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Maddie’s Treasure

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Maddie sat staring out her window from the tiny desk in her upstairs bedroom. She was thinking about her boyfriend Les. The date they had gone on the night before would be their last date until Christmas break.

Les was off to college on an athletic scholarship. He had been the local heart throb with all the girls at school and linebacker on the high school football team.

During the last three months of their senior year, Les had taught her more about sex than her previous four boyfriends put together. He was an animal and always left her deliciously sore. His obsession with eating her pussy until she shook from head to toe then fucking her until he couldn’t fuck any more was almost brutal. He fucked like he played football, hard and rough.

The view of the neighbors house with all the old cars and junk scattered around their yard looked like some kind of mini recycling plant.

Tom and Connie had lived in that junkyard for years before Maddie’s parents had bought the house next door. At the time it was all they could afford.

Maddie’s father had fixed their house up over the years. It was the nicest house around now, but the junkyard next door seemed to somehow suck the nice out of everything around it.

Maddie watched out her window as a shiny black car with black tinted windows and shiny chrome wheels pulled into the neighbors yard. She watched her neighbors Tom and Connie come out of their front door and make their way past an old washing machine and scattered piles of junk until they stood beside the car.

She watched a girl about her own age, nineteen, maybe early twenties, get out of the car. Tom and Connie hugged the girl then they pulled a suitcase from the trunk. Maddie sat watching out her window as Connie followed Tom and the girl back into the house.

She wondered why Connie always walked so slow. Maybe she had problems with her hips or maybe something was wrong with her legs. She reminded Maddie of an old, bow-legged cowboy, the way she walked so slow with her knees held further apart than most people. And she always took tiny, slow steps. Maddie snickered when realized that she had never seen Connie wear anything other than long, summer dresses. Her extra large breasts always swaying from side to side in time with each step.

Ava followed her uncle Tom up the dirty, creaking stairs. The wheels on the suitcase that she pulled clunked up each step until they reached the top. She felt nauseous at the thought of living there but for now it would have to do. Looking around, the small, dingy room already felt claustrophobic. Ava made her way to the tiny, dirty window. Looking out across the piles of junk she noticed someone looking back at her from an upstairs window next door. Ava slowly raised her hand and waved at the girl in the window. Madison smiled and waved back.

Tom told Ava to make herself at home. “Your aunt Connie is just about done with some lunch so it shouldn’t be too long.” He hugged her.

Ava listened to the squeak of each wooden step as her uncle made his way back downstairs.

Looking around the room, her eyes began to fill with tears. How could she be here? How would she make it without her mom and dad? The boating accident still seemed like a bad dream and she just wanted to wake up.

Maddie closed her laptop. Wondering who the girl was, she made her way downstairs. In the kitchen, she pulled a cold Coke from the refrigerator and walked to the front door. Outside, she sat on the porch in a large wicker chair still wondering who the girl was. Looking over her shoulder towards the upstairs window she could see the girl was still there. Maddie waved again, the girl raised her hand.

Ava wiped her tears and made her way down the narrow, rickety stairs. She found her aunt Connie in the kitchen and Tom sitting at the table. All the stacks of old magazines and newspapers piled in the corners of the dingy room had a thin layer of dust on them.

She offered to help with lunch but Connie told her to Just relax, “I got it!” Connie said.

Ava pulled an old wooden chair out from the table and sat next to her uncle Tom. He was her father’s younger brother. She wondered why her father seemed to never have anything good to say about Tom. He had always treated her like his own daughter.

She wondered why Tom and Connie appeared poor and dirty when her parents had a beautiful home and drove expensive cars.

Tears began to blur her vision again. She stood up and walked slowly to the front door, thinking maybe a little fresh air would feel good and she could hide her tears.

The squeak of the old screen door drifted across the yard.

Maddie turned to see who it was. The girl was tall and slender, her long black hair went down to her hips. She appeared to be very pretty. The girl raised her hand again.

Maddie found herself weaving her way through the scattered piles of junk until she stood at the steps of Tom’s porch. Looking up at the girl she smiled and offered her hand, izmit escort “Hi, I’m Madison, everybody calls me Maddie!”

The girl smiled, “I’m Ava.”

