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Marlo Ch. 02

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“I want you to lick my cunt. I want you to eat me.”

These were the wonderful but strange words my 19-year old blind step-sister Marlo, a brunette with a sexy body, had just said to me shortly after giving me, her 18-year old brother, his first-ever blow job.

That morning we were in the living room of the middle-class suburban home of our parents, who had left just two days ago for a two-week vacation in Europe, leaving us alone together because they trusted us, which may have turned out to be a mistake. Or was it?

I wasn’t sure myself as I stood in the living room halfway naked, with my pajama bottoms dropped on the floor and my cock now drooping down between my legs, still semi-erect. Marlo, who was sitting on our fancy black leather couch, had just had my erection in her mouth a few minutes ago—at the end of which I’d fucked her face a little—and she had swallowed my load. Marlo had managed to drink almost all my cum down, except for, I now saw for the first time, a little pool of my sperm that must have dribbled out of her mouth when my eyes were closed in ecstasy, and which was now slowly soaking into the front of Marlo’s light-pink button down blouse that she was wearing. Also visible were some wet areas from her saliva that had gotten onto her shirt from giving head to her brother.

Marlo and I had been building up to this moment for a while, but I had been a bit behind the curve and she had been way ahead of it as it was happening over the last few days. I realized that in several ways Marlo been leading us to this, and making this moment possible.

But that still didn’t quite relieve my guilt that I’d just had my best (and only) sexual experience in my young life with my own sister. And Marlo, by saying, “lick my cunt,” and “eat me,” was clearly showing that this new phase of our loving brother-sister relationship was soon going on to further frontiers.

But I was a little puzzled about how Marlo had learned to talk like this, even though I liked it. It’s not that we were prudes, but were were both inexperienced, and we didn’t talk like that with each other—until now.

“Lo”, I said, which is the nick-name I use for her a lot, “where did you pick up ‘eat me,’ and stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong, I like both the words and the idea of it—although like you I’m not really going to know what to do at first—but where did you pick up ‘lick my cunt'”?

Marlo blushed a little, but immediately said, “Rachel, of course, where else? Rach says saying that really works when she wants her boyfriends to do that for her.”

“Speaking of which,” Marlo said in a concerned tone, looking suddenly a little worried, “I haven’t replied to any of the voicemails and texts I’ve gotten from Rachel in the last 24 hours, and she’s been saying that she’s worried and that she might come over.” (Blind people, of course, can send and receive texts by voice.)

“Why didn’t you—” I was going to say “reply,” but before I could our loud doorbell suddenly went “Ding! Dong!”

“Oh my god!” I cried, as I quickly struggled to get my pajamas on as fast as possible and tie them. The curtains were closed and whoever was there couldn’t see us, but—

Suddenly there was a loud knocking at the door, with Rachel behind it saying, “Marlo! Nick! Are you there?”

Quickly thinking of the visible cum still soaking into Marlo’s pink blouse, I said, “I’ll get it! Why don’t you—” I was about to say change your blouse, but before I could do that Rachel knocked again, and Marlo, already walking to the door, said, “Just a sec Rach!” I raced to get to the door first, barely beating Lo there, and quickly opened it.

“Oh, hi Nick! Hi Lo!” Rachel said, (she had taken to using my nick-name for Marlo) and without asking let herself into the house and closed the door behind her.

Rachel, a beautiful blond goddess who was also 19, was voluptuous, flirty, smart, and sarcastic. Rachel looked back and forth between us, seemingly sizing things up.

“You looked flushed, Nick, have you been working out?” Rachel asked quizzically, getting a sly smile on her face.

“Um,” I said, “Yeah—a little bit of a work out.”

It didn’t sound convincing.

Rachel smiled and raised her eyebrows a little, and said, “Good for you!” And then she moved past me to give Marlo a hug. Then Rachel suddenly froze as she was looking at my halfway soaked-in gob of sperm on Lo, and the drying slobber from the blow job that was soaking into Lo’s light blouse.

Marlo had her arms out and looked confused, because clearly she was expecting Rachel’s regular hug.

Rachel then said, smiling even more now, “Um, have you been cooking, Lo? Your blouse is kind of…messy. There’s some white goo on it. I guess it’s batter of some kind?”

Lo flushed deeply, but then smiled in a happy and proud way, and was clearly trying to stop from laughing.

Lo finally said, “Yeah, it’s a project I’ve been working on, and I think it’s going really well.”

