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Marblehead Max Ch. 1

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I couldn’t believe my luck, here I was sat opposite two gorgeous Blondes. Did I mention they were 20 and twins? I could hear them talking but wasn’t listening. I was looking. Tina had the tightest jeans imaginable on. I was reminded of Sandy from Grease, the story was that Olivia Newton John had to be sewn into the leather outfit at the end because it was so tight. Tina also wore a loose flowery blouse and high heels. I felt a tingling sensation.

‘Not now’ I urged myself. I looked over to her sister, Jo. She was more casual, but not any less sexy for it. She had jogging pants on and a tight T-shirt. Her long blonde hair tied back. Jo also wore those damn trainers I find so irresistible on girls. She was athletic, and breathing heavily from her jogging session in the morning. I could just make out that she wore a small pair of black knickers and they were showing from above the elastic of her pants. Tina handed her a glass of water and asked me if I wanted anything.

‘Oh erm, no. I have to go.’ I made my excuses and left, I didn’t want to obviously, but my groin was really waking up. As I climbed the stairs of the cheap Motel I found myself in I thought to myself how lucky I was Max hadn’t decided to turn up.

I flung open the door and rest my head on the pillow. I could hear the adjacent shower was on and knew that my cousin was inside taking a wash. I called her my cousin, even though she was just a really good friend of the family. People said we were like brother and sister, but that didn’t allow for my wild fantasies so Cousin was fine. She was the reason I was here, but damn she was good-looking. My mind rushed with all the times I had seen her looking at her best. The time we went on a family trip and she wore the tight T-shirt she had just bought. She had long black hair and a pale complexion. She was just a touch taller than me, and always dressed reservedly. I had my first hard-on thinking about her and she reminded about the happiest moments from my youth. Her perfectly formed body was around the corner and i sat up like a shot as she entered the room. I was slightly disappointed to see her dressed in her usual smart but baggy outfit. Her hair was still wet though as she sat on her bed. If only we had got here later, we might have been forced to get a room with a double bed.

‘Did you ask em?’ she asked in her lilting English tone.

‘Yeah, they don’t know the way, we might as well get the map’

She seemed disappointed, i wanted to reach over and hold her, but it wasn’t going to happen. See we were here form England. In the Deep south of nowhere on the way from the airport. Her parents lived out here and one of them was sick. We came out and were driving to them, but it was a couple of days from the airport. She looked as though she was going to cry, and me being the jerk I am I was turned on. I thought she needed a moment alone, so I left, feeling worse than ever.

I jumped into the pool and stayed under for a while. I tried to clear my mind of my desires and come to terms with the situation. As I emerged from the water I was greet by the sight of two black high heels staring at me. I looked up the creamy white legs, shot past the shortest skirt ever and looked into the eye of the young redhead stood in front of me. Behind her someone was unpacking a car.

‘Hi there’ She said in a light Californian accent.

‘Hi’ was the formulaic response I gave.

‘Mom wondered if this was a private pool, or if we could all use it’

‘Oh I am only here for the day, so I’m sure anyone can use it.’

‘Great, we’re going to unpack, be back later’

She carried on talking, but I had dropped out of the conversation. The mentioning of mom had aroused my interest. And sure enough I could see a tallish woman in her late thirties in the distance. Having always been attracted to older women this was too good to miss. She had curly red hair, and a curvaceous body. Her magnificent breasts were covered by a loose shirt but were drawing me never the less. She climbed the steps to go up and called her daughter ‘Becky’ to join her. As I looked back at the nubile 19-year-old in front of me I was so glad I was in the water. My dick was as hard as a lead pipe and it was getting harder. I now noticed that from where I stood, with Becky above me as it were, I could see up her skirt. The red curls of her pubic hairs were showing from around the tight white panties she wore. As she moved I could see her pussy lips were the finest pink colours imaginable. She had never been fucked before. She turned and headed off up the stairs. I stayed in the pool for an hour before my pocket rocket had collapsed.


