.

“She had no idea but she was glad that I’d told her the truth;” giggling before she added, “we’ve been trying to catch up on lost years of sex.”

I slid my hand up her skirt to her pantiless crotch, cupping her womanly sex in my hand, my finger just barely penetrating her. As I teased her in that way, we shared another hot, passionate kiss, her breath becoming increasingly labored.

“Make love to me, Lynn, please, make love to me,” she whispered as she tried to catch her breath from the kiss and fingering.

And I did.

Not the lustful animal sex in the water, but slow, sweet, love; passionate, tender love, in her bed. I led her into her room and took off her clothes, pausing to kiss, taste and lick her body. Her breasts were almost mirror images of mine and just felt so wonderful in my mouth, against my tongue.

When my mouth found and sucked her button, it was already swollen and engorged, feeling soooo good in my mouth as my tongue played over its tip. I took my time with her, letting her orgasm rise and fall as I toyed with her, my very being savoring her tastes and scent.

She came in a huge, body-wrenching spasm of joy; her hands lovingly caressing my head as she held me to her pussy’s gyrations.

We held on to each other, afterwards, for a long time; stroking each other, sharing sweet kisses, enjoying the magic of the night for us. She, after a while, left a trail of wetness from my breasts, down my body, to my pussy, which she eagerly tasted and sucked.

Our girl Gin knew her way around a woman’s playground, this girl did.

Many orgasms later, for the both of us, we once again snuggled, slowly drifting off to sleep; and when I asked her about her first time with another female, she simply said, “A boyfriend’s mother got me tipsy, got me into her bed and had her way with me, a lot.”

That was all she would say about it and shrugged off further questions from me. She fell asleep, in my arms, my nipple on her lips.


We awoke on Sunday morning to a tropical rainstorm, the kind that hangs around for a while. Despite what the Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce might say, it does rain in the islands. Usually, they in and gone in a few hours; occasionally, they become a two day drenching, such as this would turn out to be.

We said our goodbyes to Gin and Bea, exchanged numbers and all of that, hugging and kissing each other in farewell. Running to our condo, I saw the message light blinking and sensing what it was, I reluctantly pressed the playback button. I was right; it was Anita, just checking to make sure that we were still ‘on’ for that night.

I went from sad to glad in a nano-second.

Nat, having heard the message, turned and smiled at me, saying, “Got your dream date now, do you?”

“I sure hope so,” smiling as I answered her.

The rest of that afternoon was spent cleaning and straightening up the condo. Nat and I fixed a light lunch, and took a nap, each in our own room.

I was in the shower, thinking about my upcoming ‘date’ with Anita, the excitement within me like that of an adolescent going on her first date.

What if you’re wrong about your perception of Anita?

I don’t think I am.

But, what if you are?

I don’t know but I really don’t think I’m wrong.

At least I hope I’m not.


I asked Nat, again, if she was upset with me because I was going over to Anita’s. She, casino firmaları again, reassured me that I was being silly, that she was happy for me, and that she was looking forward to a quiet evening with the TV remote.

“I could use the rest,” she joked, “I’ve been a busy little beaver this week.”

“More like a busy little beaver-eater,” I corrected her, and she laughed at my observation, stating that I was correct.

Checking my ‘look’ in the full length mirror before I left the condo, I had liked what I saw.

Anita had suggested ‘casual’ dress, so I chose a flattering pair of shorts that made my ass really look good; my blouse buttoned in front and I left the top three buttons unclasped, exposing a nice look of cleavage.

Nat agreed with my choice and whistled her approval as I said goodbye when I left.

Anita lived in a modest, small house between the Golf Course and our condo, so the drive wasn’t a long one, the rain more of a mist, now.

She had moved her car into her garage, allowing me to park next to her front porch under a metal shelter. Mounting the three steps, I knocked on the jamb, her interior door opened, and her exterior screen door, closed.

“Come on in, Lynn,” I heard through the screen door and opening it, I stepped into her front room, and followed the voice into the kitchen, which was in the rear of the house. Anita gave me a cheek kiss in welcome, holding her hands wide so’s not to get me wet with the lettuce she was breaking into the salad bowl.

“Wine okay with you?” she asked, returning to her task in the sink.

“Yep, I like wine,” looking at some bottles she had sitting on the counter.

“Then, if you wouldn’t mind, pick one, open it and pour some for us, will you?” looking at me over her shoulder, her chin pointing to a corkscrew on the wine rack in the corner.

“Red or white, it doesn’t matter to me, but the white’s in the fridge.”

I chose a Cabernet, opened it and left it to breathe for a bit, asking Anita if I could help her with the salad or anything else.

“Nope, it’s all under control and we still have an hour before the casserole will be ready. I’ll finish this and we’ll have our wine on the lanai, if that’s all right with you?”

It was, and I stood behind her, lustfully admiring her long legs and fine butt. Like me, she was in ‘flip-flops’, the footwear of choice in the Islands, and her feet were gracefully slender, a recent pedicure, obviously.

She finished her task, and put the salad to chill in the fridge as I poured for us.

Following her to the lanai, I sat on the bamboo couch with her, both of us toasting each other with our wine. We made small talk, we talked of golf, of the weather and our eyes made love with each other.

I could feel the sexual tension that was surrounding us and I know that she could too. Her breasts were straining the fabric of her top, her breathing seemingly becoming a bit labored as we talked, and stole leering looks of each other.

When we sat down to eat, the scent of sex mixed with the aromas of dinner.

