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Making of a Motorcycle Mama Ch. 02

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We got back on the bike without exchanging another word. I had no idea where we were going next but I was willing to wait and see. I felt free and exquisitely alive. I sat as close to him as I could, pressing my pussy against the crack of his ass. Soon we were rumbling down Highway 65 headed for Little Rock.

About halfway there he stopped at a restaurant and we both got something to eat. I could see people looking at us, obviously wondering what we were doing together, but no one said anything. He didn’t even seem to notice the looks. He didn’t talk much but every now and then he caught my eye and gave me a little smile.

Late in the afternoon we thundered down the street in one of the poorer sections of Little Rock. He pulled up in front of a large rundown two-story house with a bunch of Harleys backed against the curb and parked in the driveway. After he’d lowered the kickstand we both got off. Without a word he walked to the house and through the front door; I followed behind. But several steps into the front hall I stopped, frozen. In the room through an archway to my left I saw one of the most amazing sights of my young life. A skinny naked man, with his back to me, was fucking a large woman doggy style on a mattress on the floor. It seemed as if every inch of her skin had some kind of tattoo on it. My heart started pounding like a trip hammer. A hot flush poured over my body.

“Hi Honey,” a female voice called out. I turned toward the source and found myself looking at another naked woman. She was leaning on cushions pushed against the wall with her legs spread open and the fingers of her right hand teasing her pussy as the man and woman fucked nearby. She tossed back her long blond hair and grinned at my discomfiture. In response to her greeting both the man and the woman turned their heads to look at me. The man had a moustache and goatee.

“Hi there,” they said, almost in unison. I felt like Alice in Wonderland; none of them seemed in the least bit embarrassed or surprised. But my legs were quite visibly trembling.

I looked around for Doug and realized, with a terrible sinking feeling, that he’d disappeared and I had no idea where he’d gone. I felt a sudden urge to cry and was preparing myself to run out the door.

The blond woman read the look of distress on my face, jumped to her feet, and within moments had her arm around my shoulders. “Oh Honey, you’ve never been to a place like this before, have you?” she said in a warm voice. “I should have known.” I could smell the pungent scent of her pussy on her fingers. She led me back to the spot where she’d been sitting and guided me down to sit beside her. “My name’s Deena,” she said. “What’s yours?”

“Susan,” I told her.

“That’s Big John and Ruthie,” Deena said, gesturing towards the fucking couple. They both smiled and nodded in my direction. I hesitantly smiled back. I could now see the slick shaft of Big John’s cock every time he withdrew from Ruthie’s cunt. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t help myself; the sight fascinated me. I could see where Big John got his nickname. And Ruthie moved in waves of multicolored flesh. Her swaying breasts, also tattooed, were huge with large brown areolas and thick nipples.

“Pretty hot, huh?” Deena said, noticing my intense gaze. I felt a blush flow across my face as I turned to look at her. I saw that her hand was back to her pussy while the other fondled one of her breasts. “It’s okay Honey. Ruthie and Big John don’t mind, believe me. If you’re gonna be staying you’ll see wilder stuff than this. And doing it, if you want to.” My tongue passed over my upper lip involuntarily. Deena chuckled softly when she saw my impulsive sign of desire. “You like to fuck, don’t you?” I stiffened, pendik escort embarrassed, and then slowly nodded, not daring to look her in the eye. “Well, this is the place for it,” she said.

A moment later, as if on cue, a short naked man with a big belly appeared in the hallway. He seemed to be headed for the foot of the stairs until Deena spoke to him; at the sound of her voice he turned and entered the room, walking up to the two of us.

“Bob, this is Susan,” Deena said, introducing us. “She just came in with Doug.” Then, as Bob and I acknowledged each other, she rose up on her knees and took his soft cock in her mouth.

“Oh God Deena!” Bob sighed. I felt my cunt tingle with stirrings of lust. It seemed to take only a few seconds before Bob’s cock had become semi-erect.

“Now it’s your turn Honey,” Deena said, turning to look at me. I took a deep breath and struggled to my knees. A moment later I was sucking the head of Bob’s cock into my mouth. The second man’s cock I’d had in my mouth in one day. As I slid my lips down the shaft I felt hands tugging at my jeans; I knew they must be Deena’s. For an instant I considered protesting but then the wild woman came alive in me once more. My jeans were pulled down around my knees. A moment later my panties joined them and Deena’s soft hand was caressing my ass, her fingers teasing my pussy lips with feathery touches.

