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Man Of The House

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I never would have thought that I would be telling a story like this. My name is Justin, and I’m 22. I still live at home with my mother and my younger sister.

My father left when I was young, too young to remember him. My mother was pregnant with my sister at the time, and to the best of my knowledge, he doesn’t even know that she exists.

My mother worked hard all our lives to try to make our situation as easy as possible. She kept a decent job, and spent most of her free time taking care of my sister and me. She rarely dated, at least that I know of, and except for the occasional “night out” with some of her friends from work, barely had a social life. It’s not that she didn’t have opportunities, I’m sure. She’s 43, and looks very good for a woman her age. I wish she had taken more time to enjoy herself.

Despite all my mother’s efforts to be a good mom, my sister Jamie turned out to be a rebellious pain in the ass. She’s 19 now, but from the time she was 17, she was impossible to even talk to, much less get along with. Both my mother and I have just about given up on trying to reason with her. I don’t think I’ve spoken more than two words to her in the past year. She doesn’t spend much time at home anymore, and neither my mother nor I have any idea what she’s up to, but I’m sure it’s not good.

My mother has been taking it hard for the past year, and blames herself for the way my sister turned out. She says she’s afraid that Jamie will turn out like her, or worse. I used to try to reason with Jamie, to help mom, but it was just useless.

It was about eight O’ clock on a Friday night. I was home alone, which has become a regular occurrence over the past few months. I was in the basement working out when my mom stumbled in. It was obvious that she had been drinking, something that was also becoming a regular event. I tried not to get on her about it, but it has gotten worse over the past few months. The week before, I actually had to carry her up to her room and put her to bed. I knew why it was happening, but it didn’t make it any better. Suddenly, it was as if I was the adult, caring for two troubled teen girls.

She wasn’t as bad as she’d been in the past, but she was pretty lit up. She stumbled her way down the steps, and slipped on the last step. She landed on her ass, and acted as if she meant to sit there. She giggled hysterically as she held on to the walls on either side of her.

“Sounds like you had a few too many mom…”

She looked up at me as if she just realized I was in the room. She watched as I pushed the weight into the air and rested the bar back on the rest. and sat up to face her. She had a very strange look about her, almost as if she was checking me out. I knew she wasn’t, but it was still weird.

“I, uh…I had a few. I’m okay though.”

Her eyes seemed to stay glued to my bare chest as she spoke.

“You really should…”

“WOW!…I never noticed what good shape you got yourself into…” She slurred.

“Oh…uh, thanks. You know mom…”

“You shouldn’t walk around like that you know. There are women in the house!”

She started laughing, her head falling almost into her lap.

“Maybe you should go to bed ma.”

She looked up at me again. “Nah, I’m not tired yet, and it’s early…It’s Friday night! Live a little Justin! How come you’re not out with a nice girl? I’m sure you would have no trouble finding one!”

“Somebody’s got to be here to make sure you get home okay.”

“Hey! Who’s the parent here?”

I just looked at her.

“You don’t have to worry about your mother young man, I’m fine!”

“Whatever you say mom.”

“I have an idea! Since it’s early, why don’t you have a drink with your mother?”

“No thanks ma, I’m okay, and I think you’ve had enough!”

She laughed again.

“Shhh…Listen to you! C’mon! Just have one drink with me…It’ll be fun!”

“Fine…One drink. Let me get a shirt…”

“Don’t bother! It’s just us! It’s not like anything I haven’t seen before; I’m your mother! Just help me up and we’ll get that drink.”

She held her hands out towards me and smiled. I pulled her to her feet, and she stumbled forward, pressing her hands against my chest and giggling again.

“You go upstairs and sit down, I’ll pour the drinks.”

She looked at me like she was a little girl at Disney world for the first time, and stumbled up the stairs. I followed her closely up the stairs. She stopped at the top stair, bending over completely, with her ass in my face.

“These shoes are killing me.” She giggled as she undid the straps on her shoes and kicked them off.

“Much better” She purred as she got to the top of the steps and headed into the living room. I just shook my head and smiled at the way she was acting. If she were sober, she’d be mortified by her behavior. I’ve never seen my mother act like this, like a carefree teenager, completely naive to the way she was acting. It was actually somewhat amusing.