As we started on the second bottle of wine after dinner, she touched her glass to mine, her hand stealing over mine on the table as we drank to each other.

Our eyes feasted on the other lustfully; it was so obvious but leaving it unsaid, leaving it untouched, heightened the excitement of the evening.

Wordlessly, as if we rehearsed it, we both rose from our chairs and quickly cleared the table, not bothering to rinse dishes, just putting them in the sink. I moved our wine glasses to the counter near us, filling them again.

The wine, combined with the sexual tension had me really buzzing; and wet, noticing the warm dampness between my legs, enjoying the building heat.

Anita put her glass on the counter, her eyes telegraphing her intent, so I did the same with my glass.

She bent down as I rose up to meet her lips, my hands on her waist, pulling her against me as I slipped my tongue into her warm mouth, her lips deliciously wet. I felt her tongue slide against mine as she entered my mouth with it.

My hands were under her top, feeling her large breasts, silky to my touch, her large nipples hard in my fingers.

She and I held that kiss, groping each other wantonly, when she pulled my shirt from my shorts; reaching into my shorts, her hand crawled down my belly, over my pubes, expertly parting my pussy’s lips, wet to her touch, cupping my sex with her hand.

Just that quickly, lifting me with her hand between my legs, I was on my tiptoes as her long fingers entered me, her arm strength holding me on my toes as she drove her fingers deep inside of me. Her other hand held my head to hers as güvenilir casino she and I savagely kissed each other, my pelvis grinding against her hand and fingers, my hands squeezing and feeling her tits.

My moans of orgasmic pleasure stayed muffled by our mouths but the heat surely had to be felt by her.

As I held my head against her chin while I rode the elevator back down the mountain, she squeezed my sex with her fingers still inside of me, whispering, “My bed, now,” squeezing once more for punctuation.

We flew down the hallway, both of us dropping clothes as we did so. I pushed her backwards onto her bed, dropping to my knees while my head dropped to her shaved pussy, her legs dangling over the bedside.

Her pussy’s lips were wet and smelled very lightly of honey or magnolias; whichever it was, it and her musky sex smell were driving my cunnilingual abilities.

As I slowly enjoyed her sex with my mouth and tongue, my hands were overflowing with her breasts, their nipples hard and large in my hand.

She cried out as her climax overtook her, her fingers tight in my hair, holding my head to her bucking hips, her legs encapsulating me against her.

She pulled me to her from my knees, her mouth over mine, tasting and licking her wetness from my lips and face. Dropping her mouth to my breasts, I held her head in place as she sucked my nipples into her mouth letting her tongue run around their hardness.

Still sucking on my tits, she pulled me with her as she reached into her nightstand drawer to retrieve a large dildo, attached as a strap-on.

She knelt on the bed as I helped her into the harness, lying down on my back afterwards while she slid between my legs with her head, tasting me, getting her tongue into my pussy as her fingers spread my lips.

I was crying aloud in pleasure when she moved up and entered me with the strap-on, its length and girth spreading my pussy wide as she drove it deep into me with her pelvic thrusts.

She told me to pinch her nipples hard, harder, as she drove her hips with more fury with each twist of my fingers on her nipples. Dropping her large breasts to my mouth, she told me to bite her, to hurt her, each time resulting with increasing fucking of me, by her.

I screamed loudly when I came, taking my mouth from her breasts when I did; I held her by her ass cheeks, as she pushed harder into me as I continued to ride the wave.

She collapsed on the bed next to me and unstrapped the harness, bringing the dildo up to our lips; following her lead, I licked my side of my juices on it as she did the same on her side, our tongues meeting when we swiped around the front and back of it.

Telling me to put on the harness, she rolled onto her stomach, her ass pushed a little higher.

“Fuck me, Lynn, fuck me in the ass, please, baby, please,” she cried to me, softly.

Kissing her on her neck, I whispered, “First, sweetie, first I’m going to lubricate this monster with your juices, okay?” and not waiting for her to answer, I guided this ten inch thick faux-cock into her pussy, moving it in and out of her, her hips squirming in reaction.

Pulling it out, I moved it against her ass as I pulled her cheeks apart; slowly, I teased her butt-hole with the tip, getting it wet, feeling her relax more as I slowly entered her.

Her asshole easily accommodated this monster and she seemingly loved the pounding I gave her with it, climaxing after several minutes of steady ass-fucking. I fell onto her back, rubbing my breasts against her sweaty skin as I unclasped the harness, letting it drop to the floor.

I rolled her onto her back, kissing her as my hands pinched her nipples hard. She moved her head from our kiss so that she could kiss and nuzzle my neck, biting me as she did so, the pain so sensual that I was dizzy with joy and horniness.

I crawled between her legs, and licked her swollen bud, clenching it between my teeth, biting it, making her squirm and moan with joy.

She came in gushing waves, her hips grinding against my mouth harder and harder.

We rested a bit, our hands on each other’s body, touching and caressing.

I did things with Anita that night that bordered on sado-masochistic sex and loved every bit of it. I let her tie me to the bedposts and have her way with me; I let her force her sex upon me and I on her.

I let her break my virgin asshole in with a much smaller but effective dildo and had my first anal-orgasm.

She asked and I did her bidding.

We fell asleep, our arms around each other, our energy spent, and our smiles broad on our lips


Anita had an early morning lesson but we woke early enough to have one last go with each other; tenderly, sweetly.

She went to her lesson and I drove home, both of my lower orifices a bit sore and tender.

Nat just stared at me when I walked in.

“Girl,” she said, “You’ve been seriously fucked.”

I had.

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