“‘Really well’? Good,” Rachel said, looking back and forth between nişantaşı escort me and Lo, and then she giggled.

I was horrified, and didn’t know what to say except, “I’m going to go take a shower!” And then I fled away toward the bathroom.

“See you later, Nick!” Rachel said, and then she giggled some more—and I could hear Lo joining her.


As I showered, thoughts like “Oh my god, my sister just gave me head,” and “oh my god, I shot my sperm into Lo’s mouth while fucking her face!,” and “Shit! What in the hell have I done?” went through my head. My dick, however, seemed to be wondering when he might be able to visit the inside of Lo’s mouth again, since less than half an hour after my orgasm I was already almost erect thinking about what had happened.

And seemingly Rachel had figured it all out almost as soon as she arrived. I mean, it was sort of obvious—and I was still kind of dying of embarrassment that my cum was right there on Lo’s blouse—but Rachel had seemingly figured everything out almost instantly— because clearly she was already in the know. I realized now that Lo had been talking with Rach about us. But not for the last 24 hours, apparently. And so that means that they were in touch before that, before our parents even left. And so Lo was maybe asking Rach for advice about this for a while. Weeks? Months? Yes. And Rach suggested to Lo to say “lick my pussy” and “eat me” a while ago. The revealing new bikini that Lo had worn for me had been a gift from Rach. And Rach had almost certainly suggested she to try to swallow her own brother’s load after giving her brother head. Oh my god. Rachel was as twisted as we are.

So I realize I’m slow, but I had just figured out as the shower ran that Rachel knew a lot more than I even did before the blow job happened, and had helped plot out almost all of what was basically Lo’s wonderful seduction of me. I mean, it was a co-seduction, sort of, but really Lo was taking the lead every step of the way, even when sometimes I thought I was out ahead.

Anyway, the bottom line was that however it had happened my sister and I had had sex. And she wanted to do it again. And so did I. Was this a 2-week thing while the ‘rents were gone? Maybe. But the way Lo had said before she took my cock into her mouth, “I love you and want to be with you” implied more. If so, that would mean eventually our parents might find out, and then maybe other people we knew might find out—that these “kids” they’d thought of for 18 years as siblings had become sex buddies? Shit. I veered wildly between depression and elation about the whole thing.

I had finally found love and sex with maybe the most wonderful woman in the world for me. But she’s my sister. If only she wasn’t my sister. But actually the whole reason I love her so much, and why this even happened in the first place, is that she’s my sister. Step, but…I was going around in circles and getting a headache. And now my cock was soft again.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.


After the shower, I put a bathrobe on and walked right into my room, quietly closing the door. I heard Lo murmuring something and Rachel giggling again, but it seemed like too much for me to hang out with them at that moment. As I dressed, I thought to myself: Rachel knew. And I know that Rachel knew. And Rachel almost certainly knows now that I know that she knows. I don’t drink alcohol often, but I thought about getting a big glass of white wine from the fridge—but it was still only about 10 am.

Instead, after I got dressed in a nice teal and black paisley shirt and black jeans, I used my Alexa Echo, which has good speakers, to listen to music—Good Rush by Death Cab for Cutie, Born this Way by Lady Gaga, and even Dream On by Aerosmith. And then I started listening to the beautiful soundtrack by French composer Alexandre Desplat for the movie The Shape of Water (I’m a movie geek). Soon the music helped me feel better and think more clearly: Better to have loved my step-sister and eventually in the future maybe have lost her, than never to have loved her at all. I finally realized that I was really happy about what had happened with Lo, and what we felt about each other, and for the moment I was almost at at peace. Sometimes the impossible love is the love that you find.

My reveries were interrupted just then by a soft knock on my bedroom door, and then Rachel said in an unusually kind and sincere voice for her, “Hey Nick, are you going to come join us or just rock out in your room? I’ve got something to share with you.”

“Sure!” I said, in a surprisingly cheerful way, having worked through for the time being my little existential crisis. (And yes, we are overprivileged and overeducated high school grads who’ve had lots of AP classes, and so we know what existentialism is.) Anyway, I said, “I’ll be there in a minute.”

I told Alexa to stop, and as I did that I realized I was still riding an endorphin and love high.

With the enhanced confidence that a ortaköy escort guy gets when a pretty girl has sucked him off, I walked out of my room and into Marlo’s, where Lo, who I could see was wearing a clean new blue blouse and sitting on her bed, seemed a little withdrawn.