I sakarya escort struggled up stairs. The cheap styling I found myself surrounded in did nothing for my ego. I always imagined I was better than all this. Guess I was wrong. Or maybe just terribly depressed. I hadn’t got ‘lucky’ for ages and felt stressed about it all. As I wondered into room 76 I saw my cousin getting off the phone. She smiled a luscious smile, and I felt all right.

‘Dads better, he said we should take our time and leave tomorrow’ she hushed

‘Good, that’s great’ I replied

‘Yeah, I guess it’s going to be a long night’

How right she was. I could see her lying on the bed. She looked so good. She had tears of joy and was drifting in out of a light sleep. I lay down on my bed and tried to get a little nap as well. It was impossible. You know what they say, ‘you can sleep with a light on, but never with a hard on’. I turned around to see her, her green eyes were behind those closed eyelids and I could smell her from here. Barefooted I could see her ankles, oh god. No matter what she wore her ankles would show. I loved those perfectly formed ankles and wanted to lick them, her left arm rested on her chest as her chest heaved. I closed my eye gripped the sheets tightly and froze. Time stood still, I had to leave before it was too late. I jumped up and left the room in a hurry. ‘Damn, damn it’ I thought to my self. I still had my left hand in a tight grip and hit out. The wall shuddered and my hand recoiled quickly. But I felt good. I lashed out again, only harder this time. On the seventh punch I was satisfied and headed towards the stairs.

Looking around I lent my bleeding hand on the wall and caught my breath. As I looked through the window of the room nearest me I recognised Becky. She was lying in her bed, naked as the day she was born, apart from a pair of pink socks. She was moving her soft hands up and down her tight little body. She stopped at her crotch and lingered there for a moment. I wasn’t moving an inch, if I did she might catch me, or more importantly I might miss something. The small amount of hair she had down there was shaped neatly, and I could see her fingers were slickly wet from her own saliva. I caught a glimpse of her pink starshaped butthole and realised that she was frightened of it. She concentrated all her efforts on her cunt, which was now slightly more open. She positioned herself so she could touch her clit easily whilst her fingers explored. Low audible gasps came from her mouth as one of the pink socks slipped off her feet. Spreading her legs wider she made sure her fingers were wet when she turned over to her front, so that her ass was pointing up.

Slowly she pulled her knees up to her cute pink tits and began to explore from this new position. As the pussy juices ran down her hand, I could feel the same sensation on my hand. I looked around saw the blood leaking from my hand. My head felt light and my breathes grew faster and deeper. My heart pounded and I began to drift into my sub-consciousness. ‘Run in and fuck her, HARD’ came the voice from my head, my worst fears were realised, my sexual appetite had entered the building. My libido has a name-o and it is called max. ‘Break the fucking window and make her CUM’Max’s dick was harder than mine was. Given the opportunity I reckon he or rather it could break through walls and pry open doors. He looked away for a second from the masturbating teenage redhead, and I was back in charge. Just in time too as I saw Becky’s Mom climb up the stairs.

She looked at me in a puzzled way, as I just stood frozen. She then noticed my hand and said,

‘Oh my, what happened to your hand?’.

I held out my good right hand as she moved forward and looked closer at my bleeding left. She held it in her soft hands and I felt relaxed, yet a little uncomfortable. I had a Hard-on poking from the top of my jeans, luckily I had a long enough T-shirt to cover my embarrassment, but it was painful. She thought that I was wincing from the pain in my hand and opened the door to her room.

‘We better get that sorted out’ she said, in a maternal voice’.

As I followed her in she introduced herself as Lisa. Her frizzy red hair wasn’t enough to disguise her beauty. Her lips were slender, and cheeks full. A small nose centred her face and she had a pale complexion. I couldn’t really speak and looked quite pitiful I’m sure. I was thinking about how Max was back to haunt me. Max had been gone for at least a year now. Exactly the same time period that I lost the smell of pussy and fresh asshole from my nostrils. See I’m a virgin, but Max isn’t, he’d fuck anything with two arms, samsun escort two legs and a cunt. Max is the type of guy that would jerk off in a mirror and not have the common decent courtesy to wipe it down after himself. He is the lust that makes you want your mom’s friend or that girl in a wheelchair. He wonders if it’s possible to fuck someone to death and wants to try it. I hate Max and he hates me. I’m the little runt too scared to ask a girl for the time let alone a date. As Lisa ran my hand under some water, her daughter appeared. She was flustered and sighing a little. She had thrown on a loose fitting night T-shirt on and was wearing only one of those pink socks, unable to find the one lost in a moment of ecstasy.