Bob caught hold of my t-shirt, withdrawing his cock from my mouth, and pulled my shirt over my head.

“Take your bra off, Honey,” Deena said softly. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I fumbled with the clasp. And then my boobs were both out in plain sight. Almost instantly Bob and Deena had fastened their mouths over each of my nipples. The feeling was indescribable, to have two pairs of sucking lips and two warm tongues flickering against my hard little nips was a thing I’d never imagined. Caught up in the sensations I reached out and began caressing both Bob and Deena at once, stroking their backs and shoulders and running my fingers through their hair. I felt an amazing sense of power. I closed my eyes.

Someone’s fingers started to gently probe into my pussy. I didn’t know if they were Bob’s or Deena’s and I didn’t really care. I just knew they felt good and added another dimension to the pleasure I was feeling already.

The mouth on my right breast withdrew and I felt cool air slide across my wet nipple.

“Ooh, you’re nice and gooey, girl,” I heard Deena say. “You and Doug must have fucked before you got here.” Then her warm mouth settled back over my tit.

Another hand, I was sure it was Bob’s, began stroking my lower back and the cheeks of my ass. Deena’s thumb wormed its way up the groove of my inner lips until it was pressing at the base of my clit. And then, as her fingers slid into my cunt her thumb firmly hit the same spot. Again and again.

I opened my eyes and looked over at Big John and Ruthie. Ruthie’s head, facing away from me, was cradled in her arms and her boobs were pressed against the mattress while her big bottom was raised in the air. The pace of their fucking had picked up. Big John had taken a firm hold on the folds of fat just below her waist and was simultaneously thrusting and pulling her to him in such a way that their bodies met in heavy smacking jolts that made her colorful flesh ripple in quivering waves. Each time he thrust into her she’d let loose a deep guttural grunt of pleasure.

Big John was looking at me with a fixed look of lust in his eyes. It dawned on me that he was very probably imagining that he was fucking me. I felt a hot tingling rush in my belly. I dropped my eyes to take in the sight of his slick cock sliding powerfully in and out of Ruthie’s cunt maltepe escort and then, almost superimposed on this image, I saw, in my mind, the image of Doug’s big cock sinking into my pussy with such vividness that I relived the sensations I’d experienced earlier in the day. The first sweet waves of orgasm flowed through my body.

Deena seemed to grasp instinctively what was happening inside me and, almost at once, began to finger fuck me furiously. “Oh yes, little Baby; come for me, Baby; oh yeah, that’s right; that’s right, little girl; oh yeah!” I heard Deena chanting. I felt as if I’d been swallowed up by the hot mouth of sweet oblivion and shook and trembled with one powerful orgasm and then another.

As she felt the peak of my pleasure subside Deena moved her fingers more and more slowly until, at last, she gently withdrew them altogether. I sank back weakly onto my heels. Both Bob and Deena continued to stroke and caress my bare skin.

I looked over at Big John and Ruthie and saw that Ruthie had fallen, spread eagle, on her stomach, with John on her back. His softening cock had come out of her and a narrow white river of semen flowed down the channel of her pussy lips. John was running his fingers through her hair and seemed to be whispering in her ear.

After a couple minutes of tender attention Deena gently took my hand and drew me to the corner where she’d been when I’d entered the room. Still clasping my hand she awkwardly sat down, leaned back on the cushions, and opened her legs wide. I was looking into her eyes and knew instantly what she was asking for. It was something that had occasionally flashed through my mind when I was “tickling” myself, as I called it, and happened to think of Patricia but I’d never really contemplated actually doing it. Our eyes remained locked. And then I looked down. Her pussy was covered with a soft mound of wheat-colored fuzz; down the middle ran a bright pink crevice. As I gazed at it I made out the folds of the inner lips, the mouth of her cunt, and the button of her clit.

“Do you think it’s ugly?” She asked. Something in her voice made me understand that she wouldn’t mind if I said yes. But I didn’t think that at all. It was just that I’d never seen a woman’s pussy before, not like this, only my own in a hand mirror, and I was a bit awestruck with an almost spiritual feeling of deep, relaxed, tenderness. The voice of the wild woman was singing in my heart.

Slowly I bent over, extending the tip of my tongue, and touched her clitoris.