Rachel looked at my expression and confident walk as I sat down on the comfy chair in the corner of Lo’s room, and said, “Wow Nick, you look happy!”

I said with a relaxed smile, “Yeah, I am happy. It’s been a really good day!”

At that Marlo started smiling too, in that buck-toothed way that I find endearing. I guess that’s part of what love is—you find even the unusual or imperfect things about someone you love wonderful because it’s part of what makes them who they are. Lo’s teeth are a little goofy, but they are also about Marlo taking charge of herself and saying at the age of 15 that she didn’t want braces, so they reflect part of her process of becoming herself.

Anyway, as Marlo kept smiling, she said quietly, “It’s been a good day for me too,” putting extra meaning into it.

Rachel said in a somewhat pouty and melodramatic voice: “I want a good day too! When do I get one?”—which helped break the weird intensity that Lo and I were generating.

Then Rach added, seemingly out left field, “Hey! Let’s get our swimsuits on and go to the pool!”

“Sure, why not,” I said, thinking happily about getting to see Marlo and Rachel in their bikinis.

“Okay,” Marlo said, getting up, “But first I want to take a bath.”

I realized that since this morning when I’d cum in my sister’s mouth that she probably hadn’t even had time to brush her teeth.

“Oh yeah,” I said, “Go ahead. Take your time, Lo.”

Lo got up and started expertly walking out of her room even with her sightless eyes, knowing where I was from the sound of my voice. As she went by me she intentionally—and in a flirty way—slowly brushed the top of my chest with her fingers as she passed by, and aimed a “we share a secret” smile right at me—even though, of course, she couldn’t see my face. It seemed almost like magic, and my heart flip-flopped.

As Lo left I looked over to see if Rachel had seen this, but I quite couldn’t tell, because Rach seemingly looked away just as I looked at her. In any case, it was clear Rachel already knew our “secret,” but I just went with the flow that we were pretending that when the three of us were together that Rachel didn’t know. I was good with that, since I wasn’t sure I was ready to deal with any one making a comment about the fact that that my sister and I were now seemingly in a different kind of relationship.

As the bathroom door closed, and I heard the water start to run for Lo’s bath, I was lost in my thoughts. I was vaguely looking at a poster for the animated movie Spider Man Into the Spiderverse that I’d put on Lo’s wall for her as I wondered about our future.

Suddenly I heard a little noise behind me, and I turned around to see that Rachel had just taken off her t-shirt and was now in a lacy black bra that showed off her generous breasts.

“What?” Rachel said in a bored and sarcastic way, as she saw me staring at her halfway revealed breasts.

My eyes widened, and I said, “What are you—”

But even as I said that she reached behind her back, undid her bra, and then just let it drop on the floor, revealing her beautiful breasts—large but only slightly sagging with large light pink areolas and pencil-eraser like nipples that were erect.

My mouth opened in awe—her breasts were even bigger somehow than I’d thought they’d be. Probably I should have right away closed my eyes or just walked out, but I’d been wanting to see Rachel’s breasts for a long time, and I didn’t think until that second that I ever would. And so for a couple of seconds I just stared at the headlights of Rachel’s beautiful tits trying to memorize them, and I could feel my cock start to harden.

Rachel said as I stared at her, “I’m just changing into my bikini dummy. What?! You look like you’ve never seen breasts before.” And I saw her put her hands on her shorts, and it was clear that she was about to take those off along with her undies.

“I haven’t,” I confessed, and with an effort I broke my stare, turned around, and walked out—even though I would have loved to see Rachel’s pussy, since I had been masturbating to thoughts of Rachel for a while.

Yes, I’d also been jerking off when thinking about my sister Lo. And to other fantasies of other women I knew too. And to pix and videos on the internet. I’m not sure anyone who hasn’t been a really horny 18-year old guy can understand how we are almost tortured by desires almost all the time, frequent erections, and endless fantasies.

Anyway, as I walked down the hall toward my room Rach laughed and said, “You don’t have to leave—you might learn something!”

“I’m sure I would!” I said, as I walked into my room and closed the door behind me. Was Rach testing me for her best friend? Fuck yeah. pendik escort I think I passed—but not with an A. More like a C.