I headed towards the kitchen, poured us each a glass of scotch, and brought them pendik escort to the living room, where my mother was sitting on the couch. She looked as if she was going to pass out at any moment. Her head rested on the back of the couch, arms spread wide on either side of her, with her knees pressed tightly together and feet apart. I handed her a glass as I sat next to her. She looked at me as though she was briefly puzzled, but then reached for the glass with both hands, as if I was handing her plutonium.

“Cheers!” She held up her glass, then promptly gulped a large amount. I took a slow sip, watching her intently. As much as I hated what my mom was doing to herself, I was rather enjoying the moment.

“Slow down mom, you gotta make that one last.”

“Mmm…Yea…sorry, I was just…that’s good. So…what’s going on with you these days?”

“Nothing much. Where’d you go tonight?”

“Noplashe…Just out with the girls.” She laughed again. “No place” She corrected herself.

She took another gulp and emptied her glass. She held it to her lips for a second, trying to get every last drop, and then slammed it on the table. She flopped back on the couch, letting her head fall on my chest.

“You okay mom?”

“Shaa! Fine! Why?”

“You seem a little…drunk!”

“Nah! I’m okay.”

There was a long pause, and I sipped my drink again.

“I’m sorry Justin.”

“Sorry for what?”


“Don’t be sorry for anything mom. You are a great mom and Jamie…well…”

“It’s my fault! Your sister is out doing God knows what…or who…and I’m here, like this…”

“It’s okay mom, it’s not your fault.”

She lifted her head and looked directly at me. “Damn right it’s not my fault! I didn’t make her like…I mean, look at you right? You’re…I did good right?”

“You did great mom.”

She let her head fall back on my chest.

“You’re all sweaty.”

“I know, but you wouldn’t let me put my shirt on.” She giggled again, and lifted her head, reaching for her glass, almost falling off the couch.

“How ‘bout another?”

“I don’t think so mom.”


She curled her lip, and I laughed. “Here finish this, then it’s off to bed!”

I handed her my glass and she smiled. She gulped the last of my scotch and fell back on the couch.

“Just leave me here, I’ll be okay.”

“Don’t be silly mom. C’mon, let’s go to bed.”

I stood up and pulled her off the couch, walking her up to her bedroom. She sat on the bed while I pulled the covers down.

“C’mon, get in.”

She stood up again, and started to unbutton her dress.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“Getting ready for bed, since my son won’t let me play anymore.” She laughed again, and let the skirt fall to the floor, pooling around her feet. She stepped out of it and tried to kick it aside, almost falling as she worked on her blouse buttons.

“Damn things!” She pulled the blouse open, causing buttons to fly all over the room. I watched my mom as she stood there in her panties and bra, and I couldn’t help but admire her body. I felt awful doing it, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Neither one of us spoke as I admired the sexy, black lingerie she was sporting, and how great she looked in it. I never would have guessed her to wear anything like that, but she looked great. Not like a woman in her forties with two kids. I know she worked out all the time, but I had no idea what great shape she was in.

I never noticed how truly sexy she was before either, probably because she is my mother. It was almost like slow motion as she reached back and pulled the clip from her hair, letting her long dark curls fall on her shoulders. She was completely oblivious to the fact that I was “checking her out” – Thank God. I was lost in my trance, when all of a sudden I realized that she was unhooking her bra. I snapped out of it and tried to speak, but it was too late. The bra fell to the floor, and her perfect tits bounced free right in front of me. They did not look like the tits of a 43 year-old woman. They were perfect. Probably about a d-cup, with small, but perfect dark brown nipples. I can’t believe I never noticed how big they were, and not a bit of sag whatsoever. Again, it’s probably because she is my mother.

“MOM! What are you doing?”

“Shhh…Oh please! What’s the big deal? I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” She laughed again.

“But you’re my mother, I shouldn’t see that!”

“Oh so it’s okay for you, but not for me?” Pointing out the fact that all I was wearing was a pair of shorts.

“Yes! I’m a guy!”

“Well…It’s my house!”

She stepped next to me and put her hand on my shoulder, leaning on me as she pulled her underwear down with the other hand.

“You’re a big boy now, it’s not a big deal. Besides, I’m your mother.”

“I know!”