“Oh yes!” She sighed.

I began to explore the soft contours of her vulva with my tongue. I knew immediately that this was something I liked. I liked the taste of her. I liked the texture of her dewy inner flesh. I liked the smell. I liked sensing the pleasure my tongue gave her, vibrating through the substance of her body. I liked hearing her sighs and soft whispers. I knew this was something I’d want to do again. And again. And again.

I felt Bob moving up behind me and then his hands cupping the globes of my ass, spreading the cheeks. Suddenly I felt this hot tongue probing into my own cunt. Once more I felt the complex of sensations created by doing and being done at the same time, in ways that are impossible with just one partner. Sliding my hands under Deena’s bottom and spreading her wide open with my thumbs I began playing a game of doing to her what Bob was doing to me. Something about this excited me tremendously. It was as if he were doing her through me; I had this picture in my head of his tongue being three feet long and going into my pussy and all the way through my body till it slid out my mouth and into Deena.

The thought made me giggle. I could feel Deena eyeing me questioningly. kartal escort I looked up from tonguing her clit and shook my head, trying to convey the idea that the reason for my amusement was too complicated to explain. She smiled faintly, shrugged, and lay back, closing her eyes.

Things were changing behind me. Bob had stopped licking my pussy and was now shifting position. Then his hand pressed down on my tail as, almost at the same time, I felt the blind probing head of his cock searching for the mouth of my welcoming cunt. He found it with a slow sensual insertion, holding its length inside me once he’d gone as deep as he could go. I could actually feel his nuts bouncing softly against the tops of my thighs. I had the curious feeling he was bigger in my cunt than he’d been in my mouth. I wasn’t complaining. He then gripped my hips and began thrusting into me with long powerful strokes. Each time his hips hit my ass my nose was bumped into Deena’s pussy.

In a detached place in my mind I was marveling at the sudden turn my life had taken. Six hours earlier I had been a girl with a strong interest in sex but with little real experience. My boyfriend, who I’d been seeing for almost two years, and I had been fucking for awhile now but we were only able to do it once in a while when we could elude our parents. My mama was a deeply religious person and, although she never said so in so many words, gave the impression that she had a very low opinion of sex. After I turned thirteen she’d watched me like a hawk. But somehow her views had never really affected me. I’d begun “tickling” myself when I was twelve and had never believed that there could be anything wrong with the pleasure it gave me. Fortunately I never got caught. And then when Bobby, my boyfriend, and I started playing around it was the same pleasure except I had a boy with a hard cock to investigate as well as my own body.

Now, suspended between a woman’s lubricious wide open pussy and the sustained strokes of a man’s thick rigid cock, knowing that there were other people in the room, people who might be watching me get fucked as I tongued Deena’s nubbin of clit, I felt free in a way I never had before in my life. Bizarre as it probably would seem to almost anyone I knew, certainly my mama, I felt I belonged here.

Deena caught the back of my head with her fingers and pressed my mouth against her pussy, arching her hips to create the fullest possible contact. Finding it a little hard to breathe I shook my head from side to side, running my tongue over the slippery surface.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” she yodeled in high orgasmic cries.

Deena’s sounds spurred the man behind me and the rapid strokes agitated the over stimulated inner walls of my cunt with rich sensations. Suddenly, for the eighth or ninth time that day, I’d lost track, the warm powerful waves of climax swept through my body, releasing my own cries of pleasure. Moments after I came I felt the big cock twitching inside me and heard the man’s heavy groan. For several long seconds we were all still and then the cock withdrew. I laid down on my side, resting my head on Deena’s thigh. Looking across the room I saw Ruthie sucking on Bob’s soft cock. I did a double take and then turned my head to find Big John sitting behind me, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. No wonder the cock in my cunt felt different.

Deena’s hand began to gently stroke my hair and face. “Well, what do you think Susan?” She asked.

I turned my head to look at her, conscious of the pungent pussy so close to my nose. “I like it here. I can hardly believe it but I do.”

Big John’s hand slid over my thigh and caressed the cheeks of my ass. “You’re one hot young lady,” he said softly.

Warmed by his acceptance I lazily opened my legs as far as they’d go and showed him everything I had. He chuckled and ran the tips of his fingers through my pubic fleece in more of a friendly way than a sexual one. The wild woman had found a home.

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