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“OK, tell me if you heard this before. A straight girl and a lesbian end up as roommates in college.”

“Yes, I heard it before.”

“Wait, this story has twist and turns. The first one being that the straight girl wanted the lesbian but the lesbian did not want her. She wanted the straight girls boyfriend.”

“Ok, you can continue, until it gets boring.”

“Thank you. As college roommates do there was a lot of nudity in their suite. Both of the girls had terrific bodies. The lesbian was so blonde that her pubic hair was invisible. The straight girl wanted to rub her face over it.

On one Friday night they both had dates and felt pressed for time so they showered together. Nothing happened except for the straight girl wanting the blonde even more.

Two weeks later it happened again but that time the straight girl briefly scrubbed the lesbians back. Two showers after that they were doing each other’s back often. There were still no signs of a possible affair between them but they had become good friends. The blonde would sit with the straight girl and her boyfriend when invited and then automatically.

He was a good-looking, somewhat shy guy. He was very polite.

Once the blonde asked her roommate if he was a good lover. The girl gave him a glowing report that included that he ate pussy and always made sure she had an orgasm.”

“That is so important, more so than a big dick. Of course having a big dick is nice too.”

“Yes it is. In fact the straight girl said just that.

The casino şirketleri blonde asked her if they fucked and the straight girl said they did but not very often because they seldom had a place to do so.

The blonde then said she did not mind if they came to the room. Without thinking about it the straight girl gave the blonde a big kiss on the lips and told her to also bring her dates to the room.

They did just that and they each fucked their dates but neither made an effort to do some voyeurism. The first two times.

The straight girl brought her boyfriend over during the week and as she ushered her boyfriend to her room she whispered to the blonde not to turn the bathroom light on when she went in.

It took the blonde several minutes to realize she had been invited to watch. It took her a few minutes to decide she wanted too.

“Blondes do take a long time to put two and two together.”

“Hey, I resemble that remark.”

“Ladies please, negotiate your disagreement later.

When the blonde walked to the door on the opposite side of the bathroom the other two were in full fuck. Her roommate was on her back with her knees up and he was pounding her pussy with his cock.

She was impressed with his strength and stamina. Both of her male lovers would have cum by then. She began to masturbate.

Five minutes later she was on the verge of cumming when the guy grunted loudly and filled his condom with sperm. She heard he roommate groan and the blonde had her own mostly silent casino firmaları orgasm.

The blonde hurried to her bed and resumed caressing her pussy.

The straight girl was enjoying the afterglow of sex when her mind registered the soft moan from the bathroom. She smiled and helped her boyfriend get dressed. Along kiss at the door later she walked into the blondes room and found her masturbating.

She sat on her bed and kissed her as the blonde continued to work on her pussy. As her climax began the roommate pinched a nipple on the blonde. Her orgasm undulated her body and as it faded her roommate kissed her lips lovingly, said goodnight and went to her room.”

Two nights later the blonde brought a redhead to the room and told the roommate not to turn on the bathroom light when she came in. The straight girl began to watch as the blonde dove on the girl’s pussy. The redhead must have been very horny because almost immediately she began to cum. In less then ten minutes she was pushing the blonde away and scrambled for her pussy.

The redhead could not see of course so the roommate opened the door and masturbated in plain sight of the blonde. Watching each other got to both of them and both began one orgasm after the other until the blonde emitted an inhuman growl. Red redhead scrambled up the blondes body and gave her a pornographic kiss as the roommate finished her cum.

She went back to her bed and caressed her pussy. Twenty minutes later the blonde cam to her room, kneeled at the foot of the güvenilir casino bed and began to masturbate. The straight girl began to masturbate. Both had impressive orgasms and the blonde collapsed in the bed. The roommate scooped her into her arms and they kissed.

They fell asleep entwined with each other’s body.

The blonde was gone before the straight girl woke up. One of her breasts was wet. She smiled.

The following Friday night both roommates had lovers. Both bathroom doors were ajar. They could hear each other well.

When her boyfriend left the straight girl she went to the blonde’s room and saw that the redhead was still there. She hesitated until the blonde put her arms out for her.

She went to the bed and the blonde maneuvered her until pussy and lips met. The redhead never slowed eating out the blonde.

The three stayed in bed all night and had each other in every possible combination.

The next night the straight girl stopped her boyfriend in mid fuck, took his arm and led him to the next bedroom. The blonde had her ass in the air as she ate the redhead. The straight girl guided his cock into the blonde pussy then straddled the redheads face.

All three had orgasms within three minutes. The girl walked her boyfriend to her room and after he dressed walked him to the door.

She kissed him then told him to come back at four the next day. She told him to bring lots of condoms.

They enjoyed a three women one-guy orgy the next day.

Funny thing, the straight girl and her boyfriend never fucked again. She ended up with the redhead and the blonde ended up with the boyfriend.”

“That was some story. The details were amazing. Which one were you Marnie?”

“The straight girl of course.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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