“I noticed that you had a suitcase, will you be staying with Tom and Connie? Want to hang out sometime?”

The friendly gesture seemed to lift a little of the sadness from Ava’s heart.

“Sure!” She smiled at Maddie as she admired her blue eyes and silky, shiny, blond hair in the sun.

They appeared to be from different worlds. Ava in her black spandex leggings with a short skirt over them that barely covered her butt. Her pale complexion and soft hands.

Madison wore an old, tattered flannel shirt, tight blue jeans and no makeup. Ava found her to be very pretty, she didn’t need makeup.

A pickup truck pulled up in front of Madison’s house. It was Les. Maddie knew he had stopped by to say goodbye on his way out of town. Maddie asked Ava to come meet him.

A few minutes later the three of them sat chatting on Maddie’s porch. He didn’t stay long, saying that he had a long drive ahead of him. He hugged Madison and gave her a passionate kiss as he held her tight. He smiled at Ava and said that it was nice to meet her as he turned and walked back to his pickup.

Ava broke the silence as they watched the truck fade into the distance followed by a trail of dust. “Your boyfriend is very handsome!”

Somehow Madison knew that their relationship probably wouldn’t survive his being away at college. She knew he would be surrounded by too many other girls. She knew in her heart that it would probably be some sexy college cheerleader that would steal him from her.

A week had passed but it felt like a year to Ava. Her and Madison spent a lot of time together. Maddie kept Ava occupied and usually laughing when they were together. But living in the midst of all the junk that had been accumulating for years was taking its toll on Ava. It just annoyed the fuck out of her.

Sitting alone at the kitchen table one afternoon. Ava wondered why Connie’s face was always red with tiny beads of sweat on her forehead when she and Tom came up from the basement. She had noticed that they seemed to go down there at least once a day, usually late in the evening. Why did they keep the door locked? The whole thing seemed odd and curiosity was eating at her. One day she noticed them come up from the basement, lock the door behind themselves and again Connie’s face was red and she seemed out of breath.

Finally Ava just asked, “What’s in the basement? What do you two do down there?”

Tom and Connie had a surprised look on their faces. Tom, thinking about it, decided to just be truthful. He assumed that since she was twenty years old, open minded and well educated she would appreciate the truth more than some feeble attempt to hide it.

He smiled across the table at Connie and kind of snickered, “It’s our sex dungeon!” he looked at Ava and just waited for her reaction.

Ava started laughing, “You mean you two go down there and have sex?”

“Sometimes, yes! we go down there and have sex. Sometimes I take your Aunt Connie down there and punish her if she has been a bad girl.” looking at Connie he grinned his crooked teeth grin.

Ava glanced over at Connie. She had a big grin on her face too. “If you only knew sweetheart, if you only knew.” Connie said As she peeled potatoes at the sink.

Ava started laughing, “So you guys have a sex dungeon in your basement? That’s funny shit, can I see it?”

Tom decided to roll with it. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to think less of us, we’re a bit kinky!”

“Kinky? How kinky?” Ava grinning across the table at Connie.

“Do you really want to know? Are you sure you want to know?” Tom asked.

“Ya, I do!”

Tom and Connie looked at each other with a questioning look as if silently asking each other what they should do. Finally Tom motioned with his finger for Connie to come to where he sat next to Ava. Connie walked around the table and stood beside her husband and niece as she wiped her hands on her apron.

Ava sat in disbelief, her mouth wide open and wide eyed. Aunt Connie stood beside Tom while he lifted the apron then the hem of her long dress. Connie reached down and held her dress up. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Ava couldn’t take her eyes off the large metal rings that hung between her aunt’s legs. Never in a million years would Ava have believed her aunt and uncle were into that sort of thing.

Ava had pierced her belly button a couple of years earlier and had heard of people piercing their genitals but never had she seen anything remotely close to what she was looking at.

“Wider!” Tom said as he jokingly slapped the inside of Connie’s thigh. Connie obediently widened her stance, leaving the heavy rings swinging back and forth. Connie’s inner lips had been pierced. It appeared that the heavy metal rings may have been there for a long time. The flesh hung stretched inches below her crotch.