‘Becky, do you know where I left the bandages’ Lisa said. Becky shrugged and told her they were probably still in the car. ‘Wait here and don’t move, I’ll be right back’. I nodded softly and saw her ample cleavage through the top she was wearing. I closed my eyes and thought of cold, cold thoughts as she left to stop Max from returning. I leant on the kitchen table as Becky wondered around with a glass of cold milk in her hands trying to make a sandwich to eat. She stood in front of me, with her back to me and talked about how her Mom was a nurse. I jokingly said she must still have the uniform around here somewhere. As Becky reached up for something on the higher shelves I saw she was on tiptoes. I followed her creamy legs up to the top and saw the bottom of her ass from beneath the night T-shirt, Max moved forward. He put his arms around her and she jolted to move free. He whispered into her ear

‘I saw you fucking yourself’

She stuttered trying to find a response as he place his hand on her exposed vagina. She was shocked and frightened, as she tried to pull his hand away. Her top had ridden up her thighs and her bare ass touched his solid snake still in its skin of denim. Max looked over her shoulder and placed the free hand, still cold from the water, under her top. She shrieked.

‘Do you want me to tell mommy you were fingering that pretty little cunt of yours?’

She shook her head and let max roam freely across her porcelain skin. Max placed his fingers in her mouth, and as she sucked it off he gripped her hard nipples. Flicking them roughly her body jerked, she had never been felt by another person in this way before. The moist fingers were now at her pussy again prying open her pink lips. Being forced in roughly she began to gasp.

‘Do you want it?’ Max asked, through gritted teeth. There was no response as Max continued to writhe with the young body. Her ass pushing harder onto his erection, still behind a wall of denim. One of her arms was now around the back of Max’s neck and the other gripped the chair in front of her. Max found her sweet spot, and teased around it. Unable to control herself she yelled

‘Yes, give it, give it to me now!’ I pulled my hand out, stepped back and felt my pulse returning to normal. Ladies and gentlemen, Max has left the building. Pulling her top down over her thighs, she turned around and looked worriedly at me. I couldn’t look her in the eye, and ran towards the door just as her mother came in. Becky and me were both red and flustered, and I again had that groin pain. Lisa stared at us and slowly wrapped the bandage around my hand. As she went to cut it with her teeth she just have taken a sniff.

‘What’s that smell? She asked. Becky looked dumbfounded and Max wanted leap out to say

‘Your daughters pussy’but I got there first and said tuna fish, looking at the open tin on the table. I quickly left, stopping only briefly when I noticed a small trickle of excitement running down Becky’s leg.

The long GOOD night

I hurried back to my room, feeling my prick stick to my jeans with pre-cum. My green eyed dreamer was still asleep so I rushed into the bathroom. Dropping my jeans around my feet my Dick sprang back to life. It looked at me, weeping uncontrollably. It would only take a couple of strokes to get me off but I couldn’t do it. I looked up and saw Max looking back at me in the Mirror. He smirked and looked at me as if I was a loser.

‘You’re such a fucking weed!’

I motioned to him to keep his voice down and I tried to stop him.

‘What are you doing? You ain’t trying to stop are you?’

I couldn’t look away as he stared me square in the eyes.

‘Look at me, I fuck like you want to fuck. I’m a sex junkie and I need my pussy fix!’