Jeeze. I thought to myself, as I got out of my clothes and noticed that I had a dangling but hardening semi. Temptations everywhere. I got on my thankfully baggy swim trunks which mostly hid my somewhat engorged cock. Then I sat on my bed and thought about how I was seemingly unable to resist temptations. I had fucked my blind sister’s mouth! How twisted was that? And now I was just staring at her best friend’s boobs and getting a hard-on. Fuck. I needed to try to be more careful. Or should I? Maybe I was just halfway bad, and not the mostly good person I thought I was.

Several minutes later, I heard Lo leave the bathroom and go into her room as I continued to sit on my bed thinking. And then a few minutes later Rachel knocked again on my door, saying, “Hey you! Come back into Lo’s room. We’re ready!”

“I’ll be right there,” I said.

I got on my flip flops and a t-shirt, and went in. Rachel and Lo were sitting on the bed next to each other in their bikinis, with Rach admiring how Lo looked in hers.

“You look hot, Lo!” Rachel said, and as Lo smiled and blushed at that, Rach added looking at me, “Doesn’t she, Nick?”

Marlo was wearing her new dark blue bikini that revealed the shapes of her medium-sized and lusciously pointed breasts, as well as the top of her very nice cleavage. The small bikini bottom somehow accentuated her curvy hips, and the bikini revealed lots of Lo’s creamy and lightly freckled skin.

“My sister is beautiful,” I said simply—although the instant I said “sister” Lo suddenly got a troubled look on her face.

Rachel noticed that too, and then was clearly trying to think of a way to get things on a different track.

Rach said a few seconds later, “I heard you that did Lo’s bikini trim, Nick. Nice work. Was that very HARD for you as a teenage boy?”

“Very funny!” I said, although I had gotten erect while giving my sister a bikini trim. But Lo again looked both pleased and embarrassed.

“It was,” I admitted, “actually a challenge in various ways, but as you can see I managed without a single nick—even though my name is Nick.”

“Very funny yourself, ‘No-nick Nick’,” Rachel said, and then strangely started examining her own bikini-clad cunt. She moved one side her bikini bottom aside a little, revealing some of her beautiful blond pubic hair and a little of her pussy to me. “Look, here are some of my blond vagina hairs coming out my bikini—would you please shave my vagina hairs for me Nicky?”

“No,” I said, laughing, while looking at the little peek of part of Rachel’s pussy that she was giving me, which of course Lo couldn’t see but could maybe guess. “And ha ha yet again on the vagina hair joke,” I said as I stared, “why did you tell Rachel that I said that while I was shaving you Lo?” I said this in a mild way to show Lo I wasn’t really offended. I was kind of worried about Lo’s state of mind.

“In any case,” I said, “my bikini trims are for blind step-sisters only.” And after I said that Rachel put her bikini back in place.

Lo smiled wide at this.

Lo said, “Sorry Nick, it was too good to resist telling Rach that you said that when you shaved me. Do you forgive me?”

“Of course,” I said, mildly.

At that moment my favorite of our two cats, the black one Rey, leapt into my lap. Probably because I fed her a lot, but also because of her weird personality and who knows what else, this cat Rey really loves me. A few times each day she almost always leaps into my lap and snuggles me, and almost never does that for anyone else when I’m there. I was petting Rey and rubbing her a little as she snuggled me, when Rachel couldn’t resist making another one of her bad jokes.

“Nicky, do you like having a warm pussy on your crotch?”

“Oh gaawd,” I said in a comic way, and we all laughed, “I could see that one coming from you Rachel.”

I sighed, all the while petting Rey and thinking of what else to say.

“But yes,” I said, “I like having Rey on my lap. And since you’re making a double entendre about a woman’s pussy, I really don’t know, because as you sometimes annoyingly remind me, I’m a virgin.”

Rachel smiled and said, “Well, from what virgin guys have told me—and I’ve taken the virginity of more than a few—actually having their cocks inside of my pussy for the first time is usually beyond anything they could have imagined when they were whacking off. For most straight men being inside a woman’s vagina is like nothing else in the world. That’s why most guys think about it almost all the time when they’re virgins—and then they even more when they know what it actually feels like. That’s the power of the pussy.”

“Really?” Lo said, “Do guys really think about pussy all the time?”

Laughing, Rachel said, “Well, we shouldn’t talk, some of us women like to think about cock a lot, or even just one specific guy’s cock.”

At this I looked over at Lo, who was blushing, and I wondered if she thought about my cock as much as I thought about her cunt. But during this Rach kept right on talking, saying, “But we’ve got a guy right here who if he’s truthful will tell us that he’s been thinking about our pussies just in the last few minutes. Isn’t that right, Nick?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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