Connie’s head tipped izmit anal yapan escort back and her jaw dropped when Tom began playing with the rings, stretching and pulling her inner lips. It seemed to Ava that it would have been painful but Connie was obviously enjoying it to the point of closing her eyes and holding her breath with her mouth open. Tom cupped the rings in his hand. He lifted them then let go and let them drop several times. They sounded like wind chimes.

It was when Ava watched her aunt reach down and pull her dress higher then open her legs wider that she knew Connie was obviously enjoying displaying her grossly stretched labia to their young niece.

Ava felt her heart race, “Doesn’t that hurt?” “How did this all start?” she asked, unable to take her eyes off the long, stretched flesh.

Tom started talking while playing with the rings. “Well; your Aunt had never had an orgasm until one day I got upset with her. Nothing I tried worked, nothing I could do to get her off. I was going down on her and she just seemed bored. Out of frustration I started pinching and pulling on her lips. I was being a bit mean about it. The next thing I knew she was saying how good it felt. I pulled harder and her legs started shaking. She was having an orgasm. Over the years one thing just led to another.”

Ava could feel her heart beating. “So what do you do in the basement?”

“Shall we show her the basement sweetheart?” he pulled a little harder and held the flesh stretched, as if trying to pull an answer from Connie.

Connie forced herself out of her reverie. Looking at Ava she smiled and said. “If you want to see, it’s ok with me!”

A minute later the three of them were making their way down the stairs to the basement. Ava stood in awe, the basement was a world of its own. It was clean and organized unlike the rest of the place. There were large brass rings hanging from the ceiling and more on the floor, coils of ropes on the walls, a huge display of dildos and vibrators, floggers and feather dusters. A couple of different tables. One with stirrups that brought back memories of Ava’s first and only appointment with a gynecologist.

They heard someone pounding on the front door. Tom went upstairs to see who it was.

Connie smiled as she stepped close to Ava. “I hope you don’t think we are some kind of freaks.” Connie said.

“Not at all auntie, it just surprised me. I would never have dreamed you guys were into sex, much less this kind of sex. I’ll be honest, I have seen a lot of stuff on the internet but never took any of it seriously.”

Connie smiled, “Your uncle Tom and I have had a good relationship for many years. I hope you don’t think less of us for all this!” Connie grinned.

“Ava, Maddie is here to see you!” Tom announced from the top of the stairs.

Maddie and Ava had become best friends from the moment Maddie had introduced herself on the porch. They had both finished high school and had plans for college. They spent a lot of time just talking and strolling through the woods behind their houses or just sitting in the comfortable wicker chairs on Maddie’s porch drinking iced tea and talking about boys. Or joking about all the junk next door.

Ava climbed the stairs and smiled at her uncle as she passed him on her way to the front door.

“I’m driving into town to pick up some stuff from the grocery store, would you like to come along?” Maddie offered.

“Sure, let me go use the bathroom, I’ll be right over.”

“Okay, no hurry, I’ll wait in the pickup.”

In the bathroom Ava pulled her leggings and panties down then sat on the cold toilet seat. She looked down at her panties as the tinkling sound of pee offered instant relief. The crotch of her panties were wet. She couldn’t get the vision of aunt Connie’s long labia swinging back and forth between her legs out of her mind. The heavy rings jingling like wind chimes. She wondered what Tom did to her when they were in the basement. Why had it all made her so wet? Why was it causing the warm, tingling feeling in her pussy?

She stood up, stuffed some toilet paper in the crotch of her wet panties and pulled them up.

The two girls rattled down the dusty dirt road in Maddie’s dad’s old pickup. Ava was quiet as she stared out the side window at the passing farm houses.

Thoughts of aunt Connie played through her mind like a song on replay. Visions of all the stuff in the basement, the examination table with Velcro straps on the wide stirrups.

Maddie pulled the old pickup into the little grocery store parking lot. “Why so quiet today?” Maddie asked as she checked her shirt pocket for her grocery list.

Ava wanted to tell her best friend about her aunt and uncle but she knew it wouldn’t be right to announce their secret life to the neighbors. Even if Maddie was her best friend. “Oh, just in a quiet mood I guess.” she answered.