His voice alone made me squirm, I hated the way he spoke, even though he knew I had to listen. Captive audience. I started to go light headed and felt my legs go weak ankara sarışın escort at the knees, with a huge effort I lifted my jeans up. Max grabbed his crotch and admired himself in the mirror. I heard my cousin ask me if I was alright in there and I opened the door. ‘No way’ I said to myself, Max wasn’t even going to get a sniff of her. I rushed out and told my cousin not to open the door for anyone. Keep it shut. Max laughed when the door shut; he had the taste of young blonde cunt on his lips and was so hungry it hurt.

Tina was outside her room with a cigarette in her pouty mouth. She bent forward over the rails and let her legs hang free. Her jeans were so tight they hurt, but as a model she had to get used to them. She had managed to persuade her sister to break from training for the state championships and join her on her latest dessert shoot. She was startled to find Max next to her. Max saw her blouse blowing in the breeze and intermittently caught a view of her mounds. She had pointy breasts with dark brown nipples. They looked soft to the touch and Max reached out to check. Tina stood back with a look of apprehension, but Max simply asked for a cigarette. She smiled and gave him a free pick from her pack, whilst looking at his glazed eyes. ‘Are you alright?’ she asked. Max nodded and asked

‘Where’s the sexy sister of yours, she needs a good fucking’

Half shocked and half laughing she pointed inside their room. Max told her to meet him in the pool and stalked the room.

Jo was busy doing a workout on the floor. Sweaty and tired she sat up from her 56th sit up and leant back on her hands. She still had the trainers and jogging pants on but was wearing a sports bra on top. Next to her was the sweaty sweatshirt she had just stripped off. She closed her eyes and went down for sit-up 57 and opened her eyes. She was stunned to see Max stood between her legs, with his 8 inch Rock looking back at her from his open zipper. Before she could say a word, he moved forward and placed it in her mouth. It was at least 2 inches round and fit snugly in between her cherry red lips.

She was too shocked to move so he grabbed a hand full of her blonde mane and moved her head forward then back. He reached down and made sure his balls were feeling her chin as she struggled to get some words out. Deeper and deeper he pushed her with the words to blowjob Betty going through his sick head. His balls were digging into the zipper, enough to cause some discomfort, but not enough to stop. Eventually her forehead touched his stomach and she gasped for air. He pulled her off, catch one big breath then flung her back onto his throbbing erection.

A whole fucking year he had waited, and he was going to take a long time to please, if ever. JO’s eyes were wide open, half in amazement, and half with the alarming sensation of tasting stranger’s fluids. Her hands wondered up to his crotch and he began to feel her massaging his balls, she had definitely done this before. He pulled her off again and told her not to speak. She tried to speak in protest so Max slapped her in the face with his fully hardened 10 inches of human frankfurter. She again tried to make her point so he whacked her harder, again with the same tool. He now stood in the room, dusk beginning to fall, with his cock tonguetips away from her willing lips.

In silence he made her stand. Without hesitation he ripped off the flimsy piece off fabric holding her firm athletic breasts in place. To his surprise they didn’t fall out but stayed in place on her tight, tanned body. Her brown nipples were so hard that he thought he could hang two wet raincoats off them. He clamped his lips around one furiously attacking it with his tongue. As he did this he firmly clenched on the free nipple and twisted it. Jo dropped her head back in a mixture of pain and delight, Max didn’t give a shit.

‘Your pleasure is all in the mind, mine is here for you to feel’ he said pointing to his purple head. Suddenly the intro of ‘Sweet dreams’ by Eurythmics played in his demented psyche. Moving in tune with it he pulled down her pants and dropped to his knees. He still had one hand grabbing fingertips worth of sore nipple, his free hand flew up and grabbed the other brown pleasure spot. His face was waist high on Jo’s black panties. With his teeth he dropped them to her knees and saw her cunt was soaking with anticipation.

‘Some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you.’ He sung to her pink lips.

She held her breathe in anticipation. The blonde hairs on top of her clean-shaven cunt created a glistening triangle.

‘Some of them want to abuse you’ he stuck his tongue in, she orgasmed almost at once, in a fury of sound.

He brought down his hands from her well-pinched breasts and forced open her lips. He pulled his tongue back,

‘Some of them want to be abused by you’ he whispered to her inflamed clit.

To be continued…

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