She continued to wiggle herself out of her panties as I held her up, until they finally slid down and she stepped out of them, falling almost on top suadiye escort of me. Her one hand draped around my neck, and the other grabbed tightly around my cock through my shorts. I wasn’t totally convinced that it was an accident, and she acted as if it didn’t happen at all. She pulled herself up again, almost pulling my shorts down completely. It was at that moment that I realized I was at half-mast. She quickly let go, and didn’t say anything as she made her way back to the bed. I felt completely guilty that my mother was making my dick hard, but I couldn’t help it.

She fell back on the bed, not bothering with the covers. She looked at me and smiled, as I watched her lying there completely naked. Her look was one I’ve never seen before, at least from her.

“Okay, well…goodnight mom…”

“Aren’t you going to kiss your mother goodnight?”

I stood there, completely still, my heart beating in my chest. “What the hell was happening here?” I stepped forward and leaned down, kissing her on the cheek. I felt my chest brush hers, and my cock jumped. She smiled and rolled away from me, her bare ass brushing against my now fully stiff cock as she turned.

“Goodnight Justin.”

I hurried out of her room and into mine, completely disheveled by what just happened. “Was my mom coming on to me just now?” And worse, did I want her to?

I slipped off my shorts and my cock sprang free, fully hard and leaking. It ached to be relieved. I lay down on my bed, but I was just too fucked up by what went on to do anything about it. I wouldn’t let myself do it, thinking that if I did, I would cross that line that there was no way I could come back from. I just kept telling myself that she was drunk, and it was all accidental. “She’s your mother! There is no way she wants to fuck you!” I felt I was completely ridiculous for even thinking it.

It was about an hour or so later. My cock was still throbbing, and I was still refusing to do anything about it, and still not asleep, when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my door slowly opening. I thought at first I was imagining it, until I saw my mother’s silhouette staggering through my door. I didn’t know what to do, so I pretended to be asleep. I watched through slit eyes as she got closer to me, realizing that she was still naked, and for that matter, so was I. I was also still fully aroused. I told myself that she just couldn’t sleep, and was coming in to see if I was still awake. She got closer, and my heart was beating furiously. I didn’t know what to expect, and the anticipation was killing me.

Finally she stopped right next to my bed, and knelt on the floor next to me.


She whispered, and I didn’t answer, still pretending to be asleep. Her head moved from side to side as if she was looking at me from head to toe. I felt completely exposed, and wished that I could have at least been under the covers. She whispered again.

“Justin? Are you awake?”

Again, I didn’t answer. It seemed like forever passed as I waited for her to stand up and leave. I could hear her breathing. It seemed very laborious and unsteady. My eyes were almost completely closed now, and I could just barely make out my mother’s face. I fought the urge to open them further for fear she would know I wasn’t asleep. I could smell her perfume, mixed with the musky smell of perspiration and scotch.

I heard her take a deep breath, and then I felt it. The palm of her open hand rested gently on the underside of my throbbing cock, causing it to jump at her touch. She quickly pulled away. I almost jumped out of the bed right there, but fear of facing the situation kept me glued to where I was. My stomach jumped as I felt her warm, soft skin once again rest itself on the underside of my cock. I could feel my dick pulsing against her hand as she held it motionless. Finally, she slowly slid her open hand up and down my shaft, and back up again to the head, rubbing small circles against the smooth skin. I breathed deeply, and saw her head turn to look at my face again. When I didn’t move, she turned her attention back to my dick.

Finally, I felt her fingers wrap softly around it and she gently guided her fist up and down my shaft. Her warm hands and loving touch felt amazing, and I had to face the inevitable: I wanted this to happen. I gently flexed my cock to subtly let her know that it was okay to continue. I felt a drop of pre-cum push it’s way out of my head. She reached out with the other hand and I felt her fingers gently spread the sticky fluid around my head, while the other continued to massage my shaft. It felt incredible, but I continued to pretend that I was asleep.

After several minutes, my entire cock was covered in my own juice, and mom, getting more confident that I was completely unaware of her presence, was now steadily moving her hand up and down my cock. She took back her other hand, and brought it briefly to her lips before I watched it disappear below the bed. I could tell as her breathing increased that she tuzla escort was most likely playing with herself.

Slowly, but steadily she increased her pace on my dick, and was now tugging firmly. She was also working more intently on herself, as I could feel her weight shifting as she rotated her hips. Her breathing and mine was becoming heavier, and from time to time, a light whispering moan would escape her lips.