Maddie left it alone, figuring Ava was thinking about her izmit yabancı escort parents again. Or maybe the legal battle going on between her mom’s family over her parents will. Ava, being an only child, was first in line to inherit everything including the house. But greed had legally tied everything up in the courts for the time being.

Ava, pushing the cart following Maddie up down each aisle while she checked things off her list.

Maddie introduced Ava to a couple of guys from school. The guys were obviously smitten with Ava’s. Her tight, black leggings clearly showed the shape of her gorgeous butt and long legs. Her long, black hair and blue eyes were gorgeous.

Maddie offered to buy lunch as soon as the groceries were in the pickup. A couple of blocks down the road they pull up to the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Maddie was getting a bit concerned as they sat in the parking lot eating. “You okay?” she asked again.

“Ya, I’m good, just family stuff.” She smiled at her friend knowing that Maddie had no idea what she was really saying.

Back home, Ava helped carry the bags in then she sat at the kitchen table and watched her friend put everything away. Visions of her uncle pulling down on the heavy rings and the obvious look of pleasure on Connie’s face continued to rewind and play through her mind over and over again.

The two girls hugged and seconds later Ava was weaving her way through the piles of junk.

It was only a few minutes after Ava had gotten home that uncle Tom and Connie came up from the basement. Connie’s face was red and flushed again. Uncle Tom had a devious grin on his face. Nothing was said.

“That’s twice today!” Ava said to herself.

That evening Ava climbed the rickety stairs and wiggled under the heavy blanket on her bed. She had to get back up and go to the bathroom because the toilet paper she had stuffed in her panties earlier was stuck to her little bush and came off in tiny pieces. She took a shower and climbed back under the covers. Sleep just wouldn’t come. She tossed and rolled from one side to the other. It was thoughts of the basement that held sleep at bay. She sat up in bed and opened her laptop. She googled labia piercing, then images. She began pinching and pulling at her own labia as she looked at images of women with piercings and jewelry that hung from their lips.

Some with small barbells or delicate rings through the hoods of their clits. She pinched harder and pulled at her own minora. The slippery clear liquid that leaked out of her felt good as she slid a finger up and down between her puffy lips. She sat her laptop down and slid back down under the covers.

The restlessness that had kept her awake finally faded and she fell asleep. Sometime in the night she began dreaming. In her dream she was holding her knees up high and had let them drop to the sides. Visions of her aunt and uncle between her legs looking at her pussy and pulling on her lips. Uncle Tom stroking his cock, desperately wanting to fuck her, auntie holding her lips pulled open, offering her young pussy for uncle to slip his cock into her. Visions of them piercing her tender lips pushed her over the top. She woke up in a panic with her hand between her legs. She couldn’t remember ever having an orgasm wake her. Her legs were still twitching and her fingers were soaked.

Ava slept in and probably would have slept later if she hadn’t been woken up by a phone call from her fathers attorney. He requested that she come home because the judge had settled the case on her parents estate.

After breakfast Ava asked Madison if she would go to her parents house with her. Her mothers sister Nancy and her husband Larry had been staying in the house in an attempt to have the property transferred into their names on the grounds that they had been occupying it. Nancy and Larry were low life assholes and that’s why Ava had been staying with Tom and Connie. The judge had ruled against them. It was final and everything was to be awarded to Ava.

Maddie packed a small suitcase and let her mom and dad know what the plan was. They were going to meet up with a court ordered police escort who was to accompany the girls while they checked the house, hoping that Nancy and Larry hadn’t already taken everything that belonged to Ava.

What really excited Madison was that Ava’s hometown was only an hour and half from where Les was going to college. She reminisced about their second date. They had gone for a drive in the county and ended up by some little, secluded pond in the woods. After some hot making out, Les lifted her up and sat her on the hood of his pickup. Maddie didn’t protest when he smiled as he unbuttoned her blue jeans and pulled them off her legs. It wasn’t long until she was laying across the warm hood of his truck with her pants and panties laying on the ground where Les had tossed them over his shoulder. Les stood with her feet on his broad shoulders and his face buried in her bush. At some point he pulled her off the hood. He stood holding her ass in both hands and driving his cock into her standing up. Maddie remembered going home and lying to her mother about why she was walking like she had just given birth. Needless to say, Madison’s first taste of rough sex left her wanting more.

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