I sensed that she was getting close to cumming, as was I, so I decided that it was now or never. We were both too far along to stop now, so I decided to go for broke. I breathed in deeply, and whispered.

“Oh mom…Don’t stop…”

She did exactly the opposite, stopping dead in her tracks. I opened my eyes, and we looked directly at each other. She pulled her hand away from me as if she touched a hot stove.


“It’s okay mom. Please, don’t stop.”

“No Justin…I…we…can’t…”

“Mom, please…”

“I’ve had too much to drink. I don’t know why…What’s wrong with me…I just…Oh God, I couldn’t help myself, it’s been so long…”

I sat up, and she moved back and stood up, stumbled, and fell forward, bracing herself on the edge of my bed. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me.

“It’s okay mom, I understand. You shouldn’t feel bad. I want this too.”

“No, we can’t…I was wrong…so wrong, I’m your mother…”

“I know mom.” I grabbed her face and lifted her head so our eyes met again. “It’s okay mom, it’s just the two of us here. No one will have to know, and it doesn’t ever have to happen again if you don’t want it to, but we shouldn’t stop now. We both want this, and we shouldn’t stop ourselves. Mom, we may regret stopping what we have started.”

She looked at me with that naïve look again. “You’re just saying this because you’re excited. You’re not thinking…”

“No I’m not. I’m saying this because I want this. I want you…You are so beautiful, and I love you. I know you want this too, and for once, I can give you something that you want. Please mom…”

She smiled at me, and looked at me again from head to toe, stopping as her eyes met my throbbing cock.

“I think you’re just trying to take advantage of me…”

“Hey, you came in here.”

She pulled her hands from mine, and sat up straight on her knees, pressing her stomach on the edge of my bed. My eyes moved to her breasts rising and falling just inches from my face as she breathed. She rubbed her hands on my body, over my arms to my neck, down to my chest and stomach. We were both silent for several minutes.

“I suppose the damage has been done.” She looked up at me. “But no one can ever know.”

“I would never say anything mom.”

“And we can’t do anything else…understood?”

I nodded.

She smiled again, moving her hand down and lightly grasping my cock.

“Do you want mommy to take care of this for you?”


“It’s so nice. So big and smooth. What do you want mommy to do?”

I grabbed her arms and pulled her towards me, moving over as she slid on top of the bed next to me. She rolled towards me, and put her hand on my chest, nudging me to lay back. She laid her head on my shoulder and let her hands continue to explore my body. Her hands gently slid across my chest and stomach, as we inched towards each other as close as we could. Her skin was warm, and felt smooth and comforting next to mine. Her breasts pressed heavily against my chest.

“So strong…”

I breathed heavily as her hand slowly made it’s way back to my cock.

“Just relax, and let mommy take care of this for you.” She giggled again as her fingers wrapped around my cock and slid up and down my shaft.

“Oh yes…Oh mom…”

“Does that feel good?”

“Yes mom…”

“Mmm…Mommy knows what you like.”

She was really getting into the mommy role as she pumped my cock.

“I want you to cum for me Justin. Cum on mommy while she plays with your cock…”

Her dirty talk and her expert hand job was bringing me close to orgasm. I wanted it to last. Her head was still on my chest, and I could hear her whispering sighs as she encouraged me further.

“Tell mommy how it feels…”

“Oh mom, it feels so fuckin’ good. I love you mom.”

“Are you gonna cum for mommy?”

“Yes, I’m gonna cum…”

“That’s it, cum for mommy. Cum on me baby, I want to feel it…”

I rolled towards her, getting ready to shoot my load just as she asked. She pulled her leg up, showing me her pussy, and I couldn’t resist. I reached down and pressed my fingers against her soft, wet pussy. Her body jerked towards mine.

“Oh yes, that’s it, play with mommy’s pussy baby. Mommy needs to cum too.”

I needed no further encouragement. I started to rub her stiffening clit with my thumb as I slid two fingers deep inside of her.

“Oh baby yes! That feels so good!”

We lay close to each other, our bodies grinding, and our arms moving quickly as we brought each other off. We were both getting close. I wanted us to cum at the same time, and concentrated on getting my mother off. She must have thought the same thing.

“Oh yes baby, cum with me, cum with mommy. I’m cumming…”

I couldn’t resist as I took one of her little nipples into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it, It was harder and stiffer than any other I have known, and immediately triggered her orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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